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Chat: Craig Goldstein

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Wednesday August 19, 2020 1:00 PM ET chat session with Craig Goldstein.


Craig Goldstein is the editor-in-chief of Baseball Prospectus.

Craig Goldstein: If it's wrong to chat on a 3-0 count then I don't want to be right.

Operator Error (CPU): The Tigers called up Mize and Skubal. What does this say about Manning. Is he better than both and the Tigers want to keep him under their control longer? Or is he worse than Skubal, who had a disastrous start last night.

Craig Goldstein: It's not a control thing, I don't think. I would say it means they think Mize and Skubal are further ahead in their development, which shouldn't really surprise. I do think Manning could be better than Boyd or Norris and thus should be given a shot sometime soon.

cracker73 (Florida): Deivi Garcia. In your opinion, is he ultimately a starter or a relief pitcher?

Craig Goldstein: Relief. I want him to start, I think he deserves a chance to start, but...relief.

Slappy (NC): Questions about 2 starting pitchers. First, Matt Boyd. For dynasty leagues, is this a buy-low opportunity on a guy who still has a lot of upside, or is he "broken?" Likewise, given the screwy season and shortened summer camp, how worried are we about Patrick Corbin's loss of velocity? He's still a top SP isn't he (Hint: I gave up Keston Hiura AND a first-round draft pick to get him!)? Thanks

Craig Goldstein: Boyd is causing a lot of fantasy managers problems. At least you're not Ron Gardenhire? I think he's closer to broken than to an upside play at this point. Re: Corbin, I think it's fair to be concerned any time there is a three mile per hour drop in velo. His last outing was at 91 though, which is a tick or two up from his prior starts this year. Hopefully that trend can continue.

spotted cow (Rockford): Do you expect any movement via trade this season? Contenders buying expiring contracts or Indians being super mad at sp's

Craig Goldstein: Everything I hear is that it's going to be extremely slow. As mad as the Cleveland clubhouse may be, I wouldn't expect them to deal at a discount. They'll just live with the issue for now and make an offseason trade if necessary.

ayzzya (Denver Airport ): Do you know anything about what Senzatela is doing to be so good this year? Or is it more random/luck?

Craig Goldstein: His pitch mix has changed pretty radically. His fastball usage is down about 11 percentage points, and he's distributed that to his slider (up 7) and change (up 4). Given that the slider is generating a .212 opponents batting average and a .242 opponents slugging percentage, it seems like a good decision.

coffeeguy8806 (Jaen, Peru): Hola! So with the aggressive promotion of Luis Garcia and in the past Soto, should we consider this a trend with Washington? If so, how does this change your valuation of their prospects? If not....oh well! Stay Safe.

Craig Goldstein: Yeah, it's a trend, but it's also one that is happening league-wide without a minor league system to draw from. That said, Washington has been willing to challenge their prospects for years now (Garcia being in Double-A last year is a good example of that in itself). I don't think it changes the valuation of their prospects, though. Perhaps timeline to contributing, but even that would only be changing value on the margins, I think.

GameofPricks (Where the voices guide): Thanks for the chat, Craig. What are your thoughts on Jake Cronenworth?

Craig Goldstein: This feels a little like a troll from someone who already knows, but I might as well just come out with it. I think he's overrated. He's been very good, but I think there's regression coming and that while he's a useful player (2-3 win type), the hype is a little much for me in certain circles. I do think it's great that the Padres took an extremely Rays-y player from the Rays and appear to be getting the better end of it, though.

Malia Stan (Chevy Chase): Who’s at fault, Malia or Hannah? Cannot answer both. Have to take a side.

Craig Goldstein: At fault over what? Hannah being fired? I think that ultimately comes down to Hannah being actively disinterested in any aspect of her job and not doing it well. I think the valium thing was just a straw/camel's back situation for Sandy and if Hannah had been killing it, she would have given her a dressing down but not fired her.

As for Malia, who I like a lot, this is absolutely a snake move and a bad, bad look. She threw a temper tantrum because someone who outranked her didn't want to live with someone they dislike just so she could live with her boyfriend, complained to the captain to get her way, and then did Hannah dirty just because she was feeling vindictive. To take a pic of that stuff after this specific instance/row when she'd been rooming with Hannah all charter season...that's shitty.

Chris (Washington): Kyle Lewis is robbing homeruns now!!

Craig Goldstein: That was awesome. I've loved getting to watch him a little bit more in this Dodgers series. He's really exciting. I still think something has to give on the profile, but I've always caveated that if you can slug .570 or whatever, the rest hardly matters. He...might just have that type of power.

spotted cow (Rockford): Will the Cubs do anything to help their pitching staff and or relief corps? Or do I have to cheer when I see Ryan tepera and boo when I see kimbrel? Alternately do you hear much about the goings on at alternate sites?

Craig Goldstein: To go with the question about the trade deadline...anything they do is going to be minor, I think. Ultimately if you're the Cubs you might just have to try and pull a Nationals in the playoffs and rotate some starters back there to go with the 1-2 guys you actually trust.

I get some info on the alternate sites but I wouldn't say a ton right now.

Chris (Washington): Kyle Seager is playing unbelievably well. Someone is going to trade for him even with that 15 million dollar option right?

Craig Goldstein: He's been great and it extends back to the last half of last year, too. I think it seems pretty reasonable but one of the reasons I'm not optimistic about an active deadline is that money is already pretty tight around the league. Acquiring that type of option just isn't the given it was in years past.

Chris (Washington): Jerry dipoto said he expects young players to be traded for one another this deadline. What's your favorite made up young player for young player trade?

Craig Goldstein: A fun question and one I should spend more time thinking about, but I'll revert to a deal I was talking about in a chat with some friends. It's not exactly "young players" but it is cheap players and that's probably more what Dipoto meant: I think Cleveland acquiring Mike Yastrzemski for Zach Plesac would be interesting, if they're truly upset with what Plesac did. They need the offensive and outfield help, and certainly have the pitching depth to do this.

I don't think it'd ever happen, to be clear. Cleveland values their pitching too much to consider it, but it was one that crossed my mind.

Craig Goldstein: Alright everyone, thanks for the chat. Reminder to drop a few questions to Mark Barry for his fantasy chat on Friday!

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