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Team owner: BillWW
Rank: 8 (of 125)

Position Player Popularity 2018 ESPN 2019 ESPN
CatcherMike Zunino62347
First BaseChris Davis1049854
Second BaseChris Owings174758
Third BaseBrandon Drury91831
ShortstopRichie Martin32--53
Left FieldYangervis Solarte113613
Center FieldLewis Brinson226152
Right FieldKole Calhoun1042-43
Pitcher 1Matt Harvey234159
Pitcher 2Reynaldo Lopez6-1475


(Average Team 2019 ESPN: 181.4080)

Owner Team Name 2019 ESPN Past Month Past Week Yesterday
1.pdxpadrejardinero447 61272
1.eyhungDesignated Whiffers447 2460
3.ajkennellySeal Boys432 1710
4.DonnymoSwiss Cheese430 66314
5.mindreadRotohelp.com419 73176
6.rwittmann6Life of Pablo Reyes415 64114
7.jonraypyleNever Change Baltimore404 2695
8.BillWWAll the Best Players399 73181
9.smiffRented Mules396 44260
9.Mean Dean1899 Carney Spiders396 89236
121.Rob MainsRay Oyler 1968 Tigers-8 12257
122.Pjw138Rochester Hot Mess-20 -257-4
123.61gabester*Sad Trombone Noises*-24 -37-32-10
124.Nick SchaeferGiolito: Battle Angel-115 -50-170
125.karysinghTuffyRhodes-119 -49-32


(Average Player 2019 ESPN: -2.8518)

Name Position Popularity 2018 ESPN 2019 ESPN
1.Antonio SenzatelaP07103
2.Kyle FreelandP0-8794
3.Rick PorcelloP3988
4.David HessP12583
5.Peter LambertP082
6.Jose SuarezP081
7.Glenn SparkmanP0480
8.Aaron SanchezP02677
9.Reynaldo LopezP6-1475
9.Dylan CoveyP04275
1145.Alex Bregman3B0-141-179
1146.Anthony Rendon3B0-108-188
1147.Cody BellingerRF0-55-192
1148.Mike TroutCF0-220-214
1149.Christian YelichRF0-178-216

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