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The Baseline forecast, although it does not appear here, is a crucial intermediate step in creating a player's forecast. The Baseline developed based on the player's previous three seasons of performance. Both major league and (translated) minor league performances are considered.

The Baseline forecast is also significant in that it attempts to remove luck from a forecast line. For example, a player who hit .310, but with a poor batting eye and unimpressive speed indicators, is probably not really a .310 hitter. It's more likely that he's a .290 hitter who had a few balls bounce his way, and the Baseline attempts to correct for this.

Similarly, a pitcher with an unusually low EqHR9 rate, but a high flyball rate, is likely to have achieved the low EqHR9 partly as a result of luck. In addition, the Baseline corrects for large disparities between a pitcher's ERA and his PERA, and an unusually high or low hit rate on balls in play, which are highly subject to luck.

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