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Team owner: 61gabester
Rank: 120 (of 125)

Position Player Popularity 2018 ESPN 2019 ESPN
CatcherChristian Vazquez950-29
First BaseDan Vogelbach14-47
Second BaseTommy La Stella211-38
Third BaseRio Ruiz7612
ShortstopEli White1--0
Left FieldVictor Reyes244-2
Center FieldMikie Mahtook52316
Right FieldAustin Dean21015
Pitcher 1Homer Bailey176939
Pitcher 2Andrew Cashner575925


(Average Team 2019 ESPN: 161.0960)

Owner Team Name 2019 ESPN Past Month Past Week Yesterday
1.eyhungDesignated Whiffers419 393-7
2.ajkennellySeal Boys417 5710
3.pdxpadrejardinero391 30181
4.jonraypyleNever Change Baltimore378 3300
5.DonnymoSwiss Cheese366 19111
6.smiffRented Mules356 2961
7.rwittmann6Life of Pablo Reyes352 4571
8.mindreadRotohelp.com346 6661
9.BillWWAll the Best Players332 27305
10.jlessard80The Beer Battered Bastards321 24-5-7
121.MattWinksAmaro Would Have Signed-10 70-52
122.elmaquinoKansas City Airport Cows-25 -51-15
123.Rob MainsRay Oyler 1968 Tigers-26 21-12-1
124.Nick SchaeferGiolito: Battle Angel-84 7-260
125.karysinghTuffyRhodes-89 8-18-4


(Average Player 2019 ESPN: -2.3938)

Name Position Popularity 2018 ESPN 2019 ESPN
1.Kyle FreelandP0-8794
2.David HessP12583
3.Drew SmylyP079
4.Aaron SanchezP02677
5.Corbin BurnesP0-1975
6.Ryan CarpenterP02370
7.Trevor CahillP0-1469
8.Antonio SenzatelaP0767
9.Zack GodleyP33666
10.Adrian SampsonP0165
1112.Anthony Rendon3B0-108-137
1113.Freddie Freeman1B0-117-139
1114.Cody BellingerRF0-55-190
1115.Christian YelichRF0-178-195
1116.Mike TroutCF0-220-205

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