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Chat: Jason Parks

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Tuesday February 22, 2011 1:00 PM ET chat session with Jason Parks.


You know the voice, but now Jason Parks makes his first chat appearance, to talk about prospects, spring training, and what's he drinking, anyway?

Jason Parks: So this is what a BP chat looks like? Excellent. To quote Prince Akeem, "I'm happy to be here." A few things: I type slow. I'll be here for at least 2 hours, but I type like one of the Golden Girls. I'm also operating on four cups of coffee and no food. This is going to be fun. I might start drinking mezcal from the bottle after the first hour. Let's get it on.

WisconsinRob (Madison): So Jason, what are you drinking?

Jason Parks: I'm drinking iced coffee. Well, actually, I'm mainlining it.

Tom Verducci (SI): Can you please tell Ken Rosenthal to stop asking me for "beauty advice"?

Jason Parks: Hey, Tom. I can't do that. Being sexy has a price. Deal with it.

jintman (Bradenton FLa): I am at Pirate ST camp. Which players should I keep my eye on other than the obvious ?

Jason Parks: The only player you need to watch is Mexican Luis Heredia. Watch him all day, every day. Keep an eye on Colton Cain.

knockoutking (texas): any update on the rangers-centric project you have spoken of on twitter?

Jason Parks: Yes. I launched it yesterday. www.texasfarmreview.com. All Rangers....all the time.

B Face (Fort Worth): Which low level Rangers pitchig prospect has the highest ceiling? Perez seems to have a #2 best case scenario..are there ANY possible aces in the system?

Jason Parks: Perez. When you get a young kid that has a projectable frame, the makings of a plus-plus pitch and a feel for both secondary pitches and the strikezone, that's a promising combo. I don't like labeling prospects as potential "aces" but Perez has a very high ceiling.

Guancous (Silver Spring, MD): So... how's your mental state? Conversely, what are you drinking?

Jason Parks: My mental state is 55/60; drinking iced coffee by the gallon.

bird627 (Boston): Who should I target for saves/k's on draft day for my keeper auction league- Greg Kimbrel/Chris Perez/Andrew Bailey?

Jason Parks: Doesn't "keeper league auction" sound like an aspect of Colonialism? Anyway, I'm not sure. I really really like Kimbrel, and when it comes together, he can miss bats and get save opps. He could be one of the best closers in the NL by the end of the year.

Dave (tampa): When will we see Manny Banuelos in the Bronx?

Jason Parks: At some point in 2011, but it might be in September. He needs to log more minor league time and build up the necessary stamina to pitch in a major league rotation. My guess is up in Sept and in ML rotation for 2012.

Eric (Va): I can't trade Fernando Rodney for a bag of dirt in my keeper league - it's like people are expecting him to lose the closer's role. Does he keep it through the whole season?

Jason Parks: I doubt it. His command is shaky, he is hittable, and he doesn't miss bats at an elite level. I don't think he survives the season in that role.

woodruff11 (nyc): Why do scouts give you, KG, or anyone outside their organization info? Are they getting an industry consensus view back from you that they wouldn't have otherwise? Or do they only share what everyone else inside the industry already knows?

Jason Parks: It's all about relationships. The exchange of information in baseball is the life-blood of the sport, but most of it is agenda driven; quid pro quo.

DBrown (Pittsburgh): MLB arrival date for Atlanta's premier pitching prospects? June or Sept for Teheran? Vizcaino and Delgado mid-to-late 2012?

Jason Parks: I wouldnt be shocked if Teheran makes it up in 2011 (sept). Delgado could be a Sept call-up as well, Vizcaino is a little behind him.

MonkeyEpoxy (Texas): Several David Perez questions. He's already a towering behemoth as an 18 year old (6'5" 200). Any chance he gets even bigger as he gets older? If so, what do you think his fastball velocity gets to (also, where did he usually sit last season)?

Jason Parks: I think Perez will start to fill-out his frame over the next few years; he will end up a very large man. I think his arm action and delivery will allow him to tick up a bit in the velo dept, reaching a sustainable 93-96 with the ability to touch in the 97-98. He was 89-93 last season and touched higher (94-96) when he maxed it out.

Dbrown (Pittsburgh): What NL prospects can we expect to arrive post-opening day and fill a role? [platoon, everyday, or starting pitcher]

Jason Parks: Look for Brandon Belt after May. He's going to be a solid-average regular from jump street, and should blossom into a first-division player in the next few seasons.

Matt (Chicago): Please give me an impact stick in Cubs system to get excited about? Vitters' aversion to walking has me nervous.

Jason Parks: Brett Jackson, but he doesn't have a ton of impact potential; solid-average regular that might over-perform if the stars align.

Matt (Chicago): Does Cashman eventually use Montero as a chip or does he find a way to get him at-bats?

Jason Parks: Depends on what happens with that rotation, in my opinion. If the Yankees are forced to make a move to better a struggling rotation, I think Montero gives them the ability to acquire legit rotational talent. He's one of the best trade chips in baseball, and the Yankees will need more help on the mound than they will from 1B/DH where they have options.

Vriez10 (Michigan): Outside of the Big 3, who do you like the most from the 2010 draft? It seems like there's a pretty major drop-off after Machado. Thanks.

Jason Parks: Zach Lee (Texan), Anthony Ranaudo, and Taijuan Walker, just to name a few

Lacey (Seattle): Good luck on the new site! What did you think of CarGo as a prospect and did you see his 2010 breakout coming?

Jason Parks: Thanks. I liked him, but I wasn't in deep passionate love with him. I thought he would perform at a reasonably high level in 2010, but I didn't forecast magnitude of the breakout, no.

Markus (NYC): Has Jesus Montero's catching ability improved enough for him to remain at the catcher position, or DHing a forgone conclusion?

Jason Parks: Mixed feelings on this, although most people I've spoken with seem to think he isn't long for catcher. Montero doesn't have elite athleticism and his body isn't going to improve going forward, so I'd rather get his bat until the lineup as soon as possible, even if that means sticking him at DH. I'd rather have ~500 ABs of Montero at DH than ~400 ABs of Montero behind the plate.

Tom Verducci (SI): Have you ever made a scale to measure people's attractiveness that used me as the "10" standard? If so, where would Val Kilmer rate? His buffalo?

Jason Parks: Hey, Tom. I know someone who created such a scale, and I use it whenever I can. I once met a beauty that was a true Verducci 10. It turned out to be Tom Verducci. Kilmer is a Verducci 8. His buffalo is also a Verducci 8. When they combo up, its a Verducci 16.

RMR (Chicago): Professor, the Reds internets community is having a pretty heated debate about SS Ronald Torreyes. At 17, he tore up the Venezuelan Rookie league (.390/.468/.606, 23 BB to 11 SO) and more than held his own in Arizona. He's got a very good glove and runs well. But he's built like David Eckstein's Venezuelan little brother. Just how much should that temper our excitement?

Jason Parks: He's an interesting little prospect, but the little factor is a little hard to ignore. I'm not a fan of midgets unless 1) They are named Warwick Davis, 2) They are named Sean Astin (From "Toy Soldiers" not "LOTR", or 3) They have elite skills that allow you to ignore the fact that they are midgets.

GrinnellSteve (Grinnell): Jason, I absolutely love what you're bringing to BP. Welcome aboard. Keep it up. A player my son and I both love watching is Dayan Viciedo. He swings every swing like it's the last one of his life, and he wants to be remembered for it. Have you seen him play? Is there a position for him on the field? How much might his all-or-nothing approach limit him? What are the chances someone like Adam Dunn can help him learn to lay off crap and get better pitches to hit 480 feet? Ozzie says he wants to get him at-bats, so he's working out in RF. I hope that means on those days they would shift Quentin back to left. Thanks.

Jason Parks: Thanks. I've seen him play 3B, which was an experience. He just lacks the athleticism to offer much in the field. I like his bat, and his power is obviously legit, but the approach will suffocate him if he doesn't make the necessary adjustments. If he shows the aptitude for adjustment, his bat could be destructive in the middle of the order.

modofacid (Philly): On the Podcast, yous guys (for added philly effect) have started talking about your "riser." However, this wasn't done for some of the earlier systems. Who is your riser for Baltimore?

Jason Parks: KG loves talking about his "riser" For Baltimore, I like Matt Hobgood. Just kidding. I like Connor Narron.

bird627 (Boston): What can I expect from Trevor Cahill this year?

Jason Parks: More intelligence than 95% of all players in the league. I think he gets better in 2011 (better command). I really like Cahill

modofacid (philly): Would love to see a future article that has prospects you're smitten with (and are likely to break your heart).

Jason Parks: I'm smitten with most of the Royals farm, and they will no doubt disappoint (on some level). After I get out to ST, I'm sure I'll have more articles that focus on players I love, and how they will no doubt end up breaking my heart.

biteme (California): How much of your Dee Gordon analysis applies to other slightly built speedsters like Hamilton, Deshields & Lipka?

Jason Parks: Depends on the player, of course, but strength (or lack thereof) is an important part of the equations. I tend to shy away from slightly built speedsters unless they offer an elite tool or two. That said, if there is some body potential [read: strength] I can jump on-board if other skills are present.

biteme (California): Any comps for Rendon, Springer, Jackie Bradley or Lindor (with standard disclaimers assumed)?

Jason Parks: Haven't seen them in person and I dislike comps. I'll hold off throwing anything out until they reach professional ball and adjust. A ton can happen after a player joins the ranks of professional ball.

Padre (South America): Hey Jason, I've never contributed a chat question, but I wanted to tell you I enjoy the podcast, especially when I listen with a Coca-Cola con azucar from my 30 refrigerator. As for baseball, I know you focus on the Rangers in ST, but I was wondering if you noticed anyone from another Arizona team, the Padres, who you really like as a prospect? Someone other than the obvious top-5 guys like Decker, Castro and the players obtained from the Red Sox.

Jason Parks: In AZ, I spend a lot of time watching the Rangers/Royals, but I also enjoy watching the Padres, DOdgers, Giants, and Mariners. I love watching Tate on the field. He's not pretty during game action, but he gives you a ton to dream on. Superstar level tools and about a .02% chance of full actualization. I think Jedd Gyorko is a player to watch just because of his name. Keyvius Sampson is another great name, but he also has a really good arm.

Andy (Chicago): In brief: How will Shelby Miller and Carlos Matias break my heart?

Jason Parks: Miller probably won't break your heart unless he gets hurt; he's really good. Carlos Martinez (Matias) could break your heart by changing his name every six weeks during the season. His arm is special, but a lot could go wrong as he attempts to harness it.

James Decker (Stamford, Texas): Should people who like beans in chili even be allowed to have opinions about food? I vote no.

Jason Parks: No. I like beans in chili. I just don't like beans in Texas chili. I'll raise a "Come and Take It" flag and grab the nearest musket if you serve me a Texas chili with beans. I've killed for chili before and I'll gladly do it again. It's not against the law to kill for chili in Texas. The state got a few things right.

Matt (Chicago): Could you & KG do a better job than Buck & McCarver doing WS games? I'd like Loko 4 to sponsor a WS broadcast by you two.

Jason Parks: KG could. I'd make a few inappropriate comments and get fired on the spot.

Tom Verducci (SI): Hottest female baseball writer and corresponding grade on the Verducci scale. Now. Stop staring at my perfectly square jaw. And crotch.

Jason Parks: Trick question. The answer is Tom Verducci. Oh, Tom, you silly sexy beast.

rangerrenob (Fort Worth): Do you like your gig? That wasn't the question. Do you like your job?

Jason Parks: Yes, I like being chief of police.

Matt (Bloomington): What are your favorite whiskeys?

Jason Parks: Macallan 18 is one of my favorite things to drink, besides the blood of Christ and the nectar of the agave plant.

Tom Verducci (SI): Is there a situation in life where it's not okay to use the 20-80 scale?

Jason Parks: Nope. It is applicable to all situations.

dianagramr (NYC): Where does Val Kilmer rate on the 20-80 acting scale?

Jason Parks: Acting? 40/50; Verducci Scale: 8

don (lansing): 2011 draft, who are the first 3 off the board? Pirates go with Rendon or one of the stud college pitchers?

Jason Parks: Cole, Rendon, Springer. I hope the Pirates draft Cole. He's special.

ramjam36 (Fort Worth, TX): Thanks for the chat Jason. What do you expect out of Neil Ramirez this season? Do you think he still has the potential to be an above average starter?

Jason Parks: Probably not. He has the raw stuff to be an above-average reliever, though.

Todd (Austin): Did Christina and Steven insist on a 7-second delay as part of your chat? Don't want any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions...

Jason Parks: They are very smart, so I assume so.

WisconsinRob (Madison): Jason, my fridge is only a 50, but my freezer is a 70. Just thought you should know. Also, am I wrong to be optimistic about the Cubs.

Jason Parks: The Cubs at the major league level? Yes, you are wrong to be optimistic. Cubs fans should assume the worst and be pleasantly surprised when they play well.

Matt (NYC): Professor, just wanted to let you I feel like a mastodon today. When's the next album coming?

Jason Parks: New album is being mixed. Should go to mastering in a few weeks and then get an April release on iTunes.

Jason Parks (Hell): How close is Cody Eppley to Darren O'Day pitching wise?

Jason Parks: About 1 inch

scott (chicago): jason...have you seen many tarkovsky films?

Jason Parks: Not a ton, but I enjoyed Solaris and The Mirror

Jaff Decker (Lake Elsinore): Just because I don't look like Carl Crawford doesn't really make a difference, does it? I can still hit like Matt Stairs.

Jason Parks: Yes. No.

J. Heyman (EVERYWHERE): So Jacob Turner isn't the most coveted prospect in baseball? I thought only the cool kids dumped on Heyman? I heard you and KG thumbing your noses at the mockers. We welcome you back.

Jason Parks: I can mock Heyman without calling him a buffoon or questioning his integrity or agenda. Heyman does a good job in general, but he should probably stay away from prospect talk.

nils707 (Ann Arbor): What do you expect from Miguel Sano this year? Best case scenario?

Jason Parks: Best case scenario is Sano announces himself as Christ returned, and then promptly destroys minor league pitching. Realistic case is that Sano shows off his extreme potential but doesn't wow people with his statistical output. Regardless of what happens in 2011, Sano has the tools to be special.

bentbratt (Norway): How do you grade Nick Lowe on the coolness scale?

Jason Parks: "...in the right measure."

scott (chicago): you should be an ass like kevin when people ask you keeper league questions about major league players; two topics you could care less about.

Jason Parks: I am an ass like Kevin. That's why we get along.

Michael (Chicago): Who of Trey McNutt, Chris Carpenter, and Jay Jackson has the highest ceiling (and what is that ceiling)? Most likely to reach their ceiling?

Jason Parks: McNutt has the highest ceiling and the best name of the group. He could be a #2 or a very good power reliever. I think Carpenter will reach a ceiling of power bullpen arm.

Adam (PP): Thoughts on Wilin Rosario? There's one prospect site out there calling him the top catching prospect in the game right now.

Jason Parks: If you factor in Myers and Harper moving to the OF, and Montero likely moving to 1B/DH (at some point), Rosario is next in line for top catching prospect. I think Sanchez is next in that line, with the tools to head the list next season. I like Rosario; excellent power potential and good skills behind the plate. I don't think he is a special prospect, but he will be good.

Reds Fan (Wishing it was Goodyear): Can Todd Frazier rediscover the hitting magic? And, what's the over/under on the # of times you say "actualize" next podcast?

Jason Parks: I was never sold on his bat, so I don't think so. I will say "Actualize" at least 10 times on the next podcast, and possibly more if I start nipping at the moonshine.

RK (Kansas): What kind of arguements might an agent make that his HS draftee is worth over slot money? I'd imagine stats are pretty much irrelevant since context varies so much. Do they say their scouting reports and ranking through publications such as BP say my player should worth more, or is it comps of previous players that signed over slot? Just curious where they draw their leverage to make those kinds of demands.

Jason Parks: They can draw leverage from what you mentioned, but also from other teams (valid or not) that are willing to draft said player and give him $____ amount of money, and from firm college commitments.

bretsayre (nj): Any thoughts on Christian Yelich? Seems like he's a guy who, if he can transition smoothly to the outfield, could be a potential impact bat for the Marlins. Does he have star potential?

Jason Parks: Big fan. Not sure about star-potential, but he definitely has projection and his tools could make him a very very good first-division regular.

Mike (TX): Is David Perez a better prospect than Luis Heredia?

Jason Parks: Nope. Luis Heredia is a better prospect, at least right now. If Perez continues to take steps forward, he could make it interesting. Heredia has a chance to be an elite level prospect, but its going to take time. Lots of time.

RK (Kansas): Why is your ETA for Sano so long? I get that he's super young, but if he's such a super prospect why can't we expect a league per year promotion schedule? Because he's expected to grow so much and maybe go to 1B, needs glove work? Just curious what areas you think will take that long for him to develope.

Jason Parks: When did I suggest an ETA for Sano? He will play the 2011 season as an 18 year-old. I think it will take at least three more seasons in the minors, and that is assuming he stays healthy and develops.

Taldan9 (Toronto): Does Rajai Davis suddenly, like a chia pet, grow HR power in Toronto like the rest of the 2010 Jays - say 20? - or is he going to just repeat 2010 in Oakland.

Jason Parks: Davis isn't going to hit 20 homers in 2011, and if he does someone needs to call Victor Conte

James Decker (Stamford, Texas): I'm about to hyperventilate with excitement over David Perez. Should I restrain myself or just roll with it?

Jason Parks: You should restrain yourself. There is a memorable line from "Pulp Fiction" delivered by the Wolf about getting ahead of yourself. I'd take that advice to heart.

Mr. Cthulu (Depths of the Ocean): Hey Jason, love the podcast (I'm a .9er)! I have a mostly non-baseball related question for you: I'm going to New York for a week in May and I don't want to get bogged down just going to tourist spots. Any advice on how to experience the real New York (like places to eat that should not be missed)? Also, I'll be catching a game at Yankee Stadium (and cheering for the opposition) any advice on what is a must see at the statdium and how not to get the crap kicked out of me?

Jason Parks: Stay away from Times Square and Midtown in general. Hit the Lower East Side or Brooklyn. You can stumble into cool things without trying to. I don't like the new stadium, so the best thing to see will be on the field. Getting the crap kicked out of you is a NYC tradition. Just take the beer shower, tell them that you are willing to kill a man with your bare hands over petty things, and it will all be good.

mrenick (Arkansas): Do you see trayvon Robinson and Thomas Neal as being solid regulars in 2012

Jason Parks: Robinson yes, Neal no. I think Neal takes a little longer to become a solid regular

PJS (ATX): What managers do you like to watch operate? Which ones actually add value to their club on the field?

Jason Parks: I don't watch the managers very often. It's hard to answer that last question. I guess I don't pay enough attention to that sort of thing. Sorry

Sky (The Roc, NY): Jason, hitting prospects tend to outperform their similarly ranked pitching counterparts, at least in the Top 100, and the gap is larger the better you get. So what's the solution for grading prospects? Five pitchers in the top 50?

Jason Parks: I think people just need to be aware of the success rates and temper their expectations accordingly. I don't have a problem ranking pitchers high despite a lower success rate. I tend to rank prospects based on ceiling rather than odds of reaching ceiling, although that does play a role. If you told me that Pitcher A had a .2% chance of becoming anything of substance at the higher levels, but that his tools gave him an elite level ceiling, I'd probably be dumb enough to rank him based on the dream rather than the reality. Dreams are always easier to sell.

Matt (Chicago): Where do you see S Castro's peak ? I see him getting a bit more sluggy over the next couple of seasons.

Jason Parks: I agree. More pop, more body, less range.

mrenick (Little Rock): Is Jennings still considered a can't miss guy or should we start to worry? Or maybe just dispense with the Crawford comparisons?

Jason Parks: I never liked the Crawford comps and I never thought he was a legit "can't miss" type. I think he has a good chance of becoming a solid-average player at the major league level, but I never saw Crawford and I never saw a star. I think he will be good, but he's no Jedi.

P (DE): In the recent Twins Top 11, Kevin mentioned that Minnesota tends to move players slowly through the system. As a fan, I've noticed this and been somewhat frustrated at times, knowing that I'll be anticipating a player for a long time before he's deemed worthy of the bigs. On the other hand, you can't really argue with success, right? Is something like this an actual organizational philosophy, or is it done on a case-by-case basis? For example, if Sano continues to impress, would the team accelerate his timetable?

Jason Parks: Everything is player specific, but some teams have a more hardline developmental philosophy than others. If Sano continues to impress, I assume his timetable will accelerate some, but I can't speak to how much acceleration will take place. There is something to be said for the slow and low approach to development. Maturity isn't just required on the field, so sometimes allowing a player to grow up in all phases of the game has its advantages.

Nick (Philly): What's your take on Julio Rodriguez? His numbers were off the charts last year, but reports varied significantly on how hard he was throwing. Some had him 86-89, others 90-94.

Jason Parks: I like the arm, and he did have inconsistent velo. He needs to add strength and grow into his body more, and that should help him hold velo into games and during a long season.

Bob (DC): Why are American League teams so hesitant in putting a great young hitter at DH from the beginning? Has there ever been a player that came up from the minors and played only DH? Edgar was a 3rd baseman in the beginning. Eddie Murray played his first year at DH but that was a way to bring him into the majors. Is there some benefit to having your injured players play DH, something like you are subbing a poor aggregate DH performance in exchange for better performances around the diamond because they didn't let rust accumulate? DH performances are seldom great, and the ones that are, belong to veteran players. If Montero comes up at DH and plays his career there, then he would be truly a unique player wouldn't he?

Jason Parks: Breaking in a young kid at DH limits the ability to stick older position players in the spot when they need a day off from the field, especially if you are trying to get the younger player as many ABs as possible. That said, good bats are good bats, and if you need to break in a hitter at DH who happens to be 21, so be it.

Charles (NYC): What is the unpredictable Joba Chamberlin worth in trade value for the Yankees right now? Is it selling low now, or could get lower?

Jason Parks: It could get much lower. Is Joba in the league three years from now? What are the odds? 50/50? I'm a pessimist, I guess, but I just think he flames out in a major way in the next few years and we all get to sit around with the what ifs.

john (ct): Any chance for my Birds to finish third in the AL East? That pitching staff will keep them in a lot of games.

Jason Parks: Third? Yes. It's very possible. Higher than 3rd place will require 1) Really excellent drugs, 2) really bad luck for either SoX/Yanks, or 3) really excellent drugs

tbr (AZ): Don't like midgets, huh? Thoughts on Tim Collins?

Jason Parks: I really like him. He has fantastic arm speed. I think he could be a solid 7/8 guy at the major league level. Legit stuff. Very short.

Millerms (NJ): Professor, when I heard KG was first doing a podcast, I had no clue who you were, and I listened primarily for KG; however, I couldn't imagine the podcast without you. Your views are always interesting, and you bring a lot to the podcast and to BP. Goldman can suck it. That is all.

Jason Parks: Thanks. Goldman is amazing, and would no doubt be a better podcast co-host than I am.

Bob (CT): What's your take on Xander Bogaerts? He's gotten a lot of hype in Boston circles this winter.

Jason Parks: I love the name and the potential. He's a player that needs to get stronger, but excellent projection.

Steve (VA): Do you think it's time for Holland to put it all together and have a 'breakout' season?

Jason Parks: He could become a legitimate starting pitcher at the major league level in '11. He has the stuff to be a solid #3 in the immediate future, and possibly a tad bit higher if the secs and command max out.

mrenick (Little rock): I'm headed to spring training for the first time. It will be for the last weekend of games. Is there anything I need to know about or must do during that time frame. Just attend the games? Will there be morning workouts I can attend as well? Thanks

Jason Parks: I don't recall when the gates open to fans, but I want to say its either 10 or 11am. At that time you can watch workouts (pens, drill, etc) on the back fields, with most minor league games starting at 1. Those are the ones worth catching.

Tom Verducci (SI): Josh Kusnick is a Verducci 3 on a good day.

Jason Parks: Hey, Tom. I'll be right back. I have to put on an adult diaper so I can keep chatting uninterrupted. Kusnick is a 2.

john (ct): Zach Britton over hyped? The real thing?

Jason Parks: Perhaps a touch overhyped, but he's a very good pitcher. Not an overpowering arm, but he does have good stuff. I don't see a TORP, but a good starter.

Matt (Chicago): Have you soured on Jay Jackson? KLaw had his velocity down late last season to the upper-80s.

Jason Parks: I was never that high on him to begin with. He wasn't sharp last season, but he has the arsenal to find some success at the major league level. I'd say he's more of a reliever or back-end starter.

Sean (DC): What are the chances that Neftali Feliz starts for the Rangers this year? If he does, who closes? Does Scheppers get a serious look at some point this season?

Jason Parks: If he impresses this ST, Feliz has a good chance to start for the Rangers. I think he profiles better as a reliever (for 2011), but if it comes together for him and he shows enough stamina to maintain his stuff multiple times through the order, he has more value in the rotation than in the pen. I don't think he is there yet, but we shall see how it plays out during ST. I think Scheppers will move to the pen by the summer, at the latest. I don't see him as a starter.

Sean (DC): Who is more likely to break out this year, Desmond Jennings or Cameron Maybin? What type of stats do you see from the two of them?

Jason Parks: I think Maybin has room to develop into a good player. I'm still a fan of his tools. I think he could put up this line: 010010001100110

Sean (DC): Now that Pablo Sandoval reported to camp 38 pounds lighter and 11% less body fat, do you expect him to return to his 2009 form? .300+ average with 25 HRs?

Jason Parks: I expect him to eat 38 pounds of food in the next 24 hours.

Rob (Alaska): Dustin Ackley seems to be one of the more controversial prospects out there. What's your take on him? Has Kipnis surpassed him among 2B prospects? Is Ackley a 2B in the end?

Jason Parks: I have an article coming out tomorrow on the Mariners system, with a lengthy Ackley report.

Hecho en Mexico (Refresco): What are you thoughts on Albert Campos, the Rockies "beefy" pitching prospect?

Jason Parks: I like him a lot. Solid arsenal with ability to spin god breaking ball and feel for changeup. He is a good athlete but he needs to keep that body in check. He's a big boy and that type of beef could start to affect his ability to repeat his delivery, control the running game, stay healthy, and field his position.

Hecho en Mexico (Refresco): What are you thoughts on Albert Campos, the Rockies "beefy" pitching prospect?

Jason Parks: I like him a lot. Solid arsenal with ability to spin god breaking ball and feel for changeup. He is a good athlete but he needs to keep that body in check. He's a big boy and that type of beef could start to affect his ability to repeat his delivery, control the running game, stay healthy, and field his position.

Bobby (Philly): What can you tell us about Aaron Altherr?

Jason Parks: Lots. Great size, but needs to grow into his body and add strength. Power potential in the swing, with a god hit tool. Loads of athleticism. I'm a fan. High ceiling.

Sean (DC): Who has the better year/career? Freddie Freeman, Brandon Belt, or Justin Smoak?

Jason Parks: Year 2011: Smoak, Freeman, Belt Career: Smoak/Freeman/Belt (but its close).

Mexican Coke (Your local 7-11): What are your thoughts on Taijuan Walker? Is he someone who have a big breakout this year or is that a few years off still? Assuming it happens at all, of course.

Jason Parks: Huge fan. I gush over his skill-set in my Mariners article that runs tomorrow. I think he needs time to develop into a pitcher, but I love the upside.

WisconsinRob (Madison): Where does the Verducci Scale rank on the 20-80 scale? Now reverse the question.

Jason Parks: The scale itself is a Verducci 9. Verducci is a 90 on the scouting scale.

bretsayre (nj): Professor - I know the minor league SS ranks are a bit thin, but what about the guys who have already been promoted? Who out of this group do you like to have the best MLB career - Starlin Castro, Elvis Andrus, Alcides Escobar or Reid Brignac?

Jason Parks: Best career: Overall, I'll say Andrus. I don't think Castro stays at SS or he would be my choice.

dianagramr (NYC): I know Christina likes to cook, and you and KG like to cook ... so, I think its time for a BP cookbook, with proceeds going to a charity of your choosing. How about it?

Jason Parks: Excellent idea. Forget charity; BP can use the proceeds to go lunatic level crazy during a lost weekend.

Kyle (KC): This is a 60 grade chat, but projects to be an 80 if it lasts another hour.

Jason Parks: I have my diaper on, another cup of coffee in hand, and plan on going until the diaper fills up.

Nick (OKC): Are you a believer in Junior Arias?

Jason Parks: No. I think people just turn to Junior Arias to escape the realities of the world. I mean, where's the proof that Arias exists? Do you think Junior Arias is really protecting you?

John (TX): Do Premium BP subscribers get a discount at your new site?

Jason Parks: Yep. They get to pay $19.95 a year. www.texasfarmreview.com

T.R. Sullivan's Merkin (El Segundo): Evan Grant put Alexi Ogando in his projected Rangers starting rotation this morning. What are your thoughts on that?

Jason Parks: I makes me think he has never seen Ogando pitch

Matthew (OH): Jay Bruce - does the breakout happen this year?

Jason Parks: Well, it sort of happened last season, but yes....it gets even better in 2011.

Jimmy (NJ): What are your thoughts on Domonic Brown? Seems like he's still a bit raw, but potential is there to be great. What kind of player do you see him becoming?

Jason Parks: A very, very good player with peak seasons at the all-star level.

Scrapper (Chicago): Not trying to be rude but who are you anyway? How does your knowledge of prospects relate to what Kevin Goldstein does for BP? There is not going to be a turf war, is there?

Jason Parks: There is going to be a turf war, actually.

bretsayre (nj): Professor, will Jean Segura be the #1 SS prospect in baseball at this time next year?

Jason Parks: If he can stick at SS, its entirely possible, although my money is on Machado

Matt (NYC): How high are you on Edward Salcedo's tools? I hear the swing is pretty long.

Jason Parks: I like his tools. The swing is exploitable at the present, but the game is all about adjustment. Can he shorten it up and make regular contact? Can he layoff junk after getting set up? We shall see

biteme (Lake Forest California): Do Hamilton, Deshields & Lipka have the frames to suggest they will acquire the necessary stregth to become star ballplayers? You seem to think Gordon does not have that type of frame.

Jason Parks: Deshields is actually quite strong, with a body to hold a little weight bulk. I don't see anyone on that list becoming a star, but not necessarily because of their lack of strength.

kcshankd (Lawrence): I went to AZ for ST last year for the first time and had the time of my life. This year, no way with their idiot xenophobia. Couldn't you go to Florida this year?

Jason Parks: I could, but I wanted to watch all the talent the Royals have to offer, plus I have a Rangers specific site that I want to acquire content for. I'll probably hit the Florida complexes at some point after ST

Matt (NYC): Which system do you prefer among Atlanta, NYY, and Tampa?

Jason Parks: Atlanta. Big time. Love the system. Atlanta, NYY, Tampa

Vic (San Diego): Gary Sanchez, while still far away, offers a lot to dream on. What are your thoughts on him?

Jason Parks: I have both a physical love and an emotional love for Gary Sanchez. One of my favorite prospects.

Matt (NYC): If Tim Beckham was at his current point of development, with his current tools, but had spent the last few years in college, where you do think he'd be drafted?

Jason Parks: Good question. I'm not sure. I think he has more room for development, so the tools would warrant a higher pick, but not in the first round.

Bobby (Las Vegas): Who is slower, you responding to chat questions or Joes Molina running the bases?

Jason Parks: I'm not THAT slow. I have to think before I type. I've answered over 100 questions in three hours. That's not bad.

xxx (north): How does the triumverate of Belt, Freeman and Smoak compare against Hosmer?

Jason Parks: Hosmer is bacon and the other three are Canadian bacon. It's still tasty, but it's not in the same league.

Padre (South America): Question about "makeup." Whether it's good or bad, I generally only hear it applied to American and Canadian players. I presume it's because many coaches and front office personnel can't speak Spanish or Japanese. How do they judge a player's makeup without ever really being able to speak with him? Is it just body language after a bad at-bat or a rough outing on the mound?

Jason Parks: I watch for a lot of different things: How they respond to failure; how they respond to success; how they receive instruction; how they carry themselves around their teammates; around other teams; how they make adjustments; how they approach the game. Lots of things to focus on, but I don't get overly involved in the makeup process. You either see it or you don't. I guess the details depend on how much you want to allow yourself to see and how much you want to believe in what you see.

Ron (Vancouver): Kyle Drabek Career All-Star Appearances, 0.5. Over or Under?

Jason Parks: Over.

MonkeyEpoxy (Texas): Which young catcher is more arousing, Jorge Alfaro or Gary Sanchez?

Jason Parks: Sanchez is the better prospect, but Alfaro has crazy tools as well.

Markus (NYC): Could Mike Moustakas be the opening day 3B for the Royals, with a great spring?

Jason Parks: Sure.

Mr. Boing (De Efe): You need to leave KG and go solo.

Jason Parks: KG's Mom, is that you?

Gabe (Ohio): One prominent publication noted that Levon Washington draws Carl Crawford comps. Buy those?

Jason Parks: Levon Helm is more likely.

John (NY): Will Ike Davis become one of the game's better hitting first basemen, or is his ceiling slightly lower than that?

Jason Parks: More than slightly lower. I think Davis will be a solid-average 1B at the major league level, but he's not going to be a star or even a step right below a star. He's going to be good.

Riley Steele (Chatsworth): Is it too early to call Brandon Wood a bust?

Jason Parks: No. He is a bust.

Bill Simmons (LA): The Red Sox winning 96.5 wins, Over or Under?

Jason Parks: Under. Tough division and a rotation with some question marks. ~90 wins.

timber (MN): Cracked up at the "Hosmer is bacon" comment. Is he #1 on your Royals prospect ranking?

Jason Parks: He's #1 on my Royals list and in my heart.

xxx (north): Best two players under the age of 25 are:

Jason Parks: The entire cast of Degrassi is the correct answer

James Franco (LA): Who's going to win the Stanley Cup this season?

Jason Parks: The Dolphins

Tex (Houston): Give me 3 good reasons why I should spend my hard earned money and buy Astros season tickets this year.

Jason Parks: I can't. Sorry.

Chad (Pasadena): Which is the better nickname for eventual Angels catcher Hank Conger - King Conger, Hammerin' Hank, or Mike Scioscia squashed my dreams and won't let me play?

Jason Parks: Bong Conger would be a great nickname. Speaking of, its time I end the chat here. 3:15 minutes and I want to go on, but I have to eat something, change my diaper, fee my cats, worship the Lord, and record a podcast. Thanks for all the great questions. Sorry that I left so many on the shelf. Next time. Lo mejor--JP

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