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Chat: Jason Parks

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Thursday September 20, 2012 1:00 PM ET chat session with Jason Parks.


Jason drops in for an afternoon chat to discuss the upcoming changes to BP's prospect coverage and the new additions to the BP prospect staff.

Jason Parks: I need $50 to make you holla, I get paid to do the wild thing. Two hours of #want. Let's start it.

mranney (Lockport,NY): Jordan Akins in low A again next year? Did he make progress this year?

Jason Parks: He made progress in the sense that he got a taste of failure at a full-season level. It wasn't pretty, but positive development isn't always found on the stat sheet. We shall see what happens. I'm not overly optimistic.

Also, Liverpool vs. The Young Boys is on Fox Soccer right now. It's a big deal in my small world. But you have my full attention.

Gary LaPlante (South Windsor, CT): So with the influx of new prospect guys at BP, are we going to get a BP calender?

Jason Parks: The full-frontal calendar is still in the conceptual phase. I seem to be the only advocate.

Jake (Kalamazoo): Jason - congrats on putting a great team together, and thanks. Wondering if you can help clarify my confusion on Taylor Guerrieri? He seemed like a great pick for the Rays late in the first round last year as some reports had him with the third best stuff in the class after Bundy and Bradley. The Rays took it slow with him, as they often do, but when Guerrieri pitched his performance was sublime, at least statistically. So why does it seem some have cooled on him? I'm now hearing he only has 2 pitches and is viewed as a middle of the rotation guy. Has his stuff dropped a notch? Otherwise it seems bizarre that a guy with his pedigree and performance wouldn't be in the discussion of the very elite pitching prospects.

Jason Parks: It's not uncommon for HS arms to lose a tick on the velo when they enter pro ball; the competition is superior, so you have to learn to pitch and not just throw, the demands on the arm more extreme (throwing more frequently), and often you have to sacrifice for improved command.

Taylor G is still a very good prospect, but he's not the same arm he was in HS. That might not be a bad thing at the end of the developmental process. He has a very heavy/lively FB thrown in the low-90s, which was a mid-upper 90s pitch at certain times as an amateur. His CB is still a big -time major league pitch. He has a good (but not great delivery), and his arm works pretty well, so the sharp control isn't much of a shock, and that makes me think a good changeup will eventually develop. If he develops into a quality #3 starter, the Rays will be extremely satisfied, and that should go for the fans as well. Most 1st round talents arrive with lofty ceilings, and most fail to reach those ceilings. #3 starters are extremely valuable, and we shouldn't look down on the current projection based on expectations created by the previous projection. Players change. He will most likely change again. You have to re-evaluate.

Ian H. (Tampa Bay): Future Shock is gone, pour out some craft brew on the curb. How will preseason prospect ranks by team be handled, if at all?

Jason Parks: I've been clear that the prospect rankings will continue, and they will be as thoughtful and thorough as in previous years. The delivery and means of execution will be different, but the content will remain at a high level. I'm not going to script the process at this time, but they will start to trickle out in due time. I think you will enjoy them.

Ian H. (Tampa Bay, FL): Long term who do you think has the better career- Darvish or Matt Moore?

Jason Parks: Both are fantastic arm, and Moore has the age advantage. But I think Darvish has the better arsenal, and I think his prime years will be slightly better than Moore's. Better question: Would you trade Darvish for Moore, or vice versa? I would rather have Darvish, despite the fact that he's older and more expensive. It's a tough question, and a good one. Thanks.

John Wayne (Suburban Boston (by way of Canada)): Hey Professor. As a heavily invested red sox fan, my already strong interest in the farm system has grown as the parent club has faltered. Am I being overly negative to worry about Matt Barnes viability as more than a #4 major league starter? He dominated low A with a big fastball, but slowed at a more advanced level and it seems as though so much of his stock rests on the further development of secondaries that is far from guaranteed.

Jason Parks: I think a #4 starter would be a very acceptable outcome for Barnes, as it comes with great value to the team. A cost-controlled major league starter is a huge piece to have on a roster. I can' stress this enough. I know we all love stars, but they are rare creatures. Teams are built on cheap, controllable talent that can provide value at their position. Barnes has a higher ceiling than a #4 starter, but if that's the outcome, I'd smile and be satisfied at the future value he will provide. I know its not the answer most people want to read. I get it. But developing prospects into major leaguers is the goal. Developing stars is the dream.

Tony (OKC): What kind of player is Mason Williams at his peak, and what might his time table be? Love the low K-rate and the power looks solid enough.

Jason Parks: Role 5 player for me, which is a hell of a player. If you can start at a premium position at the highest level in the game, you are a stud. He's not a star for me, although some see a ceiling as a first-division/fringe-all-star type. I'm not that high on him, but suggesting he will be a quality major leaguer is still high praise.

Jake (DC): Well done on the new format at BP, very excited for it. I spent a week at Pirate City in Bradenton last month for a baseball tourney and was pleased to find that one Stetson Allie was there as well. What are the chances that a player like Allie is able to successfully convert to a position player? And are the Pirates cutting losses by abandoning his arm by trying him out at first base?

Jason Parks: The chances are very slim. I'd bet against Allie developing into a major league quality talent as a position player. It's not always up to the team. It takes two to tango. You can't develop a pitcher who doesn't want to be a pitcher.

AJ (Phoenix): Whose swing has more #wet and #want: Harper or Taveras?

Jason Parks: Similar in their violence, but Harper's body control is remarkable. I'm anxious to see how Taveras translates to the major league level, but he will need to be equally impressive with the control and coordination to keep the swing/approach from being an issue against high-level pitching.

raygu1 (Burlington, NJ): Ethan Martin had a very solid year in 2012. Is this what we can expect going forward?

Jason Parks: I would expect periods of inconsistency followed by periods of intense awesomeness. I think he has the type of arm strength and arsenal to emerge as a promising late-inning option, and with more arsenal consistency, he can get there soon. But I'd keep developing him in his current to help with command refinement. In the end, I still see a reliever.

rogero (Philly): Has Polanco passed Josh Bell as a Pirate prospect and do you think either will have a better career than Starling Marte?

Jason Parks: Yes; I think Polanco has passed Bell, but that could change when a healthy Bell gets his traction at the professional level. I doubt either will have a better career than Marte.

Dutch (Reseda, CA): Can you breakdown exactly what went wrong with our Sensei's punch technique that lead to the ill-fated two bloodied hands?

Jason Parks: Hollywood. We both know he wouldn't miss.

redguy12588 (Pittsburgh): Taillon really florished in AA when the Pirates finally let him unleash his arsenal. Next year, will we see the end of the year Taillon, or the Taillon that struggled in A+ ball?

Jason Parks: He has all the ingredients to explode in 2013. I'm a big fan, and I will make a strong case that he is a top 10 prospect in baseball.

Michael Jordan (Chicago ): #Dunks?

Jason Parks: Just trying to stay cool in this heat

Klochner (MN): Any hope on the farm for Twins rotation?

Jason Parks: Not much, unfortunately. Lots of quality bats, though.

Mike (Utica, NY): What's your take on the Jays trio of arms, Sanchez, Syndergaard, and Nicolino. I've heard from a source of scouts saying Sanchez could be a Garza to a Verlander ceiling talent.

Jason Parks: Sorry, but I have to call bullshit here. You have a source of scouts that suggested Sanchez could have a Verlander ceiling? Multiple scout sources told you this? Each one of them mentioned Verlander, or just one mentioned Verlander? I call bullshit because it's a bit ridiculous.

I think Sanchez has a very high ceiling, possibly a guy that could pitch near the top of a major league rotation at full maturity. But there isn't an arm in the minors that has Verlander's ceiling. Sorry. I love Bundy (now majors) and I love Cole and I love Walker and I love Taillon, but they aren't in Verlander's class. Verlander has multiple 80-grade pitches, an 80-grade delivery, 80- durability, and 80-grade production at the major league level. Guys with his profile don't come around very often, and as much as I like Sanchez --and trust me, I do--he isn't in the same league and he doesn't project to be in the same league.

Garza is also a lofty projection, but I think its more realistic than the Verlander hail mary. Multiple scout sources mentioned Verlander? I wonder if they have the same weed dealer. I'm asking for a friend.

JIC (Windmill Suites): What prospects will we be focusing on in instructs other than Rangers?

Jason Parks: Whatever I see in front of me I will focus on. I dont like scouting in an instructional league environment with an agenda. I like to be surprised by the talent around me, and I plan on putting myself in front of multiple teams in order to get as many experiences as possible.

Matt (Chicago): Will Brett Jackson's want/great hair override his proclivity for K-ing and turn him into an above-average CFer?

Jason Parks: The Ks are a problem. His hair is fantastic, as it shows body and textures not often found on the scalps of major leaguers. But his swing might not be of major league quality. He has to put himself in better hitting environments and he can't let pitchers win the sequence battle.

RageOfSnider (Toronto): How much progress has Noah Syndergaard with his secondaries this season? Seeing as he's a big, hard-throwing Texan, I value your opinion on him more than others

Jason Parks: His secondary stuff didn't develop at the rate I thought was possible, but I'm not jumping off the bandwagon. He has size, big arm strength, and a lot of time to find his stuff. Patience.

Adam (Houston): What are your thoughts on Domingo Santana? Does he garner Top-100 consideration? In High-A this year, he performed at essentially the same offensive level as George Springer, but was 3 years younger. Obviously, not much as much speed or defensive value as Springer.

Jason Parks: I haven't started working on the top 100, but Santana has been getting positive reports all season, and I'm a big fan of the power potential. Lots to question as well, but he's made improvements and the raw juice in the bat is impressive. I'd take Santana over Springer.

wes (a cubicle): What are you drinking?

Jason Parks: Seltzer water with a lime wedge in a playful cocktail glass. #grace

ncsuwa4 (Hillsborough, NC): If you were going to trade Felix what would it take to get him? Maybe something like Cole and Taillon or would it be more?

Jason Parks: I wouldn't trade for him. As much as I enjoy watching him pitch, his arm has a lot of miles on it, and I'd be hesitant to give up two top tier prospects. That's just me. He might pitch another ten years without an issue. It's just a gamble I don't feel comfortable with.

stephenoa (Seabrook, TX): What does Lance McCullers Jr have to do in 2013 to be a top 50 prospect going into 2014? How probable is this?

Jason Parks: Pitch well. It's possible.

seth22 (Nanty Glo ): Have you heard any whispers around the league, about rumors that have been flying around since the Pirates collapse about the failure of their development system? I am speaking to the accusations of failing to be personable and running the minor league system like a cold, desolate business corporation or like a military boot camp.

Jason Parks: Nope. Most prospects fail to live up to the hype. I think it ultimately comes down to talent. The best developmental system in baseball isn't going to take a role 4 player and develop him into a role 7 type. Its all starts with the talent. The teams that develop the best talent are usually the teams that acquire the best talent to begin with. I know some people disagree with that answer, but I believe it to be the case.

Guillermo (Montevideo, Uruguay): Dellin Betances got ranked #63 prospect before this year by BOTH BP and BA. 1) What are the odds? 2) WHY??? I mean, Yankees prospects come in two tastes: either Catcher prospects that won't stick behind the plate or Fireballers without control. Wouldn't it be wiser to steer clear of them?

Jason Parks: No. But it would be wiser to focus on the individual players/prospect, removing the hype associated with the team or the stigma associated with the distinctions. Every prospect is unique.

ORWahoo (Tigard, OR): Hi, Jason. Good work to you and BP in strengthening the prospect coverage. Future is looking good. Can you compare/contrast 2B prospects Jonathan Schoop and Rougned Odor? Seems like the shine is off of Schoop a bit after a subpar season, numbers-wise. What have you heard from scouts about what the numbers might not be telling us? He was young for that level so I'm hoping the numbers are not a huge red flag. Similarly, do you like what you are seeing/hearing about Odor?

Jason Parks: Very different players. Schoop has good size and an impressive physical quality about him. I think he could develop into an average offensive player, and maybe develop a little more pop than expected. Odor is a Gestalt prospect, with his overall grade being more impressive than any individual tool. He is a Placido Polanco type, with good actions/range at 2B, and a quick bat capable of line-drive pop. He's a major league regular for me. I would take him over Schoop.

JayT (San Francisco): What exactly do you mean when you say "role 4", "role 5", "role 7" player? I'm unfamiliar with that term.

Jason Parks: On a 2/8 scale; 5 being an average major leaguer/6 being a first division type and potential all-star; 7 being a perennial all-star type; 8 being elite.

Klochner (MN): By the way, the Garza to Verlander thing for Aaron Sanchez came from Mike Newman of Fangraphs/Scouting the Sal. Said that was the range of comps he'd received from 4-5 scouting contacts.

Jason Parks: That's great. I think the Verlander ceiling is bullshit. He has a high ceiling. It's not that high. Let's be realistic.

Klochner (MN): Bringing up the Mike Newman thing was just by way of clarification, not a gotchya. Just wanted people to know where it came from. I realize that Verlander is one of a kind.

Jason Parks: Of course. I didn't think it was. I know Mike. He's not the type to create magical ace level projections out of thin air. I just think the Verlander comp is ridiculous.

SenatorsGuy (DC): Great news on growing BP's prospect coverage. Cory Spangenberg. How big of a hit has his outlook taken based on what I would assume is a failure to show the hitters accumen that many thought he possessed?

Jason Parks: Thanks. We are really excited about it. As for Cory, yes, he didn't explode the way I thought he would. I'm not giving up, though. I still like his hit tool, and I think he has a plan at the plate. He just needs to execute and learn to use all fields. I think he figures it out and steps forward next season.

Jerome (Holding pattern): Thanks for the chat. Any prospects that have really moved up the rankings this year that you are excited about?

Jason Parks: No problem. Thanks for reading. Yes; lots of prospects have jumped up the rankings. Guys like Alen Hanson, Nick Castellanos, Zach Wheeler, and Jose Fernandez have taken big steps forward. They are climbing the prospect tiers...

Kevin (NY): I've gotten lucky enough to see Max Fried on more than occasion and he made me #wet. Have you heard any reports on him?

Jason Parks: I've seen two reports, so small sample. The reports were mixed; one source wasn't all that impressed with the FB. It's very early. I look forward to seeing him soon.

Short Shorts (Venice Beach): Who are 4 guys from this past year's draft class that you would comfortable saying you think will be perennial all-stars?

Jason Parks: Not comfortable at all, but here are four good candidates: Zunino, Wacha, Dahl, Buxton.

jeremy irons (pure manliness): Compare and contrast: Messi v. Trout? Who has more #want?

Jason Parks: Messi.

Paul (DC): Who is manning the Marlins outfield come September, 2013?

Jason Parks: Hopefully players and not more bad ornamental sculpture

DeathSpeculum (tiger town): totally hypothetical and obviously would never happen, but tigers have like zero infield prospects and rangers could probably use some closer talent/youth in the OF (unless you believe in leonys). would a profar -castellanos deal pique your interest, if you were the rangers?

Jason Parks: Why would the Rangers trade the number one prospect in baseball, a guy who plays a premium position, for a lesser prospect who doesn't project to play a premium position at the highest level? It's bad business. Never sell your soul to fill one position of need. Outfield spots are much easier to fill than finding major league quality shortstops. I also like Leonys Martin; not to be a star, but a major league regular.

Oliver (Boston, MA): Michael Wacha had about as flawless a debut and finished with AA Springfield. At draft time, the consensus seemed to be that he was a high floor, mid-rotation possibility. Any chance his ceiling is higher than #3 (which would of course be great)? Who is the first to establish himself in the Card's rotation between Miller, Martinez, Rosenthal and Wacha?

Jason Parks: I think Wacha's ceiling is probably safer in the #3 range, with an outside shot he over-performs that. He was fantastic this season, but he was only working in 2 inning bursts, so it will be interesting to see how he looks when pace and sequence play a larger role. In bursts, he was 92-95 touching higher, with a plus 12-6 CB and a very promising CH.

Miller will establish first, and Wacha won't be far behind. Martinez is the wild card because I would give him the higher ceiling, but the bullpen whispers will never end.

Paul (DC): Matt Harvey is pitching lights out for the Mets. Is he pitching over his head until the rest of the league reads his scouting report or is his production to date fairly indicative of his future value?

Jason Parks: He will fall back a bit, but he's a very good pitcher that has all the necessary components to find a home as a 2/3 starter.

rblunck (Chicago): Could you pass along to KG that my friend Kennard lives by Master P in Houston and if he needs the number for his realtor I can get it for him #Scouting

Jason Parks: Passing it along.

DeathSpeculum (wacha wacha wacha): you seem higher than most on wacha. i know the numbers are immaculate, but shouldn't a 20 year old who was facing college guys last year be dominating A ball? are the reports just that good? i always thought his upside was somewhat limited... high floor/low ceiling guy, who seems like exactly the type that would/should dominate in A ball

Jason Parks: Yes, the reports were very good. His stuff arrived at the professional level better than it was in college. His domination was a small sample size, but the stuff is what matters, and he looked very good. The ceiling isnt crazy, but he could end up with two plus pitches, a solid third, and solid command, which is a dangerous package.

Bubba Stutes (Alabama): Who would make a better baseball player in your opinion Puyol or Ronaldo? I think arguments can be made for both.

Jason Parks: Puyol. More #want; better makeup

J.P. (Brooklyn): Since you mentioned Wheeler as a riser, any concerns about his command long-term or do you feel the stuff is good enough to outpitch command issues?

Jason Parks: He would need to sharper his command to reach his ultimate ceiling and to enjoy sustainable success at the major league level, but he does have the type of stuff that can exist in the same zone as a bat and live to tell about it more often than most arms. Electric stuff.

msloftus (Mountains of Virginia): My wife (who has a PhD in art history) refuses to answer this question, so i thought a man of your intellect could have a go at it: Can sex be a legitimate form of artistic expression?

Jason Parks: Of course. No question. Eating a sandwich can be a form of artistic expression if constructed and executed with a particular outside affect in mind.

Oliver (Boston, MA): First Zunino carries over his Northwest League numbers to the Southern League in a cup of coffee, now he's ticketed for the AFL. Unless you deliberately listed the four potential all-stars above in reverse alphabetical order, is it safe to guess that you think he's the best combination of upside and certainty in the draft class?

Jason Parks: No. I just listed four guys, but given his positional value, it might be easier for him to achieve that status thanks to his offensive skills.

Klochner (MN): In your notes you frequently use the term "near elite" I understand that is there due to the obvious rarity of truly elite tools/pitches. What are some of the tools/pitches you've seen that you'd call truly elite?

Jason Parks: Bill Hamilton's speed; Mike Trout's hit tool/speed tool/baseball tool; Neftali Feliz's fastball; everything Justin Verlander does; everything Miguel Cabrera does with the bat; Profar's instincts; Bryce Harper's raw power, etc.

JayT (San Francisco): Thanks for answering the role question for me. I don't know why I didn't pick up on that, but it confused me. Thursdays are hard.

Jason Parks: No worries. The terminology isn't always universally known or accepted; everybody crafts their own based on what works/makes sense. You pick up a little here, a little there, until you have this melting pot of industry speak that might only make sense to you.

Cordwainer Bird (Hollywood): Thanks for the chat, Mr. Parks. Flamethrower Trevor Rosenthal...plausible #2 starter upside, or more like a 3/4?

Jason Parks: Some of that raw stuff makes you dream of a #2 ceiling, and I know several scouts that would put him on a pedestal that high. I'm a bit more cautious with him because of the secs, but he looks like a very good arm. Cardinals have a lot of talent.

R.A. Wagman (Toronto): What most surprised you this year on a baseball level? On a non-baseball level?

Jason Parks: The Orioles, the A's, the Jays, and Dodgers/Red Sox trade. On a non-baseball level, my marriage falling apart surprised me. I might have been covering my eyes, though.

Liam (Dallas): Austin Hedges or Blake Swihart? Who would you rather have at this stage of their development and who do you think will be end up being better?

Jason Parks: Give me Hedges or give me death! He has a chance to be a ++ defensive catcher at the major league level. Very rare.

sean3258 (Coatesville, PA): More detail on Trevor Rosenthal? He looked absolutely filthy in some big league pen performances this year? Does he stay in the pen or does he have a future in the rotation?

Jason Parks: More value in a rotation; easier path for success in the bullpen. Glad its not my call.

Mr Whiskers (Your closet): When he signed, Roberto Osuna was seen as a guy with the ultimate ceiling of a MOR starter. Has that changed, or is his performance simply what we was to be expected from a relatively polished teenager? I'm leaning towards the latter because its still rookie and SS ball, but many have tried to convince me otherwise

Jason Parks: I still believe in the mid-rotation ceiling and I still have concerns about his body as he matures.

ncsuwa4 (Hillsborough, NC): Are you looking forward to putting together a top 100? In the past you've spoken about how impressed you were with KG/Klaw/Callis's work on theirs. Is it intimidating looking at doing one this winter?

Jason Parks: I'm looking forward to the challenge, because given the prospect landscape, its going to be one. I have a great deal of respect for guys like KG, Jim, and Keith. I don't think people realize what goes into producing these rankings. It takes hundreds of hours talking to sources and taking notes. Its a massive undertaking. I plan on kicking the shit out of it, but I'll have help from the best prospect staff on the internet.

Greg36 (Fort Worth): Do you think Ronald Guzman will be in the discussion for Top 50 by this time next year?

Jason Parks: It might take more time than that, but he has the potential to be in that discussion during his developmental process.

Eugene (S.F.): Christian Bethancourt presumably heads back to AA in '13. Is it too early to be concerned about repeating a level? What does he need to show at the plate to retain his prospect status?

Jason Parks: The ability to recognize pitches and make consistent hard contact. I'll be honest, I'm not sure he has the tools to hit quality pitching. We shall see. Perhaps it has more to do with #want than we know about.

Reggie (Lincolnshire): During the offseason, are you going to return to being the Martin Kove of the Hot Stove? I need my fix of AFL and winter ball updates.

Jason Parks: BP will take care of all of your prospect needs, from the FIL, to the AFL, to Winter Ball. It will be a team effort.

Alan (Asia): Is there a more handsome prospect in the minors than Jake Marisnick?

Jason Parks: Have you seen Wil Myers?

Jackson (Charming): Please explain #rig.

Jason Parks: It's like making a penis length comment, only not as obvious and not 100% accurate.

Kevin (DC): Is their a prospect in the minors sexier than Matt "Big Sexy" Adams?

Jason Parks: Yes.

Jason Cole (Texas): You like drinking tekila?

Jason Parks: #adu

Brian (LA): Who has the better smile - Andrus or Profar? Both legit 80 grade?

Jason Parks: I know Profar is the new car on the lot, but Andrus's smile is an elite major league tool. Profar can't match the experience in that tender, yet suggestive smile.

Klochner (MN): Now that we've heard the Sanchez ceiling talk, would you say that he has the highest ceiling of any pitcher in the Jays system? If not, who does?

Jason Parks: I'd put both Norris and Syndergaard above him in the system.

Mr. B (Milwaukee, WI): Are there more believers in Jean Segura's ability to stick at shortstop now? Or is it still a "wait and see" situation?

Jason Parks: From what I've seen this year, he's look fine at SS. Is he above-average? Not really. But even a major league average shortstop has tremendous value. He's a good player. Not a star, but he's a solid major leaguer. I'd take him on my team.

Timmer (STL): The article on the expanded prospects and minors team was awesome. If I had read that while in a class, I wouldn't have been able to go the chalk board. Significant movement.

Jason Parks: That was the goal.

Gerard (Chicago): When are you getting a job with the Astros?

Jason Parks: They are a smarter organization than that.

Or (Denton): Who is the better player in two years, Elvis Andrus or Jurickson Profar?

Jason Parks: Elvis

ncsuwa4 (Hillsborough, NC): Really impressed with the new hires on the prospect side. Some of them I've read before and liked their stuff, the others I'm excited to do so. What are realistic expectations for Dylan Bundy next year? This year it seems like it will depend on how much they let him pitch.

Jason Parks: The staff is legit. I can'r wait until they unleash their fury on the site. It's going to be incredible.

Bundy: I think he has a very good chance to win a rotation spot out of camp, and I expect him to do well. The highest level is the highest level for a reason, so he will struggle at times and will be forced to adjust to survive. He will. He's going to be very good and it wont take long for the league to realize that.

Klochner (MN): Best-dressed man in baseball?

Jason Parks: Cmon. Verducci.

Jeff (St. Louis): Ryan Jackson and Pete Koma. Any reason for Cardinals fans to fuss over who gets the starting gig with Furcal out/next year?

Jason Parks: Well, after the Cardinals trade for Elvis Andrus in the off-season, they won't have to worry about a shortstop. #bam

Mark (Boston): Would you rather be hit with a baseball bat by Bryce Harper or Oscar Tavares? And why?

Jason Parks: Taveras. I think he has a tender side. Harper would beat my arms off, boil my bones, and design a faux energy necklace out of my remains.

Jeff (St. Louis): What would you picture the Rangers wanting back from the Cards for Andrus?

Jason Parks: A healthy package with a few big arms like Martinez and/or Miller.

Jake (Kalamazoo): I hope BP readers and prospect hounds are picking up on Russell Carleton's new series. It seems like he's asking questions that, if answerable, could help fill in some of the gaps of what we don't know and don't understand about prospect development. Am I over-selling it?

Jason Parks: No. The series is fantastic. People, please check it out.

iorg34 (Jalalabad): Do you still see Julio Teheran as a top 20 talent? Teheran or Shelby Miller for the long haul?

Jason Parks: Not without a better breaking ball. Give me Miller. #Texan

Jason Parks: You guys crushed it with the #want today. I have to cut the chat at 2:30 because I have to prepare for my trip tomorrow. I'm leaving for fall instructs. Let's chat again when I get back. I had to leave 120 questions sitting in the queue. You guys are awesome. Beers on me if I ever have enough money to buy that many beers. Take care.

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