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Chat: Christina Kahrl

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Monday October 25, 2010 1:00 PM ET chat session with Christina Kahrl.


With the LCS round about to begin, chat with Christina Kahrl about the round that was and the games to come.

Christina Kahrl: Howdy gang, back from a quick pre-chat walk with the dingo, coffee'd up, and ready to talk baseball, World Series, BP (not a troubled petrochemical corporate megalith), and George Grosz. Or pretty much anything you want, but let's try to stick with baseball for the most part.

Matt (Chicago): What approach do you see Hendry taking this offseason? I expect him to make a couple of targeted moves to give the veneer of competitiveness , while focusing more on the development of the kids.

Christina Kahrl: And I wouldn't blame him for it in the least. We just saw the Reds win the NL Central, after all, and a veneer of competitiveness is all it takes to earn the right to get three quick October losses and a more keenly felt sense of futility. And to the credit of the Cubs on the player development side of things, they've done fairly well as far as chunking out worthwhile talent. Conjuring up a quality shortstop and catcher is usually the sort of thing that leads to nominations for having one of the best farm systems around, and while I'd agree that's overstatement in the Cubs' case, their successes on this front seem remarkably muted.

dianagramr (NYC): Hiya Christina . . . thanks for chat. Breaking news from Yanks this morning is that Dave Eiland is out as pitching coach. So, would you infer that inconsistent Javy and A.J. are being pinned on him?

Christina Kahrl: More's the pity, then, because the overlap between people who have employed Vazquez and Burnett and the people who have been frustrated by them is almost perfect. Maybe there's more involved, but if it's just a matter of tossing a head to the mob, it's a pity, and here's hoping he lands on his feet.

Dr. Scott (Chicago): How much wood would Kerry Wood carry if Kerry Wood would carry wood?

Christina Kahrl: He'd just hurt himself trying, so it's best to leave the exercise theoretical.

Joe V. (Washington, DC): Christina: Please settle this once and for all...how much will Jeter get per year, and for how many years?

Christina Kahrl: If I had a dart board... how about three years, $51 million, and of course that's with his staying in the Bronx.

lemppi (Ankeny, IA): The Tigers have a lot of money coming off the books. Do you see them finding a big bat like Dunn, or will they concentrate on completing their rotation? (do you buy Phil Coke starting btw?)

Christina Kahrl: I do see them making a play to stay in the AL Central picture, in no small part because I don't think Dave Dombrowski and Jim Leyland are hanging around for the pleasure of it alone. And I do buy Phil Coke starting--in the monkey-see, monkey-do competitive ecology of the game, the Rangers' success with C.J. Wilson this season is sure to find emulation in other organizations. Which I'm glad for, because who knows how many starting pitchers we've lost over the last generation to the unwillingness to take a few risks with a player already successful in one role or another.

The problem for the Tigers is that the stakes in the Central are higher now, as the White Sox discovered this season. Gunning for a title and <90 wins avails you little if there's a better ballclub than that above you in the standings. If the Twins stay up there, the standards are higher than what the Tigers and Sox were able to get away with the last few years.

GBSimons (Boise, ID): Christina, if you're (11) in the comments section, who the heck are the Top Ten?

Christina Kahrl: I really have no idea, but I always liked #11 (and multiples of 11). Billy Beane wore #11, and so did Moose Earnshaw, while Jose Canseco wore 33. The A's won a World Series in 1911. So, it works for me.

dianagramr (NYC): Best chance for a bounceback in 2011? Kung Fu Panda? McLouth? Melky?

Christina Kahrl: From that group, I'd pick Nate McLouth. PCS issues aside, there's a question over how he got his swing screwed up in the first place, and whether or not he'll be fine if he goes back to what worked for him in Pittsburgh.

McNulty (Baltimore): Great articles so far this postseason CK. In fact I've enjoyed the entire BP approach to each game/series (with the preview, pitch matchups, and recaps). What do you see this offseason for the O's? Rangers or Giants?

Christina Kahrl: Thanks McNulty, the compliment's appreciated. I know that I love writing about individual games, and maybe it was early exposure to Okrent's "Nine Innings," but then I think using a game as a vehicle for shuttling between macro and micro theme-wise is interesting in itself. And the stuff that Matt and Eric and the rest of the team have been bringing to the table has been an enhancement I've appreciated as much as the audience.

For the O's... well, hopefully some learning from the mistakes of the recent past. Garrett Atkins was a few million they could have more usefully invested in inner-city baseball, because that would have done more to earn or retain fans than one broke-bat ex-Rockie. "Stay the course" isn't much consolation, though, but with Showalter skippering the squad, I'm more interested to see who he decides has value from among the talent they have on hand. If there's a FA I'd like to see them pursue, it's J.J. Hardy, because they shouldn't settle for the likes of Izturis this time around.

Ted (New York): Does Jeter still bat lead-off next year after his terrible season? Do you see the Yankees giving him more days off/days at DH next year?

Christina Kahrl: A lot of Jeter-related questions, interestingly enough. The problem with Jeter anywhere in the lineup is that he's a GIDP waiting to happen these days, so if you bat him behind Gardner--either leading off with Gardner in the ninth slot, or second, with Gardner atop the order--you're doing what you can to minimize the damage. I think 2011 would be a good year to switch to the latter, but at some point, just as there's going to come that day as far as "if not short, then..." there's going to be that "if not up front, then..."

Professor Frink (Springfield): You are not 11, you are 3 in binary.

Christina Kahrl: But baseball's more reliably trinary (strikes, outs, etc.), so I guess that makes me 4, right? Which is the sort of thinking that gets me all dudgeon-y over the kludgy .7/.3 representations of what should be .1 and .2, but I'm nothing if not reliably pedantic on some subjects.

Eli (Brooklyn): The Rangers exposed a lot of the Yankees' problems (shaky rotation, declining hitters showing their age)--with the sample size including their terrible September, how deep do you think the Yankees' problems are? What would you prioritize if you were Brian Cashman? Would love to hear your insights.

Christina Kahrl: Cliff Lee's the obvious good idea, and one that Cashman should go for, as well as retaining Kerry Wood. The Nick Johnson signing was a good idea gone wrong, so pursuing a top bat makes sense. The problem is sorting out what kind of bat, and here I think the Yankees could use that sort of hard-hit balls-in-play terror to provide a nice alternating note in a lineup that provides plenty of baserunners. So, not Adam Dunn, but maybe Jayson Werth, while rotating everyone through the DH slot--Swisher, Posada, Werth, Granderson, Gardner--instead of signing a DH-only type of guy.

Dave (Chicago): How do the A's contend in a division where the Rangers will be flush with cash from a new TV deal (plus a smart young GM in Jon Daniels) and an Angels owner who has shown a willingness to spend gobs of money to win (granted, not always wisely)?

Christina Kahrl: The A's really need to see themselves as something more than just a "happy to be here" ballclub. That's been fine the last couple of years, and balanced against the Mariners' desperate gambles, the Rangers' happy balance of talent and risk, and the Angels' financial muscle, they don't deserve a permanent free pass. A thumper in the outfield would be a help, but Chris Carter's play in a corner was Custian in its immobility. A third baseman should be atop the shopping list, but Beltre's unattainable, which leads to the need to shop around for deals.

jamin67038 (Wichita, KS): Why not bat Jeter 9th, Gardner 1st, Granderson 2nd? Would the Captain accept hitting 9th?

Christina Kahrl: That makes sense to you and me, certainly, but here we get into the "players aren't Strat cards" argument. It's up to Girardi and Cashman to make that sale to the man--quietly--if Jeter's decline continues after he re-signs.

swaggasaurus (moraga, ca): Hey, I'm interested to know if you have heard or have any opinion on the recent Freakonomics podcast about "cheating" in baseball?

Christina Kahrl: I have not yet taken the time, but if it's anything like the NPR story that featured some weak speculation about the game's run-scoring level reflecting industry-wide favoring of defense-oriented choices, an argument that used run scoring in Triple-A as a howler of an additional proof, it'll remain low on my to-do list.

JT (MKE): What do you do if you are Doug Melvin??? Fielder isn't going to bring back much, but you are still 1 guy short in that Rotation with Wolf and Gallardo...Who do you sign, outside of Lee who will probably headed to the Yankees?

Christina Kahrl: I think you have to invest in at least one of the upside risk kids--Harden or Vazquez and the like--and Jorge De La Rosa as well. Because speaking of defense-minded choices, while I think getting Rickie Weeks off second base would be a favor this or any pitching staff would appreciate, you may as well adapt to that awful right-side infield defense by gunning for strikeout guys in the rotation.

mattymatty2000 (Portland, OR): What are the chances the Red Sox end up with fair value on the John Lackey contract? Lackey looked like a better pitcher in the second half, but he looked cooked in the first so maybe I'm just straw grasping here...

Christina Kahrl: He'll be better, and he'll deliver more value than A.J. Burnett, the man whose contract his own resembles. In terms of value, in a market where the price of top available free agent hurlers seems to be set by the Sox and Yankees, that's fair performance on fair market value.

Frank (Buffalo): Any chance the Phillies go after Beltre and move Polanco to a team that needs a solid 2B? I'm trying to think of scenarios where they can get a good RH bat since Werth is likely leaving.

Christina Kahrl: I'd love to see them do this, but them I'm on record as a Polanco-detractor, and his brand of adequacy really only flies when you have all of the other weapons the Phillies already possess. And since they're losing Werth to free agency and should be swapping in Domonic Brown in his place, moving Polanco and adding a big right-handed thumper like Beltre would seem like a great way of replacing Werth's 2010 performance in this lineup. For runs scored and defense in 2011, I'd definitely take Beltre+Brown over Polanco+Werth.

Charlie (Bethesda, MD): What are your thoughts on the Nats middle infield? Will Desmond mature into a decent hitting SS? His fielding improved greatly in the 2nd half, so he probably doesn't have to hit much more? How about Espinosa? Is he anything at all?

Christina Kahrl: I covered this in my spin as the Nats' GM for a Day: http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article.php?articleid=12263

Basically, I like what the future with Desmond and Espinosa will bring. It'll be a bit OBP-light but they'll deliver some power, and if you stock another slot or two in the lineup with sources of OBP, you might wind up with a decent little team *and* one that gives the fans further instances of faith in the slow road to success via farm production.

singledigit (Purgatory): After paying over slot many times in the draft, and having a top 5 payroll for the last 4 years, the Tigers have accomplished little. Shouldn't Dave Dumbrowski be in trouble, job-wise?

Christina Kahrl: These are not the same sorts of sins, of course. A lot of this has to do with over-rewarding the pennant-winner of 2006, and much of that payroll damage is slipping into history. Paying over slot in the draft is, in contrast, a reflection of the Tigers acting like adults and serving their own best interests, rather than conforming to an infantile and infantilizing attempt at market control by MLB Central HQ.

There are complaints to be made about how things have played out in Detroit, but I'm among those who tend to be charitable as far as how Dombrowski adapted to his mistakes, and managed to field interesting near-misses the last two seasons despite the self-imposed handicaps created by the legacies of 2006.

Matt (Chicago): Fascinating piece by Seidman today. How do you think the Big Puma would look at Wrigley next year? I don't think they'll shell out the money for Dunn.

Christina Kahrl: Aye, it was indeed. I'd certainly rather see the Cubs potentially buy low on Berkman (or Carlos Pena) than chase Aubrey Huff or Adam LaRoche, or settle for the likes of Lyle Overbay.

ramjam36 (Arlington, TX): Facing Lincecum and Cain, would you sit Vlad and play Murphy? Murph has certainly been above average against RHP, and Vlad in the OF just plain scares the hell out of me...

Christina Kahrl: Keep in mind, a lot of Murphy's power against right-handers was park-produced. That said, in Games One and Two I'd use Murphy against Lincecum, and Vladi against Cain. And, consistent with Earl Weaver's willingness to favor defense in the starting lineup and then pinch-hit to create the big inning, I'd encourage Wash to be willing to pinch-hit and double-switch with Vladi for Murphy. Or Bengie or Mitch Moreland, for that matter.

JT (Michigan): In April 2011, _____ is the Blue Jays opening day 3B. Thank you.

Christina Kahrl: Jose Bautista

Matt (Chicago): How do you suggest Quade manages his 4 "starting caliber" OFers next yr? No obvious platoon situations come to mind.

Christina Kahrl: I've argued already that the Cubs should get while the getting's good and exploit a weak crop of CF options on the market by dealing Marlon Byrd now. Soriano wouldn't generate much value, and Fukudome's deal comes with so many noxious contractual impedimenta that moving him would border on the miraculous.

Mr. Richman (Greenport): Players aren't Strat cards, but I could swear the Yankee captain's legal name is "Derek Sanderson gb(SS)A"

Christina Kahrl: Aye, reminds me well of George Kell's 1950 card, where the entire two column was one flavor of gbA or another, except for the lineout-Max spot. The friend who drafted Kell had to endure a full season's worth of rolling a two with men on, but our replay of that AL season just confirmed what the season itself proved: whoever had Phil Rizzuto was going to win.

bennoj (Seattle): Spent quite a bit of time with Grosz drawings 20 yrs ago doing research for set design of an OOB show that took place in Berlin in the 30's. I'd love to see a Grosz drawing of the Yankees dugout...

Christina Kahrl: That, yes, but I'd be especially interested to see his rendition of the Boss's brand of madness in the '80s would look like on canvas. I'd also love to see what a Scholtz or Dix portrait of Girardi would look like.

Christopher (Nashville): Don't you think it's strange that the home-plate umpire is the only person in the world who doesn't know which pitches are balls and which are strikes? I'm a traditionalist in many ways but surely MLB can see where this is heading. Which umpire wants to be the guy who denies the Cubs a World Championship on account of a wide strike zone?

Christina Kahrl: Sure, but then there's the counter-argument, which is that you got to make Livan Hernandez a star.

slicksilksox (at my desk): It seems the one thing Oakland had going for itself was their ability to develop their pitching prospects into fine pitchers - better probably than any other team. With their pitching coach Curt Young now Arizona's pitching coach, what will prevent the Athletics from completely collapsing?

Christina Kahrl: The great thing about excellent pitching coaches is that yesterday's excellent pitching coach is tomorrow's sacrificial lamb, not unlike managers. While the fan in me will miss Young, I'm sanguine as to the chances the A's make a good hire in his place.

JT (Michigan): Should Bautista's hot corner defence scare me, or should I have long ago accepted that he's much more than what I expected and just keep the gift horse's mouth firmly shut?

Christina Kahrl: More the latter than the former. If you were willing to tolerate Ed Sprague or Edwin Encarnacion, after all...

Colin (Longmeadow, MA): From an overall hitting standpoint who has a better career... Mike Moustakas, or Lonnie Chisenhall? Mike Moustakas is one of the best power hitting minor leaguers while a lot of people like Lonnie's overall game... what do you see for a future for both of these players? Thanks

Christina Kahrl: Obviously, this is more a KG question than a CK question, but I'm more enthusiastic about Moustakas while liking both. The problem is whether or not the Royals fall into another way to handicap the kid's career and achieve incremental growth instead of greatness, a la Gordon or Butler or Ka'aihue or...

Mattgabby (NYC): Did you realize that Ron Washington made the most subtle of moves installing Moreland for the entire series over Cantu regardless of pitcher? Game One was the silent Buckner-Stapleton moment no one mentioned at 1B on Gradner's hustle hit. Can you explain the world of difference it made to the Rangers overall success?

Christina Kahrl: I liked the decision to sit Cantu after ALCSG1 quite a bit, but that was less about the defense that the fact that Moreland's hit lefties in the minors, and it wasn't like Pettitte and Sabathia are guys with big platoon splits; indeed, Pettitte's been bass-ackwards as often as not.

Threegs (Illinois): What does the Reds rotation look like next year assuming Arroyo's option is picked up? Will Chapman get a shot?

Christina Kahrl: Chapman may have to settle for a season in long relief, at least initially, because in an Arroyo-retained scenario, you've also got Cueto, Bailey, Volquez, and Wood in the rotation. Which isn't too shabby, but that's just another among a few reasons why Harang shouldn't be haranging around.

maxfawcett (Edmonton, AB): Derek Holland looked great in the LCS. Has he secured a starting spot in 2011, and if so, does he have David Price upside?

Christina Kahrl: You'd think so, and while that's a very high standard to set, Holland has tremendous upside. And if they ever tire of using Feliz as a reliever, you could see a Ranger rotation every bit as easily associated with youth and greatness as Price and his compadres.

Matt (Chicago): Who do the Redbirds turn to for inexpensive middle-infield help? With the Pujols situation looming, I'm guessing they won't have lots of money to spend.

Christina Kahrl: I'm willing to invest a measure of faith in Daniel Descalso at second base, which allows them to skip the now obviously abortive Schumaker experiment at the keystone. Which really leaves them shopping for shortstops, and the market's pretty weak on that score if you consider Jeter's not really in play. It's probably J.J. Hardy or bust, which is OK--you're the Cardinals, and you exploit the advantages of playing in front of the game's best fans in a fine park, playing with some of the best players in baseball while having a legit shot at contention. Haggle, sign, enjoy.

Bill (Toronto): So what does Toronto's OF look like next year with Bautista at 3B? Lewis, Wells, Snider? Wells, Rasmus, Snider?

Christina Kahrl: Wells, Snider, and X, where solving for X can involve a lot of freedom of action. I wouldn't pre-book Lewis, even if you tender him a contract, because having Lewis in the first place was evidence of how some players are going to fall through the cracks because of roster squeezes or unmet salary expectations. See who ends up being this winter's market loser, and pal up to him at the end of January. Not having an answer by December is not a bad thing.

GBSimons (Boise, ID): Do you think we'll still see the Girardi-Rivera Taco Bell commercial now that the Yankees are out of the playoffs? Because, y'know, we haven't seen it enough.

Christina Kahrl: Speaking as a former employee of one Taco McNasty on Fair Oaks Boulevard outside of Sacramento, all I can say is that no amount of advertising is ever going to get me back through those doors, or in the drive-through. As Lovecraft warned us, there are some secrets mankind was not meant to learn.

RMR (Chicago): Agreed with your Cincy rotation. But wither Mike Leake? AAA rotation or relief? Personally, I'd like to see Volquez in short relief given his inability to sustain command.

Christina Kahrl: I think Leake's the guy who loses initially because the others are that good, but who comes up once the inevitable injury strikes. Although when you consider the sheer amount of rotation depth, plus a smattering of useful prospects at positions where KC has needs, leveraging all that stuff to get in on Zack Greinke would probably be the best non-market solution for how to remain atop the NL Central that Sir Walter could go for.

Marshall (New York): Why do you think Joba failed as a starting pitcher?

Christina Kahrl: The question might better be phrased, why don't I think he failed, because as you know the reasons were legion. Move him out of New York and to an organization that says, "Joba's a starter, period," and I wouldn't be surprised at all to see him succeed.

Marshall (New York): Why do you think Joba failed as a starting pitcher?

Christina Kahrl: The question might better be phrased, why don't I think he failed, because as you know the reasons were legion. Move him out of New York and to an organization that says, "Joba's a starter, period," and I wouldn't be surprised at all to see him succeed.

ekanenh (Capitol City): What happens to the Yankees if they *don't* get Cliff Lee?

Christina Kahrl: They have to go all in on Greinke, to deal with another variation on our current themes. Joba's got to be part of that package, Montero too, and perhaps more.

JT (Michigan): Is Earl Weaver's old strategy a moo point (you know, what a cow says) now that teams get too scared to move the young starter out of the pen after the initial introduction to the league?

Christina Kahrl: I mentioned this earlier, but my hope is that the success the Rangers had with C.J. Wilson--ie, someone who was not John Smoltz coming down from the mountain--should encourage teams to be a little more creative on this score.

singledigit (rainy San Diego): They're being paid about the same, who do you like more at third base? Brandon Inge or Placido Polanco?

Christina Kahrl: I'm assuming the third option is a hole in my head, because I'm not wild about either for more than place-holding purposes. Inge can be a great defender, but he's not very valuable against right-handed pitching. Polanco at least provides positional flexibility, so I'd favor him.

James (Stamford, Texas): You were among those critical of Ron Washington's bullpen usage in the LCS. As a Rangers fan, Wash's in-game tactics have perplexed me in the past, but he handles his players in such a way that they trust him unconditionally and would run through a brick wall if he asked them to. As an analyst, do you consider whether a manager's tactical flaws are outweighed by his player-handling abilities?

Christina Kahrl: More so today than perhaps ever before, in part because of the metastasized media culture we live in, and in part because these days the game's about as tactically inert--particularly on offense--as it can get.

Wendy (Madrid): Two offseasons ago Adam Dunn couldn't have found a job if he had offered to work for free (slight exaggeration), why is he worth so much now?

Christina Kahrl: The relative virtues--or lack of them--of the current market plays a big part of it, but so does Dunn's continued success. Two years ago, if you'd said that Manny, Papi (potentially), and Dunn would be on the market simultaneously, and Dunn looks like the obvious best choice, I think even Dunn's biggest believers would have been a little surprised.

John (Atlanta): Can you give me a good reason why Omar Infante should not be the Braves' starting shortstop next year? He can field, and he's proved he can hit at least as well as your garden-variety Jeter.

Christina Kahrl: Because the Braves have plenty of experience with Infante breaking down, the ability to notice that A-Gonz has had his own failings health-wise, and there aren't a lot of great options to pick from on the open market. I think it's great that the Braves have a nice stack at shortstop already set aside, because look at how many clubs are short at short.

EricJ (SF): Huff, Burrell and Uribe. Who do you resign?

Christina Kahrl: Burrell, definitely, with Huff being one of many choices in a market that provides a horn o' plenty at first base, with a variety of price points to pick from. Uribe's the touch call, because you already know you're buying out Renteria, and the choices at shortstop on the market are limited. If he'll go for a one- or one-plus-option deal, that works.

Matt (Chicago): Do you like Cashner as a starter or a power reliever? I think his talent would be wasted caddying for Marmol , indefinitely.

Christina Kahrl: I'd leave him in the relief role for now, while keeping an eye towards whether or not a mid-season or deadline deal opens up a slot in the rotation. But even then, Chris Archer and The Other Chris Carpenter aren't that far off from arriving. The Cubs don't just have a stack of outfielders to sort through, their pitching situation is also very crowded.

hotstatrat (Toronto): Jeff Fesaro (Alou's '93 Expos) and David Wells (Gaston's '90 Blue Jays) had successful conversions to starter, but that strategy didn't catch on then.

Christina Kahrl: Sure, but that was also when the usage-pattern perversions of the La Russian over-scripted bullpen were setting their tendrils into the industry. And remember, Wells didn't really seem to stick and get taken seriously as a quality starter until he went to Detroit.

Michael (NYC): Can you possibly see any similiarities between these Giants and the 1969 Mets? BTW: Love your work-- Tell Silver Kristina for Commissioner in 2012 or President in 2016.

Christina Kahrl: I could see that, but I guess I also see similarities between this team and the 2005 White Sox, right down to its inclusion of Uribe in a blend of castoffs and stalwarts in the lineup supporting an excellent rotation and a bullpen phenomenon.

As for higher office, I'd have to borrow General Sherman's line about not running or serving, though I appreciate the sentiment.

Christopher (Nashville): Is it really a good idea for the Yankees to trade the farm for a guy with a history of social anxiety disorder?

Christina Kahrl: It's a good, entirely valid question, but I think it's easy for all of us to overlook the value of what these Yankees have on offer that helps keep the Whitson Effect to a minimum. Girardi's comfortable with the media, and that's a clubhouse where anything Jeter or the rest of the Core Four commands attention, and then there's A-Rod, and Sabathia, and Cano, and... on this roster, with these guys, in this media culture, maybe that's so target-rich an environment for media attention that this isn't the issue it might have been in another time and another place (across the street).

jamin67038 (Wichita, KS): But do you, in fact, fear the beard?

Christina Kahrl: Happily, I don't have to stand in and find out, but I figure that thing's equally unpopular with babies and babes.

mattymatty2000 (Portland, OR): Hi Christina. Thanks for the chat. I have to say, the chats are one of my favorite aspects of BP. Keep 'em coming, please! On to my question: What do you think are the chances of Jayson Werth going back to Philadelphia (I'm thinking somewhere between 0% and -10%) and where do you see him ending up if not in the City of Brotherly Love and Santa Clause Hatred?

Christina Kahrl: Glad to hear it, because there are times where I know we've worried about being too aggressive in our chat schedule--if folks want them once a week, twice a week, or whatever, we want to hear it, because we aim to please.

As for Werth, yeah, I'm thinking 0% as far as his chances of calling the Quaker state home next season. As for where he heads, I think the Yankees make all sorts of sense, but I could also see the Angels making a play.

iorg34 (Minny): Why don't you think the Twins will tender JJ Hardy?

Christina Kahrl: They should, but it means a guaranteed raise from $5.1 million after a disappointing season, and they have a couple of expensive arbitration cases to look forward to besides. We'll see if they offer and then haggle, but a parting of the ways wouldn't surprise me.

Vanasek (New York): You'd also think that the Twins experiense with Santana, Lirano and Duensing first as relievers would also add to Mr. Weaver's dictum?

Christina Kahrl: Amen to that. So did Mark Buehrle with the White Sox, come to think of it.

EricJ (SF ): These Giants are more fun than a .....

Christina Kahrl: reading by Max Weber. They luxuriate in the virtue of their strengths, and scrabble after the extras where they have want. If that isn't an ethic worth emulating, what is?

Matt (Chicago): Regardless of how the WS shakes out, Sabean should have his work cut out for him, as far as putting together a more cohesive everyday lineup for next yr. Agree?

Christina Kahrl: Absolutely, but a little bit of flexibility and controlled chaos is a good thing. If DeRosa's healthy, that might be their answer at third base. As noted before, I'd go for re-inking Uribe short-term, they'll tender Ross of course, and Burrell if he's amenable to affordability. With the corners filling up, that leads to wondering what to do about Sandoval; I would *not* treat him as the fix at first base in a post-Huff scenario, but I would look at making him a super-utilityman by using him at first and third while also having him take up catching again.

Dave (Chicago): For the A's to get that outfield bat or third baseman, which of their starting pitchers do you think they'll center a deal around?

Christina Kahrl: Well, here again, if the MLBPA is going to be more militant about making sure that teams aren't just cashing their revenue-sharing checks, maybe the A's low payroll provides the asset you really need to swing a deal: the A's can afford to take on a big paycheck. Why not see if the Marlins will talk about Dan Uggla? Or surprise people and seriously get in on Beltre?

The question you're asking, though, is really whether or not they'd part with one of their front four starters (with apologies to Vin Mazzaro). I'd see dealing Gonzalez or Anderson as a bad idea, and dealing Braden as very unpopular.

Rob (Oakland): With tha A's real need for power, and the afore-mentioned lack of CF on the market, do the A's make Davis or Crisp available?

Christina Kahrl: They really ought to be shopping one of them, because a Crisp/Sweeney/Davis outfield is the crux of the problem for the lineup--it isn't that they aren't all useful in their way, it's that this isn't an outfield that produces runs.

Brian (Tinley): Christina - Will Ozzie and Kenny be able to put aside their differences and figure out a way to co-exist and make the Sox a better team this offseason? Thanks for the chat, Brian.

Christina Kahrl: I certainly hope so, because the Sox are too much fun with both men there. If baseball is an entertainment, we need to credit the Sox for being very, very entertaining. And we already know they can be the leadership team of a successful franchise.

Swingingbunts (NY): Hi Christina, With all this talk of Jeter signing multi-year deals isn't it entirely possible he takes a cue from Pettitte and sign 1 year deals from here on out?

Christina Kahrl: I'd like that, and so too might Brian Cashman, but somehow I expect something multi-year to be where we wind up.

SABRSteve (Des Moines (but me heart is in SF)): Giants or Rangers?

Christina Kahrl: Would that I might answer this question right now, but I've got my WS preview to finish tonight for your consumption tomorrow. ;-)

StaringatmyPhone (I-80): When will BP produce an Android app?

Christina Kahrl: I know that there's been talk in-house, but being as liberal artsy-fartsy as all get out, I'm understandably not involved. As is, I'm that latest of late adopters pondering getting my first smart phone while finally breaking with AT&T's ghastly connectivity, so any advice on the subject is going to end up being greatly appreciated.

Scartore (The Queen City): Loving the BP Universe this postseason CK. Y'all are doing a great job, and following each game on Twitter has been a blast. What do we do in cincy to cement the gains we've made and repeat in the postseason?

Christina Kahrl: The more I think about it, the more I think dealing from depth to get Greinke would be one worthwhile move. The other, non-mutually-dependent move is getting in on one of the real boppers in the outfield--thank you, Jonny Gomes, here's a fruit basket, but we need more. If that's going nuts for Carl Crawford, that works for me, pace Jayson Werth. Even a one-plus-option deal for His Mannyness would be interesting--if Dusty's handled Barry Bonds, he ought to be up for that particular challenge as well.

Christina Kahrl: With that, duty calls, since I need to switch over to writing up my preview. To everyone who popped by today, you have my thanks, and here's hoping you enjoy our ongoing in-game chatter during the Series on Twitter, where you're sure to find me, KG, two different Perfessors, Marc Normandin, Jay Jaffe, Colin Wyers, BP alums like Joe and Rany, and more, all jabbering away, just as we would from the booth or a barstool.

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