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Chat: Kevin Goldstein

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Monday June 07, 2010 6:30 PM ET chat session with Kevin Goldstein.


The first round's going into the books, so naturally you'll want to chat with draft guru Kevin Goldstein about the action as it unfolds.

Kevin Goldstein: Hi everyone and welcome to the all-night draft chat. I just ate something, I'll be sipping some borboun later, and we'll go all the way through the first night. Let's light this candle.

Jonathan (Brooklyn): Where would Taillon rank with last year's top prep pitchers? Ahead or slightly behind Turner/Matzek/Purke/Miller. Bonus info, please: TAY-lon or TYE-lon. Thanks, as always.

Kevin Goldstein: I think he'd rank ahead of every one of them. It's Tye-yon. Also, Chris Sale is sale, like "On sale!" and Jose Sale is like Sally.

Christopher (Nashville): If it's a down year for position players, what does that say about Manny Machado?

Kevin Goldstein: Machado would go good in any draft.

Sean Ryan (Rutherford, NJ): If Vettleson, Yelich, and Jenkins are all on the board at 32, who do the Yankees take? If any of them.

Kevin Goldstein: Vettleson, but all three in the mix, as well as many others.

JP_Frost (Amsterdam, Netherlands): You said you're quite high on Michael Choice -- what type of numbers do you see him putting up in his prime, and more importantly, from which position?

Kevin Goldstein: What up Amsterdam? For me, Choice is a classic RF profile. 30 HR, tons of walks, good glove, big arm. Jesse Barfield kinda guy?

Chris (New Jersey): How far can Pomeranz realistically fall?

Kevin Goldstein: He could go 5 to Cleveland, but if that doesn't happen, he could get into the double-digit picks.

Jason Parks (NYC): Would the Rangers take Cox at either 15 or 22 when/if he falls? Also, love the hats.

Kevin Goldstein: It's my podcast partner. If you have missed the podcast, you've missed, well, quite a bit. Cox won't get there, Rangers would never, ever take him at 15. Too risky, they need someone they can sign there and Cox is floating weird numbers.

Andrew (St. Louis): Any chance of Grandal to the Cardinals? A couple new mocks show him falling that far...

Kevin Goldstein: Could happen, but doubtful. It's looking less and less like KC will do him at 4.

Alf (Ottawa): Who do you think will be the first surprise pick--chosen well ahead of his ranking?

Kevin Goldstein: Could be Karsten Whitson at 9 to San Diego.

A.S. (anchorage): Why O'Conner for the A's when they just took Stassi? I understand BPA, but how much higher can they have him rated than a Sale or Wimmers or whatever?

Kevin Goldstein: Significantly higher. Plus plus raw power, plus plus arm. No way you can have too much catching.

chris (marathon ): if pomeranz,sale,cox and harvey are on the board at 7,who do mets pick?

Kevin Goldstein: Cox or Harvey. They're trying to figure out how stubborn Cox is on the money.

Eli (Barb City): Any chance Dodgers or Angels take a chance on signing Austin Wilson? Or do both teams have too many money concerns. Are there any other teams besides the Braves that target local talent so aggressively?

Kevin Goldstein: Angels could, no way on Dodgers, they're not spending big this year. Both unlikely. Angels are a lot like the Braves, they're all over SoCal dudes.

Joe (Altoona): If Pirates pick taillon, any guess on what signing bonus he gets in the end?

Kevin Goldstein: Could get big, maybe more than Alvarez even.

HankScorpio (KC): Is everyone backing off the Royals/Grandal pre-draft deal story because they realized they probably shouldn't be saying a guy still playing "amateur" ball has made a deal with a pro team? Or was/is there really no deal? The logical follow-up: What do you think the Royals will do? Grandal? Chris "On" Sale? Door #3? Thanks for the chat. Enjoy the draft!

Kevin Goldstein: I never wrote it, so I'm not backing off anything. No source I talk to ever said that was a done deal. They still might take him, but if they don't like where talks are going with agent Greg Genske, they'll go Sale.

NM (NJ): "plus plus raw power, plus plus arm" -- who was that referred to? O'Conner?

Kevin Goldstein: Si.

Joe (Altoona): Who do you feel has the greatest potential ceiling in the draft, other than Bryce Harper?

Kevin Goldstein: Taillon for sure.

EJ (Yellow Brick Road): Are the Rays able to draft LeVon Washington again or is there some obscure rule preventing them from drafting the same player twice?

Kevin Goldstein: I believe they are. Players do have to sign a consent form for players to select them a second time.

Jeff (Morgantown): Where do you see Mountaineer Jedd Gyorko going, and what position does he play at the next level?

Kevin Goldstein: He could slide into the end of the first round, but won't get out of the sandwich picks. He's not a shortstop as a pro, no way -- teams are mixed as to sliding him left to second or right to third.

Sean Ryan (Rutherford, NJ): Vettelson with predraft deal to Dodgers. Yankee fans are sad.

Kevin Goldstein: That's no guarantee. That a verbal deal. Dodgers talking to a lot of guys with that pick, including Kellin Deglan.

garethbluejays2 (Newcastle,UK): Can the teams with multiple picks go ahead and pick the top available talent at each spot or will they have to think of the pennies?

Kevin Goldstein: You have to balance it out. They might take someone expensive and then balance it out with a cost-effective pick.

Ivy (Clark & Addison): 1st Draft w/ new Cubs ownership: Are they more likely to spend than in the past?

Kevin Goldstein: Not necessarily. Some internal battles as some of the front office might want near ready talent to help save their jobs.

nomarshaus (Bmore): If Yu Darvish were in this draft, would he go 1 or 2 (just based on talent, forget $)?

Kevin Goldstein: Great question. I say one, others might say two.

WisconsinRob (Madison): KG, Is Machado as ARod comparisons fair to him?

Kevin Goldstein: Not at all. Cheap comp because he's from south florida and latino. Great prospect, but A-Rod is one of the best ever.

Dan (NYC): Kevin, which MLB player would you compare Cox to? Seems like a weird pick for a team set at 3b and Havens and Tejada in the system.

Kevin Goldstein: Bill Mueller. Lots of average, lots of walks, not a ton of power.

Joe (Altoona): If the Pirates manage to sign Taillon and then only slot guys, is it a better draft than last year for them with Sanchez and ZVR/Cain/Dodson/Stevenson, etc.?

Kevin Goldstein: I think so

nschaef (CT): I've seen Bryce Brentz in mocks anywhere from 7-25. I can't quite get a bead on whether he's a 4th outfielder waiting to happen or a solid all-around player. What would you expect out of his career?

Kevin Goldstein: That range tells you everything you need to know about the equally large range in opinions about him.

Blue (Toronto): How long for each pick in the baseball draft? Does it move along nicely?

Kevin Goldstein: 5 minutes in the first round, but just 1 minutes after that.

gyaris (LA): Because of the new labor deal, and guys fearful of going back into the draft or going to college, is this the year that we see a "truer" indication of value, with fewer guys falling as overslots?

Kevin Goldstein: I think that's more likely to be next year's draft. This year's draft is a mess because there is so little consensus on players. After Harper, it's not a good year.

Dan (Denver): How much is the "best available player" a year to year philosophy instead of a organizational philosophy? Using the Rockies as an example, they seem to get credit as a best available team based on last year, but it wasn't that long ago that they drafted for need and/or shortest path to the majors (Weathers/Reynolds).

Kevin Goldstein: Well, I think it's fair to say they've learned some lessons, no?

Mike (Utica,NY): Do you think the 2005 Draft will ever be topped?

Kevin Goldstein: Everything eventually gets topped, next year's draft could compete.

chris (NY): is there any chance cleveland takes cox?

Kevin Goldstein: Don't see it.

Zach (Davenport): Any comparisons for Colon? Is Cano to high/low?

Kevin Goldstein: Cano is way too high.

Eli (Barb City): What do you believe the White Sox are going to do with Ozney Guillen? Will they overdraft?

Kevin Goldstein: Really, Barb City? I'm pretty sure they won't take him in the first.

Gary (AIken, SC): What's your bourbon of choice?

Kevin Goldstein: Maker's.

Liam (Dallas): Any truth to the DeShields at #8 rumors? If so, is there any way J. Sale makes it to 15 and can the Rangers sign him?

Kevin Goldstein: There is truth to the rumor, but I don't think Houston will do it and hope he's there at 19. Toronto would love to get him at 11, he's not getting to 15.

Cult of Basebaal (Pasadena of Los Angeles): Keith Law said in his chat earlier this afternoon, "I think this is the worst crop of draftable talent since I got into the business full-time in 2002." Is it really that bad of a draft class?

Kevin Goldstein: I think Keith can make that argument, it's not a great class at all. Definitely below average.

Matt (Chicago): KG...What kind of upside does Stetson Allie possess and what is the likelihood that he actually reaches it at some point down the line? Is he probably the guy in this year's draft with the biggest upside combined with biggest chance of completing flaming out? Bonus Question...What Chicago area player is likely to get the earliest call in this year's draft? Thanks

Kevin Goldstein: That's EXACTLY what Allie is, biggest upside/risk in the draft, and too add to it, he has the Hendricks brothers "advising" him, and a ride to UNC to play baseball. First Chicago area guy is Mike Foltynewicz, the RHP at Minooka. Could go in the sandwich round, more likely the second.

Kevin (Arlington): Have you heard anything about how conservative/aggressive they'll be at 15 & 22?

Kevin Goldstein: 15 is safe, 22 is wide-open, and without any (major) limitations necessarily. Good evening Bud!

Eric (Des Moines): Is there any guy who could be available for St. Louis that would slot in behind Miller as the #2 prospect in a weak system?

Kevin Goldstein: Tons.

Paul (San Diego): You said that you thought Whitson would be an overdraft at 9 to the Padres. Where would he rank with last year's high school arms (Turner, Matzek, Hobgood, Wheeler)?

Kevin Goldstein: A notch behind all of them for me.

Bud Selig (Secaucus): Kevin who do you like more Pomeranz or Sale and why?

Kevin Goldstein: I like Sale better for his command and deeper arsenal. Nationals are on the clock and the suspense is just killing me! Who will they take? Oh the drama!

Alan Shepherd (Valhalla, Cape Canaveral Annex): Cox? I hear holes in swing and pure hitter, I hear fringe 3b but could move to 2nd, I hear big power potential and maybe 12 HR power. That's a big split for a top 10 pick. What's he really? Don't screw the pooch.

Kevin Goldstein: Pure hitter, fringe SECOND BASEMAN who could play third. 12-18 HR power, tons of OBP skillz.

StatFreak101 (Wisconsin): Any kind of update about where the Twins stand with their first round pick? Is it down to Wimmers or Workman? Any chance Pomeranz falls to them?

Kevin Goldstein: Pom isn't getting there, they love Wimmers.

Kevin (Albany, NY): If no DeShields at 19, who do the Astros take?

Kevin Goldstein: Could be another big athlete like Reggie Goldon or Austin Wilson.

Susan (New York): Bryce Harper Career MLB All-Star Appearances 6.5. Over or Under?

Kevin Goldstein: That's just a ton. I'm not sure I'd bet either way. And with that, the Nationals took Harper and more importantly announced him as an OUTFIELDER. That's the story here, and frankly, the right move. Rumors now swirling that the Royals will take Colon at 4 and frig everything up.

Scott (NJ): How long does it take Harper to hit the bigs?

Kevin Goldstein: As an outfielder, there's no need to worry about the defensive work. He could be up by the time he's 20. Just a monster talent.

StatFreak101 (Wisconsin): Hypothetically, who do the Twins take if Wimmers does not fall to them?

Kevin Goldstein: Vitek could be in the mix, other college arms like Workman and Loux, sleeper could be University of Minnesota OF/C Mike Kvasnicka.

sfbennett1 (Edmond, OK): Bryce Harper: Outfielder ... where does he slot in the 2011 Top 100?

Kevin Goldstein: At least considered for No. 1.

momansf (Brookline, MA): Any chance of the Royals taking Cox at 4? You said they may surprise with a college position player.

Kevin Goldstein: That surprise could be Christian Colon.

Eliu (Chicago): If Grandal falls to 13, do the White Sox take him with his recent demands rumors?

Kevin Goldstein: No. They don't like overslot guys.

Matt (Woodstock, CT): Jesse Hahn. First rounder?

Kevin Goldstein: Outside chance to go at the end of the first round, maybe in Angels mix @ 30.

myshkin (Santa Clara, CA): How many picks from this year's draft make next year's Top 50, if we don't have any Mike Leakes?

Kevin Goldstein: 3-6.

Tim (DC): Does having a good catching prospect like Derek Norris have any impact on the choice to move Harper to OF?

Kevin Goldstein: Not at all. It's just the bat being so far ahead of the glove. The Pirates take Taillon, and I'm very happy for Pirates fans as they took the right guy. Just massive, crazy upside. Best HS righty we've seen for years.

vtadave (Reno, NV): As a Dodger fan, will I be depressed after the draft is complete?

Kevin Goldstein: You won't be jumping for joy, but it won't be awful.

dawhipsaw (DC): Austin Wilson... is he like Anthony Hewitt as far as a toolshed or is he a real baseball player?

Kevin Goldstein: More polished than Hewitt . . . but not a ton more.

P-Ow (Sherwood Park, AB): Why the hell doesn't KC know who they're taking? 1-2-3 have been set for like 2 weeks!

Kevin Goldstein: Because in the hours leading up to the draft, you sometimes finally get a realistic idea of price tags, and that can change everything.

Zooey (LA): On a scale of 1-10 how big of a baseball nerd am I for watching the whole 1st round tonight?

Kevin Goldstein: One of us! One of us!

sfbennett1 (Edmond, OK): When you listed your potential 'Top 100' guys, you mentioned Allie. Most mocks have him as a late 1st rounder. Do you like him more than most? If so, what is that pushes him up the ranks for you?

Kevin Goldstein: I love him more than most. Upside rates only behind Taillon in this draft, and not by much. Read my comment in final mock for more.

momansf (Brookline, MA): When Matt Harvey entered the draft as a high schooler, he fell a ton. Was there a specific reason that he fell, and if so, is the problem still remaining?

Kevin Goldstein: He fell solely on signability. Told teams he was going to UNC unless he got crazy stupid money. The Orioles surprise nobody by taking Manny Machado. Outstanding selection for a system absolutely desperate for bats. Now, at four, things get crazy interesting.

bobcobb (Sacramento): Taillon vs. Porcello re. best HS righty in years?

Kevin Goldstein: Taillon.

Ben (KC): Royals. WTF???

Kevin Goldstein: Get ready for Christian Colon folks, it's gonna get crazy for there.

WisconsinRob (Madison): KG, Does Machado stay at SS, or will he be a 3B or CF in the long run?

Kevin Goldstein: No guarantee he'll play SS long term, but he could get to the big leagues at the position at least.

DavidLADodgers (Sonoma State, CA): Is Harold Reynolds an idiot?

Kevin Goldstein: I actually like Harold. Say hi to Mom for me!

ej6687 (Pittsburgh, PA): Reasonable expectation on how long it takes for Taillon to get to majors?

Kevin Goldstein: 3-4 years.

Cult of Basebaal (Pasadena of Los Angeles): Rank these big name, big time HS Righthand Pitchers: Josh Beckett, Rick Porcello, Gerrit Cole, Jameson Taillon.

Kevin Goldstein: Beckett, Taillon, Porcello, Cole. Love them all.

P-Ow (Sherwood Park, AB): Why are the Royals going cheap with their first-rounder after a recent history of spending (Moustakas and Hosmer)?

Kevin Goldstein: Christian Colon is not going to be cheap. He's a Boras client.

WisconsinRob (Madison): In the grand scheme of things, Tailon will be Neal Huntington's A)Best Pick B)Turning Point for the Pirates franchise C)Another arm in the Pirates org D)Another flameout.

Kevin Goldstein: A or B.

Mark (Philadelphia): Any idea who the Phillies are looking at at 27. Please don't say Austin Wilson.

Kevin Goldstein: He's in the mix!

PBSteve (Beautiful New Jersey): Will the 2005 draft ever be topped??? It was topped before it ever happened, in 1985. I just wrote this for tomorrow morning's draft piece: . The first round included, in order of selection, B.J. Surhoff, Will Clark, Bobby Witt, Barry Larkin, Barry Bonds, Pete Incaviglia, Walt Weiss, Brian McRae, Joe Magrane, Gregg Jeffries, Rafael Palmeiro, and Joey Cora, as well as Cameron Drew, who put up outstanding numbers in the minors until a knee injury ended his career at 24, while the second round held Bruce Ruffin, Mike Schooler, and Randy Johnson (John Smoltz was hiding down in round 22). And Bo Jackson too (a flyer in rd 20)!

Kevin Goldstein: See? Steven Goldman knows all.

P-Ow (Sherwood Park, AB): If Colon isn't going to be cheap, then why aren't they taking Sale?

Kevin Goldstein: They were not comfortable with Sale's money. Either a price or a clarity issue. With KC taking Colon. Cleveland becomes fun. Sale is in their mix suddenly, but they love Michael Choice as well.

sfbennett1 (Edmond, OK): Colon: similar production to Orlando Cabrera?

Kevin Goldstein: Bad comp. Better hitter, not even close defensively.

James (NYC): It was you who tipped off Peter Gammons about Colon to KC wasn't it.

Kevin Goldstein: It was not. But I do love Peter and love taking the opportunity to say once again, that I owe my career to him.

HankScorpio (KC): Do Boras clients ever sign quickly? Wondering if there's any chance the Royals get Colon signed and playing before the deadline. Thanks.

Kevin Goldstein: It's not 100%, but it's very, very rare. John Hart's scouting numbers on Colon is dead on.

oira79 (San Francisco): Kevin, why did the Nationals, Pirates and Orioles all take nearly 5 minutes to make their pick? Why wouldn't the Nationals be ready immediately, and in this situation, the Pirates as well?

Kevin Goldstein: I don't know if they are told not to for TV purposes. It's possible.

DavidK44 (LA): What is the Braves best case scenario today?

Kevin Goldstein: Probably Josh Skole, a local outfielder w/ tools. Drew Pomeranz goes to Cleveland, and that's a surprise for me. I don't think it's the best selection for them personally (prefer Sale/Choice), but it's defendable. Word on the street has Arizona looking at Loux for six, which would be just shocking.

sfbennett1 (Edmond, OK): Do you like the Colon pick? How about a guess as to his peak triple-slash line?

Kevin Goldstein: At 4? No I do not. He's a 2B for me, with a .286/.372/.438 peak.

Joshua (Buenos Aires): Can you put Harper and Strasburg in perspective for us? Can Strasburg/Harper have a Gooden/Strawberry impact (preferably without the drugs)? Understanding that this is long shot, is it ridiculous for Nationals fans to hope for?

Kevin Goldstein: They could be that, but there's not much else in the system.

oira79 (San Francisco): Kevin, I just went to look up the 2005 draft, struck by that earlier comment, and noticed something: 8 very successful picks out of the first 12, followed by 3 successful picks out of the next 24. This pattern seems pretty common, and it seems like money spent on picks in the lower half of the first round is not well spent. Any ideas on how a team drafting in the lower half can succeed?

Kevin Goldstein: By betting on tools? At six, Arizona goes with Loux at 6. Just . . . shocked. No idea how that guy is the sixth best talent. No clue at all. Low 90s w/ command, but not killer stuff and tons of college arms are better. Bad pick there folks. I could look smart for putting Harvey @ 7.

ashitaka (long beach, ca): Hey Kevin, thanks for chatting on the big day. When the draft class is this shallow, do teams tend to take more risks or do they try to play it safe? Which would you prefer?

Kevin Goldstein: I always like risks, but this year is weird with non-baseball situations limiting teams like Texas and the Dodgers.

JP_Frost (Amsterdam, Netherlands): As a Tribe fan, I'm fine with Pomeranz. How do you like him and do you think the Indians will regret not taking Choice?

Kevin Goldstein: I'd be fine with it, but I would have preferred Sale/Choice.

nschaef (CT): As a White Sox fan I can't express how relieved I am that the Diamondbacks drafted Loux.

Kevin Goldstein: Smart White Sox fan.

provenveteran (Chicago): The Loux pick gets the mets FO giddy, no?

Kevin Goldstein: Utterly thrilled. At seven, the Mets select Matt Harvey. I appreciate them making me look smart, as if I may wax my own car here, I was the first to pop that one.

MatternK (Oxnard, CA): Hi Kevin, thanks for doing this. With Casey Blake getting up there in years and no real 3b prospects in the Dodgers organization, any chance they take a college 3rdbaseman?

Kevin Goldstein: In the first? Maybe. Jedd Gyorko is a possibility, but not a probability.

DavidLADodgers (Sonoma State, CA): That background behind Harper is from his bedroom, right?

Kevin Goldstein: Ok, I laughed. Houston tempted by both Sale's here, but also Delino DeSheilds Jr.

Jan Levine (NY): Kevin, Why Harvey over Sales, Grandal etc? What's his upside as I thought there was some rumors that he projects to be a reliever?

Kevin Goldstein: Sale might be a reliever too. Grandal has crazy price. I like the pick.

bhsportsguy (los angeles): General draft statement - do you agree. Never draft for need in baseball given the time it takes to get to the big leagues.

Kevin Goldstein: Completely agree.

ofMontreal (Ithaca ): C. Colon is an upgrade over Y. Betancourt right?

Kevin Goldstein: Um, is that really a hard question?

ofMontreal (Ithaca ): New Cubs pick? C.Sale? Will he still be there?

Kevin Goldstein: I have no home for Chris Sale right now. Just none.

Jello (NY): I'm not a fan of the Harvey pick. Has always sounded like a reliever to me. What do you think?

Kevin Goldstein: I'm a fan. Only would prefer Chris Sale. Astros go with a complete overdraft by taking Delino DeShields at 8. They fear he wouldn't be there at 19, but that doesn't mean taking him 8 isn't a mistake. San Diego a huge wild card with Cox and Chris Sale on the board. Word is they honed in on Whitson, but they have to be scrambling bigtime.

gunkdog (AZ): Where did you have Loux going?

Kevin Goldstein: How about in the sandwich round?

Pac16Conference (West of the Mississippi): I'm surprised more Big XII players haven't been picked ... I'd have taken 6 by now

Kevin Goldstein: Really?

Blue (Toronto): Jays going batter in the first?

Kevin Goldstein: Jays are jumping up and down with Houston passing on chris sale

Travis (San Diego): Please tell me the Pads go with Choice here....

Kevin Goldstein: You're going to be disappointed.

Tim (DC): Any concerns about how Harvey was used this year? I believe he had some games with pitch counts closer to 150.

Kevin Goldstein: He did, but he bounced back from them well.

Eric (Milwaukee): You can't make football jokes to Kevin.

Kevin Goldstein: This is true. Did I miss one?

maryac850 (CA): Who do the A's draft now?

Kevin Goldstein: The Padres are not sway by the Cox/Sale drop and take their guy with Karsten Whitson. What do the A's do now? They take Michael Choice while jumping up and down in celebration that he's still there.

dt (home): can zach cox slip to the mets in round 2? thatd be sweet

Kevin Goldstein: No way he goes that far. A's take Michael Choice. I can't tell you how much I love this pick for them. Just fantastic.

Kris M (San Diego ): What do you think of Whitson? You don't seem as high on him as others.

Kevin Goldstein: I like him. Nine is a bit of a reach for me, but not a crazy one.

Yinka Double Dare (Chicago): So assuming the White Sox won't take Grandal (although KLaw thinks it's a possibility), which college pitcher with the ceiling of #3-#4 starter will they take?

Kevin Goldstein: Yinka! McGuire, Workman in the mix.

chris (NY): weird general question but will all rounds be on mlb network?

Kevin Goldstein: No, just today, which is the first and supplemental first. The rest is done over a conference call.

moonkyu (mRs): Wouldn't choice have been a better pick for the Mets?

Kevin Goldstein: Personally, I think so, but I'm a huge Choice fan.

BigJ (MN Lakes): So when teams make picks that just seem "wrong", as with Loux at #6, can you see what the team's thinking is? These are smart, well-informed guys running these organizations. There must be SOME reasoning that would explain it, yes?

Kevin Goldstein: Of course there is, absolutely. That doesn't mean I know what it is, nor do I get it.

DavidLADodgers (Sonoma State University, CA): What's the grade on Choice's sense of humor?

Kevin Goldstein: He needs to work on his interview skills, but he's a great kid. Guessing Josh Sale to Toronto, but that's a bit of a guess. Chris Sale/Cox plummet just killing things.

dogtothedog (Toronto): Will we get an idea of toronto's budget with their first pick

Kevin Goldstein: It might be Deck McGuire!

Alf (Ottawa): So with all these crazy picks, does Toronto just give a deep sigh and go with Josh Sale?

Kevin Goldstein: They should of. I'd take Sale over him, but to get back to a previous question, I don't agree with McGuire here, but I certainly understand it. Best bet among college arms to get to the big leagues.

Peter (LA): All these kids born in the early 90's are making me feel really old.

Kevin Goldstein: Yeah? you should see the international lists (DOB: 5/8/94)

dawhipsaw (DC): Do you get tired of watching these non-scouts slobber over every single pick?

Kevin Goldstein: I understand it's MLB Network, they're not going to rip anything. I get it.

Eric (Memphis): Any shot the White Sox take either Sale?

Kevin Goldstein: They have to be tempted by Chris. I'm baffled by his drop, just flabbergasted.

bronnerea (Boston): So do the Reds now go away from Vitik or hold steady?

Kevin Goldstein: How can Chris Sale and Zach Cox NOT tempt them?

Barry (Austin): How much does a player's "makeup" factor into these picks? What about geography? Are teams tempted to draft players from close to home?

Kevin Goldstein: Geography means very little at this point. Makeup is HUGE. Reds about to roll the dice on Grandal.

TLivingston (St. Lucie 4, Dunedin 2 - Top 5): Tell me what you know about McGuire and if he's someone I might get a chance to see here at Dunedin Stadium this season. Also, Jeurys Familia has some nasty stuff for the Mets.

Kevin Goldstein: You just might. Full scouting reports on all these dudes coming later in the week.

Alf (Ottawa): Does this mean that Houston might in fact get both DeShields and Sale?

Kevin Goldstein: They just might. White Sox wanted a college arm all along, they have to be thrilled that Chris Sale is still on the board.

RedRagers (Funkytown): Would the Rangers take Chris Sale if he falls a little further? Are there signability questions?

Kevin Goldstein: White Sox are taking him. Still hard to get a feel there @ 15. O'Conner?

O's Fan (Baltimore): Machado hit .639. What is the highest high school batting average you can remember? What is a good comp for Machado?

Kevin Goldstein: Shawon Dunston hit .790 his senior year. That's gotta be up there. White Sox take Sale, what a GREAT pick for them. 14 could be Workman, still outside shot at Ranaudo.

J.P. (Chicago): Kevin, how much of a concern is Chris Sale's 3/4 delivery? Will the Sox have to overhaul his mechanics for him to be a starter?

Kevin Goldstein: Yeah, it's an issue. I don't like low 3/4 guys, but his velo and command are such rarities for a lefty, I'll take it. Weird rumor of Milwaukee going Biddle here.

Philly (PA): What would you put the odds on Stetson Allie being there for the Phillies at 27?

Kevin Goldstein: Around 50/50.

DavidLADodgers (Sonoma State University, CA): Sale's got to be a perfect example of what you and Jason describe as "look what comes out of the arm, not the arm action" in reference to those delivery "analysts" out there, right?

Kevin Goldstein: At times, and I tend to hate low 3/4 guys. Milwaukee rumor of Biddle turns out to be untrue, but Dylan Covey comes through. He dropped for a lot of people with some so-so late outings, but in the end, he didn't fall THAT far. Remember Zach Cox? What happened to that?

brettmar21 (hawaii): I was expecting Oakland to take Cox. What is most probable scenario for Choice. Does he have All-Star type talent or is it more of a Ryan Sweeney, solid starting caliber outfield.

Kevin Goldstein: Choice could be a star for sure.

Ed (Seattle): MLB Draft Tracker lists Cris Sale as 6'6", 172lb. Is that right? How extreme an example of "projectable frame" is that?

Kevin Goldstein: he's more 195

north497 (NY): Best hitter left on the board?

Kevin Goldstein: Sale or cox

Gregjitsu (Cal): Would the Giants gamble on Allie? He's the one pitcher I'd the Giants to end up with. If they're not grabbing a pitcher with Monstrous upside, I want a hitter. But I could absolutely get behind a Stetson Allie pick.

Kevin Goldstein: Whoever gambles on Allie at this point is my new hero. Skole is brilliant at 15. Tons of tools and signable at 15. Just fantastic.

north497 (NY): Jake Skole? Where did you have him going? I don't see him on any of your mocks

Kevin Goldstein: I had him going to Atlanta with their sup pick. Great, great tools, but a bit raw, smart pick @ 15 considering their limitations. 16 for the Cubs is just a mess right now. Tempted by Cox and Josh Sale anyone?

Eric (Boston): On pure upside, who has the highest ceiling of anyone on the board?

Kevin Goldstein: Stetson Allie by a wide, wide margin.

nschaef (CT): Law has Chris Sale as 50th on his list. Where would you have him, KG just as a pure talent?

Kevin Goldstein: I had Chris Sale as the No. 1 college arm.

sfbennett1 (Edmond, OK): Cubs Fans (Wrigley): WHO?!?!?!

Kevin Goldstein: Our first complete and utter shocker in the draft as the Cubs take Heyden Simpson, a D-II pitcher from Arkansas. Just floored. Undersized righty with very good velo, but not a ton of other stuff.

J.P. (Chicago): Hayden Simpson? Too soon?

Kevin Goldstein: As the scouting cliche goes, it just takes one team to like a guy. I am totally floored on this one.

DavidLADodgers (Sonoma State University, CA): Do Machado and NOT Jim Tracy own the same type of telephone?

Kevin Goldstein: I think it's possible!

J.P. (Chicago): Kevin, was this a signability pick? Should we expect the Cubbies to take a guy with big money demands in the 2nd or 3rd ala Samardzija?

Kevin Goldstein: I don't know what it was. Just totally dying here on that one. Biggest first round shocker since Matt Thornton? Wow, as if the Rays needed a break here, they get the best high school hitter in the draft at 17. Teams with previous picks with regret this one.

biglou115 (Arkansas): OK, so Sale is gone. Cox has to be the next best position player right? Is there some line were after "x" number of picks teams have to quit "sticking with their plan" and just take the guy who's slipped?

Kevin Goldstein: Cox is the guy who is REALLY dropping. No home for him.

1976reds (Virginia): Is this the highest a DII player has been picked?

Kevin Goldstein: Tim Belcher was the first pick overall out of an NAIA school, so it's hardly unprecedented.

StatFreak101 (Wisconsin): Could you see the Twins taking Cox if he falls to #21? Twins could use an infielder with that type of bat in their organization.

Kevin Goldstein: I could, but if he really wants "Alvarez money", he's could go far. Would Boston bite?

John (DC): With the 38th Question in the 2010 Kevin Goldstein Live Draft Chat, John from DC asks: Are Bud Selig's announcements a) unintentionally hysterical, b) excruciatingly awkward, or c) oddly representative of his career?

Kevin Goldstein: D. All of the above.

Jim Clancy (Exhibition Stadium): Your description of Choice as Barfield gave me goose bumps, and I will forever look forward to him now. Is this another reason why you dont't like comps? I'm within shouting distance of a dog eared Barfield '86 card now.

Kevin Goldstein: It's one of many reasons. Lots of talk about Angels at 18. It's going to be a high school arm, likely from California, and likely Scott Frazier.

Brendan (Bainbridge Island, WA): Love the pick for Tampa.. I played against Sale in HS, can't imagine a high schooler hitting a ball farther than he did three times against us. What would his major league ETA be?

Kevin Goldstein: I love that pick for Tampa, just adore it. Angels pull a surprise with Kaleb Cowart. That means they're willing to pay. He goes higher than expected, plenty of teams in the 20s say, "Drats." Not going to lie. NO CLUE on Houston here with DeSheilds and Sale gone. Reggie Golden or some kinda tools dude?

JoshuaGB (Buenos Aires): Would the Rockies step up and take Cox? You mentioned the in your mock that they are a team hoping that someone falls.

Kevin Goldstein: They'd be one of many candidates. I like your thinking, also wondering about Boston at 20.

biglou115 (Arkansas): OK, so are teams just starting to say "well picking Georgia players works for Atlanta?"

Kevin Goldstein: Heh. Atlanta has the best youth development program in their backyard with East Cobb, so tons of guys come out of there. Local boy woot! I told you Mike Foltynewicz would be the first Chicago guy drafted, just didn't think he'd go in the first.

Jwest (Nc): Who are best available

Kevin Goldstein: Zach Cox by a mile right now, and Boston might be a landing spot for him, as might Vitek.

MattBey (Houston): Who is cockier Tim Wilken or Billy Beane?

Kevin Goldstein: Cocky? or confident?

Jwest (Nc): Would ranaudo be in the sandwich for sox?

Kevin Goldstein: He very well could be.

dawhipsaw (DC): On a scale of 1-10, how badly did Houston blow a real opportunity this year with two top 20 picks?

Kevin Goldstein: It's funny, I really like both players, but at 8 and 19 . . . not so much.

biglou115 (Arkansas): Any chance Cox and Eibner go back to back and 20 and 21?

Kevin Goldstein: Sure. A tiny one.

Conjunction (Dallas): Could the Rangers take some of the money saved by the Skole selection and use it on Cox?

Kevin Goldstein: Unlikely.

Devon (Halifax): As a grieving Jays fan, how much less do you expect McGuire to sign for than Josh Sale would have commanded at 11? And if the answer is "none" or close to it, what were they thinking!?

Kevin Goldstein: I bet it's not a big difference, and I'm with you. Boston sticks to their guns at 20 and take Kolbrin Vitek from Ball State. Guy had some crazy wide-ranging reviews. Almost went 9 to San Diego, Other teams had him as a 2nd rounder.

Small Wonder (Best Show ever): Kevin, any personal favorites for best NAMES in the draft?

Kevin Goldstein: Tanner Fudge, LHP, Valdosta State. You can't beat that.

Andy_B. (Maryland): Is it generally riskier to draft high schoolers since they can opt to go to college or is it worth it to grab the talent?

Kevin Goldstein: Talent rules the day, always.

Matt (Woodstock, CT): What are some reasons you don't see as many trades in the MLB Draft as NFL? Sheer # of players available?

Kevin Goldstein: That, and the fact that you can not trade draft picks in baseball.

Jwest (Nc): Wow where is cox going to end up, is there something we don't know or is this the way it goes for him this year

Kevin Goldstein: St. Louis is suddenly making a lot of sense to me as far as Cox goes. Minnesota on Wimmers all along, and now Texas will take Kellin Deglan.

Fred Bird (Springfield, IL): Stetson Allie or Cox? Please tell me the Birds have learned and will go with UPSIDE.

Kevin Goldstein: Not sure they've learned. Would be surprised to see them take Allie.

sfbennett1 (Edmond, OK): Like Kellin Deglan for the Rangers? Or a big overdraft?

Kevin Goldstein: You know, I'm fine with the pick. It's one of those I neither love, nor hate.

biglou115 (Arkansas): Is saying "this is a scouts draft" mean anything? I mean is this just mlb network pretending that teams aren't basing decisions entirely on signability?

Kevin Goldstein: I'm not sure what draft has ever not been a scout's draft.

ErikJH (WashDC): As a Twins fan, do I have permission to be somewhat bored by the Twin's selection of Wimmers? Nice to get somebody who can move fast through the system and contribute, but he seems more in the good-not-great Slowey/Blackburn mold than somebody with big upside.

Kevin Goldstein: I'm fine with you being bored, and you nailed what he is.

Patrick (Boston): Why would the Rangers go with Deglan over O'Connor?

Kevin Goldstein: Money?

maryac850 (CA): How about Cox to San Francisco?

Kevin Goldstein: Also makes sense.

Mike (Chicago): So, Hayden Simpson is RIGHT handed, correct? MLB Network guys keep saying left handed.. Unreal.

Kevin Goldstein: RIGHT handed. Six foot short, but up to 95.

nschaef (CT): Is the fact that Castellanos is sliding so much increasing the likelihood that he'll go to school and refuse to sign? Or will he simply get scooped up by a big budget team at the end of the 1st round or in the supplements?

Kevin Goldstein: My best players on the board right now are Allie, Castellanos and Cox.

denny187 (WI): A little late for questions about him, but do you like Dylan Covey at 14?

Kevin Goldstein: I think he was falling more than he should, and the teens make a lot of sense for him. I liked Cabrera at 23 here, but some late rumors also had them interested in slick fielder juco shortstop Andrelton Simmons.

Jwest (NC): Have any players floated crazy bonus demands so they could drop to a certain team?

Kevin Goldstein: Many have tried throughout draft history, few have succeeded.

JoshuaGB (Buenos Aires): What's with the recent push to make the MLB draft more of an event? I mean, I understand that it gives baseball even more press, but basketball and football have known this for years. What changed that caused MLB to promote the draft?

Kevin Goldstein: They caught up . . . a bit? Christian Yellich was in a lot of mixes for late 1st round picks, but I thought he's be a sup. Really nice hitter, but weird profile as a 1b/of without a ton of power.

deltarich (CA): Seems like Cowart is determined to hit. What do you see his upside is as a hitter? Do you think he'll ultimately end up as a pitcher in the long run?

Kevin Goldstein: First round talent either way. Let him hit if he wants to hit.

raygu1 (burlington, nj): do the Dodgers take Cox if he is available at 28?

Kevin Goldstein: Don't think they have any interest in going over slot there.

biglou115 (arkansas): Kind of the oppossite of a slick fielding shortstop isn't it?

Kevin Goldstein: Exactly. I miss some!

faithdies (DE): Brandon Workman to the Phillies if he's still there? Residual resentment from a few years ago?

Kevin Goldstein: I think they'll go for something with far more upside. Not clue at 24. Possible home for Allie and Cox, but hardly a lock.

Steven Goldman (Langley, New Jersey): Todd Van Poppel was one player who tried to manipulate his way away from a team, saying he just wouldn't sign with the Braves. The Braves took Chipper Jones instead and have sent Van Poppel a bouquet of flowers every day since then. Pete Incaviglia made all kinds of demands of the Expos so he wouldn't have to sign there. They traded him, provoking a rules change.

Kevin Goldstein: Andrew Miller also tried, and the Tigers called his bluff. I'm ticked as Gary Brown to the Giants makes great sense, and I love this pick. 3.9 to first from the right side? SOLD.

illegalblues (billings, mt): So between Loux, Simpson, and Brown, who is the worst selection of the first round so far?

Kevin Goldstein: Loux at 6, because of WHERE he went. STL could be going Cox or O'Conner here.

biglou115 (Arkansas): And even if you don't post this I'd like you to note somewhere that I'm gonna go ahead and say the Giants just drafted Jeff Francoeur the sequal (at least I can pinch run).

Kevin Goldstein: I'll post it and heartily disagree with you.

Matt (Woodstock, CT): What's up with Asher Wojciechowski?

Kevin Goldstein: Good question.

sfbennett1 (Edmond, OK): How does Cox rank among recent "best college hitters" Ackley/Alvarez/others that I've forgotten?

Kevin Goldstein: He's well behind them. In a usual draft, he's a mid-first round talent. Now he wants all this money, and teams are telling him to stick it. I'm told that Cox is coming.

Paul (Boston): So how's pick #30 looking? What are the chances the Yanks get Cox?

Kevin Goldstein: Well, no chance now as the Cardinals take him. They have to be absolutely thrilled to get this kind of hitter at 25.

Eric Byrnes (Rec Softball Field): Force a comp here, Kevin...I'm Gary Brown's upside, correct?

Kevin Goldstein: How about Juan Pierre with some power. That's a good player.

lemppi (Ankeny, IA): Does your note about the Tigers looking at Zach Lee still have shelf-life? Any shot of Tyrell Jenkins lingering until pick #44 for the Tigers? Thanks.

Kevin Goldstein: It does, but they want to get a feel for what the cost is.

DavidK44 (LA ): So was it just the money that led to fall, or was cox overrated?

Kevin Goldstein: Both.

Jim Clancy (Exhibition Stadium): Are we stuck with Loux's, not to mention Sanchez, Minor, and Hobgood from last year, because they can't trade down, in part? (assuming that the teams don't see something we don't--I realize 2 of the 3 "overdrafts" from last year look fine now) I mean, I can tease Isiah for drafting Balkman when he did b/c it's bad value. If you love Loux and don't draft again 'til the sandwich....

Kevin Goldstein: If you love Loux enough to take him at 6, something is horribly wrong.

ofMontreal (Ithaca ): How does Z Cox compare to Brett Wallace seeing who took him?

Kevin Goldstein: Not completely dissimilar, at least Cox can play third base.

Andrew (St. Louis): What's the timetable on Cox to the majors at 3B/2B?

Kevin Goldstein: Definitely could move quickly.

DW (NY): Quite a fall for Brentz... what happened?

Kevin Goldstein: Questions about how the power translates to wood. Expect Kyle Parker to Colorado here.

sfbennett1 (Edmond, OK): With a high floor and a Bill Mueller ceiling, is Cox a top 75 guy? Fringe top 100?

Kevin Goldstein: fringe.

Robert06907 (Stamford, CT): What are the chances O'Connor by some miracle falls all the way to the mets in the 3rd?

Kevin Goldstein: the 3rd? NO chance.

nschaef (CT): Castellanos. Allie. Ranaudo. Brentz. Any of these still there in the 2nd round?

Kevin Goldstein: 2nd? doubtfull. they'll get scooped in the sandwich round.

DavidLADodgers (Sonoma State University, Ca): "Juan Pierre with some power." Sizemore?

Kevin Goldstein: To clarify. Better defender than Pierre, fantastic CF, and a plus arm. GOOD PLAYER even if he doesn't walk. Walks are not a black/white issue. walks does not equal good, no walks does not equal bad.

Tim (DC): Odds that Parker signs? As an ACC grad of another school I wouldn't mind seeing him turn pro.

Kevin Goldstein: That high? He'll sign, and he'll love hitting in Coors, love the power.

Mark (Philadelphia): Thoughts on Biddle?

Kevin Goldstein: Not a pure first round pick for me, but I get the appeal, big and left-handed is a pretty good thing.

faithdies (DE): I don't mind the Jesse Biddle pick. No chance we won't sign him and he's highly projection-able.

Kevin Goldstein: Exactly. Still like vettleson to the dodgers here.

Rob (WV): any guys left on the board look like potential top 100 guys?

Kevin Goldstein: Stetson Allie remains the steal of the draft if you can sign him.

Gregjitsu (SoCal): Ugh....Gary Brown...I think I prefer a real hitter for the Giants. The Giants don't seem to have any luck turning out position players, so I would have liked them to select the guy with the most polished bat, Cox or Brentz or Gyorko. I just don't trust the Giants to turn a hacker into a decent player. I read his profile and just think...Eugenio Velez...Darren Ford, and then I throw up in my mouth a little.

Kevin Goldstein: He's bigger, stronger and faster than those guys. You're making poor assumptions.

Neal (Joliet, IL): Is there a Max Stassi you see who could be a potential first round HS guy who goes into the 3-4-5 rounds?

Kevin Goldstein: Zack Lee. Dodgers take Zack Lee. So much for divorce holding back the spending. I heard the price tag is 3 million.

Todd (New York): Anything looking clearer on the Yankees front?

Kevin Goldstein: Nada. Vettleson? LaMare? Gyorko?

Brendan (Bainbridge Island, WA): Who are the most major league ready players already picked? Who in this draft has the soonest ETA?

Kevin Goldstein: Cox and McGuire.

mm (MD): Castellanos still on the board. Why? Signability?

Kevin Goldstein: Guys who drop can BECOME signability guys when the drop. He's still going to want mid first money, so NOW he's a signability issue, but wasn't before.

Cris E (St Paul, MN): Gammons doesn't think they'll sign him.

Kevin Goldstein: Could be a Reds/Sowers situation where they are just punting the pick.

Will (Mactaquac): I'm having a hard time with McGuire for the Blue Jays. Isn't the team's strength decent to reliable SP? Can you name an upthemiddle player for them you'd go to war with in the AL East....I know I can't. I know Sale's best position is hitter, but Cox might have been sweet, hey? Oh well.

Kevin Goldstein: I agree with everything you say here. I see high school arms in the Angels future, Bedrosian, Tago, Cole, Sanchez around.

Dingo (Philly): Was Biddle a hometown-reach? Who would you have picked if you were the Phills?

Kevin Goldstein: You can say it moved him up, they might say that they got to see him more than anyone else.

sfbennett1 (Edmond, OK): Any insight into a potential landing spot for Allie?

Kevin Goldstein: I'm out of them. Guessing price ended up too high.

singledigit (San Diego, Ca.): Am I too hopeful that Allie drops to the Tigers?

Kevin Goldstein: You are NOT. Could happen.

raygu1 (burlington, nj): what are the current odds the Dodgers sign Lee? 20-1?

Kevin Goldstein: 5-1.

perforatededge54 (NY): Castellanos to Yankees? Plausible?

Kevin Goldstein: Very. Chevy Clark is a speedy outfielder with lots of tools except power, Braves wanted him maybe with their sup pick.

Cris E (St Paul, MN): So what's left in GA for the Braves at this point?

Kevin Goldstein: Good question. Don't be surprised if they cross the country for California high schooler Tony Wolters

faithdies (DE): Think Biddle signs for Slot and allows the Phillies to do what has become common for them and surprise us with a high-upside later round pick?

Kevin Goldstein: He won't be a tough sign.

InBillyWeTrust (Oakland): Any chance Choice is a cf in the bigs?

Kevin Goldstein: Very doubtful. He profiles better in right. I had O'Conner going to the Rays with the early first round in an early mock, so this makes tons of sense. Great find here, as Oakland would have taken him at 10 if Choice wasn't around. Big arm, big power, but questions about just how much he'll hit.

Eric (Memphis): Off the top of your head, which picks do you like best so far?

Kevin Goldstein: Choice, Sale (White Sox), Cox just because of where he want. Yankees remain ANYONE'S guess at 32. Vettleson could be here.

dawhipsaw (DC): Rays continue to impress with their selections?

Kevin Goldstein: Sale and O'Conner at those two slots have to have the Rays popping some champagne.

raygu1 (burlington, nj): just read that since Lee has a dual scholarship, LA can spread signing bonus over up to 5 years. guess that could ease things a bit, no?

Kevin Goldstein: 3 mil+ is still 3 mil+.

Emanuel (Portland, Oregon): KG, did the Dodgers draft Lee as a throw away pick since all indications are they are going on the cheap this year?? Also, how far away is Lee if he does sign?

Kevin Goldstein: I think there's a strong chance this is a pick dump.

DavidLADodgers (Sonoma State University, Ca): Where would Lee rank if he wasn't such a tough sign?

Kevin Goldstein: mid first-round.

Zirinsky (DC): Yanks take Vettleson or Castellanos?

Kevin Goldstein: Neither! They go totally off the board for shortstop Cito Culver, a guy who a lot of people saw as a third-fourth round pick. All I know is that he's raw and toolsy, he'll require some phone calls.

iorg (Nimrod, MN): Think Wimmers will be a slot guy?

Kevin Goldstein: I do. My best players going into the sandwich round. Allie, Ranaudo, Wojchiechowski, Castellanos, Eibner, Brentz, Cabrera, Vettleson.

dawhipsaw (DC): Do you have a macro set up for typing out Wojchiechowski?

Kevin Goldstein: I do copy it every time, does that count?

Killbahn (Nj): Wow, how underwhelmed should Yankee fans be?

Kevin Goldstein: Don't worry, with Yankee blogger hype, he'll be the next Derek Jeter by the time you wake up tomorrow.

Emanuel (Portland, Oregon): What's the most surprising/worst pick so far?

Kevin Goldstein: Cubs pick is certainly the most surprising, and by a mile.

aarontagg (MA): Is this a CJ Henry disaster all over again

Kevin Goldstein: Well, let's not automatically go in THAT direction either.

thsaladboy (Los Angeles): I know you've gotten this type of question a lot already, but could Allie possibly last until the 3rd round for the Mets' next pick?

Kevin Goldstein: Not ruling out anything on Allie at this point. Kvasnicka to the Astros. Just fell out of the first round. Look for Houston to see if he can catch. I like this pick for them.

perforatededge54 (NY): Apparently the Yankees announced Culver as a pitcher.

Kevin Goldstein: Totally missed that. He has a big arm, up to 93-94, but highly unpolished. Toronto wanted Deglan, takes Aaron Sanchez another SoCal HS arm with first-round hopes.

Michael (New York): Can we get a quick report of Cito Culver?

Kevin Goldstein: I'm not going to lie, I've already told you everything I know. I will make calls, find out and give you a complete report later in the week. Lipka coming to Braves.

denny187 (WI): True or False: The Rays could have the best draft of the year if they pick Allie. Possible?

Kevin Goldstein: They still have a very good one. Braves get a nice player in Lipka. Athletic shortstop in a system desperate for up the middle guys. Red Sox follow with Bryce Brentz, great find there for them, guy was a mid-first rounder two weeks ago.

dawhipsaw (DC ): Odds that the Rays can have Allie slip all the way to them at 42 and pull off a ridiculous trio of late first round picks?

Kevin Goldstein: He could be there. Angels with the fourth pick already, take Taylor Linsey, another high school guy. Not the biggest or the toolsiest, but he can play.

Adam (NY): What the hell is a Cito Culver?

Kevin Goldstein: Again, a guy who most saw as 3-4th rounder. I'll talk to some scouts who saw him in person over the next couple of days. Jays take Noah Syndergaard, a very tall, lanky, projectable righty.

dawhipsaw (DC): more complete randomness out of Houston

Kevin Goldstein: Really? I see a plan here. Red Sox have to be THRILLED to get Brentz and Ranaudo in the sup -- are you kidding me? The rich just get richer.

tleep24 (GA): Lipka?

Kevin Goldstein: I know he's not from Georgia, but he's good. Angels continue the upside high school draft with Ryan Bolden. HUGE HUGE upside.

dawhipsaw (DC): This Bolden kid sure passes the eye test for me. He looks like quite an athlete.

Kevin Goldstein: Exactly. Blue Jays stick with the upside thing, going with Asher Wojchiechowski, who had one of the best college fastballs in the draft. While we're here, can I predict that Stetson Allie is a top three pick in the 2013 draft?

J.P. (Chicago): Tigers have taken pitchers with their first picks since David Chadd came aboard (Verlander, Miller, Porcello, Turner...). Are they predisposed to taking power pitchers, or are they always taking the best player available?

Kevin Goldstein: David Chadd LOVES big guys who throw hard. Always has, and that makes them predictable. Last logical slot for Allie? Rays take Vettleson, big time bat, other tools not special. Mariners take Taijuan Walker -- hugely projectable, huge project.

dawhipsaw (DC): Now I'm disappointed the Rays didn't take Allie. :(

Kevin Goldstein: Don't be, they still had a great draft. Castellanos finally comes off the board. Great pick for Detroit who is willing to spend here. Instant big time upgrade with that pick.

Adam (NY): Any chance some of these picks (Zack Lee, Culver) are just punts to receive a comp pick next year?

Kevin Goldstein: Lee might be, I'm sure the Yankees took Culver to sign him. Rangers take Luke Jackson, a guy that some thought was in the Angels mix for many of their picks. Lower than expected, and a good find here.

aarontagg (MA): The Yankees have corrected their report and indeed took Culver as a SS. Punt pick ?

Kevin Goldstein: I don't think so at all. It's not like he'll cost much. Cardinals take Seth Blair, who some thought was a late first-round talent out of Arizona State. Boras was a factor in him slipping a bit.

dawhipsaw (DC): Luke Jackson needs to cut that hair! Or is he Samson reincarnate?

Kevin Goldstein: Maybe he's also in a Knack cover band. Rockies take Peter Tago, another HS arm that some thought could go in the first. Nice find for Colorado.

nschaef (CT): Workman and Paxton the best on the board now?

Kevin Goldstein: Allie is the best on the board. Just too high a price tag.

Nate (St. Louis, MO): Seth Blair - Does he end up in the Bullpen?

Kevin Goldstein: Certainly could happen. Speaking of bullpen, the Tigers take Texas closer Chance Ruffin. I do wonder if Texas will pop another Texas player with Brandon Workman next.

DavidLADodgers (Sonoma State University, CA): How much credit should be given to the Angel's draft so far, considering the number of selections they have?

Kevin Goldstein: Well, they've certainly followed their plan of high ceiling HS players. Rangers pull a small shock here with Mike Olt out of UConn. Great defender, big power, BIG holes in his swing. Cardinals finish things up a bit late by taking Tyrell Jenkins, a highly projectable, athletic high school arm from Texas. Good upside there.

Kevin Goldstein: Ok, folks. After FOUR hours, I have to digest all this and do some calls. Thanks so much for watching with me!

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