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Team owner: lobophyllia
Rank: 3 (of 225)

Position Player Popularity 2017 ESPN 2018 ESPN
CatcherAustin Hedges313813
First BaseChris Davis209110
Second BaseLogan Forsythe123261
Third BaseChase Headley40-523
ShortstopJose Iglesias304524
Left FieldHunter Pence222740
Center FieldBilly Hamilton1027369
Right FieldLewis Brinson231370
Pitcher 1Chris Tillman4110854
Pitcher 2Kendall Graveman10-637


(Average Team 2018 ESPN: 244.7111)

Owner Team Name 2018 ESPN Past Month Past Week Yesterday
1.Dodger300My Sister’s Fantasy Team561 3100
2.DonnymoSwiss cheese524 100
3.lobophylliaLumpenproletariats501 2600
4.JohnLoveNo'stros493 000
5.ajkennellySeal Boys490 1500
6.mhegartyCobra Kai488 1500
7.sealb99Productive Outs481 300
8.DCW3The Tampa Bay Christ Punchers464 3000
9.dukeanddukeKyle Schwarber's Mitt463 3600
10.pdxpadreJardinero 461 1600
221.chawsonLast Night a DJ LeMahieu Saved My Life-3 -400
222.HackowaPick-A-Roba-24 -600
223.wscruggsWobbly Surfers-29 -2800
224.dbodemerTito's Buritos-110 -100
225.epm145Dailey Planets-763 900


(Average Player 2018 ESPN: -1.6042)

Name Position Popularity 2017 ESPN 2018 ESPN
1.Chris Davis1B209110
2.Lucas GiolitoP0-30103
3.Alcides EscobarSS917684
4.Matt MooreP386883
5.James McCannC8777
6.Jason HammelP105771
7.Bartolo ColonP710270
7.Scott Kingery2B070
7.Lewis BrinsonRF231370
10.Billy HamiltonCF1027369
1064.Christian YelichLF0-40-163
1065.J.D. MartinezLF0-155-183
1066.Jacob deGromP0-55-192
1067.Mookie BettsRF0-38-202
1068.Mike TroutCF1-163-206

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