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Chat: Jason Parks

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Wednesday December 14, 2011 1:00 PM ET chat session with Jason Parks.


A winter meetings wrap with Jason Parks.

Jason Parks: I'm tan, rested, and ready to style my Teddy. Let's go.

Bored Security Guard (Dallas (not by the Lobby Pool)): Will Kyle Drabek recapture his former ability and contribute in 2012, or a later date? Skills still there?

Jason Parks: I'm not really sure. I think the stuff is still there. If he can find some consistency with his mechanics and his head, I think he can contribute at the major league level. He's a competitor, so let's see how he responds to failure.

Francois (Toronto): The Angels 1B logjam is getting a lot of press, but the OF logjam interests me: Wells, Bourjos, Hunter, Abreu, Trout. How does Trout figure to get AB's, and do you see him playing CF with Bourjos entrenched there?

Jason Parks: "Logjammin"

It's an interesting predicament, one that will probably work itself out by the summer. I see Trout as the long term CF for the Angels and its only a matter of time before that happens.

faztradamus (Bensonhurst): Any Verducci encounters? Courageous enough to converse with him?

Jason Parks: It takes more than courage to converse with Verducci.

Kent (Texas): The Cubs won the Stewart/Colvin trade, right?

Jason Parks: I guess. Might be the only thing they win this year. Ouch.

AJ (Schnecksville): Why would any team ever offer a ten year deal? So much could go wrong in that period of time.

Jason Parks: Yes, but you gamble that so much could go right in that period of time.

Tom (Dallas): Do you like to have fun?

Jason Parks: "Hey, I'm a big fan. I love your work. I like to have fun."

Solomon (Lounging Within Verducci's Dimple): Michael Choice make it to the show this year? Still high on him?

Jason Parks: This year? Probably not. Still a fan of Choice, although I see a major league regular more than a star. Lots of miss in his swing, but great power potential from a corner guy. Very promising player.

The Talented Mr. Ripley (Verducci) (A skiff off the coast of Malta): How is Lindor's power projection?

Jason Parks: Hard to say. I've only seen him a few times. Lindor is physical, but not a beast, and his body looks mature for his age. He has a very good approach and his hands could be special. I see a gap-to-gap hitter with enough pop to run into some bombs, but not a major power threat.

Curious (Oregon): Who makes your 2011 most unsexy prospects list?

Jason Parks: Jaff Decker isn't very sexy.

Tim Carvin (NY NY): Has Verducci reached out to you since the article?

Jason Parks: Nope. I don't expect him to. I reached out to him, though.

DeathSpeculum (Tikal): as a beatles enthusiast, how do you feel about fellow Texan Elliott smith? and is Jorge soler the real deal? ceiling vs Cespedes?

Jason Parks: Elliott Smith wasn't a Texan. He was raised in Texas, but didn't like the experience and was open about it. I like his music for what is it: sad, mellow, depressed loner ballads. He was very talented. The knife to the chest suicide showed a lot of #want. That's a very graphic way to go. Big loss, though. He had real talent.

benharris (Denver): Did Enny Romero make any adjustments this year that you think improve his odds of reaching his ceiling?

Jason Parks: Most players fail to reach their ceilings, but I think Romero took a developmental step forward; he logged innings and he missed bats. The command needs work, but he's getting better and the future (even if he doesn't reach ultimate ceiling) is very bright.

benharris (Denver): Can you whisper me sweet nothings about Cody Buckel?

Jason Parks: Buckel is a smart baseball player; he knows a lot about pitching, charting, sequence, situations, etc. He also has pretty good stuff and he knows what to do with it. He's a combo guy: pitchability and stuff. The stuff isn't overpowering, but he has more punch than a finesse arm. Could be a #3/4 type.

benharris (Denver): If you were to describe Xander Bogaerts would you use the word 'sexy'?

Jason Parks: With a name like Xander Bogaerts, you come into this world sexy.

Casey J (Seattle): Enjoying your Verducci piece and, your humor in general. You are up there with favorites like Norm MaCdonald for me these days. Keep it goin'! Laughs are essential to getting through another cloudy, Seattle fall and winter! Thanks Man. Two questions, pick one or, whatever you feel like . . . 1. What was the weirdest thing you saw at the winter meetings? Did you have fun? 2. I'm having a draft soon that I take very seriously. Pretend you are my personell director and tell me a player or two that you have seen, that you think may be underrated, who you think will be a star (or at least a decent chance to)? Gut feeling or, intuition, is A - ok. Happy Hollidays!

Jason Parks: 1. I John Kruk eating what looked like a soft pretzel in the hallway leading to the media room. To my knowledge, soft pretzels were not available onsite. That means Kruk was eating an offsite soft pretzel in the hallway leading up the media room. Very strange.

2. #TheLegend

Steve A (Detroit): I have a chance to move to Midland, Texas. Should I do it? Is West Texas considered Texas to North Texans?

Jason Parks: Yes; Midland is considered Texas by North Texans. It's just considered a shitty part of Texas.

Seth (PA): In your opinion would you package Starling Marte for a young 1B since it has been such a black hole for the bucs? What kind of player do you think Marte will become?

Jason Parks: I wouldn't trade Marte for a 1B unless that 1B could hit in the middle of a lineup. I'm very high on Marte. Could end up being a first-division player, although some believe that is optimistic. He's an up-the-middle regular at worst and that has a lot of value.

Seth (Nanty Glo): In what year do you believe the Pirates will become competitive now that the NL Central is considerably weaker for years to come?

Jason Parks: Depends on the development of the farm, but I'm not sold on their chances in the NL Central, despite the division looker weaker at the present. They could be a .500 team and that could build into something better if guys like Cole are legit.

Steve (Revloc): What are your thoughts on General Manager Neal Huntington and what he is doing in Pittsburgh? Does this management team have what it takes to build a contender in Pittsburgh?

Jason Parks: Probably not. I like the draft strategy of recent years, and the farm looks better as a result (at least with guys like Cole, Taillon, etc.) But I'm not sold that the FO can make the right moves at the major league level to find success. It's all about the personnel involved.

Spirou (Montreal): Your thoughts on Zach Wheeler ? Having watched a lot of footage,I for myself believe his ceiling is as high as some the higher ranked pitching prospects in the game.

Jason Parks: He has an electric arm, but he needs to harness that electricity and encourage more feel. I think his ceiling is very high, and I really like the arsenal. It will take time to refine his command and he could stumble a bit in the process.

Matt (Austin, TX): Greetings from Texas! I love your work on the BP Podcast. Could you comment on Rany's series of articles on Prospect Age. I know that he's a fellow BP'er and a friend, but I was wondering your perspective on the articles given your scouting experience and background. Thanks!

Jason Parks: Howdy. Rany's articles were fantastic. I've spoken to enough player development people to know that the younger the player means more time in the developmental system, which is the key to player development and tool actualization. Get them young, get them into a professional environment, and start the process of instruction.

GBSimons (Boise, ID): Given a Verducci-ness scale of 20-80, is Tom Verducci an 85?

Jason Parks: The Verducci Scale is 1-10, and Verducci is a 10.

Kyle (Cincinnati): Please ranl these three Cincinnat icons by sexyness: C Trent, Corky Miller,& cincinnati chili.

Jason Parks: C. Trent is the only one worth ranking. Easy choice. Trent is awesome.

Kate Upton (New York): Jason, are you single?

Jason Parks: Are you pretty?

Keith Law (Arizona): Who do you think would win a MMA match between myself and Bob Costas?

Jason Parks: I love this. I'm going Costas. I think he has some scrap in his style.

Bill Simmons (Grantland Office): Explain to me why the Red Sox aren't spending any money this off-season.

Jason Parks: Maybe they like a certain Japanese pitcher named Yu.

Kelvin (Oak Park): How high are the ceilings of Gerrit Cole and Drew Pomeranz?

Jason Parks: Cole could be a #1 and I rarely feel comfortable putting that distinction on a player. I see Pomeranz as a potential 2/3 type

Will T. (Cary, N.C.): Upside of Orioles RHP Parker Bridwell?

Jason Parks: Could be an innings horse, but he still has a long way to go. He's a Texan, so that helps.

JR (New Hampshire): I'm working on becoming a 0.9er and just recently listened to the first few episodes. You really sounded nervous (or drunk) in the first episode, but it's been great since. Thanks for all of the great information you've shared with us.

Jason Parks: Probably both. It was also a bad connection, as I was in Mexico at the time.

Ryan Braun (Madison WI): How much can you bench?

Jason Parks: I can bench a crate of synthetic testosterone. How about you?

Mark A. (BPN): Expand on your unhealthy love for Christian Bethancourt. I feel the same.

Jason Parks: I did in today's article on BP: http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=15670

Bret (Toronto): On Twitter yesterday, you seemed to call the Jays your guess as to who would win the Darvish bidding. I got excited. Just curious what your reasoning was?

Jason Parks: I've heard a lot of chatter about their interest. But chatter is just chatter until it isn't. I think the Jays will make a very competitive offer, but other teams will be in the mix. I still think Boston or Washington could throw down some money.

Hideo Takamini (Krum): Percentage that Prince Fielder goes to the Rangers

Jason Parks: 30%

JR (New Hampshire): What are you on the Verducci scale? How about Sarge?

Jason Parks: I consider myself a good-looking man, but it's hard to grade yourself on the Verducci scale. I'll let others do the grading. It's very dangerous to Verducci yourself.

Spirou (Montreal): Whatever happens to HanRam ? We keep hearing conflicting stories about whether he opposes a move to 3B or not.Iím thinking he probably agreed to such a move but deep inside him he wants to remain at ss.He is not as bad defensively as most people claim he is.Whatís your take on the whole thing ? Does he get traded or just makes the switch to 3B ?

Jason Parks: I think he wants to play SS, I think he's stubborn, I think he's hard to deal with, and I think he moves to 3B and learns to get over it.

brett (nashville ): I was surprised to see that Mike Montgomery slipped to a 3 star prospect,but you rated Bret Jackson as a 5 star guy could you explain?

Jason Parks: Sure. I didn't. Kevin did.

JeffRoemer (Tampa): Speaking of catching prospects, comment on a Derek Norris-Mike Napoli comp, both offensively and defensively.

Jason Parks: I think Napoli has a better hit tool. Both have power to all-fields and both have abilities behind the plate. I'm not big on that comp, though.

jaymoff (Salem, OR): What is Ronald Guzman's ceiling?

Jason Parks: All-star. Chance of reaching it? Slim.

Michael Keaton (The Ether): Just say it already.

Jason Parks: You know and I know and you know that I know. Hang tough, Mikey

faztradamus (Bensonhurst): What's up with Delmon Young?

Jason Parks: Today? Probably just hanging out.

yankeesbg13 (Indianapolis): Everybody has been hearing all of this hype about Yu Darvish. Daisuke Matsuzaka got all this hype too, and look what happened to him. Do you think Yu will be the real deal?

Jason Parks: I think Matsuzaka was the real deal as well. He just couldn't maintain it. I think people forget that he had a couple good seasons. Was he everything that was advertised? No. Will Darvish be the real deal? I think he has a more realistic chance of sustainable success. A see a very good #2 starter.

Mike (Chicago): Was there anybody taken in the rule V draft that even approached sexiness?

Jason Parks: No

faztradamus (Bensonhurst): KG spoke about Boston/D. Bard on the podcast and how moving him to the rotation would be a mistake. Do you agree? Do you think Bard will be starting or closing games for Boston come opening day? come September?

Jason Parks: I think it would be a mistake. He won't be starting games in September.

Phil (Evanston): You are Kenny Williams: what is priority #1 right now for the ChiSox?

Jason Parks: Hire a better GM.

R.A. Wagman (Toronto): Is it fair to say the Blue Jays have the top farm system in baseball? Also what did you think of the Santos/Molina trade?

Jason Parks: Yes; Jays have best system in baseball. I wasn't that high on Molina, so I liked the trade for the Jays.

Lenore Stonecipher Beadsman (Ohio): Dickie Thon Junior. Legit prospect, or just fun to say?

Jason Parks: Very legit. Loads of tools.

Anello (Chicago): What are your thoughts on Kaleb Cowart? How does he fit into the other 3b prospects such as: Arenado, Cuthbert, Castallenos, etc?

Jason Parks: He's a tier below for me. I want to see him in full-season ball before putting him with those prospects.

Or (Denton, The Best State): If you had to bet one way or another, where would you fall on Matt West pitching at the major-league level in 2012?

Jason Parks: I would bet that Matt West pitches at the major league level in 2012.

Anello (Chicago): In your opinion, do you think Jacob Turner is the real deal, or Rick Porcello 2.0?

Jason Parks: Rick Porcello 2.0 isn't exactly a bad thing, but I get the point. I think Turner's the real deal.

Val Kilmer (On a Buffalo at a Wendy's Drive-Thrus): What is your favorite Kilmer flick?

Jason Parks: Real Genius

Guillermo (Montevideo, Uruguay): How can you chat this fast? I can barely keep up!

Jason Parks: The power and finesse of Diego Forlan should allow you to keep up, Uruguay.

Anello (Chicago): Ultimately, who do you think will have the better MLB career, Freddie Freeman or Justin Smoak?

Jason Parks: Smoak

Anello (Chicago): Who would you rather have: Cameron Maybin or Desmond Jennings?

Jason Parks: Jennings. Not even close.

Josh Vitters (AAAA): I was looking for a Kevin Goldstein chat, but thought I'd take a swing at this one...

Jason Parks: Well played. Great looking swing.

Rob (Dallas): Jake Marisnick or Rymer Liriano?

Jason Parks: Marisnick

Josh (Fort Worth): I think I know the answer, but I'll ask anyway. Brisket: bark (rub) or no bark/just smoke? Spicy mustard + rub (turbinado w/paprika/pepper/salt/ancho/cumin) completely changed my outlook on the topic.

Jason Parks: I'll rub a brisket down with anything if it adds to to the flavor profile. I love rubbing a brisket.

Anello (Chicago): Does Matt Moore have a Felix Hernandez type career, David Price type career, or other?

Jason Parks: Other. He has a Matt Moore type of career.

jsdspud (My Desk): Who do you like better and why, Starling Marte or Robbie Grossman?

Jason Parks: Marte can play a premium defensive position with more skill. Grossman is a Texan and I like that, but he isn't on Marte's level as a prospect.

mrenick (Little Rock, AR): Do you think Smoak becomes a solid regular ? I know he had a lot happen (injury, death of father) this season but he's had a couple of seasons now with no improvement.

Jason Parks: I think his developmental has been slow and frustrating, but I still believe he becomes a solid-average regular with a few peak seasons at the first-division level

Caleb ( Fort Worth): Why is everyone so quick to throw Ogando back in the bullpen? Was his first half that big of a mirage?

Jason Parks: Mechanically speaking, I thought Ogando was a better fit for the 'pen coming into the season. He proved me wrong. That said, I still feel Ogando's profile is better suited for the pen, where he can work a two-pitch mix at high intensity. Going forward, he will need to refine the third pitch and hopefully adjust to the workload of the rotation. He looked gassed at times last season, which is to be expected given the innings/pitch increase and the heat of Texas.

#TheLegendOf (The Hidden Temple): What do you think of Cole?

Jason Parks: Jason Cole, from LoneStarDugout? I think he knows more about the Rangers system than anybody. He's an aggressive/cheap FIFA player, though. He enjoys getting red cards.

JeffRoemer (Tampa): Professor Parks: That's a mistake, contextualizing Marte's function in CF vs. Grossman's to rate as a higher prospect. Grossman's bat and entire offensive skill set are way more likely and could be in the Zobrist-Swisher realm.

Jason Parks: Well, if you ever have a chat, you can give your answer. I gave mine, and I'm sticking to it. I like Marte more than Grossman.

Bobby (New York): Are a you a Howard Stern fan?

Jason Parks: I'm an Artie Lange fan, but not really a Stern fan.

Brian (L.A.): Do you own an electric can opener?

Jason Parks: I don't. Should I?

John Lambie aka @lembeck451 (Detroit): How did you get to be so damn Boss? Years of hard work, or the randomness of luck and circumstance?

Jason Parks: Randomness and luck are always a factor. I work hard, but I have a lot of people to thank for giving me the opportunity to do something with that work.

David (Tigard): Hi. Assuming he stays with the Yankees next year, what mix of playing time do you see Jesus Montero getting this year? In other words, how many games does he play at DH vs. catcher vs. other positions? Also, Cashman keeps talking him up as a viable catcher. Do you see this as solely an attempt to boost trade value or is he just saying nice things about his player? Surely he can't be serious, based on what I saw last year.

Jason Parks: I don't see Montero as a catcher, but I know some very smart people who think its possible (at least). The kid can really hit and he needs to be playing at the major league level in some capacity. Either play him or trade him. Long term, he's a DH.

Peter7899 (Coeur d'Alene): Do you see Hoyer doing this year in Chicago what he did last year in San Diego with the Hudson and Barlett moves? Make solid, if unspectacular moves to at least make the team watchable, rather then go all in on a Prince Fielder?

Jason Parks: I think they have a lot of things to fix and they can't do it all at once. I can see them targeting Fielder, but one player isn't going to fix the mess. They need to make several smart moves in the coming years. This is going to take some time.

Jeff Roemer (Tampa): I think the electric can opener question stems from there being some sort of Twitter outrage (started by 1 writer in particular???) directed at Kevin Goldstein for having and regularly using one.

Jason Parks: Honestly, I don't think I've seen an electric can opener since I was kid. I don't have the counter space for a gadget that I would rarely use. I don't really open cans anymore. What comes in a can that doesn't have a pop top? Beans? Is that it? I can't even think of the last time I opened a can.

Bobby (LA): Travis D'Arnaud, Career All-Star Appearances, 1.5, Over or Under?

Jason Parks: Over. Way over.

abbiet (Villa Park): Dada

Jason Parks: New realism

Casejud (Seattle): Regarding "The Legend", how do see him defensively? The numbers in the NWL were brutal but,I know he's learning Thanks Jason.

Jason Parks: You can't look at the defensive numbers of an 18 year-old catcher playing in short-season ball. He's raw and the demands of the position are very difficult. His tools are very, very good, but its going to take time and effort to get better behind the plate. If he wants to be a very good catcher, Alfaro can become a very good catcher. If not...well, his bat is going to play anywhere.

Steve (Toronto): Can we petition MLB to request that Jaff Decker to change his name to Jeff Dacker?

Jason Parks: I'm behind this movement.

Sanchez101 (Santa Barbara, CA): Texas question: What's more disqualifying as a Texan - being a cheerleader at A&M (Rick Perry) or being born out of state (Ron Paul)???

Jason Parks: Being a cheerleader puts you around a lot of attractive people wearing attractive outfits. Not my cup of tea, but not something I would fault somebody for. Being born out of State is inexcusable.

Opening A Can (My Cupboard): Vegetables still come in cans that need to be opened, if you don't buy them fresh or frozen. Of course, being a guy, I don't open them often enough. Thankfully the can of whoopa** I had to open on my coworker came with a pull tab.

Jason Parks: I just don;t have a lot of space for cans, and I tend to buy groceries for one or two meals at a time, so I usually buy fresh fruit/veggies. The kitchen in my apartment is rather small.

Brian (L.A.): Do you see the Rangers flipping Mike Olt this offseason or waiting to see if he can continue to build his value?

Jason Parks: I think his value is already quite high, and if a deal made sense I think Olt would be available. He has more value at 3B and as a trade chip than he does moving off 3B and staying with Rangers.

Sanchez101 (Santa Barbara, CA): Forget the catching aspect - what's Montero projection and ceiling as a hitter (all we ever hear is 'not a catcher but can really hit') I need more specifics? Can he have a Prince Fielder-type production? Is that a bad comparison? Who is?

Jason Parks: I don't think he will offer Prince Fielder-like production, but not many hitters can boast to that level of force. Montero has a chance to hit for average and power, something like a .300 hitter who can jack 30 bombs. That's a fantastic hitter.

Trey McNutt (Springfield?): Is this my real name, or a simpsons character? Would i make your all best name team for minor leaguers? Is Stubby Clapp still eligible?

Jason Parks: It's a solid name. I prefer Rougned Odor or Smerling Lantigua

coasty (Left Coast): What odds would you give Guillermo Pimentel on being able to actualize his hit tool enough to become a 1st division corner outfielder? %50? Less?

Jason Parks: Less. 25%.

faztradamus (Bensonhurst): What are you/have you written for the BP Annual (for 2012)?

Jason Parks: Not enough.

ssimon (Pelham, NY): If you were not from Texas, would you be more likely to hail from Brooklyn or D.F.?

Jason Parks: Odd question. Probably Brooklyn.

Keith7971 (College): I just finished a final in which a kid sitting in the front row managed to keep an ipad full of info on his desk, completely uncovered for the entire exam. Is that #want

Jason Parks: Absolutely. He didn't get caught, so it's #want. If he got caught, that's cheating.

@Lembeck451 (Detroit): Has Chris Davis officially become Chris Shelton (please say yes, please say yes), or does he have a bounceback in him?

Jason Parks: He could bounce back, but he's probably a 4A

../formSubmitQuestion.php (0): 0

Jason Parks: I disagree.

Ron (Ohio): Thoughts on Neil Ramirez? Seems fairly sexy to me.

Jason Parks: Hardest worker in Rangers system; plus-to-plus-plus FB velo; hammer CB; improving CH; tough as shit; needs better overall command. He's going to be a good major league pitcher; ceiling of 2/3.

Sanchez101 (Santa Barbara, CA): Texas is a southern state? Texas is a western state? you guys just regionally bi-curious? please advise???

Jason Parks: Texas is Texas. Come and Take it.

Brian (L.A.): Which mustache shows more #want: Oates or Jaffe?

Jason Parks: Jesus. Why test me like this? Oates is a legend; a deity of the mustache people. Jaffe is a friend and I enjoy his 'stache, but I have to go Oates. Oates is the right answer.

hankfiddich (Indy): Is Buddy Lembeck from "Charles in Charge" asking you questions today? 20-80 ranking on his performance as the quirky sidekick?

Jason Parks: I don't usually pay attention to the names; just the questions. Lembeck was a decent sidekick, but I was too focused on Baio to care much of Lembeck. He did have a male perm, which I give him credit for.

MT (Chicago): In your opinion - would the Yankees be willing to deal any of their top 4 prospects, Montero, Sanchez, Betances, or Banuelos for John Danks? Kenny Williams is adamant that he gets two of those 4. Is he wasting his time?

Jason Parks: I wouldn't part with two prospects from that group, but I'd be willing to listen to offers that included one if the return was Danks. The Yankees need pitching and they have the pieces necessary to make that deal.

DeathSpeculum (detroit): tigers were supposedly asked to give up turner, casty and smyly for gio. seems insane. is gio a legit div 1 player?

Jason Parks: Gio is a very good pitcher that teams seem very willing to include in trades. Since when do lefties who can miss bats get traded with such frequency? Yes, that package is ridiculous for Gio.

Jeff Roemer (Tampa): This chat is closing in on two hours. My first in here with you; am highly impressed. How much is left in the tank?

Jason Parks: I have 180 questions left in the queue. I'll try my best to do another hour and maybe more if I start smoking meth.

Jquinton82 (NY): who wins the bid on Darvish - what does your gut say and why?

Jason Parks: Blue Jays. Heard chatter about their interest, but I can't speak to their actual interest because it was all just chatter. If they do in fact value him like I've heard they value him, they are going to bid high.

mranney (New York): What happened to Matt Thompson ?

Jason Parks: Added some elements to his deliver/arsenal and saw his mechanics falter. He struggled all season to re-discover his rhythm. Not a lost cause. Still time to pull it together.

Jake (New Trier): So, Matt Adams is going to be playing some OF this year. One of the best, or the best positional changes in the minors for the upcoming season in terms of "must-watchness?"

Jason Parks: I'd like to see Matt Adams track a ball in the outfield. That should be entertaining

WisconsinRob (Madison): Jason, this chat is showing 80 grad #Want. Thanks. Who's the sexiest non-Trout, non-Harper prospect in your mind?

Jason Parks: Profar is a sexy prospect. He can do everything.

dtisch30 (ithaca): any scenerio where Lawrie moves back to 2B? is he playable there?

Jason Parks: I wouldn't move him there, no. Any scenario? Sure. I just don't think it would provide positive results.

Teddy (Cuba): Anthony Gose and Gary Brown have similar tools, but clearly have different approaches at the plate. Which do you see being more successful in the short & long term? BTW, you described Billy Hamilton as "sexy" in the podcast; I really think it should have been "sex on fire."

Jason Parks: Brown now and in the future. Not sure Gose can figure it out. You are right: it should have been sex on fire. I agree 100%

Richard (AC): Different opinions on Mason Williams- Law seems to think he's a star in the making. Where do you stand?

Jason Parks: I stand about 6'1''. On Williams, no, I don't think he's a star. I think he's a very good defensive CF and I've seen him in action several times and his skills have always impressed me. But I'm not sold on him at the plate, and I rarely suggest short-season players can be "stars." He has a good chance of being something, but I want to see more before I start throwing those labels around so casually.

Jeff (DC): Boston traded Lowrie and Weiland for Melancon. Thoughts on these players?

Jason Parks: I like the deal for both teams. If Lowrie can stay healthy, his bat can make the deal swing to Houston. I actually like all players in the deal, especially Melancon.

Humbert Humbert (On the road): What do you see from Wil Myers? Similar to the previously mentioned Montero comment (~300, 30 hrs)? Thanks Jason. Your candor and facial hair are an inspiration.

Jason Parks: My facial hair is a lazy two-week beard; not much to brag on. Myers could end up in that statistical ballpark, yes (emphasis on could).

R.A. Wagman (Toronto): A 3/4/5 of Bautista/Fielder/Lawrie would be the best middle of the order lineup in baseball. Agree or disagree?

Jason Parks: Hard to dispute that. But I think a Hamilton, Beltre, Fielder middle of the lineup would make it interesting.

Premature OF Fanatic (Beyond the Burm): Mason Williams or Jorge Soler?

Jason Parks: I haven't seen Soler. Williams is a true CF, though. Lots of value in being able to play up the middle.

Bill (Nova Scotia): Henderson Alvarez stick in the rotation all year for the Jays? Think Darvish turns the Jays into a contender for the division?

Jason Parks: I'm not sure about Henderson. That's a very difficult question to answer. Darvish alone won't turn the Jays into a contender in 2012, but he can help the cause. Put it this way (very simply): The Jays would be a better team if they landed Darvish.

Rick (StL): Sex bomb Oscar Tavarez tore up the midwest league while younger than most prep players just drafted. Impressive, yes?

Jason Parks: Yes. I love that you referred to him as sex bomb.

Jquinton82 (NY): Follow up on Darvish - of the possible bidders (Texas, Washington, Boston, Toronto, New York), who do you think is the best fit based offensive support, defense and home ball park?

Jason Parks: Best fit is a team on the West Coast. Based on the criteria you listed, Washington.

matchst1ck (Deep in the Heart): Robbie Ross, great prospect or greatest prospect? Where do you see him in the Rangers organization?

Jason Parks: He's a good prospect. I see him as two-pitch bullpen arm in the end with a chance to become a 3/4 type if the CH steps up. He can handle innings and he has control, but the big leagues aren't AA and his stuff is good but its not great.

Tanner (Roanoke, VA): Thoughts on Jarrod Parker for Cahill?

Jason Parks: Liked the deal for Arizona. The A's are saving money and getting a guy in Parker who could become something good (like a #2) or he could become a late-inning reliever. But Cahill isn't a could....Cahill is already a good major league pitcher. This deal made Arizona better in 2012. This deal could make the A's better in 2013.

Bret (Toronto): Is there any team in the NL setup better than the Nationals over the next few years? They have few payroll commitments (besides Jayson Werth) and seemingly a ton of money in the bank, a bunch of potential stars in their farm system, and an improving group of current MLB players.

Jason Parks: No. They are set up for something legit. The Nationals are going to be real.

Alex (Santa Fe): Would the Rangers be wise to lock up Hamilton with a long-term extension, or trade him while his value is high? #cocaineabuse

Jason Parks: No. I would let Hamilton walk when the contract was up. Tremendous talent, but talent that comes with a hefty price tag and a lot of baggage to carry around and worry about.

KirkPugsley (Pontiac, MI): Do you think Nick Castellanos will develop enough power to be an an above average first division third baseman? Is a Kevin Youkilis type offensive ceiling a good comp.?

Jason Parks: I don't think so. Very good hitter, but obviously a better value at 3B than 1B. Solid-avg w/ a chance for 1st division if everything comes together (and it never does).

RMR (Chicago): The Reds just picked up Andrew Brackman in a classic change of scenery situation. Supposedly the heat is still there when he's pitching out of the pen and he's made some mechanical tweaks. Any chance he can be an effective high-leverage guy?

Jason Parks: Nope.

benharris (Denver): If you were to cook a meal for Verducci, what would you make?

Jason Parks: Chicken Fried Steak with cream gravy, Texas toast, fried okra, and unsweetened tea.

Auggie (Anaheim): Outside of Harper and Trout, just offensively speaking where would Rymer Liriano rank among OF prospects for you? Top 5, 10 or beyond?

Jason Parks: Probably top 10 OF. Haven't thought about rankings, so its hard to say off the top of my head. He's a very good prospect.

mrenick (Little Rock, AR): Cole has ace upside, what is Bauer's? a #2. Which is more likely to reach their ceiling?

Jason Parks: Bauer, only because becoming a legit #1 type rarely happens. Bauer is probably a safe bet to become a 2/3 at the major league level.

Ralph (Kentucky (all of it)): When can I ogle Michael Sano in a big league uniform?

Jason Parks: I assume you are referring to Twins prospect Miguel Sano. It's going to be a long time. Start at 2014 and start dreaming from there.

SenatorsGuy (Mantana): Give me a best case comp. for Martin Perez. Can he still be a big k, relatively healthy rotation anchor?

Jason Parks: I don't like to force comps. Perez could be a very good number two starter on a championship level team if he hits his projections. Not everybody believes that, though. He is still very young, and he has the delivery and arsenal to pitch at a high level in the big leagues. Rotation anchor? Probably not. Big K? Probably not. Good starter at the very least? Probably.

Jimes (The Universe): Haven't heard all that much about Zach Lee because he is still a long way off or because there are much more excited prospects in baseball?

Jason Parks: Both. Lee has the talent to change that, though. Electric arm and a Texan. Nice combo.

Max Jensen (Ankeny, IA): On the podcast you said you like the Braves' 2011 draft much more than Sarge. What guys in that class do you like?

Jason Parks: Was impressed when I saw Gilmartin; have good reports on Nick Ahmed. I just wasn't ready to take a shit on their draft before those players had a chance to enter the developmental system. People are so quick to suggest that players are something before the team even has a chance to start the process.

Kevin (Texas): Hey Jason. I like Shelby Miller.

Jason Parks: Hey Kevin. I like Shelby Miller as well.

A Friend (Leaving Midland Texas): Does James Paxton continue his inexplicable but satisfying ascent towards stardom?

Jason Parks: Stardom? No. The major leagues? Yes. Paxton has the necessary attributes to become a quality major league starter. He's legit.

Jimes (Again): Does Jarred Cosart harness his raw ability in Texas, or does he fade into obscurity?

Jason Parks: He has the type of arm that rarely will fade into obscurity. Worse case is the 'Stros throw him in the 'pen and he becomes a late-inning arm. Best case is he's pitching at the top of their rotation in a few years. His arm will carry him to the majors.

richardkr34 (Saint Paul, MN): Let's say, for argument's sake, that there was an obscenely religious athlete whose team always found unlikely, last second ways to win...and one time he confided to a teammate that his god told him that they were going to win. The thing is, this guy worships Zeus. Is this guy insane and does America like this athlete as much as Tebow? Also, why can't Hicks hit?

Jason Parks: It's like Sam Harris's Elvis is Alive argument, where if someone said they were talking to Elvis (even in the face of insurmountable evidence to contrary) you would automatically assume that person was crazy. But that's a topic that we better just leave out of a baseball chat. To your question: I wish I knew. I'd sell the answer for a scouting job.

Julio Teheran (Colmbia): Am I going to pick up my k rate? I'm kind of thinking that it dipped some just because I am so young. Maybe next year with a little more experience it will come back up?

Jason Parks: Yes. You are awesome and I still love you and people are fickle and they stopped loving you because they don't love themselves.

YOUR OLD FRIEND JONATHAN (Hey): Jorge Soler is supposed to be better than Yoenis Cespedes. Say what?

Jason Parks: I haven't heard that.

BR (NYC): Is Hosmer still bacon?

Jason Parks: Freshly made and sitting on paper towels in my kitchen.

Matt (Tucson): Who is your favorite porn "actress?"

Jason Parks: I don't have an answer, but I wanted to mention that I'm going to answer for a few more minutes and then return to my regular scheduled duties. So far, I've received well over 300 questions. You guys are absolutely crazy and awesome.

Jeff (WDC): Would you put these in order of highest ceiling to lowest: Gerrit Cole, Teheran, Shelby Miller, Jarrod Parker, Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler, Tyler Skaggs. Thanks!

Jason Parks: Cole, Miller, Teheran, Wheeler, Parker, Skaggs,Harvey

dh129 (MN): Anthony Rendon, in my opinion, would be a bit of a bust if he moved to 1B. A .300, 20 HR player is good anywhere, but at 1B that's not really all-star, is it?

Jason Parks: More value at 3B, obviously. The bat has the potential to be very good, but I don't see it being very good for 1B. It will be interesting to see what really happens with Rendon.

George (Hollywood): If a furry seal somehow made its way to the (presumed) couch in your apartment in Brooklyn and took a nap, would you repeatedly mention that you are "not drunk" when reporting it to the proper authorities, or just let the exhausted creature sleep? Hopefully you have seen the NYDaily News report featuring this, and I do not seem completely insane.

Jason Parks: I'd probably just let it rest and then investigate the situation after the furry seal awoke from said nap. I would assume he had a good excuse for his intrusion.

Steve N (Delaware): Ilooked over the Nats roster and it looks to me that they have 2 aces in the rotation, a solid pen, and pretty good hitting. The hitting seems to be mostly right handed. Will Harper give them the left handed bat I think they need? When?

Jason Parks: Harper will give them the LH bat they need, but don't expect him to fill that need in 2012. I assume he gets called up early and I assume he will struggle.

Mike (Dover): More likely to occur: Matt Moore fans 250 over a season (any point in his MLB career), or Bryce Harper hitting 50 HR over a season in the same time frame. Both going to happen?

Jason Parks: Both could happen. That's scary, isn't it?

grogg (Kansas City): What factors play into someone like Hosmer continuing to progress in 2012 and avoiding the sophomore slump? Does it come down to making adjustments and showing Want, or is there more to it?

Jason Parks: Adjustment is the key to success. Hosmer has all the talent in the world, but he is facing pitchers who can boast the same and they will eventually adjust to weaknesses in his game. As that occurs, Hosmer must adjust to their adjustment which will force them to once again adjust. It's a never-ending cycle and the best players are the ones who stay ahead of the curve.

Piraeus (Round Rock): Hey Jason. Did you get my question. Love, Mark

Jason Parks: I didn't, Mark. I apologize. I was unable to get to 211 questions left sitting in the queue, and I'm sorry about that. I'll call it a day and thank everybody for the fantastic turnout. The questions were excellent and I only wish I had the five hours it would take to get to them all. I'm always available on Twitter (@ProfessorParks) so please don't hesitate to ask me prospect questions using that medium.

Jason Parks: "Welcome to Pacific Tech's "Smart People on Ice". Lates

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