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Chat: Mike Ferrin

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Thursday July 21, 2011 1:00 PM ET chat session with Mike Ferrin.


Join SiriusXM and BP radio show cohost Mike Ferrin for a lively discussion of baseball and the broadcaster's life.

Mike Ferrin: First time moderator, long time reader. Ready to talk about how awesome it is to hear Ralph Kiner on this dead*** July day. Oh, yeah, I tweet too @MikeFerrinSXM

Jquinton82 (NY): Kyle Blanks SD OF or Wilin Rosario Col C rest of the year and next year?

Mike Ferrin: It's a tough question to answer. My guess is Blanks, because I think he'll be up at some point this year, and he's played some OF again at AAA. Rosario's definitely the guy I like better long term. Power, good defense behind the plate, but even for next year? My guess is Chris Ianetta's the starter & maybe we see Rosario some time in 2012.

dianagramr (NYC): Hi Mike! Thanks for the chat. So how did you end up with such a seemingly great job? IOW, what does your resume look like?

Mike Ferrin: I'm a lucky son of a gun to be sure. I started working in Radio in Dubquque IA when I was in College as a Classic Rock DJ (KGRR were the calls) after a couple years there and in Indiana, I ended up interning at WGN in Chicago where I produced the Cubs & covered the White Sox & Bears. I managed to turn that into a full time job as their Sports Producer (that's where I met the BP crew) and after 7 years, was looking for a change that got me on the air full time. I applied for a gig at XM, on-line, and, the rest as we say is history

Paul S 1954 (CA): How many Altuves will Altuve's 1st HR travel

Mike Ferrin: 64 Altuve

PaulS1954 (CA): Who would be a better fit for Giants, Pence or Beltran?

Mike Ferrin: I think Pence. While I think down the stretch Beltran is a bigger impact guy, the Giants lack a long term answer at either one of their corners in the OF. Pence, while not a super star, is a good player that helps to solidify that spot for years to come. I don't like Pence over Beltran for some teams (PHI, ATL) for a variety of reasons, but for SF, I think Pence makes a lot of sense.

Mike Ferrin (Baltimore): First Answer: 1:04pm Chat time Temperature: 95 degrees (Heat Index 106) Wind blowing out to CF at 8mph

Mike Ferrin: Did you know: Daniel Murphy's in the Top 10 in hitting in the NL? I sure didn't...

Nick (B-More): Do you think David Cooper can be a big leaguer? I know he's a bit diminutive for a 1B and his slash line is PCL fueled, but he's not old for the level and PCL or not he's hitting well. Most importantly though his BB/K rate this year is insane. Thoughts?

Mike Ferrin: I saw Cooper a bit last year in the Eastern League, and did not come away impressed. I think he might be an extra piece. To be a real big time 1B, you NEED to hit for power (or just crush an insane amount of 2B) Cooper may be able to play 1B for a short time, but he's a guy you're looking to upgrade over

PaulS1954 (CA): Have you seen The Franchise on SHO, and if you have your impressions.

Mike Ferrin: I saw the Pilot, missed the last 2. I was impressed though. Being around that club in the NLCS last year, I can see why they'd want to do a reality series on them. A crazy cast of characters.

Jquinton82 (NY): Asdrubel Cabrera.... is this a fluke, for real, or is he capable of even more tastey goodness in the years to come?

Mike Ferrin: For real that he's a 20-25 HR guy? Not sure on that. But I do think he's an outstanding player. The broken arm last year set him back from a real bust out. I've been all about Cabrera for years, and I think an IF with him, Chisenhall and eventually Kipnis can be really good. Now, if only they could get something out of 1B...

bigcity (NY): What are your opinions on what the Pirates should do before the trade deadline?

Mike Ferrin: Buy. But not mortgage. I got a kick out of the story yesterday that said the Pirates overvalue their prospects. How would anyone know? They haven't been in this position before. Grilli helps soak 6th & 7th innings, but, another arm would be nice. So would a controllable mid rotation SP. Adding someone under control helps not just this year, but as they start to really turn the corner. I think you don't give up your best prospects (Tallion, maybe Heredia) but if you get stuff for the next several years that helps now too, it's a bonus.

They also need a bat.

Peter7899 (Chicago): Do you have a pulse at all on the front office at Wrigley from the time you spent at WGN? Give any insight?

Mike Ferrin: In terms of what they're doing at the deadline? Well, I think it's 2 fold: 1) they've twice rallied from 90 loss seasons to win the division under this current administration, so they feel they can do it again. Not to mention, Jim Hendry's contract is up after 2012, and going into the last year of a deal, and not being certain you'll make it to it, is a tough time to blow things up if you're tied to wins & losses. As to what the future holds? Everyone I've talked to is still very unsure if the baseball people will be turned out.

Haboob (3rdRock): Does the Drew injury turn Arizona from buyer to seller? Sell Saunders while he is hot?

Mike Ferrin: My initial reaction was, still add bullpen but back off the aggressiveness. Tough to replace Drew's O/D combo...but, Drew's only really had one great offensive month this year. I think you can try and upgrade in another spot offensively (3rd, LF--although Parra's been better than perceived) and get a cheap guy who can catch the ball at SS, and you may not miss a thing. Still lots of games with SD & LAD left for Arizona (25 games)

bigcity (NY): Where do you think Daniel Murphy ends up, both position and team-wise?

Mike Ferrin: I love the super utility roll for him. Let you spell guys all over. He certainly doesn't hurt you offensively as an extra guy. If you needed to play him everyday at 2B, does it kill you? I guess the big question is: Is 2B REALLY a defensive position? If not, well, the bat certainly plays there.

Rich (Maryland): Do see Cameron Maybin turning the corner this season and what do you see as his potential peak?

Mike Ferrin: His home road splits are CRAZY. 200 points more of OPS on the road than at home. He's a really good CF, a hard worker & a great kid. I feel like he's a legit ML CF yeah, but the numbers are always gonna look worse b/c he plays his home games below the Marine layer.

Jason (AR): Your thoughts on the HOF inductees

Mike Ferrin: I love that there was a grass roots campaign for Blyleven. Alomar should have been in the first time. That's just super cool. I also love that Roland Hemond is going to be honored with the Buck O'Neil award. He's meant a lot to a lot of people in the game. I love hall weekend much more than I love the actual argument about who belongs in the hall. Too many personal agendas in that, too much speculation from people who believe the know the facts even though they don't have them. I love narrative as part of the story, but don't try and create it for your own self interests.

ssimon (Pelham, NY): Interesting how the Mets want to pay Beltran's salary and get prospects, while other teams also want to pay his salary and *not* trade prospects, no?

Mike Ferrin: Yeah, kind of a role reversal isn't it? I mean, the thing is, I like what the Mets are trying to do. More teams should be willing to eat the money for better players. It's budgeted anyway. Team's are always trying to get what they want for the least amount of money. It's like negotiating for a new car. BTW, Just heard Gary Cohen talking about Dom Brown for Beltran. AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN. You'll get someone good, but you ain't getting that guy.

bigcity (NY): Follow up to the Pirates trade deadline question: I agree that they need a bat, but should they target a first baseman (Carlos Pena, someone else I can't think of), or should they go for an outfielder and move Jones to first? Overbay has been horrible this year, worse than usual.

Mike Ferrin: Pena's a great fit. He's got a $5 million balloon payment in January, but I'm sure you can negotiate that out. I like with Tabata coming back, keeping he & Presley in the OF and using Jones as the extra bat. Tabata defense in LF uniquely important in that park b/c LF plays like CF in other stadiums

dianagramr (NYC): "Now, if only they could get something out of 1B..." ============ Given the plethora of injuries he's had the past couple of years, could you see the Indians moving Grady Sizemore to 1B (too short?) to save wear and tear?

Mike Ferrin: I'm not sure that the wear & tear really gets saved. He's getting hurt sliding. What's so sad about Sizemore, is this was a guy, as Danny Knobler from CBS pointed out today, missed 5 games in 4 years. Feel like he's just sliding down the chain.

Chris (ChiTown): Here's something that I think would be fun to see: Tim Collins pitching to Jose Altuve. Your thoughts?

Mike Ferrin: One of our producers: Olivia likes to find "Adorable" moments in seasons. Her head & heart might explode.

Soxfan (Chicago): I don't lose any love on the Cubs, but isn't your earlier statement (echoed by others and seems credible when Hendry says he won't consider moving Marshall) all the more reason to fire Hendry yesterday and bring in a GM who can rebuild? (Free Kim Ng)

Mike Ferrin: I'll answer Peter7899's follow up here too. Yeah, the idea that you aren't willing to move Marshall or Jeff Baker is a bit ludicrous, it's not like they're one player away. At the same time they will have money to spend.

I mean, if you want Hendry to rebuild, you have to extend him. I don't think the idea of him acting in the best interest of himself is different than acting in the org's best interest. He has a plan to win in 2012 and as long as he's employed it's his job to do that unless ownership tells him otherwise. That said, in 2006, everyone wanted Hendry gone & they won back to back division titles. What's the old line about listening to fans destined to be sitting with them? :) I do love the idea of adding a baseball guy as team Pres BTW

John (IL): Does Lance Lynn have the potential to be a legit closer?

Mike Ferrin: Haven't seen enough personally, but from what I hear 7th inning guy is a more likely fit. Why doesn't anyone talk about their rotation issues in 3-4-5 spot?

MJ (Madison, Wis.): Re: the Giants' corner OF spots, I'm pretty sure Belt played LF (for the first time) the day he got hit on the wrist. He has played OF at AAA this year as well. Do you think the Giants want him there long term, or just seeing if he can hack it until Huff is out of the picture? I think he has been playing 1B since his return, but don't know for sure.

Mike Ferrin: It's short term. He's gonna be a Gold Glove caliber 1B. But he's a crazy good athlete for a big lanky guy. I saw him play RF last year at Richmond. Strong arm. Had a pretty good idea of what he's doing out there. He's been at 1B b/c Huff has a back issue.

PaulS1954 (CA): If LAD & SD are sellers like everyone thinks, how fair is it that AZ has so many games left vs them, but will be facing a lesser team then others in the division have?

Mike Ferrin: Is it fair that The Giants can add players to get better? They all play the same teams in the division the same # of times. No conspiracy theories here Paulie!

Dan (NY): Is there a rule that prevents, e.g., the Mets from talking to Beltran and/or Reyes now and saying "We want to re-sign you this winter, but we'll be better in the future if we trade you each now for two top prospects, so do you mind going to San Francisco and Arizona for the next three months, and then we'll assume that you're in our plans for 2012 and beyond?"

Mike Ferrin: I mean, they can talk contract with them for years beyond while they still have them. Problem is, what happens if you trade them to a place and the new team either offers them a crazy incredible deal or they love playing there? It just doesn't make much sense to assume they'd come back. It's not worth taking that risk with Reyes. Keep him. Sign him. Love him. Buy #7 jerseys for the whole family.

Travis (KC): Cheslor Cuthbert is 18 years old, hitting .329 with a .869 OPS at a third. Have other people caught on yet?

Mike Ferrin: KG has him in his Top 50 midseason and had him in his Top 15 even after the Grienke deal. He's obviously taken a big step to actualizing the talent. But it's very tough for most to get too excited about a player before they do it at AA. Remember: Jerry DiPoto got crushed at the deadline for the Dan Haren deal last year because the best player in it was at Low A. Tyler Skaggs has turned into a really good prospect, but, most want success at a higher level before going, well, ape over them.

bigcity (NY): Do you think the Indians, and to a lesser extent the Pirates, have a good chance to be divisional contenders next year as well?

Mike Ferrin: Based on the divisions they're in: definitely. Indians still need another SP or two to take another step forward, but I like where they're at as a unit. Carlos Carrasco is a big key for me. He's turning into a very good SP. Plus as good as their bullpen is, Nick Hagadone's been good and Adam Miller's pitching again at AA which is a great story to root for (his Twitter avatar is a picture of the finger)

Pirates, I say 2013 could look really good. Cole, Tallion in the rotation: They have a system filled with mid-back of the rotation arms who could fill what they already have at the big league level. And you know what? I kinda like James McDonald. Not as an ace, but as a solid big league starter.

Cleveland's in a great spot because they'll be there right before KC's guys start to really make an impact, CHW is aging. Twins are, well, I respect the hell out of them because they just defy some logic and grind out every pitch.

MJ (Madison, Wis.): What are the chances that Texas calls up Martin Perez to pitch out of the bullpen for the stretch run (esp. if they can't land another arm before the deadline)? Is that a stupid thing to do with a prized SP prospect, or a good way to get him ML experience w/ out torching his arm late in the year?

Mike Ferrin: Well, they did it with Neftali Feliz in '09. Jon Daniels has talked before about the "old school" nature of getting young pitchers feet wet in the bullpen. It's not far fetched at all, but I think they'll get an arm or two for the pen.

BTW, if they could get an impact starter, I wonder if they'd include Perez in a deal. They've said they won't move him for a reliever, but I would have to think that if a Jimenez (who I doubt gets moved, but Troy Renck still leaves chances at 20%) is available, they'd be willing to part with him.

Steven Goldman (Chapel of the Pinstriped Bible): Mike, I was just listening to Duquette and Kennedy on SXM, and they have a female producer. No disrespect to Brady, but why can't WE have a female producer too?

Mike Ferrin: That's Olivia. She actually cut her teeth on Roundtrip. We'd love to have her back...she's the only one who can keep Brady in line. (Plus, we then get Olivia's adorable moment of the night)

JMan (DuHawks Nest): On a scouting scale would you rate Mulgrews a 70 and The River Queen a 1?

Mike Ferrin: I really think Mulgrews was a 70 in it's prime, but it was a 45 Chilli Cheese Dog place when I was there. George & Dale's was really the good place for drunken bar food. The River Queen however...well, I do have a friend who married someone who "worked" there. No Joke.

im a pharoe (giza): the giants arent going to make a splash at the trade deadline a la pence or beltran. I'm sorry i dont see it. what is going on with their rotation? is sanchez injured? is he long relief? are they going to use a six man rotation? thanks

Mike Ferrin: Once you start planning on a rotation before you have all the pieces you have are ready, things go horribly awry. Sanchez has another rehab start on Friday. So, the fastest he'd be back would be 7/27. I'm ok with a short term 6 man. Not sure I trust Sanchez lack of control in the bullpen.

I do agree for the most part on the Giants at the deadline. While I think Pence is a really good fit, Brian Sabean seems to like the more under the radar moves like Keppinger. What about Brendan Ryan for SS? At least he can pick it, and while he's not a big hitter, he's an upgrade over Crawford and he can flat pick it

Peter7899 (Chicago): Breaking out the checkbook before 2007 got the Cubs into the position they're in today. With all that money coming off the books, letting Hendry start the cycle all over again does not sound like the best move ownership should take.

Mike Ferrin: He's certainly not alone in that regard either. We used to bristle when Andy MacPhail would spout the competitive cycle philosophy, but the fact remains, most teams have 2 or 3 years where they're in it, then they have to back off for a couple of years to re-tool & pay the piper. If they'd actually won in '08, would anyone care about the dead money? It's all about consequences. BTW, answer me this: Does the Quade hatred stem from the fact he isn't Sandberg? I'm not sure I understand why Cub fans are down on him so much. Hasn't had much to work with...players still respect him

JMan (DuHawks Nest): In the words of Bill Walton, I am appalled. You must have an extremely open-minded friend. Having The Queen on the resume is grounds for dismissal.

Mike Ferrin: She's a real nice lady. I do have plenty of great East Dubuque stories. Spent a lot of time at "The Other Side" in my DJ days...

im a pharoe (giza): What are the Giants options with Tejada? I think that they just put him on the DL. Is that the 15 day DL? If so, can they just upgrade him to the 60 day DL and let him train in the team clubhouse and give him a ring at the end of the season a la Derosa?

Mike Ferrin: If it's 15, it turns into a month, and then we're almost to roster expansion. Can't hurt to have him on the bench then. I think if they haven't cut ties by now, they'll keep his "veteran presence" around.

Up and In listener (Altuveville): So Mike ... what are you drinking?

Mike Ferrin: Nothing right now. Been typing too much. I do have some Coke Zero chilling in my Plus refrigerator. And I agree that Negra Modelo can't hold a chill worth a you know what

Michael (NYC): Can yo see the Giants parting with Jonathan Sanchez for a bat, either Beltran straight up or in a package for Pence?

Mike Ferrin: No. Not sure what value Sanchez has on the market. He's gone from being talented yet erratic to mercurial. His comments about him leading the NL in walks, (I'm paraphrasing here) on purpose made me think I could stay away.

Justin (Tinley Park): Any ideas as to whom the Cubs might actually move and for what? I think Ramirez is staying and getting a 2-3 year extension.

Mike Ferrin: Reed Johnson, They'd love to more Soriano, Fukudome. Maybe Ramirez if it's the perfect situation in August. Still like Marlon Byrd could be a nice pickup for a team. $6.5 mil for next year not horrible. Could be better, but...As for the Cubs deals with the devil. Yeah, ownership had say in it. But Hendry can't be divorced from things like multi year deals to John Grabow either

Ty Webb (The Caddy Shack): A flute with no holes is not a flute, A doughnut with no holes is a _____

Mike Ferrin: A Danish

SaberTJ (Cleveland, OH): What kind OF bat should Cleveland be pursing? Is giving up something like Phelps and Hagadone along with paying most of Beltran's salary in the ballpark? The Indians will get Choo back at least by next year so a long term option isn't necessary I'd imagine. Obviously Sizemore's ability to contribute ever again is in question.

Mike Ferrin: I love the fit of Beltran if that's what it costs. A utility guy & a reliever. Sold! But I think the Mets will want more. I think the Mets will eat more money to get better players for sure. And I think there are teams that will be more aggressive. How crazy is it too that Sizemore, on the DL for the knee, gets sports hernia surgery too?

I still want another SP for the Indians. Too much pitch to contact for my taste.

im a pharoe (giza): i just compared the VORP's for sf ss crawford and sea ss Ryan. That would be a tremendous upgrade and probably doable. I always wonder about infield chemistry though. I dont think baseball players are interchangeable as stat geeks suggest. I mean, what the heck is Spring Training for? Anyway, I think you have the potential to be a pretty good gm. Btw, Im not even going to waste my time with the moneyball movie.

Mike Ferrin: Thanks. I wish. I think Dale Dobeck has a better chance of managing a baseball team than me.

I'm not either. Love the book for what it was, but as much as I love statistical analysis, scouts are the lifeblood of development & if the trailer is any indication it's not going to make them look professional. Plus, head Larry Lucchino say at the end the credits say the Red Sox tried to hire Beane, couldn't then adopted his philosophies and won 2 WS. I don't mind bastardizing some truths in a film, but, gimme a break

Jquinton82 (NY): Given the Rangers need for a "proven closer", wouldn't they be the best fit for Bell since it would then allow them to move Feliz out of the closer role and build up innings for a move to the rotation next year?

Mike Ferrin: Bell's a Free Agent & has a mysteriously declining K rate this year (almost half) There was a rumor that got glossed over about their interest in Andrew Bailey. I liked that one more for what you're talking about.

Peter7899 (Chicag): RE: Quade. Too much sac bunting, seems to always leave a pitcher in for 1 batter too long, and makes the obvious move far more often than the best move. Also the cutsie nicknames in his pressers (Cassie, Marm, Dempsey) have started to make people gag.

Mike Ferrin: But Petey, c'mon...nicknames rule. Haven't seen the bunt issues. But generally agree with him leaving starters in longer. I think their bullpen is crazy overrated.

MJ (Madison, Wis.): James Darnell is killing the ball (AA and AAA) and his walk rate is excellent. His minor league track record is excellent, especially when you discount 2010 for injury. When does he get a shot in SD? I have heard differing opinions on his ceiling; your thoughts?

Mike Ferrin: I've only seen him once, but thought he had the most consistent at bats in the Futures Game. He's taken to LF well from what I understand in a very short time. He's athletic, he has some pop. Maybe a solid regular at the corner w/ a touch less than ideal power.

Brain Cashman (Bronx): We don't talk about rotation issues for the 3,4,5 spots.... YOU! More smoke. YOU! More mirrors. Hal, hand me that duct tape...

Mike Ferrin: Yeah, but I mean, Garcia shoved last night. One: It doesn't matter b/c you're going to the playoffs and using a 3 man rotation Two: Convinced that Freddy Garcia is sweating so much on the ball it's creating a spitball effect.

im a pharoe (giza): Man id love to see the giants and cubs do a straight up swap of zito for soriano. Im tired of burell, rowand, and ross. A little Soriano is what the Giants need. Man, if I was Sabean Id even throw in a prospect. Im not joking. Then again maybe Soriano wouldnt fit in.

Mike Ferrin: "You think you hate it now...wait until you drive it!" Still power from Soriano & a solid throwing arm, but LF in SF is way bigger than at Wrigley, and I may trust defense in this order for options: 1) Pat Burrell 2) Felipe Alou 3) Soriano

Justin (Tinley Park): Almost every GM has a Grabow deal. The same GM that signed Cliff Lee last year and was hailed as a golden god also signed Ryan Howard to an 100M+ extension that hasn't even kicked in yet. If the Phillies don't win this year they will likely be in a worse spot than the Cubs in a few years...only they have a recent WS Flag.

Mike Ferrin: But few have a Grabow, a Howry, a Hawkins, an Eyre, a Remlinger...should I go on?

Slew (Seattle): Why is Orlando Cabrera still playing in Cleveland? (No fair going with the pictures of management in compromising positions joke)

Mike Ferrin: He apparently has pictures of Jason Kipnis.

I'm not sure why they aren't to Kipnis yet, unless they think he's so dreadful defensively (which he isn't) One other option: Kipnis was an OF in college. Luis Valbuena had to play LF the last 2 days and had plays that may have affected the outcome of the game. I'd really like them to upgrade internally, but not why they thought Chisenhall was ready and Kipnis wasn't.

Richie (WA): To get back to what Dan(NY) actually asked, is it against baseball rules to actually try that? ("We'll trade you now, and sign you again in the off-season wink-wink-nudge-nudge")?

Mike Ferrin: I don't know that answer. It's happened before where a Guy has gone back. Technically it wouldn't be tampering since you still control his rights. I don't think you could actually agree to a deal before you dealt him though, b/c if he agrees to that & gets hurt, the player ain't getting the deal. It would be much more informal conversation than "Say no more, Say no more"

Richie (WA): The Red Sox did try to sign Beane for GM, then when he bailed at the absolute last moment, did look for and sign a younger version of him. What truth is being bastardized there??

Mike Ferrin: Nope. Just that they had implemented his "ideas". Theo had been with Larry Lucchino in both Baltimore & SD prior. They knew him well. Great story I heard about Theo when he was working in SD, if I may, he was in charge of putting up the pitch type on the scoreboard. Theo used to meet with the visiting pitching coach the first day of a series to get the pitchers complete repertoire so he could put on the board "Cutter", "2 Seamer" stuff like that. Always thought that was really cool.

Dennis (LA): Chris Withrow of the Dodgers made a few Top 100 prospects lists as recently as 2010. He lost his command last year, but it looks like he's bouncing back this year, with 81.2 IP, 68 hits allowed, and 82 Ks (but 49 BBs). Any thoughts on Withrow and whether he can be a viable mid-rotation guy in the future?

Mike Ferrin: 5.5 walks per 9 at AA worries me. Don't have enough info on him but I'm efforting from someone who's seen him

R.A.Wagman (Toronto): Welcome to the hallowed halls of Baseball Prospectus chats. What are the odds that the Sunday night show could be somehow made available for (paid) downloading afterwards?

Mike Ferrin: It's an honour! As for the Sunday show (which if you don't know is way fun with KG & Steve) we don't generally podcast stuff because I don't think they've found a way to protect the content for our subscribers since it's a pay service. That said an internet subscription is pretty cheap. There is an XMP3 player that's recordable. I just bought one (It ain't cheap $100 or so) but I think that's the best way to listen at your convenience. Sorry. Wish I had better news.

Steve N (Delaware): Efforting?

Mike Ferrin: Trying to get someone to pick up the phone

Dennis (LA): How much do you think getting bullpen help would help the Angels make the post-season this year? They've already said they don't want to pay for the top-tier guys like Adams or Bell. What other relievers are out there that might make a difference? Koji Uehara?

Mike Ferrin: Uehara or maybe Jim Johnson. I mean, there are about 424 available right handed relievers, and most of those are second tier guys. Thing about relievers is, let's say you get a Chad Qualls. Qualls could go out for 20IP and give up 2ER or Give up 14ER. It's too tough to predict with the less than elite players, of which there are very few. So, you bring in someone(s) with good stuff who's pitching well & you cross your fingers and pray.

Judge Smails (Yacht Club): Its easy to grin when your ship comes in and you've got the stock market beat. But the man worthwhile is the man who can smile when his shorts are too tight in the seat.

Mike Ferrin: But sir, if we kill all the golfers, won't they put us in jail?

Jquinton82 (NY): If Tex doesn't go for a closer, does that signal that they've resigned themselves to leaving Feliz in the closer role? They'd have do something to build up his innings during the season or would they opt to have him play in a winter league somewhere?

Mike Ferrin: No. I think they can still move him to the rotation. We had Jon Daniels on Sunday night, and while the conversation applied to Ogando you can use it for Feliz, Pineda, lots of young pitchers. Throwing an arbitrary innings increase limit on them does nothing to deter from injury. You watch them closely, you see if they have laborious innings, and you go from there. Nothing says Feliz can't come to spring training, learn to start, and then pitch 180IP last year. If fatigue becomes an issue sit him down for a couple weeks.

Chris (ChiTown): You got your XMP3 for $100? Where? I paid almost double for mine...

Mike Ferrin: At the All-Star Game actually. We had kiosks that had a deal. May still be up on siriusxm.com DO you like yours? I'm having some issues with the portable antenna, but may just be my neighborhood.

Matt (Malone, NY): Beltran to Boston for Doubront and the Mets foot the bill. Is that a win/win for both sides?

Mike Ferrin: No. Not nearly enough for the Mets.

Dennis (LA): Thank you for answering my question on Withrow. Just looking at his game lines, it looks like he was rolling along with pretty good control until his last two starts, where he's only thrown 6 IP, gave up 2 hits, struck 9, but walked 14 (including 6 in one 2 IP stint and 8 in a 4 IP stint). I guess when he loses his control, he really loses it.

Mike Ferrin: That's a big issue. What it means is he still has killer stuff, and that's what landed him on the lists in the first place, but he has no idea where it's going. Just heard from my guy down there his assessment: Basket case mentally. Pretty Good Arm. Notice he went with Basket case first

Jquinton82 (NY): It might not deter injury, but does such an innings jump have a residual effect on the next years numbers or even a pitcher's "stuff"?

Mike Ferrin: I'll defer to Steve Goldman on this who had the research, but the general feeling was there was little to no correlation. Latos & Bumgarner both had huge spikes last year. Latos got off to a slow start building arm strength so his velo was down early, but back to normal. Bumgarner's avg. velo is up

dianagramr (NYC): A few years ago, Mike Bordick got traded by Baltimore to (coincidence) the Mets, then resigned with the O's. I don't know if he had a deal with the O's beforehand, but I do remember he wasn't happy being dealt. http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/b/bordimi01.shtml

Mike Ferrin: Ok, So I asked on this too (the benefit of working w/former front office types): The way you do it is: You explore the deal, but tell them straight out what may happen. It keeps the door open for the Bordickesque reture

Chris (ChiTown): I do like my XMP3. I've had it about a year and a half. It's probably your neighborhood with the portable antenna. I have the same problem at home but not at all in my downtown office building.

Mike Ferrin: Good to know. We to had to buy a microcell tower for our house, you'd have to think we were living in a crater or something...I mean, Suburban Baltimore IS the civilized world...

Peter7899 (Bushwood): So I hop off the boat, and make my over to Tibet. I get on a course as a looper.. a jock, a caddy... so I tell them I'm a pro jock and who do you think they pair me with? The Dali Lamma himself. Hey Lamma!

Mike Ferrin: Hey Wang! It's a Parking Lot.

Justin (Tinley Park): OK so Ricketts needs to tell him "no more relievers" and he will do just fine. BTW - Howry and Eyre were good until the last year of their deals.

Mike Ferrin: A lot of money for relievers... A LOT

Ok, so seems like we're winding down. I can hang for another 20 mins if anyone has anything, Jason Collette, who's a fantasy genius is at 4p...you can all ask him why he didn't call me to have lunch while he was in town this week.

jhardman (Apex, NC): I have a followup question for you regarding the earlier one from R.A.Wagman. I am an XM subscriber and have been for many moons. However, podcast or no podcast, I still have to listen to the show live to hear it. Isn't there even a way for subscribers to get the content of the show?

Mike Ferrin: The show replays on the overnight into Monday AM. So, if you're an early riser you can catch it between 5-7am. Other than taping it with an XMP3 type player I don't think there is. It's the nature of the time slot.

Mike Ferrin: Ok, that's gonna do it for me. Hope you guys had as much fun as I did. Tune in tonight 12aET for Roundtrip, give a call. Don't miss the Sunday night show with Goldstein & Goldman 11pET. And hit me up on twitter @MikeFerrinSXM Thanks for being so kind! Oh & BTW, I get to see Banuelos & Betances this weekend...Jealous? Cheers! MF

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