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Chat: Roundtable Administrator

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Tuesday October 05, 2010 7:23 PM ET chat session with Roundtable Administrator.

This chat is associated with roundtable 2010 Playoffs Day One. Answers to questions submitted here will appear on the roundtable.

Submit questions to our 2010 Playoffs Day One author roundtable.

Roundtable Administrator: This chat has been created so readers can submit questions to our 2010 Playoffs Day One roundtable. This roundtable does not start until 1:00 PM ET on October 6, but you can submit questions for our authors any time before or during the roundtable. Just to be clear, this chat is only for submitting questions to our authors - no response will be given here. To view the roundtable, please click here.

A Reader (Internetland): Wait, how does this work again?

Roundtable Administrator: We're glad you asked! Go ahead and submit a question using this interface and then visit the 2010 Playoffs Day One roundtable page sometime around 1:00 PM ET on October 6. The authors will be answering questions at that time, and may answer yours.

Mountainhawk (Salem, MA): @Brandon: Hi, Dr. Nick!

Roundtable Administrator: Ha. Always love the Simpson references. Hope you're in a comfortable chair and are enjoying this first taste of postseason action!

Ryan (Springfield, PA): Where does the Phillies "Big Three" rank in terms of the best top 3 pitchers in one rotation in the last two decades or so?

Roundtable Administrator: Towards the top, but slightly behind the 2005 Orioles C-Squared-L trio of Daniel Cabrera, Bruce Chen, and Rodrigo Lopez.

Mike Fast (mikefast@gmail.com): Ben, I'm pretty sure PitchTrax attempts to draw the rulebook zone, which is a few inches narrower on the outside edge than what umpires typically call, particularly to LHB. Also, I don't remember whether they draw it (incorrectly) at the 17-inch width of home plate or whether they include the 1.5-inch radius of the baseball on either side, like they should, for a 20-inch rulebook zone.

Roundtable Administrator: Thanks, Mike. I guess we'll continue to see a bunch of called strikes from Lee that Pitch Trax says are outside the zone, then.

Paul (Boston): Do we have a PECOTA projection for the Reds game? Yanks?

Roundtable Administrator: Colin is working on it as we speak.

ShaqShoes (Southern Ontario): Hello from PSD. DO you think Roy Halladay will be a hall of famer?

Roundtable Administrator: This performance might have sealed it.

Roundtable Administrator: OK, thanks for all the questions. Hopefully we answered yours in tonight's roundtable. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more roundtables.

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