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Chat: Craig Goldstein

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Thursday April 01, 2021 1:00 PM ET chat session with Craig Goldstein.


Craig Goldstein is the editor-in-chief of Baseball Prospectus.

Craig Goldstein: Say it with me now: Los Angeles Dodger Trevor Story.

Jeff (Online): Are you the guy from freezing old takes?

Craig Goldstein: I'm the guy! Not who runs the account, but who appeared there last night.

coffeeguy8806 (Chicago): Do you have an opening day routine? What do you look forward to the most about this day versus every other day? Much love, stay safe

Craig Goldstein: Not as of late, though last year's was admittedly weird. If the weather cooperated I would absolutely cook up some hot dogs or brats for the occasion, but it's been pretty gray/drizzly at times today. I guess the routine before this was my actual job was to take the day off when every team was playing (pending postponements) and just drink it in. It should be a national holiday, dammit.

Tom (Houston): How do you think it ends with Roberto Osuna? Do you think he will be a closer again? Sign as a setup man? Or will he be essentially out of the league?

Craig Goldstein: I do think a team will pick him up eventually but probably not this season? Not a closer, especially at first. I think there's a lot of doubt around the health of his elbow and that's before you get to the tremendous amount of baggage he brings to the table (deservedly so).

Donnymo (Bremen): Whither HACKING MASS? Shall we see a return of the best fantasy contest available?

Craig Goldstein: HACKING MASS will be back! We've got some HUGE updates coming for the site, hopefully as early as next week. HACKING MASS will be hosted here this season, we're just putting some finishing touches on some other items first. You're gonna be so pleased, I can't even tell you.

Haddy (Minnesota ): An owner in my points league covets Tommy La Stella but I refuse to trade him away, especially to this particular owner. My team isn’t competitive this year, but I don’t think that should get in the way of hoarding La Stella long term or in case he can lead mean to the playoffs this year? What do you think? I need your wisdom.

Craig Goldstein: What's the long-term play on a 32 year old, exactly? I don't think you need to trade him to this particular owner - fantasy baseball is about having fun and spiting people, really - but on a pure like..."trying to win" basis...I'm not sure he's the guy I'd be hoarding.

Trey (Toronto): Which pitcher and hitter outside of the top 75 has a chance to jump into the top 25 conversation for the start of the 2022 season?

Craig Goldstein: hey Trey, top 75...what? dynasty ranks? prospects? what're we talking about here?

Buddy (Peoria, IL): Is Eloy back in time to be eligible for the White Sox playoff roster?

Craig Goldstein: Yeah, I mean you can get people active for the roster by IL'ing someone else, so I don't think that'll be an issue when the time comes.

sykklone (IA): Hey Craig thanks for the chat. What NL pitchers are looking for to have better than expected years?

Craig Goldstein: These are always tough because it's hard to know how in-depth we're talking. Topline guys? I am really in on Brandon Woodruff and Corbin Burnes. Less topline wise I have stashed Adrian Houser in a few deep leagues. He's not on the other guys' level, but I've always liked his stuff and I think that defense in MIL could be special. Other names that stand out to me a bit: Tejay Antone, Sandy Alcantara

Tom Cetrino (dogrockers) (Albany NY): What happened to the team tracker function on the BP website?

Craig Goldstein: My understanding is that it'll be up and running tomorrow and include today's games. That's the plan.

mblackfield89 (San Diego): Got the #1 & #5 farm picks in an NL only dynasty league. Top available are Luciano, Abrams & Carrol. Where do I go? Luciano seems like a lock to come up with Gigantes but afraid Abrams will be shipped off by Preller.

Craig Goldstein: Luciano and Abrams. I wouldn't overthink that.

jorodrig (Bregman): What is your take on Bregman? Is he a 1st, 2nd or third rounder? I think his 2020 was not the real Bregman.

Craig Goldstein: I'm not worried about Bregman at all. He's gonna be just fine.

John (Ontario): Hi Craig, Vidal Brujan - will he be TB's regular 2B, CF or SS in 2022?

Craig Goldstein: I don't think he's a regular at any position, but rather they'll move him all around and he'll get a regular's number of PA, but without a distinct position.

BC (Fort Myers, FL): Hey Craig. Just curious, on a scale from Empire Strikes Back to The Last Jedi, how you feel about Gabriel Arias and Michael Busch, upside-wise? If you had to pick solo, which one would you stash in a 12 team, H2H standard points, keep-all dynasty?

Craig Goldstein: I'll take Busch between the two. I love love love Arias overall, but in a fantasy context Busch has much more upside with the bat.

blakehagerman (sitka, ak): soto or acuna? Points league H2H

Craig Goldstein: In a points league I'm taking Soto. Steals aren't the separator there.

Not BC (Fort Myers, FL): Any thoughts on Taylor Trammell? He made the roster and had a good spring; just wondering if he's done anything that might give reason to think he'll hold these gains, especially with Julio Rodriguez and Jarred Kelenic about to hit the scene...

Craig Goldstein: Jeffrey wrote up his Call-Up article and I don't think I'm going to have anything more nuanced than that. There are definitely swing changes from his days in Cincinnati, and I think they're for the better. I am absolutely rooting for him to produce enough to stay up immediately because I think he's great for baseball and has an absolute sense for the moment, flare for the dramatic, etc.

Carl (San Antonio): Are you buying a breakout for Tyler O'neill this year?

Craig Goldstein: Carl I hate to break it to you but I am off the O'Neill train this year. I cut him from my NL Only keeper list. I want to believe, but ultimately I just do not.

Nate (Madison): What type of upside does Miguel Yajure have and will we see him in Pittsburgh this season.

Craig Goldstein: Yeah I definitely expect to see Yajure in Pittsburgh, but I think he's a reliever when it's all said and done. I'm not crazy high on him or anything, and this it's mostly a middle reliever profile.

layson27 (NY): When will the new Leaderboards be debuting?

Craig Goldstein: Our hope is Monday!

Paul (Athens): Who do you think our the five first call ups prospects to the majors this year?

Craig Goldstein: Taylor Trammell, Andrew Vaughn, Jonathan India, Kyle Isbel, and Akil Baddoo (or Chris Rodriguez or Tucupita Marcano or Jordan Sheffield or or or). It's a cheap answer because all these guys are breaking camp with their teams.

Craig Goldstein: Alright, it looks like everyone is watching baseball rather than chatting and hey, I'm all for that. Thanks for the questions and I'll see you next week!

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