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Pitcher Base-Run Average. The PBRA is a newer, slightly more accurate replacement for the PERA. As the name indicates, it is a modification of the BaseRuns concept of run estimators.

Set B = 1.36 (H-HR) + BB + HBP - .06 K

This is your baserunner term.

PBR = HR + X * B * (B+HR) / TBF ,

where X is a constant set for the league, typically around .67.

PBRA is simply PBR/IP *9.

You can also use expected hits allowed instead of actual hits allowed; I call that the PBRA2, and also adjust the innings for the difference between actual and expected hits. If you are working with translated statistics, then you can use the per nine inning stats, with X=.695 and TBF=27 + H/9 + BB/9. You may see small differences between this calculation and what is displayed; HBP, which are included in the DTs even though they are not displayed, are the biggest reason for that.

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