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Chat: John Perrotto

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Thursday July 30, 2009 2:00 PM ET chat session with John Perrotto.


The wires are humming, but John Perrotto is on the beat and taking your questions no matter how hot they get.

John Perrotto: Hi, everyone. First of all, I greatly appreciate your patience in my having to push this back a day and then two more hours. Trade deadline stories beckoned and changed my schedule. At any rate, on with the chat.

Sean (Hanoi): Are there rules preventing teams from trading their players for cash instead of for other players, like with transfer fees in European football? I know players are sometimes traded for "cash considerations," but that's usually just a nominal amount for fringe players. It seems unlikely that the Jays will be able to get equivalent value in a trade for Halladay, as these days teams are reluctant to move their prospects, so I'm wondering if there's anything apart from custom to stop Toronto from trading him for straight cash instead? As a Jays fan, I yearn for the simplicity of the European system, where teams in the Blue Jays' position can negotiate cash fees that they feel match a player's value. Baseball, by comparison, is like a stone age barter economy back in the days before currency had been conceived. Are there rules that prevent teams from selling their players like this, and if so, what is the reasoning behind them?

John Perrotto: Sean: Typically deals that include more than $1M must meet approval by the commissioner's officer. So, Bud Selig would have to sign off on a team just selling off all its players.

MikeAlan (North Carolina): Please rank these in terms of MLB career: Clay Buchholz, Max Scherzer, Naftali Feliz. Thanks, Alan

John Perrotto: I'd have to go Buchholz, Feliz and Scherzer. I like the idea that Buchholz has had success, albeit just a taste in the major leauges, including throwing the no-hitter.

TomH (Lexington Park MD): [{(not a question; just a "hi!")}] come now to the campus, true sons of Geneva! Hello, fellow Golden Tornado! Did you know my brother Paul who graduated in 85? Tom Hanrahan

John Perrotto: Yes, I knew Paul in passing. We were in the same graduating class. Fight Geneva, Fight Geneva, Fight Geneva, Fight!

Mike (Utica, NY): What's your opinion on Jenrry Mejia and do you think Jason Heyward should get some MLB time in August?

John Perrotto: I like Mejia a lot and he's one of the few blue-chippers in the Mets' system. I think it's a stretch to think Heyward is ready to jump into a pennant race but I could see him getting a September callup and being in the lineup sometime in 2010.

dangor (New York): I am appalled whenever Cashman gets accolades. Some of his decisions have been atrocious (Pavano, Igawa, etc.). If you give any mediocre GM a $50 million head start over every other team, I bet they would have won one WS this century. Why does he get a free pass?

John Perrotto: Because he is a good guy who keeps his sanity and is media-friendly in a tough situation. However, it's easier to make mistakes when you can wallpaper over them with hundred dollar bills.

jedmonds15 (St. Louis): Thanks for doing this chat John, A lot of the commentary about the Holliday trade from the St. Louis media has focused on the fact that Pujols will no longer get intentionally walked and this will make Pujols more productive. Is there any validity to this statement? Is there a chance that Pujols will actually be less valuable because he will draw less walks?

John Perrotto: Jim. Sorry I didn't make it to your steak house when I was in St. Louis for the All-Star Game. I don't by the protection theory and people smarter than me who have worked or are working for BP have debunked the idea. Holliday is a good hitter but I still wouldn't pitch to Pujols with the game on the line unless I had no other choice.

max (DC): So, now that Mr. Beckham has settled in with the ChiSox do you see him as a more like Jeff Kent? Utley? Joe Morgan? Uggla?

John Perrotto: I think Utley is a good comp. I really like Beckham a lot. He's made a huge jump and a very short period.

Ashlee (Cincinnati, OH): I heard there were scouts in the GABP stands last evening watching Bronson Arroyo pitch, supposedly NYY scouts. Could you fathom Johnny Damon AND Bronson Arroyo both playing for the Yankees? And wouldnt AROD pull all his favor cards to block this trade, if only to avoid answering questions on the famous postseason slappity slap ground out?

John Perrotto: That would indeed be very funny if they were all together on the Yankees. I don't think A-Rod has as much pull anymore. If Cashman wants Arroyo, he'll get him regardless of what Rodriguez thinks.

chunkstyle (Toronto): Recently, I feel like I'm in some kind of bizarro universe, because I just can't find any logic in the Blue Jays dealing Halladay. He's the face of the franchise, whose loss would make them immediately a crappy team, who could practically win a seven-game series by himself if they can squeak into the playoffs, and a potential inner-circle Hall of Famer wearing a Blue Jays cap. If you're smart, you keep this guy at all costs, including next free agency. If you want to save money (which it seems like), deal Wells and Rios for pennies on the dollar. Am I missing something?

John Perrotto: I understand your point and I can't say I totally disagree. However, Halladay is the only guy who will get any talent back for the Jays. They would get nothing but salary relief for Wells or Rios, which are two ridiculuos contracts. Scott Rolen isn't going to fetch much either. Thus, the Jays are backed in a corner.

Ian (Pittsburgh): Do you think the Pirates will get good value in return for Freddy Sanchez should he be traded? Given his contract situation, what do you think good value actually is?

John Perrotto: I think the Pirates got excellent value in Alderson plus being completely free from paying the 8.1M option for next season. Both teams made a good deal there.

SaberTJ (Cleveland, OH): What kind of package would Shapiro accept for Lee and or Martinez? I would think Martinez is much more expendable with Carlos Santana not far away.

John Perrotto: The Indians won't get as much for Martinez as they did Lee and I think Shapiro has been put in a spot by ownership where he HAS to trade Victor, regardless of what they're saying publicly. They're losing a lot of money from what I hear.

Dennis (California): Hi John, thanks for the chat. So who do the Angels end up with? Blue Jays want Aybar/Saunders/Wood/prospect for Halladay, can you see something like this happening if the Blue Jays add McDonald so the Angels don't have a hole at SS? Or do you see the Angels getting a reliever instead?

John Perrotto: The Angels aren't ones to make big moves unless they get great value like they did in renting Teixeira. I just don't see Tony Reagins giving up that much for Halladay, especially in a division that is already very winnable for them.

dangor (New York): I'm perplexed by the Phillies. With Hamels, Moyer, Blanton, Happ, even Lopez all pitching well, what's with the chasing of Pedro and Cliff Lee? Wouldn't getting Victor Martinez make more of an impact?

John Perrotto: This deal was made with the postseason in mind. They would have had a hard time winning in a short series with Hamels as the only potentially dominant starter and, keep in mind, he really has never been right all season. Lee gives them a legit shot to repeat as World Series champs.

lemppi (Ankeny, IA): Can the Tigers make a legit move on Josh Willingham and/or Jarrod Washburn? Or will they get what's behind Door #3 and end up w/Cody Ross? Thanks.

John Perrotto: I think it's door No. 3. They don't really have much in the way of prospects that excited other teams. However, I don't think Cody Ross is a bad consolation prize. He's a pretty underrated player in my book.

jbuofm (Peoria): I realize this would never happen, but who would say no first in a bad contract trade of Soriano for Zito?

John Perrotto: That is a great question. I'd have to say the Cubs.

Dave (Chicago): What are the A's looking for in exchange for Cabrera and/or Wuertz?

John Perrotto: They would like bats with a future.

frampton (oakland, ca): Thanks for the chat, John. Are you surprised that the Marlins aren't more active sellers?

John Perrotto: Actually, the Marlins are buyers. They're hard after Heath Bell and they feel they have a legit shot at the wild card. As they've shown in the past, they know how to leverage the wild card into World Series titles.

jamin67038 (Wichita, KS): So the Yankees will remain quiet even with Wang out for the year? Wouldn't a move for a Washburn-level starter make more sense than Mitre? (This is assuming they keep Hughes in the pen, no matter the merits of that move)

John Perrotto: Things have changed since I wrote my last On The Beat column. They've stepped up their interest in Washburn and he seems to be the guy they're targeting.

mymrbig (New Orleans): I'm assuming you will give us your reaction to the Pirates / Mariners trade in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... now!

John Perrotto: I like it for both sides. The Mariners stress defense and Jack Wilson is one of the best at his position and is likely amenable to signing a multi-year deal. Ian Snell could become a big winner with a change of scenery. I think Clement could really be a good hitter for the Pirates, especially in a new environment, Cedeno is a decent stop gap at shortstop (or maybe more) and three pitching prospects all have some degree of promise. It's a win-win.

Scott (Greenville, SC): Why are the Reds not more aggressive sellers? I heard Jocketty had a deal done but was vetoed by Castellini for money reasons.

John Perrotto: The Reds are a very odd organization to figure. I thought they were one big bat away from contention during the winter and never made a move to get that piece. Now, they are trying to get Scott Rolen, who has seen better days. Strange days in the Queen City.

Mountainhawk (Salem, MA): Buerhle's run got me thinking: Hershiser's 59 or Dimaggio's 56, which is more unbreakable?

John Perrotto: Everyone assumes DiMaggio's streak because it has lasted so long and I'll go with that, too. However, I think Hershiser's streak is also pretty impressive, just a hair below Joe D's on the unbreakable scale.

kcboomer (KC): Why haven't the Royals signed their #1 draft pick, Aaron Crow?? The Royals are starved for talent and this guy has already sat out one year. Seems like both parties ought to be frothing at the mouth to get this done. Is this another case of the agent holding up the deal??

John Perrotto: MLB has told teams to hold the line on bonuses this year and most teams are following suit. There are a lot of unsigned draft picks and you're going to see a lot of these situations go down to the wire to the Aug. 17 deadline until one side blinks.

Bill (Toronto): Put in JP Ricciardi's shoes, which team would you target as a trade partner? Isn't getting Kershaw straight up for Halladay a better deal than a handful of prospects?

John Perrotto: You can make a case for that line of thinking but unfortunately teams also often have to bow to public perception.It would a tough sell to the fans to say you only got one player back for Halladay, especially someone who is not a household name.

Kirby (Minnesota): HI John. That's for doing this chat! It's frustrating as a Twins fan that the team never makes a move to get better. All we ever hear from the front office is that "they're trying hard, but other teams ask for too much in return". Yet, guys we could use, like Rafael Betancourt, Felipe Lopez, and Cla Meredith get dealt for almost nothing. Are the fans being lied to? Why are the Twins never able to get in on deals like those?

John Perrotto: The Twins strongly believe in their player development system and prefer a homegrown team. It's worked for them in the fact they've been highly competitive throughout the decade. However, I think they've cost themselves a shot at making at least World Series appearance by not making a big in-season move.

Kent (MN): Hi John. Thanks for answering my question. Do you think Toronto is going to move Marco Scutaro?

John Perrotto: Only if they get something for him because there is a school of thought in the organization that they would like to re-sign him to a multi-year deal.

Randy (Woodbury): Thanks for doing this John! It sounds like teams are asking Oakland about Wuertz. Is there much interest in Russ Springer? It seems like he's been pretty solid outside of one bad month.

John Perrotto: I know St. Louis has at least some interest in bringing Springer back. I think he could still help someone in a pennant race as an extra bullpen arm.

woof755 (Raleigh): Somehow I don't get the feeling the Indians have either rebuilt or reloaded with the DeRosa, Garko, and Lee trades. Now I fear they're going to part with V-Mart for another backup catcher, AAA retread relief pitcher and a box of balls. Please tell me I'm wrong, John!

John Perrotto: Frankly, I can't imagine they would get a better package for Martinez than Lee. Martinez is a good player, to be sure. However, Lee is coming off a Cy Young season and more teams had a need for a frontline starter than catcher/first baseman. So, sorry to ruin your day but ...

George Aiken (Forbes Ave): What's your take on yesterday's Pirates trades, and the earlier LaRoche trade? Just when I get excited, Keith Law rains on the parade by saying Alderson is likely a #4-5 starter. To me, it looks like wheel and deal Neal did a reasonably good job in getting potentially useable parts for LaRoche, Wilson and Sanchez. Good guys all, but none of them were likely to be a part of the next relevant Bucs team.

John Perrotto: I agree with you wholeheartedly. I have a lot of respect for Keith as a baseball man and an old friend but I've had different reports on Alderson. He's pitched very well in AA as a 20-year-old and I believe he is now the best pitching prospect in the Pirates' organization and No. 2 overall behind Pedro Alvarez. All in all, Wheel and Deal Neal did well to get as much back as he did for guys who, beyond Freddy Sanchez, are spare parts in other teams' eyes.

Jeff (PA): are the Phillies done? Part of me would like to see them go after V-Mart.... start him 60% of the time at catcher, and have him play first against tough lefties.

John Perrotto: I think the Phillies are done because they also got the right-handed outfield bench bat they were looking for in Benny Francisco. They have a strong enough lineup to get by with Carlos Ruiz behind the plate and it wouldn't make sense to give up three more prospects for Martinez.

Jay (San Diego): Looking at both the Cubs and Cardinals roster, I still think the Cubs are better even with DeRosa and Holliday. What do you think?

John Perrotto: I think the Cubs have better talent but John Mozeliak has done a good job of narrowing the talent gap. I realize there is a school of thought that team chemistry means little but I got the sense being around the Cubs last month that they are a dysfunctional and unhappy group.

ErikJH (Washington DC): How much do you think the Twins should consider Morneau's comments that Mauer will view inaction by the Front Office at the trade deadline as a sign that the team isn't serious about winning? Is it worth making a so-so deal if it helps convince their franchise player to stick around when his contract expires after 2010?

John Perrotto: I think Twins' management should take the comments seriously. You can't run your whole franchise to appease one player but frustration does set in when you get so close to winning it all year after year but always come up short. Frankly, the Twins' players have a right to feel that ownerhship and management has let them down by never making that one big acquisition that could push them over the top.

Eli (Brooklyn): What do you see the Yankees doing in the next 24-48 hours?

John Perrotto: I think they get a starting pitcher (Washburn) and a spare-part outfielder who can play center (TBD).

Guillermo (Madrid, Spain): John, in your article from last Sunday you mentioned that in his 12-year career with the Blue Jays, Roy Halladay never got to play in a postseason game. Yet, from the 11 already finished seasons, in only 3 the blue jays finished with a losing record. Isnīt it time MLB cuts them some slacks and let them play in the AL central?? They could switch with Cleveland or Detroit for some time... (although those two would probably want none of it).

John Perrotto: I don't think it's going to happen, though. MLB seems to have no interest in realigning.

The North Shore (Pittsburgh): This is going to be bad for a while, isn't it?

John Perrotto: Yeah, it's probably going to get worse for the Pirates before it gets better but there is at least some light at the end of the tunnel now. At least, they're not trading for Sean Casey and signing Joe Randa and Jeromy Burnitz anymore.

Sidney Crosby (The Igloo): I'd rather watch paint dry than go to a Pirates game. No wait, I'd rather watch dry paint than go to a Pirates game. Sheesh..., I feel sorry for those guys. At least they can do sky blasts, we never had that option.

John Perrotto: Back in the day, the Civic Arena roof used to open. If you would have born 30 years earlier, you could have had SkyBlast at Penguins' games.

Guillermo (Madrid, Spain): Is there anybody out there still speaking of "Joba to the Bullpen"? I donīt have much access to mainstream media (yeah, I know, it is strange!) but I figure it must have been dropped some time ago.

John Perrotto: It does seem that the Joba to the pen talk has died down now that Phil Hughes to the Pen has worked so well for the Yanks.

rowenbell (Chicago): Does the failure to close a deal on Halladay put the nail in the coffin on JP Ricciardi's tenure in Toronto?

John Perrotto: It could, though Rogers seems willing to at least give him next year, which is the last year of his contract.

Gregjitsu (SoCal): Please make me feel worse. Could you speculate about what a Tim Alderson centered package should have netted, were a competent GM trading him away? Also, is this Brian Sabean trying to save his job?

John Perrotto: Sabean has been put in a spot where he has to try to save his job since he doesn't have a contract beyond this year, so, yes, he has take some chances in an effort to make the playoffs.

FiveYearPlan (Pittsburgh): John, has there been any recent discussions about the Pirates trading Zack Duke?

John Perrotto: Phillies sniffed around but he was a fallback in case they failed to get Halladay or Lee. Pirates would trade Duke but only if they got quite a big haul.

FiveYearPlan (Pittsburgh): Are you suprised the Pirates were able to get legitimate prospects back for two aging middle infielders with injury concerns?

John Perrotto: Yes.

JTbucsfan (Ohio): How close is a John Grabow trade? Who has the best chance of getting him, and what kind of value would be coming back to the Pirates?

John Perrotto: Pirates will only give up Grabow if they get what they feel is the equivalent of two good prospects. He'll be a Type A free agent and they are willing to take the two compensatory draft picks next year if he signes somewhere else over the winter.

Thelonious (Williamstown): Is the Yankees unwillingness to get involved with the big names a function of them now wanting to deal their top level talent(Joba, Montero, AJax) or are they really satisfied with their big league team?

John Perrotto: A little of both but moreso that they really think they can win with what they have.

Baseball Fans (USA): [shrugs shoulders] Next?

John Perrotto: Who knows? Nothing surprises me with the PED story anymore. Nothing.

BL (Bozeman): Hi John, thanks for the chat. The Royals clearly don't get it, doing nothing more than piddline around the margins. Is there any chance they materially improve the team in the next nine months, are they just totally stuck with the terrible contracts and players they've so enthusiastically pursued (Guillen, Jacobs, et al), or does Dayton Moore simply have no idea how to assemble a competitive major league roster?

John Perrotto: Quite honestly, Dayton Moore has been a disappointment to me. I thought he would really get that franchise turned around but I wonder if it's every going to happen. Sadly, they may fall into such a deep hole that they'll need to trade Zack Greinke at some point to get three or four players back.

Tim (DC): John, thanks for the chat. Maybe I am in the minority, but I don't see the Indians getting Marson or Donald as meeting a team need in the deal for Lee. Not sure if Marson >> Carlos Santana, and while Donald is a nice player, he is older than Valbuena and Cabrera.

John Perrotto: Yeah, I'm not big on Donald or Marson either. I've only had limited looks at them in spring training but scouts I trust don't think they'll be impact guys in the majors.

mike (chicago): any chance the cubs will try and pick up a 4th OF type with reed johnson's injury?

John Perrotto: They're looking around for some bench help and Mark Teahen is one name I'm hearing.

Rob (Alaska): Anything to the Rolen for Yonder Alonso rumor?

John Perrotto: That's not the vibe I'm getting. Reds would be willing to give Edwin Encarancion up but not Alonso.

cchatham (Burgh): With so many catchers having bats good enough to play at first base, does it make sense for a team to try carrying two starting catchers (along with a third for backup) and switching them both between catcher and first base during the season. Specifically, I'm thinking of the Pirates doing this with Clement and Doumit.

John Perrotto: Well, the Indians have been doing that with Victor Martinez this season. It has some merit, I suppose.

BL (Bozeman): Did the David Ortiz news take you off guard, or is there an unwritten list in sportswriter circles of players that are fairly well known as steroid users even before they're outed?

John Perrotto: I wouldn't say there's an unwritten list but I think the longer that PEDs have been around the game the easy it has become to figure out who the likely culprits are/were. Everyone has a better understanding about the issue now and what the telltale signs are in a user. That being said, because of libel and slander laws, a journalist better be 100-percent sure he's right before he accuses someone of being a PED user.

Tim (Tampa): John, do you feel that MLB needs to end the moratorium on the Mitchell Report list and just let the names be heard already? It seems that all this slow burn nonsense is just going to aggravate fans to the point where they want the names out there so they can forget about the past and move on.

John Perrotto: Well, whether you agree or disagree with the premise, the players did agree to take the test anonymously, so MLB would be going back on its word if it released the list. However, if is clear that someone (likely in the federal government) wants the names to be leaked. I think at some point, MLB and the MLBPA are going to have to get together make a preemptive strike and just agree to release the names. It's not fair to the guys whose names have been leaked that they've been outed and the others haven't.

Tim (DC): John, does the $1m cap before approval of the commissioner's office go back to the Charlie Finley sell-off of 1976? As as Sox fan, I remember being thrilled, if I recall correctly, of getting Joe Rudi and Rollie Fingers.

John Perrotto: You know your history. It does go back to Rudi and Fingers being sold to the Red Sox and Vida Blue getting sold to the Yankees. All the deal were voided before those players actually played in a game, though they did put on the uniforms of their "new" teams.

Guillermo (Madrid, Spain): To Sean from Hanoi: I think it is better in the North American leagues. The "players for cash" thing is just a way to buy and sell players as if they werenīt humans. Remember that "selling players" was a normal thing back in the day in baseball. Even Babe Ruth got sold, and for a good amount!

John Perrotto: I'll just pass this along.

Rob (Alaska): With the Pirates housecleaning well underway, who's the next to go? Would they entertain offers for Ryan Doumit?

John Perrotto: I think it's possible they would trade Doumit since they two young catchers they like in Jason Jaramillo and Robinzon Diaz. I also think he wouldn't fight a trade because he is clearly unhappy about the direction of the franchise.

stan (springfield): Why did the cardinals all of a sudden find all this money to get some hitters when the need was just as obvious in the off-season and wouldn't have gutted the farm system?

John Perrotto: It seems that fan pressure, not to mention pressure from Tony La Russa, Albert Pujols and media, got Bill DeWitt to pull out the checkbook.

mhixpgh (Pittsburgh): Will the Pirates sign Miguel Sano? Or are they just trying to "appear" to try to sign him?

John Perrotto: I get the feeling they like him a lot but enought to break the bank. I don't think it's necessarily a public relations ploy just that they don't agree that he's worth $4 million.

jlewando (DC): Are the Red Sox making a big move or two in the next 26 hours? Are they acting urgent, and what do you foresee?

John Perrotto: They are trying like heck to make a big move. They're in on all the big names trying to make something happen. They seem fixated on Adrian Gonzalez and have the prospects to get him if they're willing to empty out part of the farm system.

Lady Ga Ga (Matrix): Do you dance?

John Perrotto: Not very well, but thanks for asking.

Jim Clancy (Exhibition Stadium): Will you permit a different type of deadline deal question--one for fantasy? In a deeper keeper league, would dealing Volquez and Porcello for CC be worth my while, or is that just overpaying for not even the definitively best pitcher in the deal?

John Perrotto: I wouldn't do it myself because I think Volquez and Porcello will combine to give you more production in the long run because both can be No. 1 starters.

Matt (Chicago): Doesnt it make sense for the Cubs to attempt to . upgrade in the middle infield? It appears that there are several low-cost, both in terms of prospects required and contractual obligations, available to them(Cabrera,Scutaro,Kennedy). Mike Fontenot has been doing his best to turn the lower part of their lineup into a black hole.

John Perrotto: The Cubs have two problems in trying to make a trade right now. One, is they aren't allowed to make any big expenditures with the sale of the team in flux. Two, they don't have many propsects that teams are interested in.

Mike Tomlin (Heinz Field): Do you believe Ben's version of what happened?

John Perrotto: Wrong sport. LOL.

Jon (Oakland): Ever been to a Pitt baseball game? The facilities are pitiful. But the team is a lot of fun to watch.

John Perrotto: I've heard the facilities are the worse but I know Joe Jordano does a really good job there in a tough sitaution.

JP (Toronto): I am so getting fired. Right?

John Perrotto: Well, it's possible but I think you've got one more year.

tcunning (MN): How can Felipe Lopez get traded for almost nothing, while Freddy Sanchez fetches a top prospect? Do teams differ that much in their player evaluations?

John Perrotto: You hit right on the head. Every team evaluates players differently and that was the reason in the disparity of talent moving in the two trades.

Jim Clancy (Exhibition Stadium): If the Sox really did offer Buch/Anderson/plus, the Jays would have to take that, no? There's a rumor floating that the Reds might do Alonso for Rolen. Giddy. Up.

John Perrotto: I think the Jays would have to take that one. They have to save face here. They can't make these trade talks as public as they have for the last two weeks and then do nothing. To my way of thinking, they're past the point of no return.

jromero (Seattle): Would the Dodgers really trade Kemp for Halladay? I wouldn't do that deal straight-up. Even in the post season, Hallady starts 2 games/series, at best. But you'd have Pierre in CF for every game. That's a huge drop-off in offense and defense at a skill position. Throw in the age/salary comps, and it's just a terrible idea.

John Perrotto: No,. They have told the Jays that Kemp is off-limits.

Tony (Brooklyn, NY): Plausible that Yankees get Halladay while keeping Montero and Joba? Maybe Jackson, Hughes, Robertson, Kennedy for Halladay with a salary dump from TOR making up the difference in talent? Thanks!

John Perrotto: The Yankees are not players in the Halladay thing. They'd rather go after Washburn and pay a lesser cost in terms of players.

Charlie (Bethesda): I understand the logic in keeping Willingham despite his trade value being at it's zenith. But Nick Johnson is still on the Nats. Am I supposed to give up on Rizzo now?

John Perrotto: Rizzo is in a tough spot. He's isn't really the GM and has no assurances he will be around past this season, so I don't know if the Lerners and Stan Kasten are giving him the authority to make a bunch of deals. It's a bad dynamic in Washington and the Lerners are really screwing up what should be one of MLB's flagship franchises.

Gray (Chicago): Please explain to me how this rumored Scott Rolen deal to Cincy is good for the Reds?

John Perrotto: It's not, so I won't.

Kirby (MN): There are so many trade rumors out there. Who is actually doing the leaking? Do teams have an assistant whose job it is to spread misinformation to the media?

John Perrotto: They come from all comers, GM, assistant GMs, agents, scouts, hot dog vendors. Ok, usually not hot dog vendors. It's hard to know what's real and what isn't, and you just try to trust your gut instincts.

hisjazziness (Pittsburgh): John, I'm sitting next to Dan Sainovich, reading your chat. He says hi. And he doubts the Bucs moves. I don't.

John Perrotto: Well, tell Dan Sainovich hello for me. He's a good man. I figure like this for the Pirates: They never won anything with the guys they just traded away, so they can probably lose without them. Why not try something new?

John Perrotto: Well, thank you for all the questions. I'm sorry I couldn't get to all of them but I think I covered pretty much all of the topics. Let's do it again soon.

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