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Chat: Kevin Goldstein

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Monday February 16, 2009 2:00 PM ET chat session with Kevin Goldstein.


Kevin's list of the top 100 prospects is out, and now it's time for you to ask after the thinking that went into it and see where your favorite team's prospects rank.

Kevin Goldstein: Happy President's day everyone! Let's get to chatting, I'm sure most of the questions will be about the Top 100, but bonus question for the readers, who's your favorite president and why? I'm kinda an FDR guy myself, that was a guy who knew how to do an economic stimulus.

marjinwalker (Atlanta): Late last year, I recall a statement you had made about not looking forward to putting together a top 100 for '09 because the overall quality-- at least how you saw it back then-- was lacking compared to previous years. Now that you're done, what do you think of how '09's list stacks up with previous years?

Kevin Goldstein: I still think it's a bit light. I start will two lists. The "obviously near the top" list and the "worth considering list" That first this this year was 40-something long, and it past years it was closer to 60.

fellajsmall (Atlanta): Hey KG, Who is a guy who you wouldn't be surprised to shoot up the chart for next year? Last year you said Cris Tillman (pat on the back)

Kevin Goldstein: I did? That's awesome. I'll go with three categories this year then.
25-50 guy who could move into single digits: Aaron Hicks
51-75 guy who could make a big jump: Michael Main
76-100 guy who will look WAY too low a year from now: Kyle Drabek

Ronald Reagan (GA): Few 2007 1st rounders that could possibly break out this year: Chris Withrow and Neil Ramirez. Yay or nay?

Kevin Goldstein: I'm gonna go nay, yay, and then throw in Justin Jackson for fun.

Paul (DC): The usual - where would a college player (Strassburg of SDSU) sit on your top 100 list?

Kevin Goldstein: I answered this in the comments part, but top three. He's that good, maybe better.

mhixpgh (Pittsburgh): Hi Kevin. Whatcha listening to this afternoon? BTW I am halfway through "Crisis of the Old Order: 1919-1933" by Arthur Schlesinger. A really good read so far...

Kevin Goldstein: I'm kinda in a mix-y mood. So last five songs were Carolyn's Fingers by the Cocteau Twins, Punkrocker by the Teddybears, Folly of Youth by Pere Ubu, The Humpty Dance by Digital Underground (swear to god), and a cover of The Night Chicago Died by No Empathy.

Bill (Toronto): What kind of "breakout" do you expect from Justin Jackson? Also, do you think Kevin Ahrens will step up his game at all?

Kevin Goldstein: I'm far more optimistic on Jackson, Ahrens was just one of those guys where you'd go to the game and sit with scouts and they'd turn to you at some point and say, "really? he was first round?" I could see Jackson turning into this .260 hitter with a lot of walks, plus defense and speed. Kinda a unique old-school shortstop.

Ryan (NY): Most likely to be in the 2010 top 100: Juan Ramirez, Hector Rondon, both, or neither?

Kevin Goldstein: Both have a good shot, but if I'm putting a sawbuck down on one of 'em, it's Ramirez.

Minneapolitan (Chicago): Steve Tolleson is: a)a maybe helpful utility player b)a useful starter for a couple years c)a scholar and a gentleman

Kevin Goldstein: D. Both a. and c.

A's fan (Oaktown, CA): I think most A's fans are wondering why Brett Anderson and Trevor Cahill are so low, and Michael Inoa is so high. Also, how close did Aaron Cunningham come to making to top 100?

Kevin Goldstein: I'm not a huge Cunningham guy. I like him plenty, and his a big leaguer, but I'm not sold on a star ceiling. As far a Cahill and Anderson go, I have them as the 23rd and 24th best prospects in ALL OF BASEBALL, and that's low? I don't get those arguments. Inoa is so high because EVERYONE I talked to that saw him did not talk about his talents as being good, that talked about him being historic.

Matt (Baltimore): Hey Kevin, You have Travis Snider as your #5 prospect. What kind of projections do you have for him for 2009? Will he be an everyday fixture in the Jays lineup this season?

Kevin Goldstein: If he was the best offensive player on the Blue Jays team this year, I would not be shocked at all.

momansf (Brookline, MA): Last year, many guys coming out of the draft did not make your top 100 prospect list but made it this year such as Madison Bumgarner. Who do you think could make the list next year from the 2008 draft class who did not make it on this year's list?

Kevin Goldstein: I love questions like this, but understand that it's a bit of a guessing game. That said, Casey Kelly from the high school ranks, and Jemile Weeks on the college side.

niketour2 (Raleigh (NC)): Kevin, Have you seen Dustin Ackley of UNC? Sure to be a Top 5 pick this year - have you heard anything about him and where would you have ranked him this year since Strasburg would have been Top 3 this year.

Kevin Goldstein: He's a really good player who scouts really wants to see in center field. But again, just an elite-level college player (which is a great thing!) not a historic talent like Strasburg.

Connor (Chicago): What keeps Kila Ka'aihue's 2008 from being thought of in a similar fashion as Geovany Soto's 2007?

Kevin Goldstein: I would say a lot of it is in the position. Good catcher versus unathletic first baseman. HUGE difference right there.

Gavin (Prairie Village, KS): Considering your lukewarm assessment of the Brewers' system, is Will Inman a 4th/5th starter in a perfect world or is a middle relief his top end?

Kevin Goldstein: I'd call 4-5 a real perfect world projection, while I'd bet on a long-relief career.

John (Washington): You rated Fields higher than Schlereth last June, and Scherleth made the list. Now that Fields has signed, would he have?

Kevin Goldstein: I could see him sliding in towards the end possibly. The time off doesn't help him.

Jim Clancy (Exhibition Stadium): Alvarez last year was talked about as Strasbourg is now. What's your take on the backlash against Alvarez now? You seem to have weathered it well.

Kevin Goldstein: I have no idea what contract negotiations have to do with talent, so those shenanigans didn't really enter into it, and frankly I had Alvarez' side in that fight. I also heard from our very own John Perotto (who is f-in fantastic by the way) from Pirates camp, and he's in very good shape.

Pedro Cerrano is my President (Cleveland, OH): A wise sage wrote: "... fills the strike zone with an effective three-pitch mix; a low-90s fastball that has good carry through the zone, a curveball that’s a plus offering due to his ability to locate the pitch, and a changeup that features good deception. The advanced secondary offerings make him equally effective against both lefties and righties, and he attacks hitters without fear... is credited with a mature, intellectual approach to the game that defies his youth." If I substituted Jeremy Hellickson for the actual player, where would I be wrong?

Kevin Goldstein: You wouldn't be necessarily wrong, but you wouldn't be telling the whole story, which includes some real bouts with consistency, an undersized frame, and to steal re-mix my favorite line from Amadeus, a guy who can be accused of "too many strikes." I like him plenty, just not that much. Hellickson was one of those guys that generated an email jihad to my inbox, so at least his fans are organized.

Minneapolitan (Chicago): So, between being a Twins fan and not really paying close attention to college baseball, I never saw the Philip Humber that was picked #3 overall in 2004. Can you spin me a yarn?

Kevin Goldstein: A long time ago, in a magical land called, "Texas" there was a school called "Rice." And there were three little (ok, actually big) pitchers there who maybe have been that best threesome on a single team in the history of college baseball. One was Humber, one was Wade Townsend, and one was Jeff Niemann. But Rice wasn't kind to these players, working them night and day and far too much, so that when they went pro they all got hurt, and none of them lived up to their potential, and nobody lived happily ever after. The end.

jaymoff (Salem, OR): Who has higher upside, Martin Perez or Matt Moore? Both are similar (both lefties, good velo, etc.) but Perez is 2.5 years younger. Who do you like best?

Kevin Goldstein: Perez. That's might be the guy NOT on the Top 100 who could make the highest jump.

Minneapolitan (Chicago): I'm moving in the next year, with equally strong emerging options in Philadelphia and Nashville. Strictly in terms of baseball entertainment for a fellow without a strong team commitment in either city, would you take high-quality MLB action in Philly or the high-end prospect action between Vanderbilt and the Sounds in Nashville?

Kevin Goldstein: On baseball, obviously I'll take Nashville, but that's my world, I'd rather go to a minor league game over a major league one any day of the week and twice on Sundays, and I'd kill to have a major college program in a top conference in my back yard. After that, it's tough. Philly beats Nashville on culture and food, loses on weather and prettiness.

Kyle (VT): Who are some of the other players that readers think were too high, too low, or should have been on there?

Kevin Goldstein: I actually kept a count. I currently have suggestions of 71 players who I didn't put on there and according to emailers of various levels of insanity, it's because I forgot about them, underrated them, or belong in a mental institution. There was also the person who accused me of having something against Canadians, as well as the remarkable email that discussed how me having a "preponderance of blacks" in the top 20 was an indication of my "liberal guilt." It was an entertaining day to be sure.

Jason O. (Middletown): What are your thoughts on the Yankees' relief phenom, Mark Melancon? Obviously having the ceiling of a relief pitcher hurts him, but what makes, say, the Red Sox's Daniel Bard that much better of a prospect?

Kevin Goldstein: The fact the Bard sits at 98 and touches 100.

Gavin (Prairie Village, KS): Reading your 'yarn' above about Rice; are there schools out there that are historically brutal on their pitchers and have a track record of their prospects peaking in college due to workload?

Kevin Goldstein: I actually think a lot of school, including Rice themselves have learned from some mistakes in the past, and you don't so guys get just downright ABUSED (we're looking at you Ben McDonald and Jason Windsor) as much as they used to. By the way, every time I spin that Rice tale, I hear from their alum, and not in a happy way.

preams (San Diego): When the Padres pick at #3, what are the odds of Grant Green being available? What are the odds of him being the pick?

Kevin Goldstein: If he's there, pretty darn good. That said, if the draft was suddenly today, I think he'd go number two. That said (again!), so, SO much is going to change between now and June.

jay (DC): How do you think your list differs most from Keith Law's in terms of how each of you evaluates? You two have some wide disparities -- he ranks Martin Perez and Daryl Jones as top 50 and you don't include either, while he omits Wilin Rosario from his list. Any explanation?

Kevin Goldstein: Any explanation? Keith Law is Keith Law, and me, I'm Kevin. I really respect Keith and what he does, and he reported to me yesterday that our lists had 79 of the same players, six in identical slots, and 44 within two spots of each other. Everyone is going to do things a little differently, and if I didn't think my list was the best, and if Keith didn't think his was, then why would we put it out there?

Spiny Norman (Ontario, CA): Your Angels list isn't up yet, but I'm assuming Alex Torres isn't on it, since I haven't seen him on any of the off-season top ten lists to date. Is he close? The only flaw we non-scouts could see at Rancho Cucamonga was his lack of efficiency -- lots of 100 pitch, 5 inning starts.

Kevin Goldstein: You'll see it tomorrow, and you're right, he didn't make it, but yes, he almost did and is in the 'just missed' list.

Shayn (Philly): Kevin, Is Zach Collier the kind of guy that with a good year next year can climb rapidly up the prospect charts?

Kevin Goldstein: Any really toolsy guy is, so Anthony Hewitt could as well.

Bobby (The O.C): Speaking of the Angels, I saw one fan blog that said Will Smith could be their #1 prospect for 2010. Do you buy that?

Kevin Goldstein: Not really, no.

Steve (Fremont, CA): For recently amateur players, at what point do amateur scouting reports begin to be over taken by pro reports and performance? I'm thinking of how Gordon Beckham is still rated 25 spots(?!?) above Wilmer Flores. Or even comparing Brad Holt this year ("not even close") to the top 100 compared to Mike Pelfrey before he threw a pitch (Top 50 prospect). It seems to me like the amateur scouting report sticks on a player way, way too long.

Kevin Goldstein: Yeah, Holt was the other guy, with Hellickson, to generate a lot of email. Look, he's not a good as you think he is, but he is plenty good. Are we supposed to throw years of reports on the guy just because he dominated the New York Penn League for 72 innings with a fastball that everyone knew was great in the first place? I don't get that.

Dieter (Sprockets (GDR)): How do you rank these catching prospects now Kevin? And which of them do you expect to have the best career? Posey, Flowers, Santana, Montero, Ramos, Salome and Arenciba.....

Kevin Goldstein: Um, I have a top 100 list published. It's all right there for you.

Tim (Lansing, MI): How do you feel about the following players' chances to win a job coming directly out of spring training? 1. Maybin, 2. Fowler, 3. Rasmus

Kevin Goldstein: 1. Excellent
2. Doubtful
3. 50-50.

Felipe De Jesus Calderon Hinojosa (Mexico City, MX): Quien es mas macho: Julio Borbon o Gerardo Parra? Por que?

Kevin Goldstein: Borbón, porque es más rápido y puede jugar en el medio.

Head First (Felldownhead, QOTSA): Where might Grant Green fit in the list -- and, given the tendency of pitchers to break down, should anyone with an iota of sanity consider drafting him ahead of Strasburg were the draft held today? Have you considered adding amateur prospects to your top 100s to avoid questions like this? Until you do, of course, you'll continue to discriminate against educated Americans and in favor of Latin teenagers.

Kevin Goldstein: I would think Green would easily be in the top 25, and that might be light. One scout I recently talked to called him a longer, looser version of Tulo. As far as putting college guys on the list, it's too much of a slipper slope. Then I should do sophomores too, and high school juniors and so on and so on and I'd be SKREWED.

Ryan Seacrest (Los Angeles): If everyone from BP tried out for American Idol, who would get the furthest?

Kevin Goldstein: Good question! I'm not sure any of us can sing, although I have a fine guttural hard rock voice. Will has a smooth radio voice, maybe he could sing. I think this really deserves a complete series of what would happen if you put BP staff on any number of reality shows. I'm making myself the favorite for Top Chef, I got Joe Sheehan to win Survivor, and a team of Marc Normandin and David Laurila (the Boston contingent) winning Amazing Race. Will wins The Apprentice, Jay Jaffe wins Top Design and if the History Channel ever moves into the reality show biz, Christina will OWN it.

Or (Dallas): Question 1: In conclusion, Kevin, which system more closely resembles the Great dust bowl: The Astros or the Tigers? Question 2: What has Engel Beltre shown to merit inclusion on the list that you haven't seen from Martin Perez?

Kevin Goldstein: 1. At least the Tigers have a shining oasis in Rick Porcello. 2. Utterly ridiculous tools.

Bill (NJ): if i throw my hat into the ring and say that grant green ends up the better player than strasburg, how crazy would i be? would i get a 20 for my craziness tool or an 80, or somewhere in between?

Kevin Goldstein: Other than the injury risk inherent to pitching, you'd be super-duper crazy.

Jorge Gomes (Dom Rep): Can you provide an example of a players tool that's a 20 on the 20-80 scale? Where do scouts draw the line where a player receives a few 20's for the 5 tools on the 20-80 versus not even bothering to file a scouting report??

Kevin Goldstein: Depends on where that 20 is. There are plenty of 20 runners in the big leagues.

Ryan (Utica, NY): Favorite president: Calvin Coolidge. A federalist, avoided scandal, not meddlesome. Favorite prospect: Angel Salome. I'm biased toward 5'7 catchers. What are the chances Adrian Cardenas remains at SS?

Kevin Goldstein: I like 5-7 catchers even more when they are 200 pounds and basically the same shape as a bowling ball. I just can't see Cardenas sticking at short, but he could be solid at second.

Gavin (PV, KS): Odds on Favorite to win this seasons Top Chef?

Kevin Goldstein: I'm in trouble here. I have a bet with our own Dave Pease ever season, and while I won last year, I got into a sucker bet about five weeks ago where he got the two Euros and I got the field. It seemed to good to be true at the time, and it was. I'm going to lose this one.

Tim (Denver): What's the best -- and worst -- evaluation you've heard on Jhoulys Chacin?

Kevin Goldstein: I went through my notes and got you actual quotes. Best: "Felix Hernandez lite" Worst: "A guy with a lot of pitches, but none of them are knockout. One of those consistent fourth types."

jromero (Seattle): The Franklin Morales saga continues. Since you were so high on him just one year ago, I was surprised to see he's fallen completely off your Top 100. Should we take that to mean that whatever problems he ran into in '08 are more than a bump in the road, or was he for some reason not eligible for your list? Either way, what's your take on him now? Thanks!

Kevin Goldstein: He's not eligible anymore. Too many innings. He would have made the list still, but way lower.

jnewfry (Chicago): Who on the top 100 has the best chance of frustrating as badly as Chris Pittaro (shaking fist at Sparky Anderson). And even though no one else seems to be playing the president game, I'll throw out that I think LBJ might be the best president in my lifetime (born in 68).

Kevin Goldstein: Of guys in the Top 50, gimme biggest bust score to Greg Halman.

jckmd04 (nashville): I keep asking you and Law this question. Besides uniformity across systems why use the 20-80 scale. It just seems conterintuitive and clumsy

Kevin Goldstein: Ask Branch Rickey, it's his invention. I've been told by science types that it used (in other forms) else where, as you have average and then three standard deviations each way from that middle and that's all you need or something like that.

scott (chicago): thoughts on professional video game players? i know you hate the game, but teams of 4 that win halo tourneys rake in close to 75k a year after sponsorships. sport? how soon can the sox expect gordon beckham? can he stick at short if the sox come to their senses and move alexi to CF?

Kevin Goldstein: I don't have anything against it. I don't have anything against anything really. I don't hate the Jonas Brothers just because they're making what I imagine to be an unreal amount of money. I just don't listed to their music.

Chris (California): A recent article on Strassburg indicated he's grown up a ton since High School, that he had had a tendency to get too emotional on the mound. Do scouts have any concerns at all along those lines now? And how does he compare to David Price as the consensus top pitching prospect coming into the season?

Kevin Goldstein: You see David Price pumping his first and yelling into his glove during last year's post-season? Does that bother you? Emotions don't bother me, emotions can often lead to BETTER performance (I now this is anti-stat thinking, but I do believe in closer mentality for example), for some guys though, it leads to worse performance. We have absolutely no evidence that Steven Strasburg falls into that category. Last year as a sophomore he had a 1.57 ERA, 133 strikeouts and 16 walks in less than 100 innings. I'm pretty sure his emotions were just fine.

Jack (Baltimore): Over, under, or even: Rich Hill wins 5 games for Baltimore in 2009?

Kevin Goldstein: Under.

Tony (Brooklyn, NY): Did you get the first expansion pack for Fallout 3, or has the magic faded?

Kevin Goldstein: I'd actually purchase it in a second, but the Microsoft moneyhat will keep it off the PS3. I'd be happy to give them my money, they just don't want it.

bigrick0016 (Cleveland): "I don't have anything against anything really." You're no fun

Kevin Goldstein: I'm a barrel of laughs. I should be clearer against. I don't have the Jonas Brothers on principal of what they are, I just hate their music. I certainly don't hold their popularity against them.

Joaquin Phoenix (Los Angeles): I want to leave acting and become a baseball bat boy, do I have what it takes?

Kevin Goldstein: Based on the Kaufman-esque showing on Letterman last week, I'd certainly buy a ticket to the ballpark.

mhixpgh (Pittsburgh): Pedro's ETA at PNC Park is 20__.

Kevin Goldstein: 10.

mhixpgh (Pittsburgh): Jon Lester will pitch ____ innings this season.

Kevin Goldstein: 204.2. I was gonna go with 206, but there is that start against the Twins in August when Francona is going to pull him too early.

Bill (Toronto): Earlier you said you wouldn't be surprised if Snider was the best offensive player on the Jays this season. Are you speaking very highly of Snider or do you think the Jays are that bad?

Kevin Goldstein: Maybe a little bit of both.

Kenny (Lowell): Answer some questions about prospects please. Does anyone really care about reality TV, video games, and music. We like you for your prospect knowledge.

Kevin Goldstein: Lemme see here. I have one question (yours) complaining about it, and about 50 about reality TV, video games and music, so I would guess that you're outnumbered. We have fun here in the chats (at least I do.), sorry.

strupp (Madison): Token Goldman mistaken identity: What do you make of A-Rod's yadda yadda yadda?

Kevin Goldstein: I have no comment about it. I'll answer questions about it when other sports, with far more serious performance enhancing issue get even one half the coverage and attention baseball does. Or when people start making a big deal about the fact that there seem to be major felony arrest at an alarming rate in some other sports, but somehow that's the back of the news. It's double-sided, hypocritical and I'm sick of it. "But what about the children?" doesn't really work for me.

Philosopher (Chicago): Which current MLB player would you compare Tim Beckham to? Do you think he's a "high risk, high reward" type of prospect?

Kevin Goldstein: Perfect world projection? Barry Larkin.

Roger (MD): Some say Matusz' delivery needs some cleaning up while others say the Orioles have already cleaned it up. What's right?

Kevin Goldstein: How about, was pretty clean to start with?

Bill (San Bernadino): I know he is not yet top-100 material, but I was wondering what your opinion is of A's '08 draftee Rashun Dixon? Is he going to make the jump to full-season ball next season, and could he possibly find himself on this list a year from now?

Kevin Goldstein: I totally love him. Great pick to be a top 100 guy next year, and yes, he'll likely be at Kane County next year.

Paul (DC): To paraphrase Bo, "Brett Wallace knows hitting". Is it simply his complete inability to offer anything on defense that dropped him to #37?

Kevin Goldstein: That played a big role certainly, but if he moves to first base, is he just John Olerud? Not that that is a bad thing, he's just not a 40-HR masher type.

John (IL): How many spots (roughly) did Lawrie's defense knock him down?

Kevin Goldstein: I would actually say it's up because he might stick at catcher.

Albert Einstein (Heaven): On the 20-80 scale...how would you rate all of Dustin Pedroia's tools? Does a 55 sound about right? Above average tools but once those excellent intangibles are factored in he becomes a top 2B in the league??

Kevin Goldstein: Would you really put a 55 on his hit tool? That's a 70-plus, easy.

Adam (Italy): Let's play the "starter or reliever?" game with: Brett Hunter, Tyson Ross, Henry Rodriguez and Vin Mazzaro.

Kevin Goldstein: Releiver, reliever, reliever, starter.

Rob (CT): What do you think the odds are that Austin Jackson could, in a mid-season callup, out-perform Brett Melkner? ;) Also, do you think such a callup would be bad for his development?

Kevin Goldstein: I think he'll easily be better than either Gardner or Melky. As far as being bad for his development, that would depend on how things are going at the time, but I'd generally say it'd be fine.

Greg (Ben Weasel Don't Like It): Hi Kevin, great to have you here today. Jonathan LuCroy, can he stay at catcher? Will the bat play if he doesn't? And do I know how to use a name to get a question answered or what?

Kevin Goldstein: Yes, doubtful. As far the name thing, never could deal with the suburban punk ethos very well.

Bill (Toronto): Back to Snider for a minute, what have you seen/heard about his defense? I've heard everything to DH waiting to happen with no arm to solid with an above average arm, which is closer to the truth?

Kevin Goldstein: I don't think he's totally awful out there, and he hits more than enough to make up for it. He's below average with an average arm, but hardly a total pig.

fireorlime (Baltimore): Baltimore fans should ____________ about Wieters in 2009 because ______________, but they shouldn't forget ______________.

Kevin Goldstein: be really excited; he's really good; to wear a sweater if it's cool outside.

Gray (Chicago): Obviously you are not concerned about Michael Stanton's contact issues?

Kevin Goldstein: Sure I'm a little concerned about them. I'm also overwhelmed by trying to count to number of players who had 70-plus IN GAME power, not raw. I've yet to need a second hand.

bateman19 (boston ma): Kevin, you placed Elvis Andrus lower than I think I've seen him anywhere else. Do you think he will struggle in his first year in the majors, or do you doubt he will ever be an above average major league shortstop?

Kevin Goldstein: I'd bet a ton of him struggling is THIS year he gets the big league shortstop job. I think he can be a plus defender who hits for average and runs well, but a lack of power or on-base skills keep him towards the bottom of the order.

philosofool (Tucson, AZ): If you could go watch several PAC ten baseball players this year, who would you want to see? I'm trying to make a few college games this season and I'm hoping to see an interesting prospect or two.

Kevin Goldstein: Well, you want to see Grant Green for sure and you got one of the best college closers in the game awfully close with Arizona's Jason Stoffel. Also don't forget that unsigned Yankee first-round pick Gerrit Cole landed at UCLA.

David (NJ): I think a book of old scouting reports about players (both hits and misses) would be a great read. Is there anything out there like it?

Kevin Goldstein: I have a couple of those actually, and yes, they are very entertaining. I found them both in used book stores.

Justin (Chicago): Kevin, just curious, do you still use your old gaming system(s)? Or is it all about the XBox360/PS3?

Kevin Goldstein: On a modern level, I only have a PS3, which is nice, as it plays PS2 and PS1 games, so I'm all set there. I have emulators for other classics.

carl (airport): What's the biggest 1st round blunder you've seen a team make in the past few years Tyler Colvin seems like a good candidate. And don't give up on the Jonas brothers just yet, Alec Baldwin joined the group and...never mind they just kicked him out.

Kevin Goldstein: uh, Matt Bush?

Back in the day, I had a theory that Hanson would, like 20 years after mmm-bop release some kind of sprawling masterpiece, because they were actually musicians -- That might be true about the Jonas brothers as well. They play instruments, they're living a life that could lead to some strangeness down the road. I wouldn't be shocked.

Kevin Goldstein: Ok folks, I'm up over two hours and I have to finish some other stuff before people yell at me. Thanks for all the great questions and I'll see you again very soon.

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