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Chat: Will Carroll

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Tuesday July 29, 2008 4:00 PM ET chat session with Will Carroll.


It's deadline time! Will Carroll takes a break from feeding "The Mill" to share the latest whispers about deals to come.

Will Carroll: So here's a tip ... you can't start a chat AND transfer stuff from the Tivo to the iPhone at the same time. Just in case that ever comes up for you. Now that I've figured that out, let's get it started. Be aware that I will be taking calls throughout so there are likely to be long pauses.

Ryan (Atlanta): Hey Will, Crank up The Mill! Are the Tigers really caught in no-man's land at this point? While the decision to be buyers or sellers is a difficult one for this team, there's not really much they could do, in terms of improving or dumping, anyway, right?

Will Carroll: They are in a tough position, but they're smart and creative. I think they could do a number of things that would help themselves if they choose to. They could deal Ivan Rodriguez for help, plug Brandon Inge in, and see what happens. They could deal Todd Jones or Joel Zumaya, given the reliever market. Never count out the Tigers. Dombrowski et al have proved themselves time and again.

BDesrochers (New York, NY): What is the story with Adam Dunn? From everything I've read, there's overwhelming apathy (if that's not an oxymoron) toward a 28-year-old guy who generally puts up 40-HR, 100-RBI, 100-RS, 100-BB, .380-OBP seasons, and whose defense seems to have made some improvements. Why are media types and general managers so unwilling to see Dunn's prodigious talents and instead focus on the things he does poorly? It really seems like we're in a bizarro world every time I read another thing about how there is no interest in Dunn, how he might not even be offered arbitration (as Joel Sherman once reported in the NY post). It just seems absurd to me. Thoughts?

Will Carroll: I'm with you. At worst, he's better than Xavier Nady on a true talent basis, though on a value or short-term basis, you can argue for Nady. I'd think that Dunn would have value, but over and over, there's just not much interest. Makes me wonder how he'll fare on the free agent market, especially given no room at the inn for both Texas teams.

Tom (Poughkeepsie, NY): Re: Your facebook status. Most insane rumor you've heard over the past 24 hours?

Will Carroll: Bay to the Braves and the nixing by ownership. Didn't happen and didn't happen.

CC (TN): Will: How is it that a variety of fairly reliable/reputable sources have so much conflicting information this time of year?

Will Carroll: Lots is translation error. We're not often hearing things directly from the people involved and even then, they'll be a little shifty. (As they should be!) Add in BS, trial balloons being floated to gauge fan reaction, and the give-and-take of trade talk, there's bound to be a little bit of error. Don't discount being lied to as well. It's happened to me.

mac (cupertino): what can you transfer from a tivo to an iphone? recorded shows? just curious

Will Carroll: Yep, recorded programs, though more and more stuff is getting flagged for "lockdown." The PPV I had the other night (Margarito's impressive TKO over Cotto) self-destructed.

Mike (Utica, NY): Will the Teixera/Mahey for Salty, Feliz, Andrus, Harrison, and Jones rank up there with the Liriano/Nathan and Colon trades when it's all set and done?

Will Carroll: Umm ... if four of those end up as solid major leaguers, maybe. I mean Lee and Sizemore were all stars this year and Phillips arguably should have been. I'm also reminded that John Schuerholz, it seems, never traded a prospect that worked out.

jgalt73 (Portland, Oregon): Will, blisters for a pitcher seem more common with starters. Is there any history to suggest that a starter turned reliever would be at any more at risk, or is the Wood situation unique?

Will Carroll: Its just a simple irritation. I mean, I have the start of one from playing golf this weekend and it's annoying. When you think of repetition and irritation, a starter is likely to have more of that, but it doesn't take much.

Scott (Michigan): Have you heard the Baseball Project CD (Steve Wynn, Scott McCaughey, and Peter Buck)? Thoughts?

Will Carroll: Not a fan. As much as I wanted to, it ended up boring me. I'd rather listen to the Hold Steady sounding like Randy Newman on a red bull and vodka bender. I also just sold my Radiohead tickets so I could come to Newberg Night in Arlington ...

ericturner29 (Chicago): Travis Hafner? Anything to report? Thanks

Will Carroll: Continuing his strengthening program, but the shoulder remains weak. Slow progress.

Tommy (Outsperswing): If the Rays are looking to add a reliever, why would they deal Dan Wheeler, who has been one of their best relievers?

Will Carroll: It's a value equation. "Cardiac Dan" has been supplanted as an 8th inning guy/CIW by Grant Balfour, but has good numbers and is seen by the league as a premium setup guy. That has a pretty big value, considering someone like Brian Fuentes would cost a David Price to acquire. If you can trade Wheeler, get a RH bat, and plug in one of the available guys or even Price in September, shouldn't they consider it?

cidawkins (Watertown, MA): Any truth to the rumors about serious discussions involving Manny to the Dodgers as reported by the NY post?

Will Carroll: It's my understanding through sources that there were discussions, but I'm not sure how serious. I haven't seen the Post story.

Wendy (Madrid): You know, you always have an excuse for being late or being interrupted. While they may be valid excuses, you sure have alot more than anybody else, save Christina. Can't you use your iPhone to better schedule your time? They're called "smart phones" for a reason. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I'm a school teacher and I have little patience for excuses... just do it!

Will Carroll: I was a couple minutes late, sorry. You don't need to wait around for me and if you rap me on the knuckles, I might like it.

Dave (Delaware): Hi, Will. We met at your birthday pizza feed in NYC. I owe you an email pursuant to lots of things we talked about there, but first, a Cubs trade question: Do you hear anything about the Cubs wanting to do any roster tweaking at the deadline?

Will Carroll: I think I remember you. Lots of fuzzy memories. Cubs are hoping to deal from strength -- Scott Eyre is one of those "Plan B" names out there for some pens -- and Felix Pie is drawing some interest. Nothing big, but a tweak? Wouldn't surprise me.

dtrainmets (NYC): After apparently coming into his own, Gio Gonzalez just took another step back recently with yet another poor AAA performance. Gio Gonzalez = Oliver Perez? Hard-throwing erratic lefties who can either be lights out out any given day or chalk up a 2/3 of an inning 7 runs line just as easily.

Will Carroll: Not the worst comparison on the surface, but Gonzalez has that cosmic bender and I've never heard attitude issues. Perez was a terror when he was in Indy, not disruptive, but just didn't care.

Chris (St. Louis): Is Santana to the Red Sox a done deal yet?

Will Carroll: I said almost done. Or all but done. I had some wiggle room, but you guys would rather see me squirm.

adamseth7 (philly): Didn't the Braves trade both Jermaine Dye and Jason Schmidt? Both of them probably could have been useful at some point.

Will Carroll: Schmidt took a long time to come around. Dye? That's about the best ever and even he took a couple seasons to lock in. More Melvin Nieves' in my memory.

Jon (NY): The reader didn't say Perez had attitude issues. He was comparing the pitchers as pitchers. Freudian slip on your part, perhaps?

Will Carroll: I was saying I'd never heard of GONZALEZ having attitude issues. I was also saying that while they're both erratic, they don't have similar arsenals. Perez had massive attitude issues, so that was no slip.

Jay (Detroit): Which team would hang up the phone first if a Lester and Bowden for Michael Young and Teagarden swap was proposed?

Will Carroll: Michael Young? No, not going to happen. But both Jon and Theo are very polite. I don't think there'd be a "click" on the line.

John (SF): Does anybody want Huston Street?

Will Carroll: Mrs. Street?

The market's pretty thin given what he was worth just a year ago, which is a bit of a surprise.

Travis (PHX): Assuming the Braves don't get a better offer, doesn't Tracy and Parker for Teixeira and the two picks make sense for both teams? Tracy gives the Braves their first baseman and they get a top flight arm like Parker. The Dbacks get a slugger to stabalize the lineup, get two picks to help replace Parker and free up Tracy's contract to help re-sign Hudson.

Will Carroll: Parker is unavailable and Tracy isn't enough to get that done. Tracy plus X MIGHT, but I think there are better offers (and certainly more solid) out there. No, I have no idea what X might be and honestly, the Braves are risk-averse enough with injuries that X would have to be a lot to take on Tracy's knees.

Benn (Brooklyn, NY): Hi Will, Following this chat on my iphone from a park. You should check out the AOL Radio app for the iPhone. Do you see Wainright coming back as SP or RP? Also, do you see Mets making deal for SP with Maine's recent injury?

Will Carroll: Hi Benn -- I prefer Pandora, but only because none of my local stations are CBS. If XM/Sirius comes out with something for iPhone, it's on. I think Wainwright might come back as a RP to start with, but transition in much the same way that Joba Chamberlain did. It'd be instead of rehab starts that don't help the Cardinals stay in the race. I don't think the Mets will make a panic move. Pedro will be back to hold off the one start Maine is known to be missing.

Trade Offer Man (Trade Offer Land): Mets send: Aaron Heilman, Scott Shoeneweiss, Dan Murphy, Mike Carp Sox send: Manny and Craig Hansen

Will Carroll: I love these. PLEASE send more of your best ones. I did a contest last year and forgot or I'd have done it again. Answer? No, it's not even close, but I like how you think.

Nate (Work in NY): Braves are said to dealing as many as half a dozen guys? Who else is being shopped besides Tex, Ohman, and Kotsay? Soriano? Gonzalez? Kelly Johnson? Francoeur?

Will Carroll: I've heard Gonzalez's name. I haven't heard anything on anyone else, though I could see Francouer going somewhere if there's someone, somewhere who thinks they can "fix" him.

Silv (NY, NY ): I'm justified in renouncing 31+ years of Dodger fandom if Colletti is stupid enough to deal years of Kemp for a couple of months of Manny, right?

Will Carroll: Yes. You know, people still think I'm a Cubs fan. Fact is, I'm a fan of the game and while I'll miss something if/when the Cubs win the World Series, it feels so much better to watch any game and hope for a good one. I can watch players, watch and pretend I'm a scout (I'm not), or just go to the ballpark and have a beverage. Heck, I'll watch a good tee ball game.

Crazy Trading Fool (My Dreams): Yankees send: ARod and Wang. Rays send: Longoria, David Price, and Jeff Niemann

Will Carroll: Ok, these ones I don't so much enjoy. At least venture close to reality.

J.P. (Hartford): How about this then: Reds get: FMArt, Parnell, Lowrie, Sox get: Dunn Mets get: Manny

Will Carroll: FMart? Please send full names ...

Oh, three way, so that's top Met prospect Fernando Martinez. I don't hate that one. I don't think it works, but I don't hate it.

makewayhomer (Boston): are you taking injury questions? if so, here's one!! What is the 2009 outlook for a 35 year old Chris Carpenter? odds he gets back to 90% of his peak form?

Will Carroll: 80%? He made a HUGE leap in command from his first rehab start to second and command is the biggest issue post-TJ.

BTW, I heard the term "Tommy John graduate" today. Stupidest term I've heard in weeks.

Chris (Chicago): Hey Will, a football question for you. What younger RB do you see taking it to the next level this year? (Lynch, Grant)?

Will Carroll: Lynch. I like the Bills offense and LOVE James Hardy as a mini-Plaxico. (Tall, big body, lots of red zone catches.) Grant? I can't get away from the fact that he couldn't even make the Giants last year. What changed? The system.

skiier94 (NY): Mets trade: Oliver Perez, Eddie Kunz Cardinals trade: Ryan Ludwick, Bryan Anderson

Will Carroll: No.

James (Stamford, Texas): Rangers/Sox swap Laird for Daniel Bard.

Will Carroll: Umm ... wow, that ones for KG. I don't know enough about Bard.

Jon (NY): Why do you love these trade offers?

Will Carroll: They're fun! You get to play GM and someone out there -- I promise -- will report one of these as actual discussions. To me, this time of year (and the WInter Meetings) is the one time you get to try and "read the mind" of the organization. Even if they don't do anything, finding out what they talk about gives some insight into their plan.

mbring (St. Cloud, MN): LaRoche for Duchscherer works for both teams, right?

Will Carroll: Which LaRoche?

JMan (Chicago): Looks like that wrist-injury may have helped breath new life into Soriano's legs. The guy looks as close to his old self as the Cubs have seen since his CF patrolling days of early '07.

Will Carroll: He looked very unsure of himself on the play where Fielder chugged home and Lee cut off the ball and got Corey Hart trying to get to 3B. I don't think he's 100% OR the Cubs are saying "jog."

Stephen (Louisville): Will you keep an eye on Z tonight and report back to us tomorrow?

Will Carroll: Yes. Watch to see if his elbow is low and if his arm motion is more circular than normal. I'm not saying it can't work, I'm saying he can't stay healthy doing that.

DS (LA): Adenhart, Wood, and Morales for Teixeira and Ohman?

Will Carroll: If the Angels would actually trade a prospect and I was the Braves? Yes. Angels? Hmm. I'm on the edge, but yes. I might leave Ohman off and try to not give up Adenhart.

Jason (Rochester): Will Billy Beane pull some crazy trade out of his butt? Or are the A's definitely sellers this year?

Will Carroll: They have sold, which makes them sellers by definition, right? I don't see the A's doing anything crazy, but they're always looking to improve.

dpv (tn): Adrian Beltre for Scott Baker and Brian Buscher

Will Carroll: If I'm the Mariners, yes. Bit much I think on the Twins side. How about this -- Beltre and some cash for Liriano. Yeah, I'm serious. If you're not going to use him, why not deal him?

Rob (Alaska): Will -- working on the seemingly logical assumption that pitchers and hitters have different stresses and therefore different injury probabilities, do you think that some of the nicks affecting Ankiel are related to the position switch?

Will Carroll: I've wondered this but he hasn't had elbow or shoulder problems. Just no real way to tell unless Ankiel comes out and says it.

Archie (Oklahoma): Cubs get: Reid Brignac Rays get: Felix Pie, Scott Eyre

Will Carroll: No. Brignac isn't "ready" and the Cubs are win now. Pie just isn't the right fit for the Rays.

Ben (SF): Any truth to Roberts/Sherrill going to LA (or maybe just one of them). If so, what would the O's be able to get in return.

Will Carroll: I just heard this, but not with Sherrill involved. It'd have to be one of the young OFers, I think, but man, that just makes no sense. Doesn't solve SS and pushes Kent ... where?

Stephen (Louisville): Would it really take David Price to get Brian Fuentes? Fuentes must be better than I thought.

Will Carroll: That's what O'Dowd asked for.

Carly ((Atlanta)): Speaking of Wainwright, John Schuerholz traded him.

Will Carroll: Yeah but he had some really rough years in the minors. Looked like he was going to really tank, but he pulled it around.

DS (LA): Thanks for addressing my earlier question. As an Angel fan, I would prefer to give up an Adenhart/Wood package than one centering on Kotchman in a deal for Teixeira. Agree or disagree?

Will Carroll: Hmm. Kotchman is where in arb status ... he's eligible, so maybe I trade him and use the Vlad money coming off the books (or backload a deal past 2009) to sign Teixeira. I think I'd deal Kotchman.

Andrew (Nueva York): Now that 6'11'' Rauch is gone what do the Nats do?

Will Carroll: Not like they have that many save situations.

Thom (LA): What is Ed Wade thinking???

Will Carroll: When did Ed Wade start thinking?

Tim (Lynbrook, NY): Will, Is there any shot in hell Wang is back with the Yankees sometime in September?

Will Carroll: Yeah, there is. Question is can the Yankees hold it together until then. Phil Hughes would be a big help and ... dare I say it ... Carl pavano is throwing tonight!!!!

braden23 (madison wi): brewers send escobar to orioles for sherrill

Will Carroll: Hmm. Not a bad offer on talent, Alcides Escobar could step right in, but I dont think the O's do that.

Jim Bowden (R.D.): why hasn't anyone convinced me to get Dunn?

Will Carroll: See, this is the one I really don't understand. I'm not sure what the Nats have that would work, but this is just one of those things that makes too much sense.

bctowns (Chicago, IL): Man, if David Price goes to the Rockies, that's both a major coup for the Rox, and a huge credibility hit for the Rays, right? I mean, the Rays brass reads BP, so they know that reliever performance is fungible from year to year? Why not just bring Price up now? He's going to be better than Fuentes anyway.

Will Carroll: First, Price isn't going to the Rockies. It's like me calling up SI and asking for Marissa Miller. There's the offchance she's hanging around, has nothing else to do, and picks up the phone. Probably not.

Joey Matschulat (Tyler, TX): Chris Davis has just been sighted taking grounders at third base. Prelude to a Blalock trade?

Will Carroll: No, but with Young out he was forced over with Blalock out -- I think they said upset stomach. Not a long term thing.

Marissa Miller (SI): Hello?

Will Carroll: Oh you taunt me, readers.

Jerry (Annapolis): Hey Will, realistically, who gets traded from the orioles in the next couple of days?

Will Carroll: I'm surprised there's been no mention of Aubrey Huff. Maybe one of their relievers. I dont see much action there since this looks like a 500 team and there's some value in 500 for the O's.

Razman (Brooklyn, NY): Proposal: one of Tampa's non-Price pitching prospects (Davis, McGee) to Oakland for Duchsherer.

Will Carroll: One of those -- McGee, I think -- just had TJ, so I don't think he'd work ... but no.

Connor (Chicago, IL): According to pitcher abuse points, Johnny Cueto (20th overall) has been ridden pretty hard for a 22-year-old. Do you expect him to endure the same fate of other young pitchers managed by Dusty Baker?

Will Carroll: Quick - someone look up the PAP for Prior and Wood in 2003 and compare to Cueto and Volquez. I haven't got a clue, but I bet it's not close.

Miguel (Florida): Marlins send Volstad, John Baker, Matt Lindstrom, and another spec for Ramon Hernandez and Sherill.

Will Carroll: WAY too much for a declining catcher and a half-season wonder.

Razman (Brooklyn, NY): Speaking of 3B's, shouldn't the ChiSox be farming out Josh Fields for a reliever, or something else that's useful?

Will Carroll: No, Crede's a free agent next year and is a bit wobbly with the back now. Have to have an insurance policy.

DrManhattan (NY, NY): 80s analogy of the day: Adam Dunn: Austin Kearns = Eric Davis: Kal Daniels

Will Carroll: You looked good in the Watchmen trailer, Doc.

Scott (Michigan): You mentioned earlier that some teams try to gauge fan reaction to potential deals. In that sense, has this era of instant and ubiquitous information actually helped GM's (at least in a PR sense) via message boards, chats, comment sections, etc.? That is, do they actually patrol these new outlets for information/reaction?

Will Carroll: Some do. Most have staff that does it. I once joked that one FOT's title should be "Special Assistant for Reading Stuff on the Net"

krgrecw (cola sc): what are your thoughts on manny parra? his whip is dropping big time by month. Can he be a 15 game winner, mid 3 era type pitcher next year?

Will Carroll: Like Parra, especially since he's been healthy two years in a row. I think he's the Brewers #2 next season. 15 games? With that lineup in place, sure.

Robert (Richmond): Will, Do you think Tex will be a pure money grab once he hits free agency? If Atlanta gets desperate to move him, would it make any sense for Baltimore to try to swing a smallish deal for him in hopes of spending the next two months wooing him?

Will Carroll: I've wondered this but don't think the O's have the package to get the deal done.

robert (durham): will i am going to throw a name at you. A pitcher with pretty good stuff, can K hitters and currently has 1 k to every 3 bb's. HE looks like a breakout in 2009 if healthy. HIs name is jason bergmann you jumping on the train?

Will Carroll: I'll catch the next one, thanks.

Steve (Chicago): White Sox send Orlando Cabrera to the Dodgers for Hong Chih-Kuo (and start him) and another P prospect.

Will Carroll: No, the White Sox would need a SS back to move Cabrera. A MLB ready one.

Ok, break to do radio in Vegas. Should it bother me that the Spearmint Rhino always advertises for "bachelor parties or divorce parties?"

Jonny (Albany): Buster Olney said that Samardzija could have a Joba-like impact on the Cubs. There's no way is there?

Will Carroll: Ask KG. I'll just say that he's not high on that kid from Notre Dame.

And yes, I'm going to avoid spelling his name until he gets hurt, at which point he goes into TextExpander.

wileecoyote121 (Larchmont, NY): Sorry I missed the birthday feed in NYC. Didn't know you were a boxing fan. Who are your favorites to watch right now? What about historically? Nothing to me matches the '80's when you had Hearns/Hagler/Leonard/Duran?Benitez, et al. all plying their trades at the same time.

Will Carroll: HUGE boxing fan (and getting into MMA.) Big fan of Cotto, but he got whipped. Looking forward to someone - anyone - beating Mayweather.

P Bu (St. Louis): Any chance the Cards pick up the lefty reliever for whom Tony La Russa seems to be pining? What do you think are the chances that Mark Mulder pitches effectively at the big league level again? Less than 50%?

Will Carroll: Yeah, I think so. I was surprised they didnt get that in return for Anthony Reyes, but his stock had dropped so much they were lucky to get anything. (I can't find this, but didn't the Cards and Indians talk about a Reyes for Cliff Lee deal?) Mulder? Less than 50. 20?

Joe (MD): Who gets called up or traded first...Nelson Cruz or Dallas McPherson?

Will Carroll: Cruz.

David (NJ): Thoughts on Joba's mechanics/delivery...

Will Carroll: Compact and linear for a tall guy. I think his biggest concern is his conditioning.

Andy (MD): Any of these possible: Huff to Minnesota (if the Twins can't work anything out for Beltre)? Roberts to LA for Laroche and Hu? Ramon Hernandez and Sherrill AND lots of cash to FLA for...something of value

Will Carroll: Maybe, though last week Plan B was Blalock or Blake. No on the Roberts deal. Maybe on Hernandez to FL, but not Sherrill.

hammersla (Capitol City): Any concern in your mind about the Brewers' handling of Sabathia's arm? I know they don't have to worry about next season, but at some point they have to worry about the rest of this season.

Will Carroll: No. I don't think they'll send him out for 130 every time, but that WAS a playoff game and they treated it that way.

Ed (Pittsburgh): After what the Pirates were reportedly asking for Nady alone, why did they not require a better offer?

Will Carroll: They took the best offer and for them, quantity has some value. The upper levels are just awful, absent McCutcheon.

SC (Rochester): http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/blog/index?name=winter_meetings&entryID=3140986 4:13 p.m., from Jerry Crasnick Chris Capuano isn't the only left-handed starter on the Cardinals' shopping list. St. Louis has talked to Cleveland about Cliff Lee, with Anthony Reyes and/or catching prospect Bryan Anderson mentioned as possibilities to return to the Indians. Arizona recently talked to the Indians about Lee, but the teams don't look like a match anymore now that the Diamondbacks have traded outfielder Carlos Quentin to the White Sox.

Will Carroll: Crasnick! Love that guy - knew I'd seen it somewhere, but I'm not an INsider, so much not be Googlable. (Is that a word?)

Jack (Chicago): No concern over CC? He was only hitting 93 on the gun last night...

Will Carroll: No, more concerned over the 96 he was showing as he was "muscling up" in the last inning.

Mike (Nevada): Why wouldn't Tony La Russa have convinced management into drafting Pat Venditte? The idea of a switch pitcher seems like something La Russa would've invented himself.

Will Carroll: TLR: "I can haz both?"

Frank (Vegas): 7 of the last 10 Pirate #1 draft picks have been pitchers, with none (except for Paul Maholm) having much of an impact on the major league team. Compared to many other clubs seeming success vs the Pirates poor showing, is this a result of bad drafting, or just bad luck (due to injuries)?

Will Carroll: Mostly bad drafting. Bullington was never anyone's #1, Moskos? Cmon. There's some bad luck in there, but man, they took pretty much the same opportunity that the Rays had over the last decade and did a Bree Olson on it.

Jim23 (Sacramento): Will, Is Chris Young (SD) going to have any physical limitations the rest of this year? Or is he good to go?

Will Carroll: Good to go is my understanding.

krgrecw (cola sc): if you think Parra is number 2 for next year, i take it your a big believer in gallardo like myself. I always thought that he was as good as buccholz and hughes but never got any love since he played in a small market. I say Gallardo if healthy can put up 20 wins with an era in the 2's to low 3's. Whats your take on him?

Will Carroll: I took Gallardo over Hughes, Bailey, and ... someone else. KG can vouch for me on that one. One of the few times I've been right on prospects.

Gray (Chicago): Is that your TLR impression before or after 5 scotches?

Will Carroll: Me or him?

havybeaks (Michigan): How about Edgar Renteria and Ivan Rodriguez for Dan Wheeler and another arm?

Will Carroll: Doesn't seem to fill a need for the Rays.

Mark Teixeira (Atlanta for now): Shouldn't my nickname be Teix, not Tex?

Will Carroll: I tried for "T-Rex" which seemed a bit scarier. Didn't stick.

Chris (Atlanta): Do you ever get tired of writing about Mike Hampton in your UTK columns?

Will Carroll: No. I should send him and Moises Alou a fruit basket. Moises Alou actually asked for a kickback a couple years ago.

Trey (SD): Brandon Wood for George Sherrill straight up.

Will Carroll: Hmm. You know, I don't hate it, but I don't think the ... well, Rodriguez will be gone next year. I don't hate it.

A-Roth (NY): NY POST has been updated as of 15 minutes ago. Red Sox-Dodger discussions have progressed to the point where they're discussing either Kemp or Either for Manny and Cash. Red Sox will either get, and keep, Kemp or get Either and flip him with a pitching prospect or first base prospect (Lars Anderson?) for Teixeira. So it seems it's either Manny, Kemp or Teixeira for the Red Sox. Seems like a long shot still, but you never know.

Will Carroll: I'm not sure when this came in, but I am hearing very, very similar things, but that the Red Sox are more in the "if A then B" mode than turning this into a three-way deal. It's the second part, especially if it's Anderson, that makes it really tough for me to believe. I have some calls out on this one.

X (Y): Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Vicente Padilla for Phil Hughes.

Will Carroll: The Yankees wouldn't include Hughes in a Johan Santana deal so ..

mork (sf): in a 12 team, 3 keeper league deal ichiro and izzy for granderson and street? hoping to make a big push in saves.

Will Carroll: You get which side? I'd want the Granderson/Street side.

Ralph (Montreal): Average PAP: Wood is first and Prior third Total PAP: Wood second, Prior fourth (Javier Vazquez first, Livan Hernandez third)

Will Carroll: There you go ... and where are Cueto and Volquez now?

ChuckR (Addison, IL): Kenny says in the papers that its a really tough environment and that its unrealistic to expect a trade for the Sox this deadline, and then in the Mill you say that they are the most aggressive team out there. I assume this means Kenny is blowing smoke?

Will Carroll: No, those two go together. It's a really tough environment and the White Sox are really making a big effort to make something happen, but not much is happening. Are they willing to talk about big names in trades? Yes. Aggressive? Heck yeah. Get something done? I don't know.

dcoonce (bloomington, indiana): Padres trade: Adrian Gonzalez, Greg Maddux, Heath Bell Yankees send: Austin Jackson, Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy, Melky Cabrera, Cano and a throw-in of Kei Igawa

Will Carroll: You've been at Nick's early, haven't you?

kevin (boston): apparently kotchman was pulled off the field during warm-ups and thought to be in a trade for texeira (according to espn)

Will Carroll: This is confirmed, but not sure what it means. Pause as I make calls.

Frank (Vegas): Thanks for the reply - hard to believe it was only 5 years ago the Pirates lost 5 of the top rule 5 draft picks from what was considered a top minor league system! btw, what's a Bree Olson?

Will Carroll: Yeah, but how many of those guys panned out? I remember Chris Shelton ... anyone else?

Bree Olson ... umm, Google it when not at work. You're welcome.

Jack (Chicago): 96 on the tv gun.....

Will Carroll: 96 on Gameday, which is what I use.

Hearing "very close" on an Angels deal. Kotchman is definitely part of it, but also hearing that none of the Angels top prospects is included in their offer. (Stunner eh?) Will Ohman may be involved as well. All I have now.

Rob (Brighton): If Manny Ramirez's knee hurts so bad. Why don't we just put him on the DL for 15 days and plattoon Moss/Ellesbury for 2 weeks. The wild card won't be out of reach and it would send a message to Manny.

Will Carroll: Good question. I'm told that there is "nothing doing" with the Dodgers on Manny and that there were "no real discussions" on the rumored if-then deal.

basicslop (Albuquerque): From what you're hearing how many teams could have done better than the Angels offer?

Will Carroll: Depends on what you mean by "better." The Braves are going to take what they think is the best offer on the table. Could someone have done better or I think the other offer was better? Sure, but when it comes right down to it, this is Frank Wren making the call.

And I'm hearing paperwork is in on the deal. I know nothing about Marek.

Scott (Michigan): Seriously, though, why do the Dodgers appear to be so willing to deal Matt Kemp? Am I missing something?

Will Carroll: I've never been able to get a good answer on this.

Howard (Freeport, ME): Manny will be a ______ on August 1 and a _______ on April 1, 2009.

Will Carroll: Red Sox, ex-Red Sox.

You know, when you compare what the Rangers got for Tex and what the Braves got for Tex, is the value he provided in almost exactly a year worth the difference? I'm curious if someone who can do math would figure that one out.

murraygd13 (MN): Casey Kotchman and a pitching prospect for Tex?

Will Carroll: and on that prospect, KG says: "I don't hate him, I kinda like him. They've move him to the bullpen this year, which is where most scouts thought he'd always end up in the first place. He's got that nice combination of being a big guy with above-average velo, but his secondary stuff isn't great, and it's a bit of a max-effort delivery. He's missing bats at Double-A, and I think he could miss bats all the way up.

Not a closer, but a big league bullpen arm, by mid-09 possibly."

So, there.

Will Carroll: And that's it for me. Two hours is my limit and I wasn't quick enough to beat Jayson Stark to the Teixeira deal, so I need to get back on the phones. (Ha! Stark's going to beat me 9 times out of 10!) For those of you keeping score at home, I think the scoop goes to Stark, with Rosenthal getting some points as well. See you next time.

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