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Chat: John Perrotto

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Wednesday July 30, 2008 12:30 PM ET chat session with John Perrotto.


John Perrotto is "On the Beat" with the latest trade-deadline news and notes.

John Perrotto: Hi, everyone. Sorry I'm running late but lots going on today with the deadline at hand.

Dan (Work): Man you are late. Get over here right now mister!

John Perrotto: Chill out, Dan

cchatham (Pittsburgh): What would you say the chances are percentage wise that Bay gets traded before the deadline.

John Perrotto: 35 percent. They are only going to trade him if they get a LOT back

Jorge (Atlanta): What are the odd that the Braves acquire Jason Bay from Pittsburgh? Do you know any of the names being tossed around that would go back to the Buccos in a deal like this?

John Perrotto: The Braves have been offering Brent Lillibridge and Brandon Jones but the Pirates want a third high-end propsect.

mcasper11 (Seattle): When does the chat start?

John Perrotto: right now

Ben (Boston): Hi John. If the Red Sox decline the option on Manny after this season, can they still collect draft picks from whichever team ultimately signs him? Do they need to decline the option and then offer arbitration? Thanks!

John Perrotto: They would have to decline the option and offer arbitration

DWilliams (Fort Lauderdale): Is there even an ounce of truth to the Manny to the Marlins rumor??

John Perrotto: They've talked but I don't think it's going to happen.

Bits_of_Real_Panther (SF): Can you tell me where Manny is going and for whom so I can focus on my routine desk job?

John Perrotto: My gut feeling is that he stays in Boston then the Red Sox decline the option for next season

JM (DC): A rumor is that the Rays are looking at Jayson Werth? Would this make sense? Werth is kind of the starting RF now in Philly, with Jenkins struggling. Would this indicate that a Manny trade could be in the works, if they'd flip Werth in another deal, thus clearing some of the log jam in the OF and relegating Jenkins to pinch hitting duties?

John Perrotto: I don't think the Phillies want to give up Werth at this point. In the winter, perhaps, but not in the middle of a pennant race.

Pat (MetsGeek): Could the Mets trade Heilman before the deadline?

John Perrotto: It's a possibility but they'd want a high-end reliever back, a la Fuentes.

ashitaka (long beach, ca): Hey John, Is there really a lack of interest in Huston Street, or is Oakland thinking they can get more for him in the offseason?

John Perrotto: The Athletics are willing to trade him but, justifiably, they want a lot back. If they can't get it now, they'll wait until the winter.

Joe (Philly): What are the Mets up to?

John Perrotto: Considering they don't want to give up their top prospects, I would say not a lot. Maybe Raul Ibanez but not superstar-type player.

Mike (New Jersey): Pick a player you expect to get dealt within the next 6 hours.

John Perrotto: Arthur Rhodes

Rob (Alaska): If the Rockies are buyers and not sellers, who are they dangling to get SP? Ian Stewart? Dexter Fowler? I assume Holliday and Atkins are off the table.

John Perrotto: Stewart is a possibility but they seem to be looking more on the low end with guys like Fogg and Byrd and they won't have to give up a top guy to get someone like that.

Steve (Detroit): What do you like better: this time or Christmas?

John Perrotto: This time

Dan (Missouri): Chat time John! Let's go!

John Perrotto: Easy, big man.

Zach (Mass.): John, I'd like to see the Tigers make a move, but I'm afraid the move will be to overpay in talent for a marginal reliever. Can you calm my nerves and/or send me running for the Mylanta?

John Perrotto: The Tigers are making it clear to other teams that they aren't going to overpay. They kicked the tires on George Sherrill and found the cost prohibitive. They may add a middle man like LaTroy Hawkins and hope for continued improvement and good health from Zumaya and Rodney.

Tim (Sonoma, CA): Have the Erik Bedard trade talks basically ceased?

John Perrotto: Yes, he's hurt and no one is going to take a chance on him in a pennant race. The Mariners will try VERY hard to trade him this winter.

Peter (St. Petersburg): What would the Rays give up in a Jason Bay trade?

John Perrotto: They don't want to give up any of their high-end guys. They're offering a package centered around Perez and that ain't going to cut it. Bay is the PIrates' biggest chip and the one guy they feel they use to speed up a massive rebuilding process.

Craig (Houston): What is Ed Wade doing right now?

John Perrotto: Standing pat.

Jon (Smithtown): Met send Heilman, Niese, Carp, and Murphy for Fuentes and Holliday?

John Perrotto: Won't get it done. Rockies would need someone with truly superstar potential coming back to move Holliday. Those guys are all good but I don't see any as superstars.

John (New York): Could the Mets be players for Bay if they were willing to put Jon Niese on the table?

John Perrotto: Perhaps but the rest of the offer would have to include some pretty decent players, too.

Stanky (DC): The Yankees are desperate for a catcher and an outfielder, the Rangers have 4 catchers and an extra Milton Bradley and always need pitching. It almost seems too obvious a fit. Wouldn't a catcher and Bradley for Phil Hughes (or something along those lines) make sense for both sides?

John Perrotto: The Yankees really don't want to give up Hughes or Kennedy. They wouldn't for Johan Santana over the winter and I'm told they won't do it now, pennant race be damned.

Jimmy (Philly): John, do you get the sense, in talking to people who have talked to Philly about deals, that Ruben Amaro is already in charge of the team? Lots of fans fear he's automatically the next GM, and some of the Phillies moves of late seem kind of bizarre. Is he the man behind the curtain?

John Perrotto: It wouldn't surprise me. I do know that he takes on more of a public personna than any other assistant GM in the game. He's much more visible than Pat Gillick.

Robin Quivers (NYC): Who is a better bet to get traded: Brian Fuentes or George Sherill?

John Perrotto: I'm guessing both stay right where they're at.

drew (KC): Dayton Moore says nothing cooking/no trades likely for the Royals. What do you think? Is he being coy?

John Perrotto: I haven't heard a thing about the Royals in weeks. I think he's telling the truth.

Jeff (Tampa): Chances that the Rays up their package to include a Niemman/Brignac?

John Perrotto: That's a possibility but it would take a third pretty decent player, too, to get Bay. The Pirates are adamant they are going to get a good package for him.

Mike (Chicago): What is Kenny Williams going to pull out of his, um, hat here? Is Jim Hendry standing pat? Two first place teams in town. Kinda nice.

John Perrotto: Both teams would like to add an arm in the bullpen but I don't see either team making a big splash. I'd love a Chicago World Series. Great baseball town. Great town, period.

Howard (Stern): Is this a quiet deadline or does it explode?

John Perrotto: I think it's going to pass quietly. A lot of the big names are already off to new teams.

Shane (Miami): Any truth to the rumor that the Yankees are trying to get Gerald Laird? If so, what do you expect they'd be offering?

John Perrotto: They definitely have interest in Laird, but as with all their trades, they are trying to make a deal without including Hughes or Kennedy.

Mrs. Perrotto (Here): Johnny, what did I tell you about punctuality? Apologize to your readers.

John Perrotto: Mom, it's so nice of you to channel me from the grave. I already apologized. Sorry your Indians are having a bad year.

Frank (Vegas via Pittsburgh): I'm frustrated by the lack of prospects available for a Bay, Nady or Marte! What happened to the 3 good prospects for a middling reliever scenario (see Gagne, Eric; 2007) from only 1 year ago?

John Perrotto: I don't think teams hold Nady and Marte in the same regard as Eric Gagne. Bottom line, Nady is an average player having a good and Marte is a situational lefty on a really good team. I think sometimes Pirates fans tend to overrate their own players in context to the rest of the league.

Bababooey (Afghanistan): Odds Brian Roberts gets dealt....

John Perrotto: 27.8 percent. Only if they get overwhelmed.

ben (dc): would the rays include brignac in a deal for bay?

John Perrotto: Possibly

Mike (Waynes World): From Jon Heyman of SI.com "Pittsburgh is looking around to see if it can do better, but to date, Tampa appears to have the best offer.''Odds something happens before tonights Pirates game?

John Perrotto: It is happens, it will happen tomorrow becuase it's an off day. I can't tell you how many times in my 21 years on the Pirates' beat I've had off days interupted by news. LOL.

Mike (Stevenson): Who do you talk to to get your inside info (no names of course)?

John Perrotto: I'd love to answer that but then I'd have to kill you and I don't want to go to jail.

Timothy (Clearwater): Odds Rays Stand pat?

John Perrotto: 58 percent

Benjie Bronk (Hilton BFF): Will the A's move Duke?

John Perrotto: If they can get the same type of package they got for Blanton they wil.

kevin (boston): any truth to the rumors that ed wade is petitioning for a mid-season move to the national league west?

John Perrotto: No, but it's a heckuva idea.

Ombudsman (BP): Readers have sent in questions noting that once "free week" ended, the chats have gone back to being tardy. Response?

John Perrotto: Look, I've apologized four times already. I was on the phone trying to get the latest information possibly for this chat. I'm sorry again.

Don (NY): Are you a paesan?

John Perrotto: Indeed. Half, though, my father was full-blooded and my paternal grandfather came over on the boat.

mattymatty (Philly): I don't understand why the Red Sox would decline Manny's option next season. The Sox will be in the same boat next year as they are now, and there obviously is interest from other teams now. Declining the option means giving Manny away for free. If Manny is tradable why would they decline the option? I see this more as what the Yankees did with Sheffield a few years ago. They got three good prospects, whereas if they'd declined the option they'd have got nothing.

John Perrotto: Becuase they know they won't get fair value back for Manny in a trade and they want to win this year.

Sal Governale (Not at the wedding): Will the Indians trade Byrd?

John Perrotto: Yes, but perhaps in August because he should clear waivers. Don't expect much of a return back, though.

Richard Christie (Simpsons underwear): John, you are the man, no matter what time you get here!

John Perrotto: You are a very brilliant man.

Joe (Tewksbury, MA): Doug Brocail to the Red Sox, still happening and what exactly does this cost?

John Perrotto: I would say a mid-level prospect if it happens.

Ameer (Bloomington, IN): Um, do readers realized you guys aren't OBLIGATED to do these chats? Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to do these, whether late or on time.

John Perrotto: Thanks for understanding, Ameer.

cchatham (Pittsburgh): So, when are you going to invite the BP boys over for a pizza feed at PNC Park. New guy buys the pizza, right?

John Perrotto: It's been discussed. It'd be fun to do.

Shane (Miami): John, a follow-up, where else could you see Laird end up? Other than the yankees, any team seriously pursuing the Rangers for him right now? thanks!

John Perrotto: Perhaps Florida and don't count out Boston. They need a long-term replacement for Varitek.

Manny (Iraq): But look, I really want to go. I hit front office execs, stare at pitches, blast my bosses, and fail to run out grounders. If they don't trade me, don't you think I might just be so mediocre they'd be better off dealing me?

John Perrotto: Shame on you for pushing down a nice man like Jack McCormick.

mattymatty (Philly): Odds you give an odd number when I ask you for odds?

John Perrotto: 50

Aaron (WI): Hey, John, Bill Smith started his tenure looking like he would be more proactive in addressing the Twins' glaring needs than Terry Ryan was. But their 3B hole isn't plugged yet, and there are very acquirable RH 3B out there....Beltre being the main one left. The Twins have Baker, Liriano, Slowey, Perkins, and Blackburn, plus Swarzak coming up fast. Can't they deal a Duensing without missing him?

John Perrotto: Yeah, I think they could afford to trade Duensing. I think Bill Smith will do something. I'm not sure what. I still have a gut feeling they make a late run at Beltre again before Thursday.

Lisa G (Howard News): If you were on the phone all that time, what'd you find out? Anything good?

John Perrotto: It's always hard to differentiate fact from BS because everyone has their own agenda.

kevin (boston): Any chance the pirates trade paulino? If yes, for what?

John Perrotto: I doubt. He's still on the DL at Class AAA with a sprained ankle. I can't imagine they would get anything of value for him at this point.

Eric the Midget (Flying-in-Balloons): Why don't the Padres look to deal Khalil Greene to the Dodgers?

John Perrotto: I think it's the old thing where they don't want to trade within their own division. It does make sense.

mattymatty (Philly): "Becuase they know they won't get fair value back for Manny in a trade and they want to win this year." Thats why they won't trade him this year. But why would they decline his option? And please don't tell me because he's a pain. No way thats a good enough reason for Theo and company.

John Perrotto: Well, he is a pain but his production is also declining. It's still very good but not what it used to be. I think they want to cut ties before he goes over the cliff.

BigFoot (It Is): Will the D'Backs do anything else?

John Perrotto: I think they're done after getting Rauch and Clark.

big baby (nj): Why is nobody interested in Adam Dunn? If the Mets are after Ibanez, who is a lefty and plays bad defense, shouldn't they also be after Dunn, who is better offensively and maybe even defensively?

John Perrotto: That is a great mystery and I don't have an answer. It's going to be quite interesting what happens if the Reds decline his option and he becomes a free agent. I wonder what the market will be for him?

John (SF): Any interest out there in Crosby or Embree?

John Perrotto: Embree more so than Crosby

david (dc): I can think of $20M reasons to decline Manny's option. With his age and declining skill, no (sane) GM is going to give him that in the free market. He simply is not worth that kind of cost.

John Perrotto: Indeed

mattymatty (Philly): Is Matt Holliday still on the market or have the Rockies convinced themselves that they can make a run with the 5th worst record in the majors?

John Perrotto: He's off the market. Rockies believe they are in.

John Perrotto's Phone (Your house): Ring ring!

John Perrotto: Sorry, the phone did ring.

Silv (NY, NY): People don't seem to understand that the Sox have ZERO obligation to deal Manny - if he stays and pouts, all he's doing is crippling his negotiation ability during the offseason. It's in his (and their, given that they can't really get a decent return for a guy who, in a down year, is still OPSing .932) best interest to maintain the status quo.

John Perrotto: Exactly

Killbahn (NJ): Do you think the Mariners will come to their senses about Washburn?

John Perrotto: I don't think so

Rob (Alaska): Thanks for the answer and appreciate the article today. Have to ask: do you think Clint Hurdle understands that all teams go through winning streaks? And losing streaks? He comes across as if he thinks they're the only team capable of getting hot.

John Perrotto: I do think the Rockies are also banking a little too much on just completely catching fire again. I don't know if they entirely understand that what they did last year was truly a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

Tim (Madison, WI): John, do you see the Dodgers making another move before the deadline? That Roberts rumor is still floating out there, but what would they do with Kent?

John Perrotto: Kent would become a utility guy. I get mixed signals with the Dodgers. One time, I hear they are going for a big bat. The next time, I hear they are basically standing pat. They are hard to read.

Tim (Sonoma, CA): How about A.J. Burnett? He had a great start the other night and since the trade talks got started he seems to have responded well.

John Perrotto: J.P. Ricciardi says he is staying and there doesn't seem to be much talk about Burnett floating out there.

Brian (brooklyn): Any idea of some of the names who could be available in August after clearing waivers?

John Perrotto: Well, we've got to see what hpapens in July first.

Bill (New Mexico): What, in your view, is Brian Fuentes actually WORTH in a trade? Not what (if anything) the Rockies will get for him, but what comprises a deal that's "fair" -- whatever that means.

John Perrotto: I would say a good upper-level prospect.

Bob (everywhere): What did the phone call say?

John Perrotto: Unfortunately, not much in the way of new info

Darven Lithelifeld (Anonymous South Side Bar): Any chance the Pirates can still trade one of our... er, I mean their bevy of pitchers for Ryan Howard? Oh how I yearn for 2004.

John Perrotto: yeah, maybe Kip Wells. LOL

Oscar (DC): Any chance that Bowden trades Redding or Belliard, or really, anybody?

John Perrotto: Redding is getting some interest from the Rockies but Belliard doesn't seem to be in demand.

Eric (MD): Seriously, Lillibridge and Jones? Are the Braves planning on punting the next 3-4 years?

John Perrotto: That was when they were still in contention. Their priorities have changed. I think they're out of the BAy thing now.

Bravesfan (atl): Braves should deal Kotsay to the Mets

John Perrotto: Don't think there is much interest in Kotsay from Mets or anyone

jcooney (Hoboken, NJ): To continue a theme, what are the chances we see Dunn tattooing the Red Monster next season, for half the price of Manny?

John Perrotto: It's a possibility. He fits the Red Sox' mold.

Jonathan (New York): Since the Rockies aren't selling, any chance they call up Dexter Fowler right after the Olympics to see if he can help and be playoff eligible? It's only Willy Taveras ahead of him.....

John Perrotto: Haven't heard anything on that but I would say it's possible.

John (SF): Street to the Dodgers for LaRoche seems like too good of a fit not to happen.

John Perrotto: I know. That would be a good trade on both sides.

strupp (Madison): John, after watching the first two games of the "Biggest non-Yankees-Sawx" rivalry in baseball, I thought two things have become clear, the Brewers defense is... worse than hideously bad, and they hit a lot of solo homers. Anything that they plan on doing to fix that?

John Perrotto: Actually, they want to add a reliever.

Brent (Raleigh): So what's the deal with Adam Dunn? Why are teams so put off by him? Is he really that bad of a guy?

John Perrotto: He's actually a good guy. I don't know why there is so little interest. I really don't.

Pete (Dallas): Laird for Mike Mussina? Fair or no?

John Perrotto: Not fair. They need a pitcher back who is younger and will be around a lot longer.

Oscar (DC): can you tell which questions are sent by the same person using different names?

John Perrotto: No, I can't. Then again, I'm not very computer savvy.

jromero (Seattle): Ameer, you shameless suck-up, do you realize readers aren't obligated to renew our subscriptions, either? The chats are advertised as part of the service for which we pay. Anyhow, why don't the Reds just say the hell with it, and offer Dunn a 3-year deal at what may be market value, but certainly looks like a below-actual-value price? Dunn's got to suspect at this point that he doesn't hold the FA leverage he may have once thought he would (and really still should, IMO). If he's been effectively blacklisted, fine, sign him on the cheap. I find it hard to believe no takers will emerge here in the next several hours, though, but if not, the Reds should make an offer.

John Perrotto: I think that's a really sound idea but it seems like the Reds want to part ways with him, for whatever reason.

Jed (San Francisco): huge question here: which is more likely going forward? Chris Young hits for average or Delmon Young hits for power?

John Perrotto: Chris Young hits for average. I've never been as bid on Delmon Young as a lot of others.

Ryan (NY): Any chance the Phillies will land another starter? Do you see them doing anything before the deadline?

John Perrotto: Left-handed relief is their focus.

Mike (Utica, NY): Think Kotchman has the potential to have a Steve Garvey type career. Their numbers are very similar through the same age.

John Perrotto: Yeah, I do, especially if the Braves let him cut loose and swing the bat instead of making him to the opposite field like the Angels did. He has a lot of untapped potential.

pepper (condiment aisle): percentage of chance salty gets moved before the deadline? i've heard him linked to new york, and miami.

John Perrotto: My guess is he's staying.

mwanders (moscow, id): Have you seen Green Leaf Prince Fielder run the bases? I don't think I've ever seen anything more hideous in all of sports.

John Perrotto: He's the largest vegetarian in the world.

Steve (OC): Are the padres going to make any more moves before the deadline?

John Perrotto: All seems quiet on their front now.

Ben (Baltimore): What do you think the Orioles will do prior to the deadline? Any chance they get a great offer for Brob from the Dodgers? What about Bradford and Sherill?

John Perrotto: Bradford seems most likely in a minor deal.

jromero (Seattle): The Dunn situation, then, seems awfully suspicious to me. I mean, his team wants to get rid of him and _NO_ other team is interested? A career .247/.381/.522 hitter? I'm no conspiracy theorist, but this is the sketchiest situation this side of the collusion (yes I said it) against Bonds.

John Perrotto: I don't think it's collusion, just a convergence of circumstances. Dunn is a good guy, one of my favorties to deal with. He doesn't have any hidden baggage.

Fafaflooey (Afghanistan): Will the Angels make another move?

John Perrotto: If they can get a lefty reliever without sacrificing much.

kf4ykd (DC): Can someone please explain what thoughts are going on in the minds of Ed Wade and Drayton McLane? Any at all?

John Perrotto: Drayton McLane just doesn't believe in waving the white flag and rebuilding. I'm not saying it's the best strategy but that's his strategy.

Sexual Harassment Panda (South Park): Any updates/rumors since this chat started?

John Perrotto: Not really

Carl (Denver): John, In your recent "on the beat" column you mentioned that Matt Holliday has been carrying a miserable offense. Is there any reason to believe that the Rox will make an aggressive move to sign him in the off-season, or is it more likely he is dealt!? thanks.

John Perrotto: I think Boras will take him to free agency and look to get a megadeal.

Trade Offer Man (Trade Offer Land): What about the Marlins sending Volstad, Baker, and Lindstrom for George Sherill and Ramon Hernandez?

John Perrotto: That would be interesting but I don't think the Marlins would deal Volstad.

JMan (Chicago): Is the current market "inefficiency" teams over-valuing prospects? In other words is this a good time to get veterans for less quality prospects?

John Perrotto: Absolutely. Prospects are valued higher than ever in the game.

Steve (PA): Is the roundtable today or tomorrow? Assuming tomorrow but the green bar says July 30.

John Perrotto: Tomorrow at 2 p.m.

Dizzle (Portland): The Chicago papers (especially the Tribune) make it seem as if the Cubs aren't quite done dealing, but haven't been very specific. Have you heard any names connected with the Cubs in the last few days?

John Perrotto: I've heard Raul Ibanez and that just makes no sense to me.

Brent (Raleigh): Any idea what type of player the Braves are looking for in return for Will Ohman?

John Perrotto: Halfway decent prospect.

Dork (Poop): Teams should be able to deal draft picks, right?

John Perrotto: Yes, they should. I've never got that rule.

Shae (Dallas): John, What kind of return do you think Gerald Laird could fetch? Do you have any idea who are the most likely candidates and if a deal is close?

John Perrotto: I think a guy who can help in the majors now and a good prospect.

jsmoore (dallas): If your Jon Daniels, which of your four catchers do you keep (Salty, Laird, Teagarden, Ramirez)? Now, which do you think he will actually keep, and what do you expect him to get for the ones he move?

John Perrotto: I'd keep Salty. I still can't give up on him, though all the evidence says I should.

Trade Offer Man (Trade Offer Land): Hypothetical: Mets send Nick Evans, Mike Carp, and another prospect for Ibanez and Rhodes.

John Perrotto: I think the Mets would be overpaying. I'd trade Evans OR Carp and a lesser prospect.

Matt (Illinois's biggest state park (WI)): I imagine this could get difficult/complicated, but is it possible for the White Sox to package someone like Lance Broadway and Orlando Cabrera for Brian Roberts if the teams could somehow include a framework for a Cabrera extension in the deal? Alexei could then handle short for the remainder of the year. Thanks!

John Perrotto: That's makes sense on some levels but I think they'd want a better second player beside Cabrera.

Dan (NY): This just in from Jayson Stark: Mets on verge of trading for Ibanez.

John Perrotto: Wouldn't surprise me. It's been in the works for a few days.

Theo (Maryland): Any truth to the rumor that no one answers Jimmy Bowden's phone calls anymore? How long before Mike Rizzo takes over in Washington?

John Perrotto: Don't know about the phone calls but there is growing speculation that Bowden will be out at season's end. Promoting Rizzo makes all the sense in the world if that happens.

T-Wrap (Knoxville, TN): Any strong feeling either way about Anibal Sanchez's potential for this year and down the road?

John Perrotto: I just think it's hard to count on a guy coming off shoulder surgery right away. If I'm the Marlins, I wouldn't be banking my pennant hopes on him this season.

jsmoore (dallas): Looks like Florida and Milwaukee have inquired about both Gerald Laird and Eddie Guardado. Any chance of a deal going down with both players getting packaged to one of those teams? What could the Rangers expect in return?

John Perrotto: I think the Rangers would get a decen three-player mix of a couple guys who could help now and someone in the future.

Jim (Chicago): Will Linebrink's injury force the Sox to acquire a reliever?

John Perrotto: They are looking harder but it won't be a huge deal. I know Huston Street's name keeps getting mentioned but I don't think he's headed to Chicago.

Steve (billsingsl): Why don't the Braves trade Chipper? His stock has never been higher.

John Perrotto: Because he's a franchise icon.

david (dc): I think the intent of prohibiting draft pick trading was to ensure that bad teams don't end up doing what the Cleveland Cavaliers did in the 1980s. It made _some_ logical sense back before potential draftees began slipping due to signability concerns. Now, of course, it's just silly.

John Perrotto: Yeah, that has something to do with it. Ah, the days of Ted Stepien.

Jim (Chicago): Is there anything to the rumors of the White Sox going after Halladay? Would Poreda, Egbert, Fields and Floyd be enough to get him?

John Perrotto: If I'm Toronto I'd make that deal but the Blue Jays have no intention of trading Doc.

John Perrotto: Well, we've covered over 100 questions and I know we could do 100 more. Unfortunately, I have to get to the ballpark now. I really, really wish I could hang longer because it's been a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of good questions have been asked For those of you mad I was late, please down chase me down and beat me with baseball bats. LOL. I'll be on the roundtable tomorrow, so we'll have more fun then.

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