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Chat: Jason Parks

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Wednesday August 10, 2011 1:00 PM ET chat session with Jason Parks.


Jason Parks asks, "What prospects are YOU drinking?" in today's chat.

Jason Parks: I haven't been drinking, but hopefully this chat drives me to that action. Coffee in hand, SVU on the tele, knee in lock brace and elevated on the bed. Pain killers in my blood. I don't type very fast, so find a comfy chair. Here we go.


Jason Parks: On that note, I'd like to welcome everybody to the chat. I'm on painkillers, SVU is blasting on the tele, and I'm cranky as hell. Let's see how long I can last. Here we go

NoahBraun (San Diego): How soon do you expect Zach Wheeler to challenge for a spot in the Mets rotation?

Jason Parks: It's going to take a few seasons, as Wheeler still requires a ton of development. The raw stuff is great, but he needs to transform the raw stuff into playable stuff. Takes time. I love the arm. Great deal for the Mets.

gerrybraun (SD): How soon do you expect us to see Trevor Bauer in the majors? any chance this year?

Jason Parks: Sure. Why not. He might be the most advanced of the college arms, and if they want to push him up in Sept, he could handle it.

Nick (NYC): Which yanks catcher has best MLB career? romine, canchez, or montero?

Jason Parks: As a catcher? Id say Romine. As a hitter? The easy answer is Montero. He's not going to be much of a catcher. Sanchez is still a dream, although a pleasant one.

RichW (Nate Eovaldi): What is the ceiling on Eovaldi? He seems to lack a change-up and his command doesn't appear to be there yet but the fastball is good as his is ground ball tendency.

Jason Parks: Personally, I think he has the stuff to become a legit late-innings relief arm, possibly a second-tier set-up man. Not a crazy high ceiling, but I think his stuff would be nasty as hell in that role.

ramjam36 (Dallas): Mike Olt was a bright spot early in the Rangers' system. Do you think he could handle a jump to Frisco next season, or would it be best for him to spend more time in A+?

Jason Parks: No question. The jump from High-A to Double-A is often quite steep for hitters, but I think it will be a good test for the mature Olt. If he can show development at that level, it won't be long until the Rangers either move him to another spot on the field, or move him to another team in need of a 3B. He's going to be good.

Keith (Manchester, CT): Thanks for the chat, Jason. I'm big on pitching prospects Allen Webster and Tyrell Jenkins. What do you see as the ceiling for each?

Jason Parks: Both have high ceilings, with Webster falling in the mid-rotation area, while Jenkins could become a top of the rotation monster. Seriously, Jenkins has an electric arm. Now ask me if they will reach their ceilings?

Mark (VA): Most of your reports focus on young toolsy players with hig ceilings. Of course a team needs to hit on lots of more modest ceiling prospects as well. Do you have any favorite "safe" prospects? I'm particularly interested in Matt Carpenter with the Cards. Thanks.

Jason Parks: Safe? Well, I often called Robbie Erlin one of the safest pitching prospects in the minors, so I'll stick with that. He's going to become a major league pitcher and I'd bet my 70-grade smile on it.

faztradamus (Chicago): I'm drinking a lemon-lime gatorade in honor of KG; it's slightly frozen so it has the consistency of a slushy. My question: Jesus Montero could see some MLB time soon, but his Triple-A numbers have been tepid compared to what many expected. Is he still the .300/30 HR guy I believed in coming into 2011?

Jason Parks: Yep. I think you can place some the statistical slump on his developmental [read: promotional] schedule, as he was ready for the bright lights to start the season and was rewarded by getting another trip to Triple-A. In the end, Montero is going to be a beast.

Granite Mouse (Gravesend): The rumor seems to be that the Padres could have traded Bell for Wieland or Adams for Wieland and Erlin. Given the potential for an expensive year of the Heater if he accepts arbitration, is Erlin likely to be worth the difference in cost between Bell and Adams next year? It seems to me that potentially the Padres just paid $5-7M or so for Erlin.

Jason Parks: You can look at the deal (or potential deal) a number of ways, but as I've said before, Erlin was a great fit for San Diego, and I think in the end, the investment to acquire him will be worth it. Erlin might have only developed into a quality #4/5 type for Texas, but he could be a #2 for San Diego. He's a safe bet to give the Padres a nice return.

David (Tigard): What prospect am I drinking? A nice frosty Cheslor on the rocks, thank you very much. Two quick questions: First, which holds a chill better, Boing! or Negra Modelo? Second, on the "Scrappy Second Basemen" scale of 1 being Mark Lemke and 10 being Joe Morgan, where do you rank Altuve and Giavotella? 12? 15?

Jason Parks: Boing! struggles to hold a chill because the box contains gallons of fake fruit juice. Negra doesn't hold a chill at all, as everyone with a clue about beer will tell you. Altuve's so attractive he ranks on the Verducci scale, with his Morgan-esque scrap grading out high as well. Giavotella will get there, but he's no Altuve

Seth (Nanty Glo): I saw your twitter comment about Sterling Marte's ceiling. Do you think he will ever develop more plate discipline or will this keep him from reaching his ceiling? How does his ceiling compare to someone like Robbie Grossman who is a walking machine?

Jason Parks: I think he will develop more discipline, but I doubt he approaches the heights of the suggested ceiling. That would be a superstar, and as much as I like Marte, and trust me, I do, I don't him becoming the best at his position in baseball.

aCone419 (ATL): On a scale from 1 to Bacon, how much better is Arodys Vizcaino than Scott Proctor?

Jason Parks: Texas brisket

Jason (Sacramento): Have you heard any recent reports on Jean Segura? I know he has missed time this season with injuries.

Jason Parks: Yes. He's been up and down this year, and injuries have no doubt played a role in the struggles. When healthy, Segura has first-division potential, and I think he has the chops to stay at SS. Others disagree, but I've seen enough to recognize the actions and they are or major league quality. Let's hope the bat comes around because he would be an exciting player at the highest level.

Jeff (Pittsburgh): Hey Jason, have you had an opportunity to watch Seattle's Jose Campos pitch yet? It's surprising to me how little attention he's received given his stuff and results.

Jason Parks: I haven't personally, but a buddy of mine (who I trust) was raving about his stuff and said that he was very legit. That was enough for me to put him on my radar. He has size, projection, present stuff, present results, and a lot more in the tank. Nice arm.

Andrew (Prague, Czech Republic): Thanks for your time, Jason. What do you expect from Sal Perez this year and long-term?

Jason Parks: Not much. I think he's going to struggle, but that's development. You have to be patient, and it will pay off.

Moe (NYC): Hey Jason- I had a question concerning #TheLegend. I was curious who you consider a better prospect, Mr. Alfaro or Matt Szczur? I ask because they are extremely different beasts one (#TheLegend) is a raw MONSTER the other (Szczur) is a solid player with an unspectacular upside. I know Alfaro's chance to reach his ceiling are just a fraction of Szczur's chances to be a solid everyday guy or bench guy, but how to you weight the factors? Thanks Professor.

Jason Parks: Alfaro is the better prospect. I'm a big fan of Szczur, but despite the speed, does he have anything elite in his skill-set that could change games at the next level? Not really. Lots of tools, but he's not going to be elite. #TheLegend, on the other hand, is a bigger risk, but a much bigger reward, with an arm that is a 7/8 and power potential that is at least a 7. Those are game changing tools from a premium position on the diamond. That makes him the better prospect.

Vinny (Bronx): How do you assess a player like Montero who is getting dinged for apparent indifference? It sure seems to speak to character/makeup issues, but otoh someone who can hold his own at 21 in AAA with "modest" effort and can turn it on, has a chance to be really, really good, right?

Jason Parks: Montero is going to be very good, and I think its fair to look at the makeup issues that stem from professional stagnation, or at least the appearance of stagnation. It depends on how Montero has really been affected by this ordeal? It's hard for us (outsiders) to determine that quality of his skill-set without spending time around both him and the team he is on. Are his actions detrimental to his own success or the success of the team? I know his numbers have been down, but I'm not going to call out the makeup for something I view in the abstract.

dianagramr (NYC): "knee in lock brace" "pain killers" Why haven't we read about this in "Collateral Damage"? But seriously ... what happened ... are you gonna be OK?

Jason Parks: No; I'm not going to be OK. I tore my ACL over the weekend, which is the third time I've hurt the same knee. The graft is no longer structurally sound and I will require another surgery. I'm drugged up at the present and I might require more drugs in order to function. It hurts like a motherf*cker.

Jon (Santa Clara): What are you hearing about Kaleb Cowart's transition to full-time player status?

Jason Parks: Nothing but good things.

ttt (At Work): Pacifico is a much better beer than Negro Modelo plus it holds its chill very well.

Jason Parks: Agree. Victoria is even better than Pacifico, but I enjoy both beers very much.

Moe (New York): Jason- rank them in order of importance in your life: Alcohol, #TheLegend, #want, and Nambla. GO!

Jason Parks: #Want #TheLegend alcohol, and beating Jorge Arangure in FIFA, which I've yet to do

ramjam36 (Dallas): Does Christian Villanueva have enough bat to project as an above average everyday 3B?

Jason Parks: Yes. He has plus (to plus-plus) defensive tools at 3B, but the bat should develop enough to allow him to stick in a lineup. I see a 2nd division starter, assuming the bat handles the progressions

DF (Wilmington, NC): Better SP in 5 years, Teheran or Carlos Martinez?

Jason Parks: Teheran. Martinez has nastier stuff, but he also has nastier mechanics. I still loves me some Teheran

mpos456 (Indiana): What would happen if Jose Altuve was as big as Mike Stanton?

Jason Parks: Rapture

ramjam36 (Dallas): Neil Ramirez has obviously had a great season any way you look at it. Is he a Top 100 prospect?

Jason Parks: For me? Yes. For others? I don't care.

ramjam36 (Dallas): Profar or Machado?

Jason Parks: Machado, but it's close.

jsdspud (My Desk): Jason, enjoy your writing and the podcast. How does Josh Bell compare to Jason Heyward and Mike Stanton when they graduated high school?

Jason Parks: Bell is a nice prospect, but his status as a monster prospect has been overblown. I've seen several 6s attached to his bat, and even his defense was given a good grade by a few sources, but Stanton has elite power; power that can kill small children. Heyward is a much better all-around hitter than Bell, at least as far as the scouting reports indicate, which is very conceptual at this point. We don't know what kind of player Bell is going to become because Bell has indicated he wants to go to school. That said, no way he would cost $11M+ like some national outlets have suggested. No chance in hell. If he signs, and again, I'm not saying he will, but I'd say you can cut the aforementioned number in half.

ramjam36 (Dallas): Matt West has been dominating lately in Spokane with 23:0 K/BB's in 16 IP. How impressed are you with the control? Is it crazy to think he might be able to help the Rangers by late next season?

Jason Parks: The numbers and stuff look good, but he's in short-season baseball, so glance at them and then turn back away. West will need to prove the stuff can play against superior competition before we start talking about his major league eta. I bet he reaches Double-A next season, and that will be the test.

mahayde (Chicago ): Dynasty question - who’s offensive tools project higher Jonathan Schoop or Xander Bogearts.

Jason Parks: I like Bogaerts more

Scott (Seattle): Between Altuve, Alfaro, pennant Ale and Arden, what's your fascination with the first letter of the alphabet?

Jason Parks: I'm an asshole

Keith Law (Arizona): Who wins in a MMA Fight between me and you?

Jason Parks: Well, I'm 6'1'' 185 and deliciously handsome, so I'd say that I would win quite easily. However, if you want to play chess, it's going to get bloody and you might come out ahead. Keith is as deliciously intelligent as I am handsome

andrewjburrows (Manhattan): This week, the Yankees signed a 20 year old Czech catcher called Daniel Vavrusa. How does a catcher from the Czech Republic get found and scouted?

Jason Parks: It's complicated, but I know several European scouts and they do an excellent job traveling the continent watching showcases and small tournaments. It's very difficult.

ramjam36 (Dallas): Is there anything positive to be taken from Engel Beltre's season?

Jason Parks: He's only been in one fan related brawl so far this season

Trevor (Detroit, MI): Great write-up on the future LF'ers. On Pimentel, his home run totals have gone down, but so have his k's and his walks are increasing. Do you see/hear that he's starting to make adjustments and not sell out for power all the time? What's his ceiling for HR/Avg. for you?

Jason Parks: He's learning that powering (loading) up every single doesn't always have a positive outcome. He was long, and his swing has shortened up a bit, which will help for contact but will flatten some of the HR totals. That said, he has rare power, so in the end, after the swing finds its rhythm, he is capable of hitting 40+ bombs a year. He could be special, or he could fail to make adjustments and flame out by Double-A. Boom or bust.

asstarr1 (Madison, WI): Any chance you could come up with a scout's guide for dating? When I'm drinking I can't tell a 10 from a 1, but maybe on a 20-80 scale I'd have better luck.

Jason Parks: I'll see what I can do. Perhaps this should be my next project after baseball...

Talent Scout (Chatsworth): Who has bigger upside: Kate Upton, Riley Steele, or Brooklyn Decker?

Jason Parks: I saw Kate Upton up close at the Futures Game. She looked too young. It scared me.

John (Pittsburgh): Bautista has been horrible since the all-star break. I told you it was a 1.5 season fluke!!!!!

Jason Parks: No.

Tony (Albuquerque): Jason, Moose Tacos is in them midst of a pretty good battle with the mendoza line (and he's losing more than he's winning). Understanding this is part of the learning curve, is there something(s) to be taken from his struggles that is concerning regarding his long term projection?

Jason Parks: I care less about your question, and more about the excellent nickname. I'm impressed. Long-term, he will be fine. Baseball is about adjustment, and now he has to start make those in order to survive. It will happen.

Toby (Toronto): The Blue Jays have the 2nd best farm system in baseball. True or False?

Jason Parks: I don't know. They are top 5 for sure. I haven't thought about it much because it ultimately doesn't matter how the national media grades systems.

Hank (Illinois): Do you think the knee injury is karma for maligning the position of Wisconsin residents on the Verducci Scale?

Jason Parks: Nope. The knee injury is a result of a bitchin' display of dance moves during my best friend's wedding. For a brief second, I was nailing Thriller.

Future Mr. Upton? (#want): What are the chances I get married to Kate Upton?

Jason Parks: Are you one of the Jonas brothers?

Female (Venus): Are we going to see a female MLB GM within the next 10 years?

Jason Parks: I sure hope so. I think it needs to happen soon. 10 years would be ridiculous. Let's make it happen for '12.

Female (Venus): Are we going to see a female MLB GM within the next 10 years?

Jason Parks: I sure hope so. I think it needs to happen soon. 10 years would be ridiculous. Let's make it happen for '12.

Female (Venus): Are we going to see a female MLB GM within the next 10 years?

Jason Parks: I sure hope so. I think it needs to happen soon. 10 years would be ridiculous. Let's make it happen for '12.

Female (Venus): Are we going to see a female MLB GM within the next 10 years?

Jason Parks: I sure hope so. I think it needs to happen soon. 10 years would be ridiculous. Let's make it happen for '12.

SimonSays (YankeeLand): Jason - You were pretty high on Gary Sanchez coming into this year. He's had some problems earlier (attitude and performance) but seems to picking things up now. What do you make of Gary Sanchez's year so far and still high on him long-term?

Jason Parks: I feel the same about him. I think he can be an offensive monster, with a better chance at sticking behind the plate than Montero thus giving him an even higher ceiling.

Justin (Chicago, IL): What is worse, the White Sox farm system or Kevin's taste in beer?

Jason Parks: Probably the Sox because at least KG admits that his taste in beer is questionable.

Jerrod34 (Tacoma, WA): Jason - In terms of future power, where would Pimentel rank with current big league guys like Stanton? All be it very far away, IF all goes well with him, is that his upside?

Jason Parks: He could end up with legit 80 power. Stanton's power ranks a different scale. His power is alien.

Laura (New York): If you were a GM, would you be willing to give Prince Fielder a 7 year contract?

Jason Parks: Nope. But I'm glad I'm not a GM, because his bat would be tempting to overpay for.

Warren (Dallas): Did you tear your ACL on purpose so you won't have to move to Mexico?

Jason Parks: Yes. I wonder if the plan will work

Johnson (IL): Trevor Rosenthal have a chance to be an elite closer?

Jason Parks: No.

HunkStatus (Hunkville): What is Oscar Tavares' ceiling?

Jason Parks: First-division RF at the major league level.

Charles (big apple): what kind of projection grades would u put on jordan akins tools?

Jason Parks: Future grades: Hit 50; Power 65/70; Speed 65; Glove 60; Arm 60;

Randy (LA): When people use the word "scrappy", why is it only used to describe white players?

Jason Parks: Because people are lazy

Francois (Toronto): If they all reach their ceilings how would you ranks these pitchers: Cole, Bauer, Bundy, Taillon, Strasburg?

Jason Parks: Strasburg, Cole, Taillon, Bundy, Bauer

ehteam (Edmonton): What do you think of Gary Brown? Quality major league CF'er?

Jason Parks: Yes. The level of quality is what is up for debate. The glove and speed are excellent, so his defense will make him a major leaguer. Is he a legit leadoff type with average and OBP, or is he a back of the order .275/low OBP hitter? The leadoff hitter could be a star; the latter is a nice player, but more of a 2nd div type.

Matt (Chicago): What is your current call on one Josh Vitters? He's squaring the ball up but BBs still lacking.

Jason Parks: He's never going to walk. He loves to swing and has one of the better raw hit tools in the minors. If only he could work himself into quality hitting environments he could hit .300 at the major league level. It's not going to happen and its a huge waste

Steven (San Fran): What other sports do you follow besides Baseball?

Jason Parks: Huge soccer (futbol) fan. I also enjoy basketball (Mavs) and Football (Cowboys)

oldave (dryden,ny): Which are lazy, the white players or the folks who call them scrappy?

Jason Parks: The folks who call them scrappy are just being lazy. It's reductive to call white players scrappy just as its reductive to call black players athletic. It depends on the individual and #want involved to provide a more nuanced description of the player's abilities.

mrenick (Little Rock): Still high on Jason Adams or just pain killers?

Jason Parks: I'm still high on Adams. He has a bright future, with really good stuff and a good body to work with. Development can get ugly before it blooms.

Jacob348 (The Bay Area): Jason - You profiled Sale on your LF list, I was wondering about another Rays OF, Drew Vettleson. Pretty impressive so far, what are you hearing?

Jason Parks: Very good things. Vettleson will find a home on the very crowded RF list.

Ruxin (Evanston): What kind of pitcher can Brad Peacock be, #2 ceiling? 55-grade name?

Jason Parks: Brad Cock would be a better name. Peacock (as a name) isn't all that impressive. I think he's a solid-average #3 starter.

Caroline (Boston): I'm going to the Futures at Fenway doubleheader in a few weeks (Portland-Binghamton and Pawtucket-Syracuse.) Who should I plan to watch most closely?

Jason Parks: The players on the field /Keith Law

Gary (Texas): Did you get to meet any celebs while at the all-star game? Any cool stories to share?

Jason Parks: Sure. I ran into Mike Piazza (literally) and he was really cool and really dreamy. Too many players to list

Chris (New York): On a scouting scale of 20-80, what grade would you give Erin Andrews as GF material?

Jason Parks: No idea. I wouldn't want to be her boyfriend.

Heath32 (Detroit, MI): What are you hearing about Nick Castellanos' first full season? Any concern about the lack of home runs?

Jason Parks: No. Hearing great things about him. The swing is pretty and the power will eventually flow through it. I don't see crazy power numbers, but he's going to be a complete hitter.

Matt (New York): Is Jake Marisnick's only legit tool "looking great in a uniform" or is he a legit bat/power/runner

Jason Parks: He looks great in a uniform, but could end up with all five tools grading out at 5 or better. it's early, but the reports have been good.

Bill Simmons (LA): Thoughts on grantland.com so far?

Jason Parks: I think I can write circles around you.

Christine (New York): On a scouting scale of 20-80, what grade would you give John Kruk as BF material?

Jason Parks: Man, great question. He's the type of BF that shits your bed and then acts like it's your fault for making a big deal of it. It would be a nightmare. I'd date him for a few hours just to see how surreal the experience could get.

Tony (Albuquerque): I may be crazy but Bubba Starling seems like a future #TheLegend for you. Toolsy as all get up, huge ceiling and a unique name...

Jason Parks: His tools will eventually earn him a spot on #TeamLegend. Seriously, Starling's tools are sick.

oldave (dryden, ny): okay , stupid question , I'm almost embarrassed to ask , but what the hell is #want? I'm actually a .9 er ( but not an original) but don't recall any discussion of #want. Maybe its something that's you've been twittering about?

Jason Parks: #want isn't a part of podcast mythology; rather, it stems from my buddy Spike and our FIFA battles with Jason Cole and Jorge Arangure. It's childish, I know.

mfalcon (Louisiana): Are you ready to admit that people from Texas all wish they were from Louisiana.

Jason Parks: Sure. That will happen.

NTubrinski29 (Minny): What's happened to Aaron Hicks? Has the star all but fizzled?

Jason Parks: Just finished writing about him for my CF article. Out of the ten industry voices I polled on the subject. all ten thought Hicks belonged high on the list. The tools are just too good to ignore, but the production needs to start showing up.

Jack (Na): What's so special about defense of Iglesias? It's not like there hasn't been flash defensive SS prospects.

Jason Parks: His instincts are special, which makes the entire package appear even better. The fluidity and grace in which he plays, with really smooth actions and movements. It's a joy to watch, but others players have exhibited similar qualities, so its not like Iglesias is unique in that regard.

Tim (DC): An ACL dance injury? Chicken dance? Macarena? Electric Slide?

Jason Parks: I was dancing to Thriller by Michael Jackson. I was in full cemetery mode. It was nuts.

YPeeters (Tacoma, WA): James Paxton continues his breakout at Double A. I've tempered my expectations, but time to start taking notice? Could he have a future as front-end rotation guy?

Jason Parks: Yes. His stuff is really good, and his delivery, despite being a little unorthodox, works well and looks clean. Have to say, Paxton looks like a very good arm that is going to move fast.

oldave (dryden,ny): I just finished the back catalog and have been pointy for 5 days . Oh, one question though, I may have dozed off a time or two at some point , does that still count, is there a test? Maybe you are not the right guy to ask as you are not a .9 er, eh?

Jason Parks: I've never listened to the podcast, so you might want to direct this question to KG. I'm just along for the ride.

Charlie (Bethesda, MD): Whats up with Tom Milone? Strikes out more than a batter an inning, walks nobody, has a good ERA, is only 24 and tops out in the low 80s. Ok, that's what's up with him, but do you think he's gonna be a good pitcher in the majors? Can someone throwing that speed be effective?

Jason Parks: You have to have elite command to survive the majors with that velocity. Some can use pure pitchability and advanced secondary offerings to augment the low 80s fastball, but again, the command has to be sharp because the margin of error is super thin.

Matt (NYC): What's the deal with Christain Yellich's speed. He has 27 steals and only 4 caught stealings yet scouts only put a 4 on his speed.

Jason Parks: Stealing bases isn't only a direct by-product of the speed tool. Ian Kinsler steals like crazy (and efficient) and he isn't super fast on the watch. Good base-stealers steal off the pitcher, finding the right opportunity to take advantage of his inability to deliver the ball to the plate in the 1.2-1.4 window. You have to have quick feet which will allow for a jump, and reaching top speed after a few strides, whether that top speed grades out as plus or not, is vital. If you can find your full-stride after only a few steps, and you time the pitcher to your advantage, you can steal on the best catchers in the game. You steal on pitchers.

Bob (Seattle): A friend and I were debating whether you take the stuff or performance when drafting a pitcher (Cole/Bauer). So, coming out of college, would you rather have had Verlander or Weaver?

Jason Parks: Verlander

Tom Verducci (SI): This meme is getting old. I'm gonna politely ask Robocop to start making appearances in your chats, tweets and articles so I can have some beauty rest. DON'T ask him about ED209.

Jason Parks: Hey, Tom. I've met Peter Weller before, and let me tell you, he's not a Verducci 10. Great bone structure, though.

ttt (work): Isn't the goal to make every player a pitcher, catcher, short stop, or a center fielder? Aren't all of the other positions, positions due to problems (weak arm, slow, etc.)?

Jason Parks: Well, ideally, you want to start up the middle and then fan out as the deficiencies in the skill-set warrant the move. Same with pitchers, although it gets more complicated when pitchers are moved to the pen because of their arms (actions/mechs) and not their stuff.

Michael Keaton (Everywhere): I hear you know some things about me. Is Vizaino a SP or RP with the Braves? SP elsewhere?

Jason Parks: I think he ends up a reliever, and you know exactly what I know about you, Mikey

Adam J. Morris (Houston, TX): I'm considering fathering another child and naming it Leonys Martin (Morris). Undecided so far on changing my own last name to Martin. Sound like a good idea?

Jason Parks: I think Morris-Martin sounds like either 1) a Law Firm, 2) A badass cocktail with flamed orange peel, 3) A car I couldn't afford, or 4) The PTBNL in the Johnny Whittleman deal

Charlie (Bethesda, MD): I realized I wrote Tom Milone tops out in the low-80s, but I think it's high-80s... Anyway, do you think he'll be able to succeed in the majors?

Jason Parks: Nope. He could find success as a Sam Malone, but not as Tom Milone.

#Want (Texas): Now that your on the DL, are you going to finally get a PS3 so you can practice your FIFA game?

Jason Parks: Yes. I'm buying one when I get back from Mexico in mid Sept.

bretsayre (nyc): Do you still think Casey Crosby has a future as a SP? If not, would his stuff play up enough in a bullpen role to be a plus late inning reliever?

Jason Parks: I think he would make a better reliever, just because the stuff could be near elite in bursts. He could be a legit setup arm in relief.

Greg (Boston): JP....what's your ideal scouting trip both logistically (proximity to one vs several teams) and from a talent perspective?

Jason Parks: I love watching complex league talent in Arizona, even though the conditions are terrible and the talent is immature beyond belief. That's where it all starts, and I like to see the talent at it's lowest professional form so I can have perspective as it matures.

Leonys Martin (Round Rock, Texas): Grade my tools, if you would.

Jason Parks: I do in my upcoming article at BP. You'll just have to wait.

WisconsinRob (Madison): Jason, not a .9er but I don't think there's a podcast out there I enjoy more. But you need to get Jorge on again to either defend himself or just take those licks live. Starlin Castro has put a few doubles over the fence the last week; sign of things to come? What would you project the power to? Thanks for everything.

Jason Parks: Jorge will no doubt ride the podcast horse again. Castro will develop more power as he matures, but I don't expect crazy production in that department. I love his swing. He has one of the best hit tools in the game.

chewbalka (SW): Can Seattle really develop a rotation of Felix, Hultzen, Paxton, Pineda and Walker and how do you see them slotted after Felix?

Jason Parks: Well, you have to figure at least one of those names will fizzle before they reach the rotation, but yes, they are going to develop a nasty rotation. They need to convert some of that awesome pitching into awesome offense if they want to win, though

Tony (Albuquerque): Do you see Profar becoming a industry consensus Top 5 prospect this winter when top 100 lists start coming out?

Jason Parks: I doubt it. Top 20 for sure; top 10 on several; top 5 on a select few; top 1 on his own

Or (DENTON, BITCHES!): I realize Profar's fine as a shortstop now... but based on the Rangers' current talent, at which position is he most likely to break into the majors?

Jason Parks: Probably 2B, although it's still too early to make guesses on it. If Boras takes Andrus to New York or Boston in a few years, Profar can always slide back over to SS, assuming he's still with the org. Lots of things can happen in the next two years.

Kingofstyyle (NYC): What does your wife thinking of your traveling crushes? Does she mind your sarcastic tone in your pieces, or is it something she laughs at as well? If it's the latter, where can I find a woman like that?

Jason Parks: She's a special woman and understands who I am. She laughs at me frequently, especially when I have little traveling crushes in front of her. She is confident and intelligent and quite attractive, so I'm not going to find better on the market, and I think she gets a kick out of it when I act like I can. She's a catch.

Harry (PA): Better future rotation: Cardinals or Mariners?

Jason Parks: Mariners

DanDaMan (Vineyard): Biggest impact in terms of fantasy being called up in the next couple of weeks is...

Jason Parks: Herve Villechaize was always in my fantasies, but I can't speak to yours and the impact they have on you

R.A.Wagman (Toronto): Do you believe in organizational philosophies? Alternately, if it is best to develop players in an "each-to-their-own" way, how do you identify organizational direction? Is there an MLB team who currently runs their system in a way you think is optimal?

Jason Parks: Every organization has developmental philosophies, but every organization also tailors those philosophies around the individuals in their system. Most orgs are similar in that basis regard. The specific philosophies themselves are what differentiate the teams from each other.

Mark (Tyler, TX): Parks, being totally serious right now-- I had no idea you were married. I'm slightly taken aback, actually. But on to more serious matters-- have you heard/seen anything more about Mazara and Guzman for the Rangers?

Jason Parks: I've discussed my marriage on the BP podcast since the very beginning, including the ups and downs of said relationship. Yes. I know more about Mazara and Guzman, but I can't comment about that at this time. After the FIL I'll break them down a bit more.

bretsayre (nyc): Does Addison Reed have Craig Kimbrel-like upside for 2012? He's been dominating at every level this year.

Jason Parks: Yes. His stuff is nasty and I think he could be a force in the major league pen in 2012

Matt (Chicago): Is there any hope of Trey McNutt materializing into a decent mid-to-top of the rotation SP? Is he the only notable SP prospect in the Cubs system?

Jason Parks: Sure. I think staying in the middle-of-the-rotation is more realistic, but I'm a fan of his stuff.

ACL (your leg): Any chance we end up on you tube?

Jason Parks: No.

Matt (Chicago): How do you think Brett Jackson's D will hold up in CF at the ML level? Btw, I love reading your pieces at BP, you've helped cover the loss of Christina?

Jason Parks: Thanks. In my recent CF piece (submitted to BP editing) I called Jackson Mr. Solid-Average. I think his defense will be just that.

WayneSimms (Milwaukee): Jason - Crystal ball time. Just looking at guys below Double A, who are 5 players you'd be dying ot have on your fantasy team based on power/speed/average?

Jason Parks: Zack Morris, AC Slater, Screech Powers, Mr. Belding, and the guy who played Max

Tony (Albuquerque): Even if an organization decided to purposely not have a philosophy wouldn't they by default have a philosophy?

Jason Parks: That's profound.

kyleroyer (SF): What happens first: You recover from the injury or Miguel Sano debuts in AA?

Jason Parks: I'm going to require several surgeries (I assume), so I'll say Sano to Double-A

Bobby (LA): Kevin, should the Jays trade Arencebia in the off-season because D'Arnaud looks close to being major league ready?

Jason Parks: I agree with that, although catching prospects are fickle creatures, and just when you think you have an abundance of depth at the position, you find yourself trading for a Molina brother

Tony (Albuquerque): Just got myself a smoker for my birthday last weekend. Fully plan on breaking in that bad boy this weekend. Any suggestions? Specifically, what meat and/or cut should a first time smoker go with?

Jason Parks: Brisket. A few more questions and I'm going pass out from the pain. I love you guys, though. A few more. ...

dtwhite (Toronto): Thoughts on the ESPN article today re: sign stealing? The statistical evidence they present seems a bit lacking

Jason Parks: I didn't read it so I can't comment on it. Sign stealing is a part of the game and it happens. I can't speak to the level in which it happens or the sophistication of the action itself, but it's going on at the major league level, probably in every game (on some level).

WisconsinRob (Madison): Does having a (seemingly) severe ACL/Knee injury give you a different perspective on players recovering from injuries or injuries halting/slowing their progress?

Jason Parks: Good question. The answer is yes. While I was never a professional athlete, I was a very serious athlete and in very good physical condition. When I first hurt my knee, the work required to regain that level of athleticism and conditioning was mind-blowing. After the second surgery, I gave up all hope of regaining the athleticism of my youth, and although I maintained proper conditioning, it was never the same. Now, I'm going to have to do it all over again, at an older age, with less in the tank. It's very hard and when I hear about athletes coming back from injury, I feel for them because I know what it takes, both mentally and physically, because it was too much for me to keep up with.

Jason Parks (Texas): When am I going to end this chat? I need to head out for food soon.

Jason Parks: I'm too nauseous to eat, but I will end the chat. Thanks again for all the great questions, as I received well over 200 this time. Let's do this again soon, and I promise to answer every question asked, even if I have to stop and re-examine my life in the process. Thanks again. Lates

Jason Parks: Thriller

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