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Chat: Mark Barry

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Friday September 18, 2020 1:00 PM ET chat session with Mark Barry.


Mark Barry is a member of the BP Fantasy Team.

Mark Barry: Hello everybody. I'm looking forward to doing a chat with y'all. Let's dive in.

Bob prince (Pittsburgh): Surprised Jared oliva hasn’t made his debut in Pittsburgh?whats the 2022 pirate outfield.? Swaggerty,reynolds,oliva,oneil?whats the eta of nick gonzalez 2022 or2023?

Mark Barry: I'm a little surprised, yes. Especially with how aggressive some other teams (even those that aren't competing) have been in promoting guys. Service time is nice, but I'm not sure clawing back a year from the Olivas and Swaggertys is all that beneficial.

I'd be disappointed if that was how the OF shook out for the Pirates in 2022. I'm not sure ultimately any of those three will be impact guys. Reynolds is good/fine, but Oliva/Swaggerty might be OF4-types. Oneil is going to be a SS for as long as he can, and he's quite good right now. I think 2022 sounds good on Gonzales, too.

Tyler (memphis, TN): In a dynasty league and starting to prepare for next year. If you have to keep one 1B moving forward, do you take Hosmer, Christian Walker or Nate Lowe? And do you think this little spurt by Lowe is a predictor of things to come or are they Rays going to bury him again next year?

Mark Barry: Ugh. I'd love to think that the Rays would toss the keys to Lowe, but I also think it would have already happened by now if that was the plan. They just have too many guys that can get plugged in at 1B. If the rumors that they were shopping him at the deadline prove true, and that gets revisited, he's interesting for sure. But you can't really count on him getting moved as part of your plans. I'm going Hosmer.

The Colonel (Pasadena, CA): Bat only, who do you think has the better career, Lewin Diaz or Bobby Dalbec?

Mark Barry: Gimme Diaz.

Seymour Butz (Springfield ): What's your take on Jake Cronenworth moving forward?

Mark Barry: Guys like Cronenworth are incredibly My Jam. It's funny that he came from the Rays, because the Padres are running into a Rays-esque roster crunch, so it's possible that could hamper Cronenworth's value. Still, he should qualify at two, maybe three positions next year and he should be the good version of Chris Taylor from here, albeit with fewer strikeouts. I'm a fan.

Jim mcintyre (Cincy): Jonathan India-bust or post hype sleeper?

Mark Barry: I'd pick the latter if forced, but I think he's more likely somewhere in the middle, even though that's boring. He hasn't done anything to be called a bust for me. It's not like there's a spot for him right now in Cincinnati, and while I'd like to see a little more power, it definitely feels like the pendulum has swung too far on him. I think he's a sneaky under-the-radar target in dynasty leagues.

bphil (MO): Carlos Correa is a top ? SS next three years?

Mark Barry: SS is so deep it's crazy. Realistically, I could say 15, and it wouldn't really be a knock. Let's say top 10, because I have him behind: Story, Tatis, Turner, Lindor, Bogaerts, Anderson, Baez, Torres, and Seager, and he'll be battling it out with Mondesi for the last spot.

coffeeguy8806 (Land of TINO): Hola Mark, When you enjoy a player much more compared to your peers (ahem Sandy...) how does this change your calculus when trading a player? IE if you’re low and everyone is high or vice versa... Grazi! Stay safe.

Mark Barry: If you have that faith in a dude, you have to go get your guys--"winning the trade" be damned. I'm not good at this, btw.

I also really like chatting about deals and taking everyone's temperature in leagues. If you can have friendly, cordial conversations, it's much easier to see where you stand in terms of valuing a specific player.

Re: Alcantara--I don't think he has what it takes. Anyone in a league with me should trade him to me ASAP. I'm doing you a favor :)

Biff hooper (Bayport): Daulton varsho and Jose Garcia -not the most auspicious of debuts . Think they’ll break camp next year or more marinating?

Mark Barry: It depends a little on what each of these teams does during the offseason, but I could definitely see Garcia especially taking a little time mashing Triple-A before coming back up. I think Varsho is probably (hopefully) up for good. I'm still bullish on him long-term.

Quincy (Ames): Have you heard of any buzz from the alternative camps on prospects?

Mark Barry: You might not believe this, but it sounds like Jarred Kelenic is very good. Also keep an eye on Tyler Freeman.

Raoul (Duluth): Other than Davis, Howard and Marquez, who are the Best names of the next wave of Cubbies?

Mark Barry: Those are the big 3, for sure. The system is not really teeming with top-end prospects. Miguel Amaya is promising, but definitely in a real life over fantasy way.

jugdish (Faber): Do you think campusano will be up with the pads before the super two deadline next year?

Mark Barry: It sort of depends on what happens with Francisco Mejia. If he's just bad now, then I'd guess we'll see Campusano sooner rather than later. That said, now that Austin Nola is in the mix, there's less urgency to get to Campusano--I'm not sure he'd get called up to be the backup backstop.

The Colonel (Pasadena, CA): Can you compare and contrast Brady Singer, Clarke Schmidt and Dane Dunning? Dunning seems recovered from arm woes. Do you see one being better than the others?

Mark Barry: I'm a little down on Schmidt--not from his debut, just from his situation and upside. I'm not sure there's impact there, and if that's the case, that organization is loaded with right-handed starters, so he'll keep getting knocked down the totem pole.

I've been really impressed with Singer/Dunning, though. I'd like to see Dunning walk fewer guys. He's getting a little lucky with BABIP/strand rate, which is fine as long as you're not walking guys.

Nick (Middleburg): Austin slater- the next Mark kotsay or a mirage ? How close is heliot ramos.? Should he break camp with the giants or wil he be post super two?

Mark Barry: That's not a bad bottom-line comp. Slater strikes out more than Kotsay, but he also walks more. I wish Slater hadn't gotten hurt, because it does seem like that injury has lingered and kept him out of the lineup even if he's off the IL.

I wouldn't expect Ramos to break camp, no. I think the top prospects that break camp are more exceptions that prove the rule. Provided that he gets some reps, I would imagine we'd see him sometime in June 2021, though.

Mark Barry: That's it for today, thanks for all the questions. As usual, this was really fun! Good luck to everyone in the last week of the season. Stay safe, wear a mask, be cool.

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