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One of Prospectus' oldest active metrics, Value Over Replacement Player considers offensive production, position, and plate appearances.

Value Over Replacement Player. The number of runs contributed beyond what a replacement-level player at the same position would contribute if given the same percentage of team plate appearances. VORP scores do not consider the quality of a player's defense.

Here is an example of the Value Over Replacement Player spectrum based on the 2011 season:

Excellent - Matt Kemp 95.2
Great - Robinson Cano 51.4
Average - Eric Hosmer 19.9
Poor - Derrek Lee 3.2
Horrendous - Adam Dunn -22.6

VORP for position players consists of batting runs above average (BRAA), position adjustment (POS_ADJ), baserunning runs above average (BRR - which includes - but is not limited to - stolen bases and times caught stealing ), and an adjustment for replacement level (REP_ADJ).


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VORP rate. Runs/game contributed beyond what a replacement level player would produce. Also a rate stat.


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As listed in a player's PECOTA card, a series of metrics designed to evaluate a player's value to his team going forward. See individual entries for detail.

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