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Chat: Jason Parks

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Wednesday April 13, 2011 1:00 PM ET chat session with Jason Parks.


Having just flown in from another Southwest scouting sojourn (and boy, are his arms tired), Jason Parks regales you with tales of a life wasted on the road.

Jason Parks: Okay, this is about to happen. I type slow, so you will need to get over that fact. I'll make up for my slow response by answering for at least three hours, and possibly longer if the questions are good. Let's do this.

mef (Brooklyn): More likely to make the majors: Donovan Tate or Tim Beckham?

Jason Parks: Tate. More talent; better tools.

John (DC): What is the hardest pitch for a young pitcher to develop?

Jason Parks: Depends on the arm, but spike CBs are very difficult to harness. Obviously, the changeup is a feel pitch and it takes time to find comfort in. The easy answer is knuckleball or screwball, but you don't see many (any) young arms throwing those.

DFW (Raleigh): Are you excited to be bored by The Pale King?

Jason Parks: I've prepared myself to be disappointed in the book. I'll want to love it, but it's merely a skeleton of something great, rather than the complete work of a singular mind.

AC (Atlanta): What is the most expensive alcoholic beverage you've ever purchased? And as a follow up, what is the least expensive (excluding free and pilfered ones)?

Jason Parks: I've dropped a few bucks on single-malts. It's worth it if you happen to be feeling debonair. Least expensive? I don't know, probably Lone Star back in Tejas.

Marty (Seattle): The Braves' Big 3 pitching prospects get a lot of attention, but what are the odds Bethancourt joins them in the battery in the next 2-3 years?

Jason Parks: Two years is a stretch, but I love his upside and he certainly has the skill-set to become a very, very good catcher at the major league level. He could be a monster. It's going to take time.

katie (arizona): Sorry, JP, I'm dating Alfaro. Also, rooster wants to know if you had rated any players in ST with at least one 80 tool.

Jason Parks: Well, Katie, I exaggerated your looks for dramatic effect. Drink that in. There were a few players that flashed 80 grade speed, but I didn't throw an 80 out there, no. Alfaro's ability to be awesome might be an 80.

modofacid (philly): Can rank the mets power arms (Mejia, Harvey, and Familiar)in terms of ceiling? Anyone else in the system have a comparable ceiling

Jason Parks: Meija has the stuff to be a #2 type, but a safer bet to become a late-inning arm; Harvey could be a solid #2/3; Familia has late-inning potential as well, possibly a closer if the command improves.

JackDaddy (Dallas): Hey Jason. I'm excited about this question, as I've never seen it asked/answered: if you were filling an expansion team and you only had minor leaguers at your disposal (players that still qualify as rookies but are currently in majors don't qualify), which 5 starting pitchers, 1 reliever and positions players (3 OF plus each infield position) would take? You can pull from any level of the minors. I know Hosmer is your 1B but am really curious as to your rotation and whether you keep Montero at C. Thanks man!

Jason Parks: Great question!
Starters: Teheran, Tailon, Miller, Moore, Montgomery
Closer: Allie
1B: Hosmer
2B: Ackley
SS: Machado
3B: Moose
LF: Myers
CF: Trout
RF: Harper
DH: Montero
C: Sanchez

kowloonwc (Oakland, CA): Did you *really* buy food at Walmart and eat at Chili's, or did you just throw those in for dramatic effect? How many stopwatches did you go through in 5 weeks?

Jason Parks: I really did those things. I took two watches to camp, and both survived.

dwhite1313 (London, UK): Jason, Did you get a look at any Rockies at spring training, and if so, did any jump out at you either re-affirming their status or as potential sleepers? Also, how would the meth in surprise grade out on the 20-80 scale?

Jason Parks: I did. I'm pretty high on Rosario and Arenado. Can't say I've ever fallen for Matzek, but the potential is clearly there. I wanted to see Tago and Herrera, but didn't.

paulbellows (Calgary): How much talent is in these emerging markets such as China, Eastern Europe, South Africa etc?

Jason Parks: Not sure about the talent, but the markets are developing, so that is something to be encouraged about. I'm more excited about Brazil.I would love to see the athletes of that country focus their attention on baseball.

Pablo (Bronx, NY): The Mets pick #13 in this year's draft. If somehow Purke, Jungmann, Barnes, Jed Bradley and Bauer are available when their turn comes up (I know its a major stretch to assume they all would), who would you take with the pick?

Jason Parks: I'd take the player with the highest possible upside. Hard to say out of that group who fits that description. I really like Jungmann; Purke scares me; Bauer could end up the best player with the highest upside or his arm could split apart and kill a fan in the stands. Hard to say. I'm a fan of arms, so I'd probably take the best pitcher available.

concerned citizen (nyc): Any chance that Travis Sinder's mustache is the thing preventing his breakout?

Jason Parks: He needs to thicken that sucker out. It's weak and it's borderline NAMBLA. Trust me, I would know.

rangermad (McKinney, Tx): Mike Olt is off to a hot start for Myrtle Beach. Will he be promoted to AA before the Cal-Carolina Hi-A allstar game on June 21?

Jason Parks: No idea. I think he will see Double-A at some point before the season ends, but the Rangers don't need to rush him. He looked great in camp and I love the way he has started the season after the two-level jump. Very promising player.

Tom Verducci (SI): I wrote about the TrackMan system yesterday. What part of this man would you most like to track?

Jason Parks: Hey, Tom. I'd probably like to track your face. It's a Verducci 10. Your coif is pretty special as well.

Nelly (KC): When will the Royals lineup become Hosmer approved? And it's becoming pretty clear that he's more major league ready than Moose, right?

Jason Parks: I think both players should be on the 25-man roster. Hosmer is the more advanced hitter, but I think Moose is right behind him. If they don't promote both bats by summer I'll start a letter writing campaign and take the streets in protest. Selfishly, I just want to see them play every day.

bumphadley (NJ): How would you rank these four: Lamb, Duffy, Dwyer, and Odorizzi?

Jason Parks: Very tough question. I really liked what I saw from Odorizzi this spring. I'd probably put Lamb and Duffy ahead of him at the present, but he could end up better when development is complete. Lamb, Duffy, Odorizzi, Dwyer

Rob (Alaska): Inevitable question about Leonys Martin in 3....2....1...

Jason Parks: I've heard very good things about Martin. He can play a good CF (good routes/arm/quickness), he has wheels, and his approach at the plate is mature. That's a very good player. If the bat can make the transition against quality pitching, Martin could be a great player. It's a great sign for the Rangers.

Tom Verducci (SI): You yearn for me daily. Admit it.

Jason Parks: No question. Winter Meetings are in Dallas this year. I have family in the area. Need a place to stay?

Gerard (chicago): How many pairs of designer jean shorts do you own?

Jason Parks: I have some camo shorts I bought at the GAP (if you can believe that), but that's as far as my shorts collection goes. I'm not counting my super-short cutoffs, that are basically denim panties. I rule the scene in those bad boys.

Ryan (NY): I guess it's just a spot start, but are you surprised Neil Ramirez was bumped to AAA? Is he ready for that level, even on a temporary basis?

Jason Parks: It's just a spot start, so technically he doesn't have to be ready for the level. That said, I think his stuff can miss bats at the Triple-A level, but his overall arsenal isn't quite ready. I think he should be pitching in Double-A very soon, as he was 92-96; T98 this ST and his CB has re-emerged as a bad mother. Ramirez getting the call to AAA (even if just a spot start) has a lot to do with his work ethic and maturity. Ramirez arrived in camp in November. He's been busting his ass for months to take a step forward and it shows in the stuff, so I'm glad to see him rewarded with this challenge. It says a lot about how the Rangers feel about him.

TheLegend (Bogata, Colombia): Can you rank the top 5 teenage prospects for the Rangers?

Jason Parks: Hey, Georgie. Top 5 teenagers in the Rangers system: Profar, D. Perez, The Legend, L. Jackson, Skole

Tom Verducci (SI): If I were to join BP's staff tomorrow, how would you welcome me to the team?

Jason Parks: Glass of wine and a fierce bubble bath.

FelizEsBueno (San Angelo, TX): What do you think of psychiatry?

Jason Parks: I think it helps me and helps others deal with me.

knockoutking (the angrydome): any thoughts on the champions league so far? you agree with most that barca is the favorite?

Jason Parks: I lover everything about it. Tottenham let me down, but I didn't think they were going to advanced beyond where they did. Bale was underutilized, which was unfortunate. Barca should be the favorite, but ManU are firing right now, so Barca won't have an easy path.

Imperialism32 (NJ): Matt Moore or any of the Royals lefties?

Jason Parks: Matt Moore.

dowdyism (Macon, GA): Will Jesus Montero be up by June 1st?

Jason Parks: Probably, but with what team? I don't see a home with the Yankees.

vanlensa (Chicago): Next significant call up to have impact? I know this hard to predict because often determined by injuries but...

Jason Parks: Desmond Jennings

perforatededge54 (NY): When will Abe Vigoda die?

Jason Parks: I thought he was already dead. I thought he died after he agreed to be in "Look Who's Talking"

dianagramr (NYC): 1) What are you drinking? 2) What is your highest score in a 2-person game of Scrabble?

Jason Parks: 1) Iced coffee with Silk French Vanilla Creamer. 2) I only play 3-person scrabble.

Chris (Ames): Now that you have a spring training look, how long do you wait until you go out to get an update on how everyone is progressing?

Jason Parks: I'll probably wait a month or so. I want to see them in person again before writing anything significant. I like the stats, but when it comes to the younger players, I trust my eyes more.

nickwynne (Bakersfield, CA): No pouch or tin in your messenger bag? Seems like that's a prerequisite with most of the scouts I see.

Jason Parks: So are golf shirts tucked into pleated khakis, but I'm not rolling that way.

Andrew (Prague): El Tesoro (anejo) 60-grade tequila?

Jason Parks: I've never had it. I'm a mezcal man.

Jordan (DC): Who the hell is Sam LeCure, where did he come from, and why is he pitching so well?

Jason Parks: A pitcher; the University of Texas; I have no idea. You have to love that he is missing bats, while keeping runners off base. He snuck up on me as well. I need to go back and watch some of his work.

Beau (SF ): Does Brandon Belt finish the season in the majors?

Jason Parks: Yes. He might have to re-establish himself in Triple-A for a few months, but he finishes the season with the Giants.

xxx (yyy): you see anyone in AZ that you expect to "explode" upon the prospect scene this year? go from being not in a teams top 20 to in the teams top 3?

Jason Parks: That's quite a step forward, but Luke Jackson from the Rangers could jump into the top 5 in their system with a monster season. Not an AZ arm, but Workman from the Sox could jump into the top 5 in their system if he really puts it together. Cuthbert from the Royals could be a top 5 in the system by the end of the season.

knockoutking (angrydome island): cook anything worth sharing recently?

Jason Parks: I haven't cooked anything since the third week in February. I need to start cooking again. I miss it.

Josh G (Stockton): Did you get a good look at any Giants this spring? Who would win a 60 yard dash-Gary Brown or Darren Ford?

Jason Parks: I did. Brown is stupid fast. I wouldn't bet against him.

Cal (Austin): Archers of Loaf?

Jason Parks: Seen them. Always been a fan.

xxx (yyy): any MILB.TV games worth watching tonight?

Jason Parks: All of them? Even crap is gold when baseball is involved.

Dman (WI): Who do you like better for the pros - Mahtook or Wong?

Jason Parks: Interesting question. I like Mahtook, especially if he can stay in CF. Wong is going to sneak up on people, though.

Adam (Boston): I've spent some time in Mexico and other parts of Latin America (mainly Columbia). If I headed to Mexico to see some ball do you have any tips, rent a car? Stay in one spot? Also, what's up with the Puerto Rican league, is it worth checking out? What about sneaking into Cuba?

Jason Parks: Driving in Mexico is pretty crazy. I'd avoid it if possible. I'll put it this way: Driving in Mexico is like taking acid at Disney World. You are going to see a bunch of crazy shit and you might survive, but you probably won't be eager to do it again. Yes; the PR league is worth checking out. Not necessarily from the standpoint of talent, but watching baseball in unfamiliar places is a fantastic experience. I recommend it.

knockoutking (angrydome island): any j2 mexican prospects we should keep an eye on?

Jason Parks: Yes. RHP Roberto Osuna will command a very hefty bonus. I've seen him. He has good stuff; bad body.

Derek (Hamilton, ON): Beyond raw speed, is good baserunning an assessable skill at the minor league level?

Jason Parks: Sure. Some players just have a knack for it and you know it when you see it.

hankfiddich (Indianapolis): I know there were lots of comments on your last article referring to Hunter S. Thompson, I heard some Hank in you. Have you read/enjoyed and of Charles Bukowski's work?

Jason Parks: Never really read HST (aside from one book when I was younger) and I've never been a fan of Bukowski. I wanted to be, but its just too masculine for me, if that makes any sense. Actually, its probably the forced masculinity that bothers me the most. His voice just doesn't resonate with me.

Kevin (NJ): How would you scout a relief pitcher (who you can only see in short spurts) differently from a starter?

Jason Parks: With a reliever, I don't concern myself as much with the mechanical durability/sustainability that I look for in a starter. Relievers don't have to hold velocity deep into games, so looking at that short burst is all I would concern myself with. Obviously, you want clean mechanics because you don't want the arm to detach during the delivery. But I care more about the immediate stuff from a reliever than I do from a starter. It's easier to scout a reliever, in my opinion.

Steve (NYC): Where can I find some Boing! in Manhattan? I have been looking everywhere and can't find any. I desperately need to build up some wrist strength.

Jason Parks: Bodegas should carry BOING!, but if you can't find it in Manhattan, you can certainly find it in Brooklyn or Queens. If Mexicans live in the neighborhood, you can find BOING! nearby.

bumphadley (NJ): If you were the Yankees, who would be the worst established major league starter that you would accept back for Montero? I don't want them to trade him at all, but I definitely would be very upset if they traded him for, say, Ervin Santana.

Jason Parks: To stay with the Angels, I think Weaver would make an interesting target, assuming they would want to part with their best pitcher, which I doubt they would, especially if that pitcher made the Yankees better, which he would.

batts40 (IL): How optimistic should we be about Vitters' hot start?

Jason Parks: Well, its better than a bad start, so at least its something to be optimistic about. Vitters has bat speed that can't be taught, so if he can work himself into more favorable hitting situations and avoid bailing pitchers out, his hit tool could reach its potential. I still like Vitters, and the start is promising, but I'm curious to see how he adjusts after pitchers start adjusting to him.

xxx (yyy): would love to hear your thoughts on Chris Davis (got called up to replace Hamilton on the 25 man last night) -- how do you expect him to do this year?

Jason Parks: Big swings; lots of strikeouts; occasional home runs that travel 475 ft; a .240 BA

Josh G (Stockton): If you had the choice would rather scout minor leaguers, major leaguers, draft prospects, or International prospects?

Jason Parks: Minor leaguers. No question. I prefer low-level pro scouting.

Dman (WI): Who is a better prospect - Gary Brown and DeShields JR?

Jason Parks: Brown. I'm not a fan of DeShields Jr.

lloydecole (Chicago): Best hangover remedy? And, rated on upside: B Hamilton, Profar, Segura?

Jason Parks: I like Alka-Seltzer, a vitamin water, and a bacon, egg, and cheese. Upside: Profar, Segura, Hamilton

Steve A (Detroit): What's your take on the Josh Hamilton injury? Is he wrong for calling out Dave Anderson? Hamilton's obviously injury-prone and the Rangers have succeeded without him before. Yet, how big of a blow is the injury to their chances this year? Thanks for the chat.

Jason Parks: Recorded a segment on BP podcast about this last night. Unfortunate injury, but that's what you get with Hamilton. He plays balls to the wall and his body pays the price for his aggressive play. I think his comments about Anderson were unfortunate as well. I'm a huge fan of Hamilton the baseball player, but I've never been a fan of Hamilton the human.

KBarth (Philly): A quick question about local scouting. Do you get out to suburbia (Lakewood/Trenton, NJ) much during the course of a season? Do you go see the Cyclones much? Keep up the great work, Jason. Your writing is unusual and a treat to read.

Jason Parks: Thanks. Yes, I make it out to those spots during the season, especially NY-Penn league action. Mu favorite place to watch games in this region is Staten Island. Remarkable ballpark.

xxx (yyy): assuming you rank cole the #1 guy in the upcoming draft, right now who else rounds out your top 3?

Jason Parks: Rendon and Gray or Starling

James (Portland): Shiner Bock or Lone star?

Jason Parks: Shiner, but only because Lone Star gives me a headache after two or three beers

John (Athens): What did you think of the Braves' decision to go with Beachy over Minor? Who's better in the end?

Jason Parks: You have to make the decision based on who can help your team out the most in the present. Minor will end up the superior pitcher. I'm a big fan.

0.9er (BPland): did you pick up a ps3 yet? any thought for someone considering one themselves?

Jason Parks: I haven't. I need to. I'll probably buy one when I get back to the States.

Jordan (DC): Which of the 6 or so Royals SuperProspects do you believe have the best chance of being a bust?

Jason Parks: Does Duffy count as a SuperProspect? I think he could bust if things start to go south for him. Hosmer/Moose/Myers won't bust. Arms are more likely to flameout.

Rick (Chicago): LeCure is a pedestrian righty: FB/CU/SL, 89 mph, good movement, decent command. He's had the good fortune of facing Houston and San Diego, as well as having Joe West giving everybody 3 extra inches off the plate. His slider has been very effective this year, but his .160 BABIP suggest his success has been mostly a confluence of good luck. He's fine as a back of the rotation guy -- but nothing more.

Jason Parks: Good info:

Tom Verducci (SI): Is it possible my name is more perfect than I am? Verducci. It's just so damn sexy.

Jason Parks: Hey, Tom. Good question. Your name is a Verducci 10, while your overall being is also a Verducci 10. I just can't answer this.

GBSimons (Boise, ID): Jason, your spring training experience piece was distinctive and interesting. I'm sure most of us would gladly suffer similarly to watch five weeks of baseball. While others have mentioned Hunter S. Thompson as a comp, I saw some Douglas Adams in the "Detox" intro.

Jason Parks: Thanks. I've never read Adams.

cooldude (Mpls): Why don't they have more Summit stands at Target Field?

Jason Parks: I don't know. But I do know this: Stepping away to eat a stale granola bar, a banana, and bag of Fun Dip. Back in three minutes. Keep the questions coming.

mef (Brooklyn): Greatest baseball player born in Brooklyn? Koufax, Rizzuto, Torre, or Lou Whitaker? Or Michael Jordan?

Jason Parks: Jordan.

mef (Brooklyn): Who would be your "favorite prospect who won't be in the majors before 2016"? Someone like Miguel Sano, Luis Heredia, or Ariel Ovando?

Jason Parks: Heredia or some 14 year-old that I've yet to meet. Um....

Chone Figgins (Seattle): Pineda for AL ROY ... right?

Jason Parks: You misspelled Hosmer

F. Torres (Sunny Spain): I don't see enough 'want' in this chat.

Jason Parks: Sunny Spain? That's fantastic. He gone!

perforatededge54 (NY): Where does Jesus fall on the Verducci scale?

Jason Parks: This is the best question of the day. You know the answer.

Jquinton82 (NY): Yanks call up noesi... thoughts?

Jason Parks: Nope.

Dman (WI): For teenager Rangers - who is the legend?

Jason Parks: This must be a joke, right? Alfaro.

dianagramr (NYC): Jason Heyward or Mike Trout for better long-term success?

Jason Parks: Trout. I'm in love with him.

John (Little Rock): anyone on the Angels AA team here in LR I should keep an eye on? or just make sure i dont miss any Northwest Ark (Royals AA) games when they play here?

Jason Parks: Always keep an eye on Trout, but yes, make sure to watch NwArkansas whenever possible

Mountainhawk (Salem, MA): I just noticed that the Phillies have transitioned Savery to a everyday player from a pitcher. Does he actually have MLB potential in the field, or is this just a longshot to let him hang around in baseball for a little longer?

Jason Parks: It's a long shot and yes he has major league potential. He could always hit. The bigger question is can he hit advanced pitching? I'm not sold, but I love the story.

timber (KC): You really think KC will call Hosmer up early enough for him to be ROY? I can't see it...

Jason Parks: If they call him up by June, Hosmer will win ROY. If not, I'll set a car on fire.

Alan (Portland): Ackley: 10-15 HR guy or 15-20 HR guy?

Jason Parks: 10-15 HR at peak with tons of doubles.

ceebart (SF): Hey Jason, any place I could read up on the disparity between MLB umpires and Milb umpires? Is there a great disparity?

Jason Parks: Not sure where you could read it, but just like with the players, the disparity between the majors and the minors is huge.

kcshankd (Lawrence, KS): Can Moose stand around at third? He looked terrible in the Royals Future game. Hosmer can really pick it though. Your denim panties comment made me snort Ranger IPA through my nose...

Jason Parks: Good. That's what I'm here for. Moose can stick at 3B. His glove is only okay and his range isnt rangy, but his arm is very, very strong and his instincts aren't terrible. I think he sticks, but its not going to be above-average

JackDaddy (Dallas): Barring an Atl injury situation, when do you think Teheran gets the call? 2011? Is this a situation where injuries can accelerate it to the late summer? It seems from everything I've read about the kid that he's most likely to be the "next big thing". That being said, didn't expect Pineda or Britton to look like this (though just 2 starts). I noticed he was your staff ace on my other Q, which I suspected.

Jason Parks: I think Teheran gets a cup this fall. He's a special arm. I think he will become a top-of-the-rotation type for the Braves and it won't take that long to achieve. I've mentioned this before, but how many 16 year-olds who arrive on the scene with TORP projections can still boast about that projection when they are on the cusp of the majors, four years later? Not many. He's special. Pineda is another legit arm that could develop into a TORP. Britton is solid, but I don't think the ceiling is as high as Teheran or Pineda,

dianagramr (NYC): do you make your own iced coffee or do you get it from a local coffeeshop? if you make it on your own, do you use a toddy?

Jason Parks: I buy it. I spend about $300 a month on coffee, so I should be making it. I hit the neighborhood coffee place at least twice a day.

xxx (yyy): re: Cuthbert + KC top 5 - is this because you think the royals could graduate a ton of prospects, Cuthbert actualizing his talent or a combination of the two?

Jason Parks: Combo. Royals should graduate Hosmer/Moose/Crow at the least, so the door is open for Cuthbert to walk in. He has legit tools, so if he can put them together he has a chance to shoot up prospect lists.

Jeff (Eh...): If you are in charge of a scouting department, how would you split the budget among the Rule IV Draft and International Players?

Jason Parks: Depends on the talent available. I'd definitely sink a lot of resources into the international markets, including places off the grid.

modofacid (philly): Jason, what author would you compare yourself to?

Jason Parks: Whoever wrote the Bible.

L.Messi (Spain): Barca or Real this Saturday?

Jason Parks: Well, Barca has the superior talent, in my opinion, but Ronaldo has the superior face. I'll go with Barca.

Jeff (Eh...): Have you always graded things in your life on the 20/80 scale? Or has it increased since the start of the Up and In Podcast?

Jason Parks: Since I started scouting. It's a fun scale and its applicable to everything in the world

Bravos Fan (ATL): Any chance of the Braves calling up Teheran this season? Do you think he or Vizcaino or Delgado makes the starting rotation out of spring training next year?

Jason Parks: There is a chance, yes. Next season might be a stretch for Vizcaino and Delgado. It's not that I don't love the talent; rather, who do they beat out to claim a spot? The Braves are going to be scary good for a long time. Just wait. Another Braves dynasty is in the works.

Cary B (Chicago): In the Newsletter I get every morning from BP, they list the staff's Twitter handles. One they list is Jason Park. Do you know him? Sounds Korean to me.

Jason Parks: I don't know him. I wonder if they like his writing more than mine? Probably.

Jordan (DC): For Harper and Trout, everyone always talks about how awesome they are and how high of a ceiling they have, but what does that even mean ? Stats wise, what do you think they could do in the peak of their careers, assuming all goes well development wise.

Jason Parks: If all goes well, Trout could hit .300 with 30+ doubles, 20+ HRs, 30+ steals, and above-average defense in CF. Harper could slug .600+ every season. Superstars if they reach their potential.

James (Chicago): Trout over Heyward. Wow. Trout quite a catch, for sure, but that's high, high praise.

Jason Parks: Positional value.

Adam (Charlotte): Thoughts on Brandon Beachy? How much do you believe in the stuff?

Jason Parks: You know, I'm not really sure. He has good stuff, but its not GREAT stuff. I think he's legit, but more of a back-end type in the long-run.

JoseyWales (Outlawville): what is the most underrated condiment on the market? equally, which condiment would rate as at least a 70 on the 20-80 scale?

Jason Parks: Relish is very underrated. I love relish. Spicy Brown mustard is an easy 70. I put Spicy Brown on anything and everything I can.

msloftus (Upper West Side): Jason, why do you hate Manhattan. We are not all finance douche bags up here on the UWS!

Jason Parks: I just prefer Brooklyn. If I'm in Manhattan, I prefer the LES.

Jeff (Eh...): Where would you rank that fateful day when you witnessed Alfaro hit two home runs on consecutive pitches in game in terms of high points in your life?

Jason Parks: It was the best day of my life.

pfe1223 (Dallas): Why was it that Mark Lowe was viewed as the potential replacement if Feliz went to the rotation?

Jason Parks: Because he has the necessary stuff to pitch in that role. He wouldn't have been my first choice because his command isnt sharp, but the stuff is legit.

Rob (Andover, CT): Do you think Yankees did something wrong with Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain, or do their struggles fall under the heading of young pitchers will break your heart? I find myself turning my eyes (and hopes) to Manny Banuelos...

Jason Parks: It's easy to look back and question the way the Yanks handled both arms. That said, its not uncommon for "can't miss" pitchers to miss. I think Hughes still has a bright future. I can't say the same for Chamberlain. Banuelos should develop into a solid starter at the major league level, but if he fails to take that final step, I'm not sure how much the Yankees will be to blame.

Imperialism32 (NJ): What's your ideal 80-grade breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Jason Parks: Bacon

Chris (Ames): What's your favorite single malt?

Jason Parks: Macallan 18

Jordan (DC): How much do you REALLY know about Luis Heredia, and is he the youngest pro-player ever ?

Jason Parks: I know quite a bit, actually. The youngest ever? No.

BoSox (Boston): What do you think of Josh Reddick?

Jason Parks: I like him. Average to slightly above-average across the board. Not special, but should develop into a quality major leaguer, although probably not a first-division type.

ericmilburn (SF): Speaking of Gary Brown, 5:1 BB:K. Early still, but this has to be a good sign considering his plate discipline was one of the primary concerns pre-draft, right?

Jason Parks: Sure. The story will change when the book is out on him, but when that happens, Brown will need to make the necessary adjustments. I say this a lot, but it should be repeated over and over again: baseball is a game of adjustments. Whoever can continually stay ahead of the curve are the ones who will rise to the top.

mef (Brooklyn): If you were to run a team, would you draft all toolsy prospects or polish guys? How would you balance it out?

Jason Parks: I love toosly high-ceiling talent, especially early in the draft and in the international markets, but you have to acquire more advanced players with polish as well. There has to be a balance. Safe isnt sexy, but it can't only be about high-ceiling tools.

knockoutking (angrydome island): any players in the minors with true 80 pitches?

Jason Parks: Very rare. Some arms might end up with an 80 pitch when they reach the top of their developmental arc, but its unlikely. I mean, a guy like Stetson Allie could end up sitting 98-100 when its over, and that would be an 80, but its too early for me to feel comfortable throwing 80s on pitches. It's scary.

Matt A (Raleigh): When a player is coming back from an injury-plagued season (like Arodys Vizcaino), what do you look for to reassure yourself that the player has the same upside he had prior to the injury? What are some red flags?

Jason Parks: In a pitcher, you want to see that the "stuff" is present. Does the FB have zip? Does the breaking ball offer sharp break? Does the arm work the same? COmmand is usually the last thing that comes back with a pitcher, so you would look for glimpses of that as well. red flags for me would stem from the arm and how it was working. Did the mechanics change? Is the action still easy? Lots of things to look for.

xxx (yyy): better invention: MLB.TV or MiLB.tv?

Jason Parks: MLB.tv. It's amazing. I watched every pitch from Pineda last night (at 1am) and it only took 30 minutes. Love it.

timber (KC): Wasn't Strasburg's FB rated an 80?

Jason Parks: Yes. Again, very rare. He was/is a special pitcher.

JackDaddy (Dallas): In 2013 Aroldis Champman is the Reds #[ ] starter/set-up man/closer? Same answer in 2012? Same answer in September?

Jason Parks: Closer. Closer. Closer.

mef (Brooklyn): Did the Dodgers show their faith in Dee Gordon by promoting Ivan De Jesus, Jr? (by the way, when else has one son of a former player been promoted over the son of another former player?)

Jason Parks: Gordon isn't ready. The glove flashes, but its not consistent and I question the long-term potential of the bat. He just lacks strength and I don't see where its going to come from.

kowloonwc (Oakland, CA): Are you getting paid by the question or by the hour? What does the Uniqlo summer line look like? Any must-have pieces? Projection for Zack Wheeler?

Jason Parks: Not getting paid; it looks okay, but I'm not thrilled with it. I prefer fall fashions; Wheeler could become a solid #2 starter or an electric late-inning arm.

jhardman (Rangerland, NC): Why is Mark Lowe a member of the Rangers at this point? Is he still hurt?

Jason Parks: What did Mark Lowe do to Rangers fans? If he had his shit together he wouldn't have been a throw-in to the Lee deal. He's going to be up and down. That's why he's a 7/8 type and not a guy who is a hot commodity in the game. He has good stuff. He never had sharp command.

Sean (Kansas City): How many ABs does Napoli get this year?

Jason Parks: ~250

dwhite1313 (London, UK): Full scouting report on the meth at Surprise?

Jason Parks: Always available.

sgolder06 (Boston): Any particular resources to help watch games more like a scout? How to analyze pitching/swing mechanics, and things like that? Is it something easier to learn in person than on TV?

Jason Parks: Everything is better in person. Not a simple answer to give. I would suggest watching a lot of baseball and talking to as many people as possible while at the games. Move around. Watch players from different angles. Ask lots of questions.

knockoutking (angrydome island): is this "the year" for kershaw to finally break out?

Jason Parks: yes. The command could be a little sharper, but the stuff looks great and he seems to have a fire this season that I haven't seen from him before.

Josh G (Stockton): Thoughts on Josh Lueke making the Mariners opening day roster?

Jason Parks: He has the stuff to pitch at that level. From a PR perspective, I think putting him on the opening day roster was easier than putting him on in May, when the media would be able to focus their attention on the move with a brighter light. I'm not a fan of Lueke the man, but the stuff is legit.

MonkeyEpxoy (Amarillo): Like what you've seen from Holland and Harrison?

Jason Parks: Yes. I tried to tell people that Harrison had legit stuff, but since the results weren't on the page, people didn't want to listen. Here's the thing with Harrison: He has really impressive stuff, but he's going to be inconsistent. If he had the stuff and the consistency, he would be a TORP. He's not. He's a 3/4 type with the stuff of a #2 but the consistency of a #4/5. That's just the way it is with him.

xxx (yyy): what are your favorite announcers to listen to in baseball?

Jason Parks: Scully is my favorite. Buck Martinez is a guilty pleasure. Basically, if you can talk intelligently about the game, I'm a fan. If you want to talk about bullshit because you can't talk about the game, I'm not a fan. MLB.tv allows me to pick my poison. I love having the choice.

knockoutking (angrydome island): a healthy ian kinsler is a ___ WAR player?

Jason Parks: Peloponnesian

vanlensa (Chicago): Who is the worst manger in the majors?

Jason Parks: Whoever manages the team that finishes with the worst record.

bumphadley (NJ): Heyman reports that a rival GM says that if he were the Mariners' GM he would trade Felix for Montero, Banuelo, Betances, and Nova. (Duh!) That sounds like an insane amount of minor league talent to give up for anybody. Do you think that mainstream baseball writers undervalue prospects?

Jason Parks: How many of those players are with Boras? Just looking for the Heyman angle.

jimbo (sf): is lincecum's change a 80?

Jason Parks: I've seen it graded that high, yes

Ian (London): Is 4Loko ok to drink in any situation?

Jason Parks: Not if you want to remain sane.

Taylor (Amar'lo): Feliz has an 80 FB right?

Jason Parks: I've seen it graded that high, yes. He certainly has 80 velo in bursts. The movement he can achieve in the mid 90s is even more impressive than the upper 90s velo, in my opinion.

AW (NY): Often I will shave and leave a mustache. Then Ill look at it, shake my head and shave it off. How does a man get over this hump?

Jason Parks: By growing a pair. You have to respect the 'stache. If you respect its power, that power will transfer to you. Just believe. Don't get weak.

Jeff (Eh...): Can a guy have an 80 FB if it isn't 98-100 MPH? Maddux didn't throw all that fast in the end but his FB was more effective than almost everyone who sat in the upper 80s

Jason Parks: That's the great effectiveness vs raw velocity/shape/depth argument. When I grade a FB, I look at the velocity, the command, and the movement of the pitch. If the velo is fringy, the pitch will need to feature spectacular movement and pinpoint command to grade out as well above-average. You just don't see it very often, although sinkerballers are usually the ones who bring make it interesting.

BL (Bozeman, MT): Jason, your man-crush on Hosmer might exceed even mine, and I've been a Royals fan since 1969. Wouldn't the smart play for KC be to let Hosmer and Moustakas both have mash at Omaha all summer, given the presence of Ka'ahue, Butler and Betemit?

Jason Parks: I can see that argument, but why wait? If Hosmer and Moose are the future, and you can only improve against ML pitching by facing ML pitching, shouldn't you prepare those players for the future by giving them every opportunity to play at the highest level at the present?

BL (Bozeman, MT): How much Mexican Coke are you going to have to bring back for Goldstein?

Jason Parks: He can buy it himself in DeKalb. I might bring him back some mezcal, though.

Dale (Toronto): Do you think Jason Adam could make the jump into the Royals top 5?

Jason Parks: Yes. He has the stuff to make that jump.

KG (Podcastville): I'm at least a 70 friend, right?

Jason Parks: No question. Life-long friend.

Ian (London): Best mustache in baseball history?

Jason Parks: Jay Jaffe

jimbo (sf): What does Jason Parks look like?

Jason Parks: I look like the second side of Abbey Road.

faithdies (De): Jared Cossart: 80 FB?

Jason Parks: It's in that range. I've seen more 7 than 8.

Bob (Seattle): Tom Selleck's 'stache - 80 or 90?

Jason Parks: His Magnum era 'stache was elite. Best of the best. That mustache was pure sex.

Matt (Chicago): Are you a believer in Alex Gordon's turnaround?

Jason Parks: Not really. I think he will be a better hitter this season than previous seasons, but I don't think he will make the secondary adjustments during the season. I hope I'm wrong. I'd love to see him offer consistent production.

Johnny (NYC): How much longer can Brandon Phillips sustain his multi-faceted game? Given his stellar D and solid bat, would the Reds be wise to extend him?

Jason Parks: I love Phillips. They team holds an option for '12, so there isn't a crazy rush, but I think he is a player worth keeping around. I wouldn't go crazy, but I'd explore a 3/4 year ext.

kowloonwc (Oakland, CA): How would you describe Washington's use of the bullpen so far this season? Shrewd? Idiotic? Crazy (like or unlike a fox?)? Inexplicable? Please show your work.

Jason Parks: I never understand what Washington is doing with the pen. I gave up trying to figure that out years ago.

Ian (London): Do you think Harper's hit tool will actualize enough to match his power potential?

Jason Parks: Yes. I don't think he's a future batting champion, but it will develop enough to allow the 40 HR potential to come through.

Adam J. Morris (H-Town): Christian Friedrich or Justin Smoak?

Jason Parks: Smoak.

JackDaddy (dallas): Was at the game 2 years ago where Harrison outpitched Danks. His "stuff" was vastly superior. I couldn't agree more with the way you described him. You didn't specifically address Holland, but would you say similar stuff (give or take) but with the chance to be more consistent?

Jason Parks: I think Harrison has better stuff than Holland, but they are similar in the fact that they both have the necessary components to be successful major league pitchers but fall victim to lapses in command and overall arsenal consistency. I like Harrison more, but not by much.

Johnny (NYC): What kind of progress are you expecting/hoping for from our man Yorman Rodriguez this season? More power? Better plate discipline?

Jason Parks: I'd love to see a better approach, but that might not show up yet. I'm looking for more game power this season, and if that starts to develop, look out.

milky joe (paris): Forget Hunter Thompson. Yesterday's aricle reminded me of sartre.

Jason Parks: Closer. Getting closer.

eo (pa): Thoughts on Foster Wallace fiction vs non-fiction? I've really only read his essays. Gotta tackle Infinite Jest soon.

Jason Parks: I prefer his essays as well, but the fiction is still superior to 99% of what is out there. His essays might be the finest work of the 20th century. I really believe a case can be made.

Jeff (Eh...): KC wins again. These aren't your older brother's Royals. Is Moore a good GM now or just a fantastic scouting director?

Jason Parks: He's a fantastic scouting director. He'll be a fantastic GM when the team is playing in meaningful games in the fall.

jhardman (Apex, NC): When are you going to be a guest on Ted Price's Rangers Podcast in Arlington?

Jason Parks: I assume when/if he asks me to be.

knockoutking (angrydome island): i know that you made your thoughts on ogando clear before the season started (he is not a starting pitcher) - i assume you have not changed your mind after 2 starts...right? RIGHT?

Jason Parks: No. i wrote an entire piece on this subject at www.texasfarmreview.com

Bob (Seattle): If Josh Hamilton was black, would sports writers be calling for his release?

Jason Parks: Well, without getting too deep into this subject, I will say that on the podcast I mentioned that if Hamilton's last name was Hernandez, and if he wasn't the poster child for the great redemption tale, the media would probably be examining his comments about his coach with a sharper focus. Perhaps I'm wrong, but the guy gets a pass more than most players, and his fairy tale is a major variable in that equation.

eo (pa): Is there a Phillies pitching prospect you are especially high or low on? Cosart and Colvin seem to have the Jason Parks build.

Jason Parks: I really like them both. Good call. I really like their system. I enjoy the way they draft.

Jeff (Eh...): When you work for a team are you going to still be a man of the people and be the first scout who is active on Twitter?

Jason Parks: There are plenty of scouts on twitter.

Steve A (Detroit): I loved the quick discussion you guys had on the podcast about timing different events during a game. Is there any benefit to timing an outfielder's throw home? Would it be more helpful (if at all) in grading an arm or assisting a runner/3B coach in future tag-up situations?

Jason Parks: I've never timed that specific throw before, but I've timed a runner tagging up before. I prefer the home-to-first times and the occasional 1st-to-3rd times.

Josh G (Stockton): Thoughts on Gardenhire saying Liriano needs to pitch to contact

Jason Parks: I think people misinterpret how that term applies to certain pitchers. It's not always about looking for contact as much as its about throwing strikes, trusting your stuff, trusting the defense that plays behind you, and trusting that if you do run into contact as a result, that the contact won't be solid. It's easy for pitchers to nibble too much or run-up high pitch counts by trying to put a hitter away. The smarter play is to induce weak contact (assuming you can't put a hitter away early) in order to keep you in the game longer.

mef (Brooklyn): How are you still going? What are you drinking? Who is your favorite out-of-nowhere prospect of all time (whether you got it right or wrong)?

Jason Parks: I'm a machine. I'm drinking Odwalla Strawberry C. Probably Ian Kinsler. I had no idea who he was and then all of a sudden he was hitting .400.

Jeff (Eh...): Team scouts? Not BP and BA guys

Jason Parks: Yes. Some. They don't offer commentary on games/players. I wouldn't be able to do that either.

Johnny (NYC): If real life were a video game, what current major league position player has the best arm that you would want to convert to a pitcher? (That was a poorly worded question I apologize)

Jason Parks: Francouer, just to give people another reason to bitch about him

John (New York): Any insight into Edinson Volquez's first inning struggles followed by filthy dominance?

Jason Parks: It's weird, but some pitchers have to get into a game before they can really get their stuff going. I'm not sure what to make of Volquez's first-inning struggles, but I would be surprised if feel and comfort didn't play a role.

Johnny (NYC): Devin Mesowalkoff with another homer last night. Is Ramon Hernandez wearing a different uni by the trade deadline?

Jason Parks: It's possible, but if you could ease Mesoraco into the fold without trading Ramon. Eventually Ramon will be gone, but it doesn't have to happen in order to accommodate Meso

Jordan (DC): It's Lorenzo Cain's 25th birthday. Is there any room for him in KC's bright future ?

Jason Parks: Yes. Not a star, but he can provide a service for an affordable price at a position of need.

geo (lunch break): Love you having four Royals on your expansion roster! After all your spring training coverage too, do I need to pinch myself, or can I really believe this time?

Jason Parks: Believe it. It's real.

knockoutking (angrydome island): any update on what you are doing the next few weeks?

Jason Parks: Writing about the Rangers under-the-radar prospects for BP. Then heading out on a scouting trip for two weeks. Can't write about that stuff, unfortunately.

carligula (Oakland): How old does a player have to be before it's possible to scout him (in the baseball, not NAMBLA, sense)? Could MLB teams get any value out of soccer-style youth academies?

Jason Parks: Players are being scouted from a very, very early age, especially in Latin America. In my opinion, the more academies the better, but the process has to be legit. There are far too many people out there looking to exploit these kids for their own benefit, so if the checks and balances are in place, I'm all for the academy process.

Jack (Lynchburg, TN): Dude, can you give me some advice on learning how to scout? Or how about your background on how you learned to scout?

Jason Parks: We discuss it on the BP podcast on a regular basis. It's hard to articulate on this format. I would just suggest going to as many games as possible and asking as many questions as possible to as many people as possible.

Johnny (NYC): Re: Mesoraco-- can the Reds really afford to have 3 catchers on the 25 man? Or do you mean when rosters expand?

Jason Parks: I guess it depends when he gets the call. I wouldn't advocate for 3 catchers on a 25-man roster. If you bring up Meso before roster expand, which is likely to occur, somebody has to go. It's a great problem to have, but its also very complicated, especially if you think team chemistry could suffer as a result.

Andy (Nashville): Stella Artois or Heiniken (if that's my only choice)?

Jason Parks: I prefer Heiniken.

Rob (Alaska): Do you scout amateurs as well as pros? Any thoughts on Anthony Rendon?

Jason Parks: I scout whatever is in front of me. Rendon is the top position player in the draft and should be fine in the long-run, both with the stick and the glove. He's not in the field now and the injury might be affecting his swing a bit, but I don't think people are overly concerned about his future.

Mike (Chicago): Do you bring up your prospects and give up those arbitration elgible years if you are the Royals and you're seven games back in mid June?

Jason Parks: I'd bring them up now, so yes.

mef (Brooklyn): Apparently the Bonds jury has come to a verdict. Any thoughts? Will there be riots?

Jason Parks: I think our country has a misguided focus on who to prosecute for crimes. But sure, why not, let's focus our limited funds on Barry Bonds and his lies and leave the people who fucked the tax payers over for decades alone.

Or (Denton): More stamina: Jason Parks or Wilt Chamberlain?

Jason Parks: Wilt. Length. 'Nuff said.

B (Hammons Field): Worse ballpark music: Friday or Party in the USA? A battery of Alfaro & Banuelos would make you ____.

Jason Parks: A battery of Alfaro and Banuelos would cause me to get violent and then very happy and then violent again.

timber (KC): Jason Parks: Ironman Chatter! Four hours! Don't you need a bathroom break by now?

Jason Parks: I just piss my pants. I'm dedicated to excellence.

Nick (WI): Huh. I was out scouting an NP when I could have been hanging out online with the Professor. Wednesday getting worse and worse.

Jason Parks: NPs need scouting as well.

mef (Brooklyn): Any thoughts on Carlos Delgado retiring? How soon until we see someone called "the next Carlos Delgado"?

Jason Parks: I thought he retired three years ago.

Andrew (Prague): Great article about DFW Inside David Foster Wallace's Private Self-Help Library http://www.theawl.com/2011/04/inside-david-foster-wallaces-private-self-help-library

Jason Parks: Read it. Loved it. I encourage people to check it out.

jhardman (Apex, NC): If the Reds were to consider promoting Mesoraco, why wouldn't they be trading Hanigan first? Hanigan is the new Chris Iannetta - except Hanigan always produces and is very solid defensively. Wouldn't a team hurting for a catcher try to trade for one of Hernandez or Hanigan if the Reds were hell bent on promoting Mesorasco?

Jason Parks: It's possible. He would certainly make an attractive target. Again, its a good problem to have.

In Love ((Cincinnati)): Is Joey Votto really this good?

Jason Parks: Yes. Is this chat really still going on?

Andy S. (Boston, MA): I appreciate that you actually made comments relevant to the game, during the BP chat Sunday night. I was kind of annoyed with your baseball writing brethren, for their apparent lack of interest in actual baseball.

Jason Parks: They were interested. They were lapping me with relevant baseball comments. I made a few scouting observations, but those guys are encyclopedias of info.

eo (pa): Follow up: favorite DFW essays? I know you love the AVN awards.

Jason Parks: "A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again" is his finest work, imo.

xxx (yyy): what is your favorite ballpark in which to watch a game?

Jason Parks: Staten Island is up there for me. I love watching games at Fenway or old Yankees stadium as well.

Andy (Nashville): Four hour chat - impressive. My wife just refers to me as the minuteman. What will Boston do with Dice-K? Relief? Trade? Release? Demotion?

Jason Parks: Good question. They can't keep him in the rotation, and putting him in relief might put Boston fans on suicide watch, so I think they might have to cut ties with him, assuming its an issue of stuff and not an issue with injury.

eo (pa): Heres a link to "A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again" in case anyone else wants to indulge... http://harpers.org/media/pdf/dfw/HarpersMagazine-1996-01-0007859.pdf

Jason Parks: This.

jhardman (Apex, NC): Next time I see Josh Hamilton at our local Pizza Inn buffet, should I recommend that he grab pizza slices with a) a hands first sliding motion, b) a feet first sliding motion with a fork in the cleats, or c) have his kids get his pizza for him?

Jason Parks: D) Tell him that the pizza tonight is straight-up Biblical. Old Testament shit, Josh.

Nelly (KC): Damn....i submitted a question 4 hours ago and i check back in to read the transcript and its still rollin.... You sir, are the man.

Jason Parks: I know. I'm still going strong, but my hands hurt, and I need my hands for several very important things.

Tom Verducci (SI): Tell the internet to get off Sam Fuld's hog and get on mine. Trust me, people, Jason can attest there's room for all.

Jason Parks: Don't you have an awesome article to write?

mef (Brooklyn): Do you miss Joe Morgan on ESPN?

Jason Parks: Nope. I miss the jokes that resulted from his work on ESPN, but I don't miss the man. I miss Miller on ESPN.

Josh G (Stockton): "A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again" sounds like an explanation of Ron Washington's usage of Feliz

Jason Parks: This is funny.

Paul (Seattle): !!!Pineda!!!

Jason Parks: Yes. His performance last night was very, very good. His FB held velo all night and the late jump on the ball prevented hitters from squaring it. The slider was hit and miss, but he showed command of it and dropped a few "oh, my god this pitch is tits" ones that brought upon foolish swings and baffled faces. I'm a huge believer in Pineda.

porcupunk (Philly): Are you a believer in Brett Anderson? If yes, to what extent? Totally not baseball related, what's the picture on your twitter?? Thanks Jason!

Jason Parks: I really like Anderson. He doesn't look like a ballplayer, but that's okay because he's a pitcher. My Twitter pic is of the great Adam Ant.

Phil (Omaha): Where did you come from? I mean, I love your stuff, but you were nowhere and then you are doing the podcast and writing for BP. I want to be a writer too, so I'm looking for advice? How did this happen? How did you end up on the podcast? How did you end up writing for BP?

Jason Parks: I "know" KG and I "impressed" him with my "talents." He's so demanding. I'm not much of a writer, so I'm afraid I can't offer sound advice. I just throw words together and my talent editors make a man from the collection of parts. If you want to write, then write your ass off. Send your work to people, start a blog, get your name out. If the work is good, people will notice.

porcupunk (Philly): So, have you gotten Katie's number and list of likes/dislikes yet?

Jason Parks: Oh, I got that at the airport. I just left it out of the story because despair plays better.

beckerharry (Guatemala): Barca Real?

Jason Parks: Barca

harrison ford (chopper): DO YOU ALREADY WORK AROUND THE CLOCK?

Jason Parks: Yes. I'm going to answer 12 more questions. I want to end on 200.

Dennis (LA): How would you rank the following players based on future value as hitters (taking into account their position): Carlos Santana, Andrew McCutchen, Mike Stanton?

Jason Parks: Santana, Stanton, McCutchen

porcupunk (Philly): and you say you are not much of a writer! back to baseball, if Gerrit Cole was in MiLB today, where would he rank among starting pitchers? Top 10?5? Dare I say ahead of Teheran?

Jason Parks: Top 5. I'd probably have him in the same vicinity as Teheran.

Billy (Toronto): Is is too early to give up on Travis Snider developing into a scary middle of the order bat?

Jason Parks: Yes, its too early to give up on him fulfilling that role. I think he still has a very high upside.

Doug (Las Vegas): Kate Upton, Brooklyn Decker, or Megan Fox?

Jason Parks: They are all attractive women. I don't have a preference.

delasky (Austin, TX): This is a bit personal, so I understand if you don't want to answer, but I like knowing how the sausage is made so here goes: What kind of living do you make? I mean you live in Brooklyn, you spend $300 a month on coffee, you drink and smoke at NY prices, you rent a studio for music... you must be doing alright, yeah?

Jason Parks: Prostitution pays very well in NYC, especially if you are discreet.

J (NY): Thoughts on Jay Bruce's early struggles? Seems he forgot how to lay off that low/away breaking ball. Second half of last year he wanted nothing to do with it. Is it just a matter of getting into a rhythm?

Jason Parks: I think he will be fine, but his balance looks off and pitch recognition skills aren't sharp at the present. I picked him to win the NL MVP, so he needs to starting chopping.

Jeff (Eh...): How would scout the 'off the field' talent in Surprise, AZ? Any potential superstars or all org talent?

Jason Parks: Non-prospects

Johnny (NYC): Do you say Chapman's a closer because who wouldn't want 102+ mph gas in the ninth or because you don't see him succeeding as a starter?

Jason Parks: I don't think the command or 3rd pitch is there to start, not to mention throwing as hard as he does is very unnatural and breaking down with workload is a legit risk. I'd rather maximize his effort into short bursts where he can deliver 10-20 pitches a game at extreme intensity. I think its his best role.

Marissa (Las Vegas): Who are you picking to win the Stanley Cup?

Jason Parks: I'm picking another sport on television that night.

thought police (your head): dunkin donuts has stolen "what are you drinkin" its an ad now

Jason Parks: I heard. Lame. Their coffee is too acidic.

mef (Brooklyn): If you played in the majors, what would your at-bat song and/or your pitching warm-up song be?

Jason Parks: "Prince Charming" by Adam Ant or "Quarterback Vision" by Z-Ro

Jesus Montero (Bowling): I'll be playing in the Bronx bc nobody #$%@$'s with the jesus

Jason Parks: And on that note, I'll say good-bye.

Jason Parks: Thanks for the nearly five hour chat, people. Let's do it again soon. Lo mejor-JP

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