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Adjusted Standings

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While a team's actual record is presented on the Adjusted Standings page, so are the team's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd order winning percentages, as well as the deltas between the team's actual record and those records, and how those teams fare via the Hit List Factor. The Adjusted Standings page differs in utility from the Playoff Odds Report or Team Audit Standings in that it provides a quick reference for whether a team is playing over or under its record based on statistical indicators.

Compensation Browser

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The Compensation Browser allows users to access salary and payroll data, as well as the Cot's Contracts website.

Depth Charts

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Users can access each team's individual depth chart as well as get an overview of how the teams are expected to perform in wins, losses, runs scored, runs allowed, and other vital statistical categories.

Playoff Odds Report

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Within the Playoff Odds Report users can find and sort teams by their expected winning percentage (with a breakdown of expected wins and losses), the likelihood of them making the postseason (with a breakdown of division odds versus Wild Card odds), and how their odds have shifted over the past day or week. For more on the Playoff Odds Report, check out that portion of the glossary.

Team Audit Standings

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Rather than concern itself with a team's playoff odds or underlying indicators, the Team Audit Standings page focuses on the fundamentals: a team's record, how many games the team trials in the division, runs scored and allowed per game, the per game run differential, how a team stacks up against its Pythagorean record, and each team's Hit List rank.

Transactions Browser

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The Transactions Browser was designed to serve as a portal to all the latest transaction news and analysis.

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