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Zone Swing Rate: the percentage of pitches in the strike zone at which the batter(s) swing.

This is calculated from PITCHf/x data and the rule-book definition of the strike zone.

Hitter examples (2012)

Very low: Joe Mauer, 0.4779
Low: Johnny Damon, 0.5879
About average: Anthony Gose, 0.6225
High: Joe Mather, 0.6621
Very high: Josh Hamilton, 0.8050

Pitcher examples (2012)

Very low: Carlos Marmol, 0.4814
Low: Casey Janssen, 0.6054
About average: Clayton Mortensen, 0.6259
High: Chad Durbin, 0.6440
Very high: Daniel Hudson, 0.7287

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