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Chat: Kevin Goldstein

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Monday February 28, 2011 1:00 PM ET chat session with Kevin Goldstein.


It's time to talk top 100, so you'll want to talk to Kevin Goldstein, and he'll be tied to a chair with a keyboard for exactly that purpose.

Kevin Goldstein: Hi everyone. Not much going on. I guess some list came out or something, so let's do this.

Kingpin (Grinnell, IA): KG - I know the focus here is on the top 101, but I'm gonna ask anyway. Any chance I get to see Carlos Martinez in the Quad Cities at some point this summer?

Kevin Goldstein: I really don't think so. You'll have to wait for 2012 for that.

Jquinton82 (NY): How much does height really play into projections and the likeliness that a guy who's considered "short" like Banuelos will reach it?

Kevin Goldstein: Size is good. You obviously want players of a certain size. I don't go to a lot of big league games, but when I do, one of the first things I notice, other than how amazingly good they are at baseball, is how damn big they are. That said, it's not a 100% right/wrong thing, and when a guy has Banuelos' stuff, you don't care if he's a bit short.

Erik (Orlando): We all know Anthony Rendon is a top hitting prospect, but how does his defense at this stage compare to Longoria and Zimmerman (both excellent defenders) coming out of college? Is his defensive ceiling higher than either of those two?

Kevin Goldstein: Rendon is a very good defender, with outstanding fundamentals. That said, Zimmerman is a plus-plus third baseman, and while he's good, he's not great.

PimpDaddy (NY): Dee Gordon at 84 vs BA ranking of 26 seems like a huge disparity. What do you see differently then Baseball America?

Kevin Goldstein: Let me start by saying that I have nothing but respect for the lists of BA, Keith Law and Jonathan Mayo. They do their homework, they talk to people in the game, and they're done by smart people. We all have our different sources, we all have our biases and philosophies. I just don't think Gordon is going to be a well-rounded enough player to rank him that high.

Jon (Kenton): I was a little surprised Cosart didn't make your top 101 since you like velo, how far off was he?

Kevin Goldstein: He's a great pick for a guy who will be there next year, he just needs to prove he can stay healthy and improve the secondary stuff.

escroll (Mexico): How risky is Taillon at no. 8? Obviously he hasn't thrown a pro pitch yet, but to what degree do his scouted abilities (stuff/makeup) mitigate the risk?

Kevin Goldstein: Best high school righty since Beckett? That's enough for me to push him pretty far up, especially in a year when the list is a bit weak.

Tony (Albuquerque): how big of a difference is there between Trout and Harper?

Kevin Goldstein: Microscopic.

bateman19 (boston): KG, thanks (as always) for the rankings! I feel like I've ready many conflicting reports on Freddie Freeman. Everyone seems to agree he'll be a good major league hitter in short order but that his power ceiling is limited. Do you think he can naturally develop power with his huge frame or he destined to become Lyle Overbay II?

Kevin Goldstein: I don't think he'll be a 40 HR player or anything, but while Overbay is a 15-20 HR guy, I think Freeman will settle in as a 20-25 HR guy.

Bill (New Mexico): Have you ever looked at how the ordering in your top 101 (or 100) lists correlates with draft order? I'd obviously expect some correlation, but do you have a sense of how strong it is?

Kevin Goldstein: I don't, but it's problematic, as with the role money plays in the draft, teams are hardly drafting in order of talent.

bateman19 (boston): Re: Arencibia, It sounds like everyone agrees he'll hit for power, but not hit much else is .250/.330/.500 even close to realistic this year? Do you have any confidence he can become an above average catcher?

Kevin Goldstein: I think he'll be an average defensive catcher and above average offensively. That said, expecting a .250 ISO, especially as a rookie is quite greedy.

Veganalyst (Oakland, Ca): Yours was the only one of the "big" lists that included Michael Choice. What do you see that others didn't?

Kevin Goldstein: 70 raw power, 50+ speed, outstanding approach. I think he was the best college position player in the draft after Harper.

mef (Brooklyn, NY): More likely on the 2012 top 101: Donovan Tate is in the top 25 or off the list entirely?

Kevin Goldstein: Off, by a mile.

Swiper (No Swiping): Here's a "this guy is too high" question...Jurickson Profar is 17, still several years away, and his ceiling appears to be solid major league regular. Doesn't that combo suggest he's not a top 100 guy?

Kevin Goldstein: I think he could be average to above every day shortstop. Go look at the depth charts, there are no 30 legitimate starters at the position.

Greg (Kelowna, BC): It looks like Travis Snider will finally get a chance to get everyday ABs. I'm very optimistic on a breakout year for him. Do you agree or disagree? He showed glimpses of his significant potential last year.

Kevin Goldstein: I share your optimism.

Tom (London): In the last few years what is the one prospect you thought would be a can't miss and turned into a dud?

Kevin Goldstein: Just looked at my 2007 list, with Alex Gordon at No. 1.

delorean (Oakland, CA): As a Giants fan, I'm a bit concerned about the dearth of SF prospects on this list; only the Cards and Brewers have fewer prospects represented. In the case of the Giants, does that indicate a weak system overall, or do they have an average-ish distribution of 3-star guys who didn't make the top 101? Thanks as always for your hard work and insight!

Kevin Goldstein: They certainly have some three-star guys, especially Gary Brown, who was my second choice to be No. 101.

Ruben (PA): Does Jonathan Singleton have the chops to make the move to LF? Please say yes.

Kevin Goldstein: I think he could at least be adequate there.

Kevin (Seattle): ETA for Michael Pineda?

Kevin Goldstein: Certainly sometime this year, but let me say this. VERY few prospects reach the big leagues on some set timetable. More often than not, they need a break from above.

Trieth510 (bronx, ny): any reason wilmer flores just barely made the list when on most other top 100 prospect lists hes in the top 50 or 60?

Kevin Goldstein: Not a shortstop, needs to refine approach. VERY talented hitter.

Rob (Alaska): Yelich is interesting. How rare is it for a guy drafted as a 1B out of high school to get moved to CF as a pro? And how likely is that move to work out?

Kevin Goldstein: He'll be in left field by the time he reaches the big leagues.

HankScorpio (KC): There is a LOT of buzz coming out of the Royals brass and press this spring about Sal Perez. What kind of upside does he have? Any chance he could leap all the way onto this list next year? Thanks.

Kevin Goldstein: He definitely could. Significant offensive and defensive potential, and the KC catcher of the future.

Steven (Burbank, CA): So it appears that Tanner Scheppers will be a starter (AAA) to start the season. The consensus seems to be that he is gonna end up in the bullpen because of a) a lack of a usable changeup and b) durability. Can you give me one optimistic reason that he may stick as a starter?

Kevin Goldstein: No. I don't think he ever should have moved out of the bullpen.

Jeff (DC): With Michael Choice, are you concerned that his numbers were only in Low-A ball, even though he was a college product? Also, what's your biggest concern with him? Strikeouts?

Kevin Goldstein: Strikeouts are a HUGE concern with him. That's the one thing that could hold him back.

Mike (KC): For me, Brandon Belt is a better pure hitter, more disciplined, and a better defensive 1st baseman than Freddie Freeman. Interesting to me how you ranked Freeman above Belt..

Kevin Goldstein: I think it's closer than you think, but both are big league ready, while Freeman is a year and a half younger. That shouldn't be discounted.

Stephen R. (NY): How far was Romine from making your top 101?

Kevin Goldstein: I have a list of about 30 guys who were considered, but did not make the list. Romine is on that, but towards the bottom.

Phil (NJ): Any concern that Neftali Feliz will get "Joba'd" or will he get a real shot at starting?

Kevin Goldstein: I hope he gets a real shot, I think that's where he should be and where he'd have more value to the Rangers.

Sam (Burlington, NJ): True or false: Logan Morrison will hit .300+ with 20+ HR within the next 3-4 years.

Kevin Goldstein: 50/50. I'd bet on the 300, but the power ceiling has always been a question. He hit TWO last year in 244 ABs.

SenatorsGuy (Minneapolis): What work do you have left in lining up prospects? Will you be addressing the current draft-eligible college class?

Kevin Goldstein: I will be, and coming soon.

Josh G (Stockton ): You're pretty high on Gary Brown-I doubt the Giants do this but if they wanted to, do you think Brown could start 2011 at AA

Kevin Goldstein: No, but I think he has a somewhat decent shot at ending it there.

Phil (NJ): The Foley's BP-SABR event was cool - good mix of topics and guests. Do you see that becoming an annual thing?

Kevin Goldstein: It was outstanding, all thanks to Joe Hamrahi. As for your second question, ABSOLUTELY.

Tony (Albuquerque): I know it's less than 12 hours old and ALOT can happen. But after graduations and the draft are Harper, Tehean and Myers likely top 5 for the 2012 list?

Kevin Goldstein: Here's me going out on a big big limb. Teheran isn't eligible for next year's list.

Carl (Irvington): If Strasburg were still eligible, where would he rank on your list - taking his injury into consideration?

Kevin Goldstein: I'm so, so glad he went over 50 innings in the big leagues and I didn't have to think about it. Even doing it now makes my brain hurt.

Harrison (Flagstaff, AZ): Britton over Pineda??? WHY!?!?

Kevin Goldstein: Because I am a horrible person!!!! Or maybe because he has a deeper arsenal and is more of a sure thing.

Tom (Madison): What position do you think Grant Green ultimately ends up playing in the majors?

Kevin Goldstein: Second base, but he could be an offensive force there.

Josh G (Stockton): Who is the most polarizing prospect in the minors?

Kevin Goldstein: Josh Lueke?

obsessivegiantscompulsive (Silicon Valley, CA): You are on the lower end for the placement of Zach Wheeler, among the ones I've seen (I appreciate your explanation above about differences). High K, high GB, seems great to me (like King Felix), what does he need to show you in 2011 to boost him to, say, Top 30 status?

Kevin Goldstein: Stay healthy, throw more strikes. No argument with the stuff.

Bret (Toronto): How much was Brett Lawrie's ranking impacted by his very poor makeup?

Kevin Goldstein: Not a ton. I tend not to ding too hard on makeup whispers. My bigger concern is that he's just not an infielder.

bateman19 (boston ): If you had to choose Machado or Rendon to start your franchise who would you take and why?

Kevin Goldstein: Rendon. Similar ceilings, but more assuredness.

Chris P (Moab, UT): I'm glad you ranked Pineda lower than most other sources. I think there are legitimate concerns about a lack of a 3rd pitch, struggles vs lefty batters, and a history of elbow problems. Did these issues weigh on you?

Kevin Goldstein: I'm surprised to hear that. I thought at 24 he was pretty darn high.

mattymatty2000 (Portland, OR): Have you heard Rany & Joe's inaugural podcast? Joe said, "We don't care what you're drinking," which made me spit milk through my nose and I wasn't drinking milk at the time. Looks like you've got some competition.

Kevin Goldstein: We have no competition.

jalonzo (NYC): Re: your comment above about having a list of "about 30 guys who were considered" for that 101st spot - were any of those 30 Cardinals?

Kevin Goldstein: Jenkins is in that group.

Pat H (Cambridge, MA): Which starting pitcher towards the bottom of your list would you give the best chance of taking a huge leap forward in 2011?

Kevin Goldstein: Ranaudo.

LP (Dallas): More likely to crack this list in the next couple of years: Josh Sale or Jake Skole?

Kevin Goldstein: Sale. He really has a very big offensive upside.

Mexican Coke (Your local 7-11): Chuckie Jones is as raw as a piece of red meat. Do you think he'll ever morph into a top 100 guy once he cooks a bit in the minors?

Kevin Goldstein: He certainly COULD, but remember, every team has 2 or 3 of these monster tools guy who COULD click.

JAPHLG22 (p-ville): any worries about Dom Brown's spring training lack of discipline right now? I know its early, but its hard to overlook

Kevin Goldstein: It's early.

cubsfan1 (Lansing, MI): Do you think there is a chance that Brett Jackson will make his debut this season for the Cubs? Long-term, is he a top 3, middle 3, or bottom 3 hitter?

Kevin Goldstein: Yes; top 3.

Phil (NJ): Do you rank prospects strictly on their individual talents or do you take into account a team's recent/historical success rate at developing prospects as well?

Kevin Goldstein: You have to rank in a vacuum.

Cardinals645 (Santa Barbara, Ca): You, Law, and BA all have Shelby Miller in the top 15 or so of your lists, however, you're the only one to exclude Zack Cox. To be clear, I'm not accusing you of hating the Cardinals, but I was wondering what you think accounts for the difference in opinion (besides talking to different scouts). What do you see that they don't?

Kevin Goldstein: I don't hate the Cardinals, but yes, I am definitely NOT a Cox fan. Bad-bodied player with a line drive swing. Just don't like that combination.

Andy (Newton): Is Betances major-league ready? Should the Yanks be giving him a look for the back-end of their rotation?

Kevin Goldstein: No, no, no, no, no and 995 more times to qualify for a thousand times no.

singledigit (San Diego, Ca.): Would it be fair to say that Jacob Turner in 2010 pitched to expectations, but didn't exceed them?

Kevin Goldstein: Yes.

Klochner (MN): How close was Joe Benson to the top 101?

Kevin Goldstein: VERY close. One of the last cuts.

Dave (Oakland): You're higher on Krol than anyone else. Is that because you probably saw him more (at Kane County) than a lot of the others on this list?

Kevin Goldstein: I don't think so. I have plenty of notes from scouts to match what I saw.

Peter (NJ): What are the chances we see Jesse Biddle in the Top 50 next year?

Kevin Goldstein: I think he's a great breakout pick. I like his chances for the Top 101 better than the Top 50 though.

McAllister (NJ): Do you think Jesus Montero will play well enough behind the plate to stick their for at least a few seasons?

Kevin Goldstein: I do not.

jhardman (Rangerland): Gut feel question: Since you hope Neftali Feliz joins the starting rotation for the Rangers, who then takes over their closer role?

Kevin Goldstein: If I'm running the team? Scheppers in the long term.

Eddie (Jacksonville): What are you drinking?

Kevin Goldstein: Believe it or not, Mexican coke.

Phil (NJ): Make or break year for Lars Anderson in 2011?

Kevin Goldstein: Yes, but obviously, he now has no future in Boston, so the make is simply making himself a trade chip.

David Koch, On Behalf of Scott Walker (Madison): Thanks for the chat Kevin. Any thought on how much AAA seasoning Kalish needs before he's up for good?

Kevin Goldstein: Really no room for him in Boston. With a bad team, I think he'd have a job.

Ryan (NYC): Ivan Nova, is he underrated? 6'4, 200 pounders who throw in the mid to high 90's are usually talked about more.

Kevin Goldstein: Nova is not mid to high 90s when he starts, he's more 92-94 with solid but unspectacular secondary pitches. And with all that, I still like him.

jhardman (Rangerland): You've listed Jurickson Profar in your Top 100 as a 17 year old. Do you think he will come through the Rangers system as a shortstop with Elvis Andrus ahead of him or switch positions? Also, can you comment on the other young SS prospect (Luis Sardinas) in the Rangers system in the same vein?

Kevin Goldstein: Profar is going to play Low-A this year, and Sardinas will likely be in a short-season league, so you are getting WAY ahead of yourself.

Tom (Madison): When does Chris Carter force the A's to consider bringing his bat to Oakland?

Kevin Goldstein: I thought he deserved a job this year, but Matsui/Willingham backed him up.

Bob (NH): What makes Krol a better prospect than another undersized lefty like Erlin?

Kevin Goldstein: Little more velo, much more changeup.

Ryan (NYC): Nova was consistently hitting 94-96 mph with the Yankees last season, even remember him maxing out at 97.

Kevin Goldstein: He touched 97 out of the pen.

Travis (Arizona): I just finished pounding a 4 Loko with Jason at Spring Trainig and we both want to know where Rendon would rank on this list if eligible. Comparable to Moustakas?

Kevin Goldstein: Somewhere in that 7-12 range.

Pat H (Cambridge, MA): Obviously the glove is impeccable, but where do you see Jose Iglesias' bat maxing out? Can he ever become an Orlando Cabrera-type offensive player, or is that aiming too high?

Kevin Goldstein: I don't think that's aiming too high at all.

Eric (Mpls): What percent of big league players are guys who were considered "prospects" vs. guys who nobody (outside the player's organization, I guess) saw coming?

Kevin Goldstein: The overwhelming majority were prospects.

Jeff (San Diego): Are you interested in Bryce Harper's first Spring AB today?

Kevin Goldstein: Sure, who isn't?

Danny V (Fenway): KG, thanks for the chat. Which of these somewhat raw recent draftees has the best shot at a big leap (perhaps into next season's Top 100)?: Peter Tago, Jason Adam or Robbie Ray?

Kevin Goldstein: Gimme Tago.

chris (bklyn, ny): kev - have you considered an article exploring your "greatest hits and misses" from past Top 101s? would be especially interested to read the misses and your take on why they failed to develop or break out as expected.

Kevin Goldstein: I'm considering it now.

Mario66 (Canada): Regarding ranking in a vacuum, does your ranking of Chapman and C. Sale reflect your expectation as to whether they'll be starters or relievers? In other words, do you ding pitchers that you think will wind up in the pen? That should wind up in the pen? Thanks.

Kevin Goldstein: I don't ding pitchers based on how their team will use them. If the Angels suddenly, inexplicable moved Trout to 1B for no reason, I'm not sure how I could ding him.

Matt (Chicago): Can Sczur sneak onto this list next yr?

Kevin Goldstein: Highly doubtful. Great athlete, lots of work to do on a baseball level.

jdelane2003 (Albany, NY ): Was Trey McNutt close to making the top 101?

Kevin Goldstein: He was close, but in the end I put him at No. 68.

Charlie Sheen (My own world): Will any of the Killer B's reach the Bronx this season?

Kevin Goldstein: Yes. Not sure if over/under should be 2 or 1.5.

Joseph (KC): An attractive co-worker invited me out for a drink this evening? My girlfriend is working late and it's just a drink, right?

Kevin Goldstein: Wrong. If you have a girlfriend, you can't do that my man. Or should I say, little boy.

flutie flake (raining, pa): I'm heavily intruiged by what I've heard about Yorman Rodriguez - is he simply too raw and too far away for 101 consideration at this point?

Kevin Goldstein: Another excellent choice for the "likely to hit next year's list" list. Of lists.

Eddie (Jacksonville): I see Wil Myers listed as a catcher. Was the 101 done before his move to the outfield? Would that have adjusted his ranking up or down? I thought I remember you addressing that in the podcast, but I'm curious nonetheless.

Kevin Goldstein: I've been writing all along that he's not a catcher, so this ranking was done with the assumption that he'd move to the outfield.

Dave (OH): A ways back you talked about doing a big podcast this week with some other prospect experts.... is that still in the works?

Kevin Goldstein: Yes.

eo (pa): Sebastian Valle is going to have an OBP tied entirely to his BA, so what does he need to BA/SLG to make it to the majors?

Kevin Goldstein: Well, he's a catcher who is going to hit for power, so that's enough.

Matt (Chicago): Chris Carpenter rate any consideration?

Kevin Goldstein: Not really. I like him plenty, but kind of as a 7th/8th reliever.

mfalcon (Baton Rouge, LA): You, along with many others, believe that Montero will not be behind the plate, but do you think the Yankees will stick him back there?

Kevin Goldstein: For some limited time, yes.

Matt (MD): Where would Yu Darvish rank on this list?

Kevin Goldstein: He's not really a prospect is he? That's why I don't do Japanese guys who are finished products.

Barnaby (Jones): Is it sufficient to filter the top 101 to ascertain your positional rankings? Or would that be neglecting too many special herbs and spices?

Kevin Goldstein: No, that should work fine.

Keith (Idaho): Do you get recognized a lot when you're out on the town?

Kevin Goldstein: Other than "Check out the fat guy with the hat," no. It's happened a couple times at ballparks, but that's it. It's not like I'm famous. However, I am on a drug, and that drug is named Kevin Goldstein.

Josh G (Stockton): Do you think Francisco Peguero makes this list next year or does he flame out in AA-Or somewhere in between?

Kevin Goldstein: The fact that's a question is why he's not on the Top 101.

Bob (DC): To what extent does PECOTA ratings influence your decisions?

Kevin Goldstein: I rank without looking at PECOTA. Two different ways of looking at things.

Tom (Headed to Spring Training): Any chance we can get a Spring Training crash course on the podcast? Interested in visiting both major league and minor league camps.

Kevin Goldstein: Like the idea.

JOESAV (N.Y.): Is A.Oliver a #3 or better?

Kevin Goldstein: Like him as a 3. Understand that is VERY high praise.

Joseph (KC): Okay. No drink for me. Royals question: Dayton Moore gets a lot of criticism, but he's playing this correctly, right? Signing filler guys like Melky and Francoeur to hold court until the prospects are ready - at which point their payroll will be nil and they may have some cash on hand to add a seasoned veteran or two.

Kevin Goldstein: You can go have the drink, you just have to break up with your girlfriend first. You know, there's a million fine looking women in the world, dude. But they don't all bring you lasagna at work. And yes, so far so good for Moore.

JT (Michigan): Dream reader for the BPro 11 Audio Book version? Mine? Herbert from Family Guy.

Kevin Goldstein: Tom Waits.

john (KC, MO): Who in the top 10 has the best promise and could play right away. Obviously guys like Trout and Harper will be a while.

Kevin Goldstein: Montero could be a well above-average offensive player in the big leagues right now.

Fat Man (Little Coat): Who reaches the bigs first: Kepler or Hicks? I'm only partially joking: that's the scary part.

Kevin Goldstein: No, you really are joking. Hicks is at least two years ahead.

Matt (MD): where would you put george springer on this list?

Kevin Goldstein: He's tough. I really like him. Tons of tools, but some big holes in his game as well. Could be a lot like Michael Choice.

hotstatrat (Great Lakes city): Kevin, what is the most significant way your criteria for ranking prospects has changed in recent years (assuming it has)?

Kevin Goldstein: Great and fun question. I think I've changed the way I look at guys who can play catcher or shortstop and stay there.

Andrew (Toronto): Is there a general consensus among scouts as to why Alex Gordon hasn't met expectations?

Kevin Goldstein: Never made adjustments offensively. Even when you are a total stud in college, you are still a prospect that is developing, and you have to make adjustments.

Josh G (Stockton): With the threat of a hard slotting system in the new CBA do you predict more HS kids signing overslot deals?

Kevin Goldstein: I think so, yes. This draft has the potential to be really weird and fascinating because of the uncertainty going forward.

Sean P (New York): Do you have any info on Chase Whitley, the Yankees reliever? I read he has a good change-up and could move pretty fast? What are your thoughts on him?

Kevin Goldstein: He could move fast, but he doesn't have much of a ceiling beyond middle relief.

Fat Man (Little Coat): Sure, it's jest, but can you speak to the very conservative tact the Twins are taking with Hicks please?

Kevin Goldstein: It hasn't been THAT conservative. He was very raw when drafted, and the 2009 plan was extended spring followed by the Appy League and then a full-season showing in 2010. If anything, he's on the Twins schedule, but they tend to go slow.

Phil (NJ): Did you play Fallout: New Vegas? What did you think?

Kevin Goldstein: Liked it, but not as much as I liked Fallout 3.

Mike White (SoDak): When Aaron Hicks was drafted, did he have any plus offerings? Did he project well as a hurler?

Kevin Goldstein: Guy threw 97 off the mound. Could have been an early pick as a pitcher, but the overall package was too much to deny as an outfielder.

jtanker33 (Dayton OH): A follow-up to the CBA question: Is there a chance the hard-slotting, draft stuff could get decided and agreed upon BEFORE this year's draft? Or will those have to wait until a new CBA is officially agree upon?

Kevin Goldstein: Technically, I believe it can be. And there is a chance that you'll hear about proposed changes, but it won't be worked out by then.

Aaron (MA): If David Adams had finished the season healthy would he have made your top 100 ?

Kevin Goldstein: no.

Hank (Missionary Ridge, TN): I'm doing a Cactus League week in March. Any suggestions for the trip?

Kevin Goldstein: Jason Parks will be down there, so stay as far away as possible if you know what's good for you.

Killbahn (Nj): Manny B, 1 inning, 2k's (inge/peralta), vmart on ground out

Kevin Goldstein: That's not a question.

Dan (Boston): So is the upcoming draft the last one that will include compensation picks for Free Agents, or has MLB still not figured out that these reward spending and do not serve their intended purpose? Will it be the last where picks can't be traded? Thanks!

Kevin Goldstein: We just don't know. I'd anticipate SOME kind of slot or cap system proposed on player procurement. I'd also expect the compensation system to go away.

TOny (Albuquerque): Were Aaron Crow and Tim Melville close to making the list?

Kevin Goldstein: No and No. Sorry, the Royals just don't have much prospect wise.

Dan (Boston): Why hasn't somebody made Lode Runner for iPhone yet?

Kevin Goldstein: I don't know, I have an Android phone. I've never purchased an Apple product, but I get the distinct feeling that's going to change on Wednesday.

mattcollins (boston): How much, if at all, do you talk with other prospect evaluators who also publish lists (e.g. BA) before you all publish? Do you isolate yourselves from each other those final couple weeks before sending your lists to publication, or is there any level of opinion and information-sharing?

Kevin Goldstein: I would definitely call Keith Law and Jim Callis friends, and we certainly talk baseball, but I know that we all put up walls when we do rankings.

Mike White (SoDak): Considering the type of music played at minor league parks (pop crap), do you have a least favorite tune heard when scouting?

Kevin Goldstein: El Mudo: Chacarron

Renegade (Toronto): Who's the ace in Toronto going forward? Morrow, Drabek? I just don't see it in Romero.. Love your work!!

Kevin Goldstein: That's a very fun debate, and I agree, both will be better long-term than Romero.

Help ((Pittsburgh)): You have Luis Heredia ranked higher than anyone else I've seen thus far. How high is his ceiling? Likely a top 5 prospect in a few years?

Kevin Goldstein: His ceiling is ace-level certainly, but of course we can spend the next three days listing the things that can go wrong between right now and him reaching that ceiling.

mrenick (Little Rock): first you pumped Renato Nunez now there's quite a bit of talk about Xander Bogaerts. I didn't see Bogaerts in your top 11 (20). care to elaborate on him?

Kevin Goldstein: I almost made him my Boston sleeper. Big, athletic kid who can hit, but not a shortstop long-term.

Jose Segura (Santo Domingo): Could Jean Segura crack the top 10 next year if he continues to hit for excellent average and steals bases?

Kevin Goldstein: I don't think he's that kind of player, but I do love him.

Or (Dallas): Does the fact that Elvis Andrus used Chacarron as his at-bat music raise his esteem in your eyes?

Kevin Goldstein: The myth that I have some kind of hatred for Andrus is exactly that.

MGL (New Jersey): What sort of role do you project for Matt Harvey in the future?

Kevin Goldstein: I'm a big Matt Harvey fan. Above-average starting pitcher in the big leagues.

EC (Milwaukee): Do you like Elvis Costello?

Kevin Goldstein: I do, especially the 'just after early' stuff with the Attractions like Get Happy and Trust.

JT (Michigan): I asked this of Klaw, and now I ask this of you: favorite high risk, low level teenagers to dream away on? Not so much the Gary Sanchez we know you love, but the Kepler/Puello/Matias types not listed.

Kevin Goldstein: Renato Nunez, Carlos Martinez, Ariel Ovando

Josh G (Stockton): The Giants are reportedly going to try Nick Noonan at SS-Does he have any chance at sticking there?

Kevin Goldstein: I think it's at least worth trying.

Joe (Richmond): How often does a guy get off lists like these altogether and then put up a good career? Was Uggla, for instance, ever highly regarded?

Kevin Goldstein: No, he wasn't, which is why he was a Rule V guy. I remember putting him in the 20s on a Arizona list for Baseball America, and that seemed like a stretch at the time.

Dan (Beantown): I've noticed that few (if any) observers have downgraded Myers since his move from C to OF, presumably because his bat is good enough to have an impact in the additional time he'll see in the field. Is this an indicator that Montero's value wouldn't be hurt by an official move? How rare is it for a prospect to shift to a less demanding defensive position and not see a dip in value? Thanks for the chat.

Kevin Goldstein: Like I said before, I ranked Meyers assuming he's not a catcher, and I did the same with Montero.

Ace (All Over, USA): Kevin, who's the highest beta prospect on the list - ie the person you think is most likely to outright boom or bust? One of the high school arms? Tate?

Kevin Goldstein: Gotta be Tate from a hitter standpoint. Probably Heredia among pitchers.

Fat Guy (Little Suit): Is the fact that few MLBers have repeated high A (more on Hicks) just noise then? I'm sorry to grill on Hicks; I'm legitimately concerned that he's no longer the prospect that Trout turned into.

Kevin Goldstein: Well, of course he's not Trout, but who is? That said, there was real second half progress, he has an approach, he has tools. I think the concern is way overblown.

singledigit (San Diego, Ca.): Macallan 18, or Johnny Walker Blue?

Kevin Goldstein: That's scotch, right? I don't do scotch.

telemakhos (MD): How far from this list was Matt Lipka?

Kevin Goldstein: Pretty darn far, but another good breakout candidate.

Dan (Boston): How long should we give Chris Parmelee to show he belongs at AA when he's made such slow progress up the ladder (a 2nd season at each level) but is still technically in the appropriate age range for his assignment?

Kevin Goldstein: He's 22 and he's never had a big season. Time is running out there.

Ryan (Florida): Buster Olney just tweeted the radar gun today had Manny Banuelos consistently at 93 mph, hitting 95 mph. Is that where he's going to be mid season?

Kevin Goldstein: Should be.

mef (Brooklyn, NY): Jason Isringhausen is currently pitching for the Mets. How weird is that?

Kevin Goldstein: For the record, I was at Jason Isringhausen's major league debut at Wrigley Field on 7/17/95. Sat near his family and it was a lot of fun.

Grecco (Puerto Rico): In a perfect world, whats Jordan Schafers career look like now?

Kevin Goldstein: It's early, so take this with a grain of salt, but I hear he looks great this spring.

batts40 (IL): Is Jackson better than Fuku/Colvin now?

Kevin Goldstein: No, but he will be.

Mike White (SoDak): All-time favorite prospect man-crush? (Mine was Marty Cordova)

Kevin Goldstein: Arquimedez Pozo?

Liane Hansen (NPR): I'd pay good money to hear you and Jason do an entire podcast in "NPR" voices.

Kevin Goldstein: One day . . . when we want to lose listeners.

jimbeau (LeftCoast): Hi KEvin, great list. Any consideration for (or thoughts on) Cord Phelps. He seems to have maintained performance as he has come up through the system. Would think a switch-hitting middle infielder with a good OBP and a little speed would be more considered/talked about. What say you?

Kevin Goldstein: No. He's a great little grinder who is going to be in the big leagues at some point, but he's nowhere near at top 100 guy.

Ryan (IL): Where would Gerrit Cole rank on your list?

Kevin Goldstein: 8-12?

kcscoliny (Omaha, NE): April 2nd Royals Futures Game. Who is MVP?

Kevin Goldstein: Derrick Robinson.

jamin67038 (Wichita, KS): Derek Norris drops from 28 to 41- any particular reason?

Kevin Goldstein: Needs to bounce back from the hand problems, needs to make more defensive adjustments. Ok, I've done two hours, and have 30 minutes left, so keep 'em coming!

Phil (NJ): Does Jeffress have the stuff/mentality to be the next Royals closer once they trade Soria?

Kevin Goldstein: He certainly has the stuff. The mentality is another thing. There are really two kinds of closer mentalities. Kind of the Rivera model and the Brian Wilson model. Jeffress could fall into the latter.

mef (Brooklyn, NY): As a follow-up to you being at Izzy's major league debut - I have a Bill Pulsipher autographed baseball. Do you have any random baseball memorabilia from failed prospects?

Kevin Goldstein: I am so not a memorabilia guy. I own no officially licensed products. No hats, no shirts, no nothing.

Jack (Boston): For a suitable charitable cause, I would be willing to donate money in exchange for the Professor doing a podcast under the influence of Four Loko. Who's with me!

Kevin Goldstein: Yeah, like I don't have to do enough editing as is.

dianagramr (NYC): Arquimedez Pozo holds the distinction of having the highest-scoring first name in Scrabble (31).

Kevin Goldstein: Fact of the day!

Travis (AZ): Is Renato Nunez a good bet to make leap into top 101 next year? How about top 50?

Kevin Goldstein: Probably not. There's a good chance he doesn't even come to the states this year.

achaik (maine): What's Alexi Amarista's ceiling?

Kevin Goldstein: Nice utility player.

mattymatty2000 (Portland, OR): It seems there was some editing at the end of the most recent podcast. What was it that was cut out?

Kevin Goldstein: One day, when neither Jason nor I have a career to protect, we'll put together a best of what you missed episode.

Fat Guy (Little Suit): What's the difference between Sano and Flores (beyond 60+ spots in your rankings)? I have a hard time differentiating their skill sets.

Kevin Goldstein: Sano has way more power.

Bill (Toronto): I only count 3 Jays among the top 101, not as high on their system as most?

Kevin Goldstein: Very high on their system. Some guys on the just missed list, and crazy depth.

Steve (Around): Did you have Pinch Runner in the pool of Bryce Harper's first appearance?

Kevin Goldstein: I did, but I had an unfair advantage of getting tipped off on the plan.

Phil (NJ): If Sano stayed at SS, who would have the higher ceiling between him and Iglesias?

Kevin Goldstein: Sano, but he's not a SS, nor a 3B probably. I think he settles as a RF, but the bat could be special.

gwguest (KS): Do you have any personal favorites in the lower half of the list?

Kevin Goldstein: Chris Dwyer, Michael Choice, Eduardo Escobar, Anthony Ranaudo.

Spirou (Montreal): Any chance of Tim Stauffer earning a spot in the Padres rotation and what are your expectations if he does make it ?

Kevin Goldstein: Outside shot, but it's hard to see a ceiling beyond that back of the rotation role.

Sean P (New York): If you had to pick one system that seems to be the most underrated, which would it be?

Kevin Goldstein: Maybe Cleveland. Like Toronto, it's not star-studded, but there are tons of future big leaguers there.

DavidK44 (NYC): Are you putting overall organization rankings?

Kevin Goldstein: Wednesday, and they include haikus. I might have to re-adjust now that Bryce Harper just struck out.

dianagramr (NYC): The best Triple-A player currently "blocked" by a very good (i.e. not soon to be replaced) major leaguer is?

Kevin Goldstein: That's Montero, no?

josh (VA): Can Jordan Lyles be a perennial innings-eater with low ERA?

Kevin Goldstein: He can be a perennial innings-eater with a average to slightly below-average ERA. And that is IMMENSELY valuable.

dianagramr (NYC): Yankee ranking Haiku: Jesus Montero Very big for a catcher Won't last long back there

Kevin Goldstein: Mine is better and you'll see it Wednesday.

Kevin Goldstein: Ok folks, thanks for all the great questions, but I gotta bounce and take care of some stuff. Lots of Top 101 chat on the podcast this week, so stay tuned!

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