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Chat: Kevin Goldstein

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Monday April 18, 2011 1:00 PM ET chat session with Kevin Goldstein.


With the minor league season underway and prospects making their push for major-league glory, it's time to put on your most special hat and chat with Kevin Goldstein.

Kevin Goldstein: It's chat time! I'm not going all day, as I'm not insane like Jason. That said, Dice-K is pitching a one-hitter, so maybe the whole world has gone mad. Let's light this candle.

Phil (Fargo): Early reports on Vitters look encouraging. Any context? For all I know he's been intentionally walked 3 times. Also, is Cashner now doomed to the pen? And finally, your opinion of the Drive-By Truckers?

Kevin Goldstein: I can tell you that he has not been intentionally walked. Look a lot of guys on today's Ten Pack, the tools were most definitely always there, so I think optimism, albeit guarded, is warranted.

Bill (KC): If you were the father of a 17-18 year old high school senior, who regularly pitched in the low 90s, is there any way you'd let him go to college, if his dream was to play pro baseball? It seems that the workloads and potential bad habits of pitching in college have killed as many promising careers as they have helped. Yes or no?

Kevin Goldstein: There are about 8 million reasons I'd have him go pro instead of going to college. There are so very few exceptions where college is the better option.

chadham (Austin, TX): Thoughts on Leonys Martin? Are the Rangers any closer to signing him and where would they likely send him? And what do you think about his bat as there are varying opinions on it.

Kevin Goldstein: The deal should get done, but there's always some legal hurdles with these kind of deal. Good run, good CF, good bat. Think Julio Borbon with a good approach.

mymrbig (New Orleans): Jaff Decker is off to a rip-roaring .366/.500/.854 start (with 2 SB!). Small sample size from a good prospect, or will his bat carry him to jumping up prospect lists?

Kevin Goldstein: The bat certainly could carry him. He's a bat-only prospect, but it's a very very real bat.

adamsternum (Paris, France): Hi Kevin, thanks for doing the chat! Isn't it fun watching Tim Collins pitch in the majors? If the Royals were to finally trade Soria, do you think he has a chance to inherit the closer role?

Kevin Goldstein: Bon Jour! I adore watching Tim Collins pitch, and everyone knows I'm a huge fun, but realistically, he's not a closer. Crow and Jeffress are far more likely to pitch the ninth down the road.

Jay (Madison): Moustakas is struggling a bit. It's obviously early but are you concerned at all by the K's?

Kevin Goldstein: I don't see how nine Ks in 42 ABs is something to panic about. I'd be more worried about the five errors.

Chomsky (NYC): Desmond Jennings has been great so far this year - is he up by June? Earlier?

Kevin Goldstein: I have no idea, and neither does anyone else. He SHOULD be up now.

Chris (Harrisonburg, VA): What do make of Gary Brown's early season walkiness? He's already drawn 7 walks in 56 PAs. Compared to his college numbers, it seems quite the achievement.

Kevin Goldstein: Somebody didn't read today's Ten Pack!

Jordan (DC): Can you explain why Jason is so obsessed with Alfaro?

Kevin Goldstein: He's seen him take BP.

Silv (NY, NY): Trevor Cahill has shown a significant uptick in K/IP rate this year and his performance has been accordingly excellent. His rates in the minors were strong and significantly better than his first two MLB seasons; is the improvement sustainable over the rest of the season and do you now think he's a legit #1 starter?

Kevin Goldstein: Legit No. 1? No. Improved and damn good? Sure. Legit No. 1 is the highest of praise, and you don't need more than two hands to count those.

Bret (Toronto): When it comes to the draft, which is excitingly coming closer, are there teams that are known for avoiding Boras clients? Perhaps it's just the overall number of good prospects this year, but it seems like Boras has a pretty strong stable of players this year.

Kevin Goldstein: He has a strong stable every year. The Boras factor might play a factor in a decision here and there, but it's rare for a team just to flat-out shut out a guy because he has Boras, and those that do that, tend to make very bad decisions.

OuagadougouGM (Mpls): Is Jonathan Garcia for real? He has more HR than most of the TEAMS in the Midwest League right now!

Kevin Goldstein: He'll be written about soon. He's a legitimate prospect.

David (Winston Salem): While we're talking small sample sizes and quick starts, how about Gustavo Nunez? He's hititng .333/.417/.571 with more walks than strikeouts. Obviously the power won't hold up, but could this mean he's developing the plate discipline he needs to advance his game to the next level?

Kevin Goldstein: Anytime a guy who is a legitimate defensive shortstop (and he's that and more) shows some sign of hitting, you have to at least get a little bit interested.

adamarkm (Houston): Are you sold in any way on Andrew Oliver's lessened desire to issue free passes since spring training? How much have his secondary offerings improved since last season?

Kevin Goldstein: He flashed a good breaking ball at times last year, and that's showing up much more often so far this year. I'm actually quite optimistic on him as big lefties who throw hard don't exactly grow on trees, so if the secondaries are there, he's a good big league starter.

Dan Lynch (Madison, WIsc): Thought on Wily Peralta? He's off to a hot start and has gotten his strikeouts back to where they were when he moved through the lower levels. The Brewers need a breakout guy...could he be it?

Kevin Goldstein: He COULD be, but we say that nearly every year. He's a very streaky pitcher, and he had a great start last year and finished poorly. In other words, need more data.

Jquinton82 (NY): I see The Angels are trying Segura at SS; first, does he have the ability to stick and second does he even approach being an elite prospect for the position?

Kevin Goldstein: He certainly has the tools to stick there, and this year is all about developing the ability. So far, the returns are quite positive. Also, somebody didn't read Today's Ten Pack!.

Dave (Ann Arbor): Logan Morrison-- anything in his profile that says his power spike isn't a fluke?

Kevin Goldstein: Four home runs in 14 games is not crazy out of whack for a 20-25 HR guy, which is what he is.

Kaka (Sao Paulo): Are you at the stage to know where some prospects might be going in the draft? if so have you heard of players the Red Sox might be interested in?

Kevin Goldstein: 24 hours before the draft is probably too early to have a feel for who will go 19 and 26.

PS (NJ): What's the book on Hank Conger? Think he'll stick? I don't know if Scioscia can quit Jeff Mathis.

Kevin Goldstein: He's above-average offensively, but below average defensively. I think Scioscia's preference is for a catch with D, which could hurt him. Obviously, he's more valuable than Mathis.

blazeswim (Chicago): What are you hearing about Purke's velocity? It sounds like there might be something VERY wrong there.

Kevin Goldstein: It's definitely down significantly, and he's really sliding down on the boards.

Charlie (Bethesda, MD): Chris Marrero's off to a hot start, and it's kinda hard for me to believe he's only 22. He was the top prospect for the Nats like 4 years ago. What should we make of his early AAA success?

Kevin Goldstein: He could totally turn into a second-division starter type.

Josh (Cleveland): Thoughts on Michael Crouse in Lansing? Is he a legit CF? Legit prospect?

Kevin Goldstein: Good sleeper choice. A lot of tools, very raw, but progress.

Ted (Green Bay): Any idea how high Kolten Wong could go in the draft? I heard Milwaukee was very interested.

Kevin Goldstein: I'd be very surprised to see him go No. 12 or 15 in a draft this good, and I'm a big fan of the guy.

Alex Gordon (Kansas City, MO): Buying or selling my hot start?

Kevin Goldstein: I don't think he's going to finish the year with a 934 OPS or anything, but there's definitely some real improvement in there.

bumphadley (NJ): Legit No. 1's (on less than two hands): Felix, Sabathia, Lester, Lincecum, Halladay, Lee, Verlander, Kershaw, Greinke, Weaver Who am I missing? Anyone who shouldn't be there?

Kevin Goldstein: Greinke is not a legit No. 1.

Rick (Toronto): What kind of upside does Jackie Bradley Jr. have? He seems like he'd be a great fit for the Jays, who like athletes, could very much use a CF (though I know you don't draft for need!), and seems like a guy who will go somewhere in the range of their #21 pick.

Kevin Goldstein: I wouldn't really classify Bradley as an 'athlete'. He's a great ballplayer, but not especially toolsy.

Frank (Colorado): Thought on Tulowitzki's power surge going back to last season? 40+ HR this year out of the question?

Kevin Goldstein: Not out of the question at all. He's phenomenal and amazing and all that good stuff.

Upset Fan (Pittsburgh): The Pirates will make the playoffs at least once in the next 7 seasons, true or false?

Kevin Goldstein: True.

Jim (Washington): Tom Milone a young Jamie Moyer? Is that something you'd project for any pitcher?

Kevin Goldstein: No no no and a thousand times no. KG edict #32192 Do not, EVER EVER EVER comp a player to Jamie Moyer. There are 20,000 lefties with Jamie Moyer's stuff on a pure scouting level, and one Jamie Moyer. Don't do it. No Maddux comps, and no Bo Jackson comps either.

Jay (Madison): Not a prospect question but what's up with Jacoby Ellsbury's power this year?

Kevin Goldstein: I'm pretty shocked myself.

formersd (San Diego): Fast starts by Padres Decker, Darnell, Tate and Sampson give me some hope for the system this year. How is Rizzo doing?

Kevin Goldstein: He's been nothing short of outstanding, although playing in Tucson can help anyone look good. He's on pace for starting in the big leagues next opening day.

El Chompiras (Chopiralandia): Bubba Starling the next Bo Jackson?

Kevin Goldstein: What did I just tell you people?

Sal (LA): Thoughts on the next Nintendo console?

Kevin Goldstein: Intrigued, although Normandin is more the Nintendo fan boy around here. I'm more excited about Portal 2 at this point.

Doug (Phoenix): Where would you see Jackie Bradley Jr. going in the draft at this point? Does he have much upside, or is he somewhat similar to what Christian Colon was last year (likely good player, but near finished product)?

Kevin Goldstein: I hate comps, and yet I like this one! Jackie Bradley is the Colon of outfielders! I think if the draft happened today, he'd go 15-25.

Jordan (DC): Is Dillon Baird even on anyone's radar or was his ridiculous 5-5 with 5RBI's and two homers just a fluke amongst the craziness that was that marathon of a game?

Kevin Goldstein: Fringy guy at best.

sanchez101 (Santa Barbara, CA): Any word on Zach Lee's first starts - all I have are stats? Also, some sources claim he's got a good CU put his CB is a work in progress while others say his CU needs work, and the CB is the stronger pitch?

Kevin Goldstein: That's pretty funny. He'll throw good curves and changeups every time out, but he'll also show you plenty of crappy ones too. Welcome to the Midwest League, welcome to teenage arms who never focused on baseball. He's been every bit as good as advertised, and what's exciting is the room for improvement that's still there.

Silv (NY, NY): Ever play Oblivion? Just started the GOTY edition and feel like I'm going to get wrapped up in this thing for a month.

Kevin Goldstein: I tried it and didn't get into in, but I don't take well to sword and sorcery stuff.

blazeswim (Chicago): Not counting weather as a factor (although 3 inches of snow here really sucks), is there a better time of year to see action in the Midwest League? Is it better to wait until after the draft when some recently drafted talent comes through the league?

Kevin Goldstein: It's a tough balance. I understand the waiting for the draft kids, but if you did that last year, you would have missed out on Trout. The best time to go is simply once it warms up.

Duffy (Carolina): If you were a GM/Owner, would you follow Selig's slot recommendations?

Kevin Goldstein: Good lord, no.

Andy Green (Dallas): Do you think some of the "antics" for lack of a better word is hurting Trevor Bauer? Do you think he'll need to change his ways to succeed at the next level and do you think he'll need much MiLB experience? is top 10 a possibility for him?

Kevin Goldstein: I don't think they hurt him at all, and I do think he's moved into the top 10.

Kingpin (Grinnell, IA): How much of Ryan Jackson's improvement is real and how much is just small sample size?

Kevin Goldstein: A significant amount is real, and he just needs a little bit of it to be real because his defense is so good.

JP (Oky): Do you think Lyles is ready? I know you don't think of him as a potential ace, but is he ready to start being what he's going to be in the majors?

Kevin Goldstein: In eight Triple-A starts, they're hitting .359 against him. That's not ready.

Billy (LA): Are we going to see a worlwide draft in the next CBA? The NHL does this every year without any major issues.

Kevin Goldstein: It's actually far more complicated in baseball, as there are no governing bodies in the other countries to makes deal with. It's not going to happen.

Keith Law (Arizona): What are you eating right now?

Kevin Goldstein: Leftovers. Bowtie pasta with chicken, pesto and white beans.

dianagramr (NYC): So Kevin, what are you drinking? And when is the contest to come up with an "Up and In" podcast opening theme song (anything better than Keri's) :-)

Kevin Goldstein: Just Coca-cola. I don't think we'll ever do an opening theme for the show, as supporting and exposing independent music has become a staple for us, and I love doing it.

George (Queens, NY): I'm going to doubt that was KLaw actually asking you that question.

Kevin Goldstein: I am too.

Gerard (Chi): Can your lady friend differentiate between the bands you make her listen to?

Kevin Goldstein: She's not my lady friend, she's my special lady. I also don't tie her to a chair and force her to listen to my music. We have plenty of overlap, but she does her own thing.

Bill (Boston): I just want to thank you and Jason for the wonderful podcast each week. I listen to it before I go to sleep everytime a new one comes out.

Kevin Goldstein: We're glad you listen. Needless to say, we have a blast doing it.

rwarmowski (Chicago): Would like to know the date and time (down to the minute, preferably) that Cleveland regresses.

Kevin Goldstein: April 29th, 8:34 pm CT, during a game with Detroit.

lemppi (Ankeny,IA): Is it safe to say that the depth of this draft may also create a bigger pool of quality guys viewed as tougher signings sliding to the Tigers at #84? They'll open the wallet if form holds.

Kevin Goldstein: It's hard to figure out what's going to happen in this draft because it's the last one under the current rules. It's the biggest wild card in June.

kowloonwc (Oakland, CA): High school prospects: I have a hard time getting excited about 'em. Also, I feel slightly creepy hanging around high school ballfields. In general, do you enjoy scouting high school players?

Kevin Goldstein: Sure I do. But if I saw you at a HS game, that would be creepy.

Tim (Grand Rapids): Has anyone ever done an objective analysis of Scouting Directors' draft performance? It seems like these guys and their teams of scouts could be held accountable for their performance just like players are.

Kevin Goldstein: I'm confused. What makes you think they are not accountable? I've seen plenty of scouts and scouting officials lose their job.

lewis458 (Spokane): Perhaps this has been amply covered in the middle podcasts (I'm both a neophyte and a .9er?) but what video games DO you go for? Good video game reviews are nigh impossible to find.

Kevin Goldstein: I go for good games, and interesting games. Currently playing Yukuza 4.

Diane (NYC): Given the Up and In track record, I'm betting good money Hawk Trap guy will start his own podcast within 2 weeks.

Kevin Goldstein: Or he'll just show up on Jonah's show, and then Rocco's. Imitation is the best form of flattery.

BL (Bozeman, MT): What do you make of Clint Robinson?

Kevin Goldstein: I think he'll get some brief major league looks but is probably more of a 4A guy.

conway (tennessee): Any reports on Martin Perez? Numbers look good.

Kevin Goldstein: Stuff is certainly there, as he was up to 97 the other night. He's had one great start, and one so-so start, so we still need more consistency.

Mark (Philly): Will Phillippe Aumont give up a hit this year? It seems like he could go 50-60 innings without allowing one!

Kevin Goldstein: I'm going to say yes, he will give up a hit. That said, he's off to a great start and looking like a future big league late-inning reliever again.

Klochner (MN): What can we expect from Max Kepler this year?

Kevin Goldstein: A solid showing in the Appy League. So young.

lewis458 (Spokane): I guess I neglected to ask specifically for titles. Does Bioshock qualify? Where are the games with a brain and decent art direction?

Kevin Goldstein: In a world of first-person shooters, which I tend to hate, Bioshock and Borderlands I play. Bioshock for the story and art direction, Borderlands for the Diablo-esque mechanics.

moomoo (sactown): who're the top 3 college LHPs in this year's draft?

Kevin Goldstein: I go back and forth with Danny Hultzen and Jed Bradley for 1-2. Oregon's Tyler Anderson would be my No. 3.

RMR (Chicago): Dave Sappelt continues to rake in Louisville (.333/.388/.533). The Reds sent him back to AAA nominally to work on his baserunning. Though it clearly needs improvement, the bat is ready and he's a plus LF defensively. Does he have real trade value or is he simply too small to gain the confidence of potential trade partners?

Kevin Goldstein: I think even if you dream on him, he's a second-division starter.

Office Slave (Cube): When is this chat going to end? I need to have some work done before I leave at 5pm.

Kevin Goldstein: in about 52 minutes.

Bernie (Reston VA): Kevin here a weird question for you, when I was a kid I use to play a baseball game with my best friend involving our baseball card collections, using the stats in the back to play. Any player from any team. Do you know the name or names or any game like this from the 70's. I'd love to play this game with my kids. I just don't remember the name.

Kevin Goldstein: No idea, hopefully somebody reading this will know.

Bobby (LA): If you were a HS or College player that was projected to picked number 1, you would pick Scott Boras as your advisor/agent right?

Kevin Goldstein: I can think of no reason not to.

Jeff (Eh...): Can you compare Greg Maddux to Jamie Moyer?

Kevin Goldstein: Bo Jackson has better tools.

PS (NJ): Josh Johnson - legit No. 1?

Kevin Goldstein: Absolutely.

uptick (St. Louis): Do you think that Kipnis will be in Cleveland sometime in 2011? He's off to a decent start in AAA this year.

Kevin Goldstein: September. Lined up for 2012 w/ Chisenhall.

Justin Jackson (Florida): Career AB's at the Major League Level, 0.5, Over or Under?

Kevin Goldstein: Under, but I'm rooting for him to prove me wrong.

uptick (St. Louis): With Ka'aihue struggling and Hosmer raking, how long before we see Hosmer in KC?

Kevin Goldstein: Why start his clock?

Nils (Stamford): Enny Romero has had two good starts to begin the year. Is he the type of guy who could shoot up the prospect rankings this year?

Kevin Goldstein: Absolutely he could. Long lefty with plus power stuff and rare control for his age. Will move up, and also a shot at exploding (in a good way).

Kazuma Kiryu (Betixt Tokyo and Osaka): % chance the Padres don't go for a signable collegian with their 1st round comp pick for Whitson?

Kevin Goldstein: 18.2124%

michaelmcduffe (ottawa): If Edward Salcedo were available would he be a first round draft choice?

Kevin Goldstein: Maybe late.

Sandra (Texas): If you were a GM, would you ever give a free agent pitcher a 5 year or longer contract?

Kevin Goldstein: Sure, but it would be rare. I'm not a fan of absolutes.

Charlie (Bethesda, MD): What is Jerry Sands gonna be able to do in the majors? Is he a 30 HR guy?

Kevin Goldstein: 30 is strong. I think he'll be a solid average every day corner OF, and that's a helluva player.

Jeff (Eh...): Who is on the Podcast this week?

Kevin Goldstein: A player from Japan. Listener of the week still a possibility.

lalaland (los angeles): what kind of ceiling does neil ramirez have? will he a promotion to AA soon, after his latest AAA start?

Kevin Goldstein: It's going to be a tough balance. He is too good for High-A, but I wouldn't mind leaving him there and letting him dominate for a bit.

Ericj (SF): In your opinion what % of highly touted prospects flame out over work ethic issues?

Kevin Goldstein: Disturbingly high, but go back to when you were 18 and tell me how you would have behaved with a million dollars in your pocket?

BL (Bozeman, MT): Is Jarrod Dyson a player who could develop given a normal amount of time in AAA? Or is he a guy that will likely never hit enough to be a regular, who KC might as well use for whatever advantage they can get now?

Kevin Goldstein: Never more than a speedy bench guy.

Travis Snider (Boston): You still believe in me?

Kevin Goldstein: I do, but the ice is starting to crack and I won't be here much longer.

Nevy72 (SI, NY): We all know it is early in the season, however, what have you heard so far from scouts regarding Paul Goldschmidt?

Kevin Goldstein: I don't think there was ever a question about the raw power. He's a huge, and hugely strong guy. Still not convinced he will hit, but it's a great start worth watching.

Matt (NYC): How have the early season reports on Andrelton Simmons been?

Kevin Goldstein: As expected, the glove has been outstanding, and the bat has been far from that.

Bobby (Mexico): NBA or NHL playoffs?

Kevin Goldstein: Yakuza 4 and Portal 2.

nickwynne (Bakersfield, CA): If I'm only going to one Blaze/Nuts game of the next three, should I see Matzek vs NP Curtis Partch on Tuesday, or two semi-prospects in Parker Frazier and JC Sulbaran on Wednesday?

Kevin Goldstein: Go see Matzek and figure out what wrong with him.

Casey (Seattle): May I be your listener of the week? I know we just met but, I'm pretty funny.

Kevin Goldstein: Just email the show and tell us why.

JoshT (California): Chances that the Cubs' Robert Whitenack is this year's breakout prospect, like Trey McNutt last season?

Kevin Goldstein: Very low. More of a future reliever with a really good breaking ball.

David (San Francisco, CA): Why do you hate Rage Against the Machine? I'm not a loyalist or anything, asking out of curiosity.

Kevin Goldstein: Corporate sponsored radicalism combined with a guy who knows exactly one guitar riff and sure likes to use it.

Jeff (Eh...): How many of the Top 101 would you be able to recognize in street clothes?

Kevin Goldstein: Fun question. Without counting, I'd say the overwhelming majority. Better question is how many would recognize me in street clothes.

Jolie (Seattle): Will we ever see a female player in the Majors?

Kevin Goldstein: Highly unlikely. Would have to be something very unique, like a knuckleball pitcher.

Matt (NYC): There is a lot chatter (including on the podcast) of Bauer being an injury risk beyond the normal college starter. Can you give a bit more detail as to why he is seen that way?

Kevin Goldstein: Meme: Somebody didn't read today's Ten Pack!

Chris (NM): How competitive do you think this team would be this year? C: Mesoraco 1B: Hosmer 2B: Kipnis 3B: Moustakas SS: Iglesias LF: Jennings CF: Trout RF: Harper DH: Montero SP: Teheran SP: Moore SP: Miller SP: Montgomery SP: Banuelos

Kevin Goldstein: Losing record.

Yumi Sawamura (Ame): 18? Give me a million dollars at age 42 and watch me do stupid things with it.

Kevin Goldstein: From one 42 year old to another, amen.

David (San Francisco, CA): "Better question is how many would recognize me in street clothes." Are you wearing THE HAT?

Kevin Goldstein: Of course.

Ron (Dallas): When will you do your first MOCK the drarft?

Kevin Goldstein: Friday, kinda sorta almost.

jamin67038 (Wichita, KS): Andy Dirks- Quad-A player, or does he have a future in Detroit?

Kevin Goldstein: Big league future. Not a star-level one, but he's going to get there.

jwschaefer (westfield nj): What do you make of Mark Cohoon?

Kevin Goldstein: No. 5 starter is the ceiling.

Matt (Chicago): Better prospect in your opinion -- Guerrieri or Bundy??

Kevin Goldstein: I prefer Bundy. More track record, more well rounded.

Matt A (Raleigh): Carlos Perez had a nice line yesterday, so I went back to re-read your write-up in the Braves Top 11. Anything new to report on him yet (particularly regarding the changeup)?

Kevin Goldstein: Breakout candidate. Change was very good the other day and he was sitting at 91 while touching 93 mph.

Johhny (NYC): If you took a bunch of random people from the street and matched them up against the Pirates in a normal 9 inning game, would the people from the street be able to keep the score within 1000 runs?

Kevin Goldstein: No.

jhardman (Apex, NC): I'll try this one more time since I've tried this question on about seven chats thusfar. I can go see Myrtle Beach and Hickory one time each. Which starting pitcher should I focus on to make my trip to see?

Kevin Goldstein: Robbie Erlin or Neil Ramirez for Myrtle Beach; Roman Mendez for Hickory.

Underpaid Scout (In the stands): What does your fastball top out at?

Kevin Goldstein: Touched 68 three years ago and shoulder hurt for a week.

Charlie Blackmon (Colorado Springs): Impressed by the improved power and plate discipline yet?

Kevin Goldstein: I liked Blackmon plenty coming into the season, but that's not some sudden power spike, that's Colorado Springs.

mef (Brooklyn): Is Tim Beckham's start for real or did he just start hot? I know you didn't want to jump to any conclusions in the ten pack, but do you think he's finally figuring out how to use his tools?

Kevin Goldstein: So if I didn't want to jump to any conclusions in this mornings piece, why would I want to this afternoon?

provenveteran (B'ham): Kevin, thanks for the chat. Just moved to Birmingham -- how many Barons games should I attend this year, and who should I look out for in the Southern League?

Kevin Goldstein: Not a good team there, but I'd get excited when Montgomery comes to town. Hell, you can get to Montgomery in like an hour and a half, no?

Steve (South): Are 'less expensive' radar guns worth it? Seems like a huge price difference between those and JUGS to work the same.

Kevin Goldstein: No, they are not worth it.

jhardman (Apex, NC): Thank you for answering my question! Gold stars for KG! Love the podcast. Consider this some blatant lobbying for Ted Price to have you on Rangers Podcast in Arlington soon. I'll go see Mendez and hope he turns into gold. On a related front, think the red Sox could buy into Taylor Teagarden as a Saltalamacchia replacement about now?

Kevin Goldstein: I was on Ted's podcast like 2 or 3 weeks ago, and Salty is going to get plenty of chances.

mymrbig (NOLA): How much better does a HS prospect's ceiling have to be to justify selecting him over an established college player toward the top of round 1? I'm still trying to figure out the whole Beckham/Posey thing.

Kevin Goldstein: Look, when the Rays took Beckham over Posey, the whole world didn't run around calling them idiots. I liked the pick at the time.

Klochner (OH): When you were getting started, did you want to be more of a scout or a writer?

Kevin Goldstein: I don't think I ever wanted to be a writer, I'm not even crazy about writing now. I'd love to just do a show every day, as I talk much better than I write.

mef (Brooklyn): Thoughts on the Black Keys?

Kevin Goldstein: They're on that long list of bands I know I'm supposed to like, but just don't. List is headlined by Built To Spill.

Paula (Denver): What baseball sites do you bookmarked?

Kevin Goldstein: As weird as this might sound, I don't have a lot of time to read other sites. I'm focused on BP and my own work.

OleJimJam (MN): Higher Ceiling here in MN: Sano or Arcia?

Kevin Goldstein: Sano. No hesitation. And I like Arcia plenty.

Tom (NY): What do you make of Harvey and Familia? Ceilings/ETAs? Thanks.

Kevin Goldstein: I've already written about both pretty extensively in the minor league updates.

mef (Brooklyn): Isn't Johan a true #1?

Kevin Goldstein: Past tense.

timber (KC): Speaking of Bundy, do you have any concerns about how hard he's been worked as a high schooler? Harder than Bauer even.

Kevin Goldstein: I do.

Matt (New York): I would pay double my subscription fee if you started doing a podcast everyday

Kevin Goldstein: I'll keep that in mind.

Matt A (Raleigh): And as I sit inside a computer lab running simulations, Mike Minor had another solid outing for the Braves playing down the road in Durahm. Damn. It's a beautiful day, too. Here's a real question, though. Is there any reason to believe that Charlie Morton is finally actualizing his talent? The 6:12 K:BB argue against, but I've got a soft spot for the guy.

Kevin Goldstein: I think there is plenty of reason to believe that Morton is better than his numbers have been in the past, but I don't think he's THIS much better as much as I think he's a solid back-end starter.

Bashy (Philly): Are you at least a little bit surprised Roy Halladay has turned out to be this good? I don't remember him being that highly regarded when he pitched in High School.

Kevin Goldstein: Guy was the fourth high school arm taken in the draft that year. That said, nobody put a ceiling of two Cy Young awards and four more top five finishes on him, but how many have gotten that?

mef (Brooklyn): Johan isn't a true #1 anymore when he comes back from injury, or was he not one before it?

Kevin Goldstein: Was he a No. 1 last year?

Michael (Tampa): Who makes the majors first: Alex Cobb or Alex Torres? Thoughts on either?

Kevin Goldstein: Fun question. Will touch on this in an article soon.

uptick (St. Louis): Josh Reddick is off to a good start for the PawSox this year...It doesn't look like he has a future in Boston, but could you see him starting elsewhere in the majors if the Bosox traded him away?

Kevin Goldstein: As a second-division type, yes.

Captain (NYC): sup bro?

Kevin Goldstein: Just finishing up a chat, dude.

Todd (Austin): Odds that Segura is the top SS prospect in next year's top 101?

Kevin Goldstein: Battle will be between him and Machado. Francisco Lindor gets sleeper odds.

Charlie (Bethesda, MD): Have you heard Ha Ha Tonka? Pretty enjoyable stuff

Kevin Goldstein: And they'll be on the podcast soon.

Cris E (St Paul, MN): It's been 30 years since the 31 inning game at Pawtucket. What's the longest game you've ever seen? What's the longest game you could envision yourself staying for at this point in life?

Kevin Goldstein: I could stay quite a while. I actually adore extra innings baseball, and even more so the longer it goes and teams start running out of players.

Bill (Canada): What do you see for Eduardo Sanchez in 2012? Closer gig?

Kevin Goldstein: Yes, but only IF he keeps throwing strikes.

Titus Welliver (The Island): Peak Smoak slash line?

Kevin Goldstein: .293/.371/.512

Jay (Madison): Speaking of Machado, how's his D' looking in the early going? Can he stick at short?

Kevin Goldstein: D has been just fine, but his future at short is not a question of skills, it's a question of how much that body is going to fill out.

Ryan (Frisbee Prospectus): How long until Adrian Cardenas or Stephen Parker overtake Kouzmanoff at 3B for Oakland?

Kevin Goldstein: Neither is a guarantee.

lemppi (Ankeny, IA): Is it time for Scott Sizemore to play in DET and for Will Rhymes to be "scrappy and gritty" someplace else?

Kevin Goldstein: I thought opening day was that time.

Greg (Boston): Who is the Japanese man the Red Sox have pitching for Dice-K today?

Kevin Goldstein: We have sources investigating the matter. I'm guessing Shun Akiyama has something to do with it.

Kevin Goldstein: Ok folks, thanks for all the great questions, but I gots to go. Steven Goldman asked me to do more chats this year, and I love doing them, so I'm sure I'll see you all soon.

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