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Chat: Will Carroll

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Monday July 21, 2008 3:00 PM ET chat session with Will Carroll.


Will Carroll brings you latest injury news and trade rumors in his "Under the Knife" and "The Mill" columns.

Will Carroll: Free Week! First time in a long time I'm batting leadoff - I'm much more Brian Downing than Rickey Henderson - but it's a murderer's row of chats this week behind me, so I'm just gonna try and get on base. Lots to talk about, whether it's injuries, trade talk, pitching mechanics, coffee, college football, the copy of Pro Football Prospectus you have in your hand, or the upcoming Tampa and Dallas appearances I have scheduled. Plenty of questions already loaded up, so let's get to it as the coffee drips ...

kvillerays (knoxville): The Rays have been talked about a lot in trades for relievers. How much internal promotion to the MLB Bullpen do you think we will see from guys such as Wade Davis, Jake McGee, Ryan Reid and especially David Price if they hope to stay in it this year?

Will Carroll: None from McGee, since he's out and has a year of TJ rehab ahead of him. Davis and Price? That's more interesting. If the Rays don't find trade help, I think they have to be options, especially in September. I'm sure we'll see the Rays make their roster flexible just in case. Reid, I'll admit to knowing nothing about aside from his stat line.

Brent (Raleigh): Will, are you insinuating that our man Lincecum was, ahem, over-served during his trip to the Big Apple?

Will Carroll: I've heard it from a lot of sources, but do I know it to be true? No. What's more interesting to me is that no one that I've seen has written about it. We hear about Madonna and Alex Rodriguez, but we don't hear about most of the pecadillos and foibles of current athletes. The recent episode of a player getting his Batphone caught and then having the Roger Dorn treatment? Nothing. I'm not saying I'm interested in those stories any more than the TMZ tripe that's out there, but the idea that guys like Mantle got away with murder while everything current players do ends up on Page Six is false.

Jodie (Denver): Should we be worried about Kerry Wood?

Will Carroll: Blister. No, not worried. Those heal and if they need the help, Dr. Rany Jazayerli's in the suburbs and is at the ready. It gives him a bit of the rest. The workload to Wood, Marmol (especially), and Howry is more concerning to me than a blister.

Andrew (PA): Is Ryan Dempster being attacked by Joba's gnats? What in the world is up with his hands in that delivery?

Will Carroll: I asked FOBP Len Kasper about this and he explained that it's to keep Dempster from tipping pitches. He starts off with the split grip and changes it during the windup. Hey, it's funky, but funky's working so far.

Or (Dallas): Hi, Will! PFP had Dallas projected at a measly 8.1 wins mostly based upon regression to the mean, implying that (mostly) their history of cheating injuries was unprecedented and unlikely to continue. Is it possible that (A) The Cowboy medical/training staff is even better than we give them credit for, and (B) Jerry and Co. have learned to look for players who can stay healthy?

Will Carroll: I do think Dallas is better. Check out the back of book essay that Bill Barnwell did -- I helped, but it's his work -- on medical staffs. I have a feeling we'll see Aaron work that into next year's KUBIAK. I'm unsure on (B), but given the meltdown potential there, I think 8 is a nice number, though it could just be the midline between a 4 win (TO doing situps, Pac ... err, Adam Jones hitting the clubs, and Romo being Romo) and a 12 win juggernaut.

kimi (portsmouth): Billy Wagner? Anything new to report?

Will Carroll: No. They elected not to have an MRI because "he felt good on the plane." I have *no* idea what that means. I'm keeping a close eye on this, but most think Wagner is just hitting his late season wall early. If he rattles off a couple good appearances, sell.

Greg (San Diego): Any chance that Nady and Grabow could bring back Niemann and Brignac?

Will Carroll: I supposed Andrew Friedman could be drunk at some point between now and the deadline.

David (Sonoma State University, CA): What exactly goes on when a plyer undergoes a physical? For players who have been traded or potential draft picks, physicals must be more intensive than the physical I took in little league.

Will Carroll: It varies. Sometimes its a full-on check everything, take an MRI, get the specialists in physical. Sometimes they just check for a pulse.

Nick (NYC): If Joba pitches like this for the rest of the year, do we suddenly have a two-way ROY race in the AL between him and Longoria?

Will Carroll: Is Chamberlain eligible? Really? I knew Ellsbury was, but hadn't realized on JC. Yeah, I can see that, though I'd guess a lot of votes will be going for whoever's ahead in the lineup. Longoria has some amazing numbers, was an All-Star. Is he more valuable now than Ryan Braun?

Oren (LA): Will, your thoughts on the Giants' haul from the Durham trade?

Will Carroll: Ford is speedy but no one seems to think he's a real player. I'm told Hammond could be useful at the front of a pen. It's a nice move by the Brewers and seems in line with last year's deal that brought in ... umm, crap, the guy from the Pirates. Rajai Davis. With that big OF in Telco Park, someone must have told Sabean he needed speed, though with Aaron Rowand signed, you can't play those guys on corners, tho I guess Rowand could shift.

cityofchamps.wordpress.com (shameless plug): will, what is the most common mechanical error you see in young pitchers (i'm talking high school here) and what is the cause of it? ignorance on the part of high school coaches, or just completely random?

Will Carroll: Shameless.

I think the most common is stepping across or dropping the elbow. It's mostly that these kids have been effective with it through LL and coaches don't want to change what works. Even at the collegiate level, you don't see much in the way of mechanical tweaks. I don't think it's ignorance as much of a function of time and selection.

Drungo (SoMd): Any health-related issues with Adam Loewen becoming a hitter? Even if he becomes Cal Ripken on the durability front he has to face some monumental odds at getting back to the majors after taking six years off from hitting.

Will Carroll: No I don't think so. The screw in his elbow shouldn't affect hitting. I'm still trying to figure out if it's staying in or will need to be re-fixated. My question is if Loewen does it, does it make Rick Ankiel's feat a bit less impressive? Someone figure out who else could do this - John Van Benschoten comes to mind, though I'm told he has no interest. Brian Bogusevic? Where's KG when you need him?

Andrew (Nueva York): How does 6'11'' Jon Rauch not fall apart?

Will Carroll: He did, then like many tall pitchers seemed to pull it together. Odd thing here is that he did it AFTER labrum surgery. He figured something out during the rehab and I've always been curious what.

Jake (NC): Baseball players seem to have more MRIs than any other group of people on the planet. I'm not particularly claustrophobic, but I had an MRI once and it was one of the worst experiences ever -- like being trapped in a coffin for an hour. Do you ever hear about players having difficult times dealing with MRIs?

Will Carroll: Yes, especially with taller, larger players. That's why they invented the Open Sided MRI. I tend to fall asleep in them, but that's just me. BTW, NFL players have way more. WAY more.

koz8484 (Chicago): What can I expect from Clayton Richards, and what kind of ceiling does he have?

Will Carroll: I saw him play in one of the craziest HS football games ever. He had a MASSIVE line facing off with a smallish Zionsville line and a crazy wind. The coach from his HS was so in love with his arm that he tried to throw going into the wind and they ended up losing when they could have run for five or six on every play.

As for his pitching, he's good, not great, but really developed in college. I like him and like him in that organization. I could see him as a solid 4 starter as early as next year.

redsoxin2004 (Columbia, CT): The Red Sox have or about to sign Casey Kelly, Pete Hissey, Ryan Westmoreland, Alex Meyer, and Ryan Lavarnway (including picks 1-12). Does this group have the potential to match the 2005 draft of Ellsbury, Buchholz, Bowden, and Lowrie?

Will Carroll: More a KG question than mine, but Kelly and Meyer are pretty darn good. Meyer's mechanics are ... let's call them quirky and leave it at that. The class definitely has some upside, especially with the surprising sign of Meyer. I think letting Kelly play both ways is both smart (I know, I know) and risky in some sense. How he pans out, especially given the cost, will define this draft.

Shae (Chicago): Will, there are rumors that Soriano might leave the rehab. game early and could even play tonight, what's the latest?

Will Carroll: That's what I'm hearing. I have someone at Sky Harbor watching ...

Trent (Atlanta): Any idea when the Bermuda Triangle is going to give up and unswallow Rafael Soriano? The guy's been MIA for quite a while now with nary a word.

Will Carroll: I left him out of UTK at the last second today. He's due to be activated today after a "great pen" on Saturday. Haven't gotten the final word, but he'd help that pen and maybe get some save chances.

g-mo (bumpus): "getting his Batphone caught and then having the Roger Dorn treatment" -- huh? i know you're being cagey of necessity but please clarify.

Will Carroll: Batphone -- read Johnny Damon's ... wait, that book stunk on ice. The "batphone" is a guy's second cell phone, given out to the Annies.
Roger Dorn Treatment -- see "Major League".

Chadale (Toronto): I've sent this in a couple chats in a row, but UTK has been crickets regarding Aaron Hill. Have you heard anything about his progress? I read that he's taking fielding drills again. What are your thoughts on how Toronto is handling this? I'd think they are doing the right thing by being so cautious.

Will Carroll: Couple questions on Hill and Ryan Church, so I'll take on both. There's not much to say on Hill since everything's going slow and until he really starts up the baseball activities, there's nothing for me to add. Same with Church, though there are far more questions (from experts, not from me) on how this was handled. Concussions have no timeline, so don't take my passing on them for lack of interest, but lack of value add.

warman (mount orab): Longest home run you have ever seen in person? Mine has to be GlenAllen Hill's blast on top of the apartment building at Wrigley.

Will Carroll: In person? Sammy Sosa's HR Derby shot in Milwaukee that went out the window. I saw Lance Berkman put on a show in college that if anyone from the NCAA had seen, they'd have banned composite bats right there.

Tim (Reston, VA): Are the Nats doing anything wrong from a training and conditioning standpoint? Treatment? It seems like nobody is safe from the DL.

Will Carroll: It's a combination of risky players -- Nick Johnson, Dmitri Young, Odalis Perez -- and young players, but they're consistently at the bottom. I cant say what they are or aren't doing, though in the past, their lack of facilities was a problem. That excuse is gone and has to be one of the area's the next Nats GM addresses.

David (Sonoma State University, CA): Darren Dreifort could come out of retirement as a hitter (joking).

Will Carroll: Mike Hampton too.

Matt A (Raleigh): As long as we're talking ROY candidates, when do you think the Braves should start limiting Jair Jurrjen's innings? He's about 30 away from his number last year, and I'm concerned that if nothing changes, he may eclipse the mark by as many as 50 innings.

Will Carroll: I don't think they can while they're in contention, but they have to figure something out. Here's a situation where I'd dial him back a bit now, maybe say "you're going 80 pitches" and shadow him with someone. Problem is ... who? Rock and a hard place here, so it will be a real test for the Braves, esp Roger McDowell.

Brent (Raleigh): For older guys like Smoltz and Schilling (and possibly Glavine?) who are near the end of their careers and facing serious shoulder/elbow surgeries, what would the consequences be of simply retiring and not having the surgery? Could you live a normal life with a damaged labrum?

Will Carroll: Yes or at the least it's a much different surgery. You or I could snap the UCL and they wouldn't do Tommy John on us.

Dr. Wayne Pitcher (Castro Valley, CA): Will, I missed participating in your last chat, but I had a Tim Lincecum comment (pitching mechanics-related, not that other stuff). You had mentioned his back arch--I never noticed it, but could it be used to generate more velocity? To draw a cross-sport analogy, most top tennis players use a good deal of back arch to help generate velocity on their serves (McEnroe was an extreme example of this). Could pitchers make use of similar biomechanics?

Will Carroll: They could and you're right, there are parallels between the tennis serve and the pitching motion. I tried a couple years ago to get Andy Roddick to throw a baseball, but his agent threatened my life. I'd bet he could get in the 90s. Heck, maybe IMG should take a couple of the second tier players at Bollietieri and move them over to the Baseball Academy! On Lincecum, yeah, maybe, but I don't see the same 'whip', the kind Roger Clemens had, tho it was less apparent because of their physiques. You'd really have to see him in mo-cap to really know.

Warman (mount orab): What did you think of Dark Knight?

Will Carroll: Haven't seen it! Was gonna go today, but the 7pm IMAX is sold out and instead of going to the matinee, I'm hear with you guys. Don't say I never sacrificed for you.

Tony (Chicago): Why would Soriano go through Sky Harbor? His game was in the NW Valley (Peoria) wasn't it? Cubs play in Phoenix tonight.

Will Carroll: Doh! Forgot the Cubs were in Phoenix.

Justin Havens (Bristol, CT): Will, Does it bother you at all that so much of the injury "reporting" (more accurately, speculating) by the general public/media is just basically guessing and then after the fact, hindsight 20/20 correction? For example, ESPN's fantasy guys were all wary of Sabathia during his rough start, dropping the "injury" word constantly. In the end, he's probably been the most dominant pitcher since. I heard Johan Santana was supposedly injured earlier too. It's all so silly. Sorry, just venting. Thanks for the great work.

Will Carroll: Keeps me in a job, so I wouldn't say frustrating. Injuries are an easy explanation for anything you can't explain -- "must be hurt!" Easy isn't always right. I was certainly watching Sabathia at that point, but for me, it's about getting as close to facts as possible. I've been reading "The First Coming" by Thomas Sheehan and it's taught me a lot about "probability as the standard." I do my best to get to the right sources with the right information, but its seldom that we get something like Schilling's post on his surgery where it's right in front of you or even the Gallardo in September possibility.

dianagramr (NYC): We still have 6 weeks til the start of the final season of "The Shield" .... sigh!

Will Carroll: Having said goodbye to The Sopranos and The Wire, losing The Shield will seem as bitter. I haven't tried Mad Men, but I love me some Burn Notice and have some high hopes for some of the new shows. Not Fringe though.

kmshipley (Austin, Texas): How is Gallardo progressing?

Will Carroll: Throwing, but not off a mound. I think we'll see some progression as we get into August that will give us a better idea if that September/October possibility is 1% or 50%.

Chicks dig the long ball (Everywhere): Bogusevic made the switch to the OF in the past month - so that was a good suggestion.

Will Carroll: Did he? Wow, I had no idea and wow, that's quick, isn't it? Not like the Astros are awash in .... anything, let alone pitching.

Wendy (Madrid): Any change in opinion on Mauer? It seems as though his down year last year was due to his hernia and now that he's healthy again, he's the best catcher in baseball.

Will Carroll: Really, Madrid?

My opinion on Mauer never changed. All that's standing between him and legendary status is staying reasonably healthy. You can be a catcher and good for a long time (Ivan Rodriguez, even Mike Piazza), but given the early career leg injuries, I don't think Mauer is going to have that durability. It's his bat that's valuable, so I'd find a catcher that could go three days a week, catch Mauer three days a week and DH him the rest.

chaneyhey (stlouis): Simple solution for the all-star game --- nominate a minor leaguer from each league to attend the all-star game and pitch 9 innings if necessary. It would be a great honor for the minor leaguer to be chosen for their respective league. Also, it would provide a good 5 minute story during the telecast. Thoughts?

Will Carroll: Each league? I'm assuming you mean AL and NL? or IL and PCL? Either way, I really like this idea.

Tommy (OPS,FL): Will Freddy Garcia pitch in the Majors before Sept 1st?

Will Carroll: Yes. No idea where.

Sam (St. Louis): Just for fun. Carpenter's #s at the end of the year?

Will Carroll: I'd WAG this at 8 starts, 3-3, a poor K/BB ratio, ERA in the high 4s. Which is better than what they have in the 5 slot now!

mcscolo (Colorado): Will, in one of your UTK from a few weeks back you mentioned Pujols using orthotics in his shoes. As a runner, I've often heard the debate on whether the use of inserts is good (e.g., it puts your foot in the proper position) and bad (e.g., your foot will go in the position that it wants to during the run and the inserts only cause other problems because it's not your natural stride). What's your opinion? Thanks.

Will Carroll: No, I was asking whether he did. The suggestion was made to me that his calf problems could be related to his foot problems and I was wondering aloud if anyone had seen his shoes. I have no opinion on orthotics. I'm not a doctor and certainly not a podiatrist!

big baby (nj): Zambrano looked like he was shot-putting the ball during the AS game. I don't know anything about mechanics, but the first pitch he threw made a small part of me die on the inside. As for Church, obviously they mishandled the 2nd concussion initially, with the absurd flight to COL. But is there anything they can do now? It seems like they're being cautious for caution's sake in order to compensate for their initial monstrous blunder.

Will Carroll: Big Z -- yes, he was "slinging" and looked the same in his weekend start. Velocity was good, location wasn't.
Church -- there's questions but beware making statements without all the information. I do think it's being handled more in line with industry standards now.

Shae (Chicago): Will, to update readers, Soriano was 0-2 with a walk and a k and was pinch-hit for in the 6th. If you were a betting man, would you bet he's on his way to the game tonight?

Will Carroll: 40%? He didn't go out there and Ortiz the rookie leaguers. Have we seen whether the Cubs officially put Wood on the DL and if so, who was called up?

ODo26132002 (MPLS): What would the Twins best course of action be with Liriano given that they have said they want to cap him at around 150 innings? Move Livan to a mop-up roll and then back into the rotation when Liriano hits that mark?

Will Carroll: You know, I haven't seen much talk about Liriano in the bullpen, but ... it's not the worst idea. He had a really, really long warmup here in Indy, so maybe that's an issue. I think he's better than Livan at this stage, but the grievance is complex.

akroll (Baltimore): Give me one reason the Orioles shouldn't trade George Sherrill with his value likely the highest it will ever be. Is there one?

Will Carroll: They don't really have a replacement for him and 500 means something to the team. I'd still be listening to offers, but it seems like Andy MacPhail is going with his long-term plan, which is probably a good thing.

Aaron (YYZ): What are your expectations for Josh Johnson, now and longer term, after he's made this speedy return from TJ surgery?

Will Carroll: It's not really speedy and I'd expect him to get back on the track he was on. Good young pitcher.

GMen (NY): Jeremy Shockey traded to the Saints for draft picks? Good or bad for the Giants?

Will Carroll: Bit of a push. Seems like the Taylor trade set the market (and Peter King nailed this in MMQB). Shockey's better than Boss, but Boss did pretty well down the stretch. Shockey's perfect for NO and really helps Brees. NO's my turnaround team this year.

ahaldar (Atlanta, GA): Will, need some Fantasy Football help here... Do you trust McNabb? Pair him with a steady backup?

Will Carroll: Trust? Yeah, plus KUBIAK loves the Eagles. I'd definitely pair him with a solid backup. To me, McNabb is in that second tier of QBs, so if you take him in, say, the third round, you might want to go with another QB in the fifth. There's some very good third tier QBs, so it's not as risky as it seems.

david (dc): Longoria is basically putting up Teixera's numbers ... less a few walks but plus some power and the odd steal. How is this not a ROY shoe-in?

Will Carroll: A lot of good other rookies. Really, an embarrassment of riches, isn't it?

Wendy (Madrid): Yeah, Madrid... Ohio RE:Mauer We all agree that the Twins are a successful organization, but are they too old school for Mauer? Would he be better off playing for the Red Sox or another one of the "smart teams"?

Will Carroll: No, I don't think any organization could be better run than the Twins. Look at their consistency and more importantly, their record. Hometown guy to boot. Honestly, keeping him healthy through the opening of the new park (does it have a name yet?) is key, key, key.

tim (NYC): After posting a horrendous 8/54 bb/k ratio in april and may in both AAA and the big leagues, Brandon Wood has walked more than he struck out this month and is slugging over .600. Has his stock nursed itself back to help of is this a sample size too small to be excited about?

Will Carroll: I know this is all text and we don't even have headshots, but KG will be here later this week. He's the one that hates the Beatles and knows prospects.

Lou (Seattle, WA): What is quirky about Alex Meyer's mechanics?

Will Carroll: Easier for you to look: http://web.minorleaguebaseball.com/milb/events/draft_report/y2008/index.jsp?mc=meyer

Plusses: Good head steadiness, nice pronation.
Minuses: CRAZY long takeaway, inconsistent delivery.

I like him a lot more out of the stretch and see him as a closer type.

tjones (Davis): Sheets lasts the rest of the year without an injury. Possible?

Will Carroll: Possible, yes. A lot will wonder why he could only do that in a contract year.

Jonny (Tampa, FL): Do you like James Shields mechanics?

Will Carroll: Yes. See you next month, Jonny!

TJ (Forgot the name, CA): Any news on the kid from Fresno St that dropped out of the 1st round due to unknown arm trouble?

Will Carroll: Nothing that I've heard recently on Scheppers.

perforatededge54 (NY): Will, big news out of New York is that Posada has elected to have season ending shoulder surgery and is out for the year. Have any info for us?

Will Carroll: I have heard nothing on this. I see nothing on this on the major newsbreakers.

Tim (DC): Will, with Gallardo's ACL surgery and the potential short turn-around, are the Brewers concerns more to do with how his motion may be effected than his knee/quad/hammy strength? Knee-brace?

Will Carroll: Yes, they'll definitely be very cautious, even in the heart of a tight race. I'm unsure on knee brace.

big baby (nj): http://www.nypost.com/seven/07212008/sports/yankees/posada_going_back_to_disabled_list_120897.htm Posada to DL.

Will Carroll: Well there you go. I'll have more on this as I get it. I'm surprised. Wonder if the grumbling about his starting time played into this. Looks like Damon will be activated.

ahaldar (Atlanta, GA): One more please - What do you think about Jay Cutler? You need to do a whole football column on BP!

Will Carroll: I like Cutler, but don't like his recievers. I don't think the diabetes will be an issue. I do football at Sports Illustrated, starting realsoonnow.

Steve (Chicago): Do you think the innings will take a toll on Ryan Dempster? He look great yesterday and showed no signs of slowing down. Big innings jump tho!

Will Carroll: It is a big jump, but he's older and is moving from relieving, which doesn't seem to be as big an issue. I have no idea why, other than the theoretical "innings multiplier."

Mark (Glendale): Do you think Chad Tracy is past the knee issues? The guy is red HOT.

Will Carroll: Seems it. He's had no swelling, so that's a big plus.

krgrecw (cola sc): looking at the brewers. If they lose Sabathia and Sheets they will still have Gallardo who gave nothing this year and another fine young pitcher in PArra who looks like he has turned the corner. I don't think thier starting pitching will fall off next year and they'll save 20 million on top of it agree?

Will Carroll: And have five top picks to boot. Gallardo, Parra, Bush, McClung, Suppan isn't a bad rotation and that's just what they have right now. Only downside is that they don't have much at the upper levels ready to compete, so they'd be a bit thin.

Sky (The Roc, NY): Can Milton Bradley play the outfield without risking re-injuring his knee? He's much more valuable to a team in RF than at DH...

Will Carroll: I don't think he could play every day, but some? Sure.

theguag (Louisville): Are the Cubs buyers or sellers in the SS trade market - or both? Do either Cedeno or Theriot have much trade value?

Will Carroll: I haven't heard them in the market, but it's certainly the glaring hole. I think they have some value in a package, but on their own won't return much.

ahaldar (Atlanta, GA): If he was signed today, how soon do you think Bonds could be in a major league lineup? DH or RF?

Will Carroll: DH? Couple weeks. I hear he's been working out.

What About Me? (Milwaukee): What about Chris Capuano for 2009?

Will Carroll: Midseason after TJ.

Harold (Cuba): Who do you like more, Josh Johnson or Anibal Sanchez? Go Will!

Will Carroll: Johnson. I like bad elbows over bad shoulders.

cooper7d7 (CT): As the proud, expectant father of twin girls, any physical reason that a women could not pitch professionally? ( I am not sure Ira Borders counts) Thanks.

Will Carroll: I'll make my second tennis reference here and say it's extremely unlikely. Even the best women players can't stay on the court with mediocre male players, but more importantly to pitching, the fastest woman (Venus Williams) tops out around 125. The first woman pitcher will likely be a Jamie Moyer or maybe a Tim Wakefield type.

Steve (St. Louis): Do you have the Cubs for the Central and Millwaukee for the WC.

Will Carroll: I don't know. St Louis is ahead of the Brewers right now on smoke and mirrors (and Pujols!) If Wainwright comes back good and Carpenter comes back useful, they could be a huge, huge surprise.

Adam (NY): Do you think the Posada/Matsui injuries will make the Yankees consider Bonds further?

Will Carroll: No.

Brother O'Dell, Pass the Biscuits (D.C.): What do the Rays need more? Right Handed Bat? or Reliever?

Will Carroll: Equal, I think, and enough resources to get both if the right deal comes along.

Jennie Finch (ARI): Hey now, I think I could strike out some San Francisco Giants, no?

Will Carroll: Underhanded and from 50 feet, yes. From sixty and a legal baseball delivery? Your husband's still better.

Steve (ND): RE: college football. Please tell me that last year's Kansas season wasn't a fluke. Also, Todd Reesing will be a better QB than Chase Daniel this year, just like last year, book it.

Will Carroll: Not so much fluke as a peak. They won't be doormats in Lawrence as long as The BIG Man is there. And ooh, I dunno on that. Daniel's out of that amazing Southlake program and is in line for some Heisman consideration.

Dave (Buffalo, NY): Mr. Carroll- thanks for your time. Anything to the rumors of Huston Street being next to go from the A's?

Will Carroll: There's rumors but mostly smoke, no fire. Lots of rumor about bad scouting reports recently, but we'll see.

Conor Glassey (Woodinville, WA): I've had the woman pitcher argument with a friend of mine that played collegiate softball. Except, I was the one saying that a woman could pitch in MLB and she said no way. My theory is that the first woman pitcher will be relief specialist, Chad Bradford type? The first woman pitcher isn't going to be a former tennis player, she'll be softball player, so becoming a submariner would seem to make more sense...

Will Carroll: Possible, but still have to throw the ball ... and Bradford's not a submariner, dangit!

mhixpgh (Pittsburgh): Using your "Will's Mill" Trade-O-Meter, will Bay or Nady or Jack Wilson be moved over the next few weeks?

Will Carroll: One of those. Couldn't tell you which, but I'd guess Nady.

Will Carroll: And that's it for me. Thanks for all the questions. Be sure to check back the rest of the week for more chats from BP's best while you're checking out all the articles during our free preview.

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