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JAWS Methodology

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The very self-consciously named Jaffe WARP Score system, which is designed to determine how a Hall of Famer or Hall of Fame candidate measures up to his enshrined peers at his position with regards to his regular season pitching, hitting, and fielding contributions. The goal of JAWS is to identify players who are above-average candidates for Hall of Fame enshrinement in these respects.

A player's JAWS score is the average of his career WARP total and his peak total [(Career WARP + Peak WARP) / 2], where Peak is a player's best seven seasons (early versions of the system used best five consecutive, but this method was abandoned starting with the 2006 BBWAA ballot). This JAWS score is then compared to a modified average of the enshrined Hall of Famers at each position, with a slight adjustment made for positional scarcity among enshrinees.

Because the WARP data undergoes minor tweaks from time to time, JAWS standards at each position need occasional re-computation. The standards for the 2012 BBWAA ballot are:

C    51.7  33.9  42.6
1B   61.1  40.8  51.4
2B   64.7  43.2  53.8
3B   68.6  45.3  55.0
SS   60.6  40.3  50.7
LF   65.1  42.0  53.5
CF   72.8  46.8  58.3
RF   66.2  40.9  53.6
SP   51.1  36.0  43.5
RP   29.1  17.5  23.3

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