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Chat: J.P. Breen

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Friday May 29, 2020 1:00 PM ET chat session with J.P. Breen.


J.P. Breen is the editor for the fantasy team at Baseball Prospectus.

J.P. Breen: It's a Friday in late May. We all miss baseball. We'd normally have a lot more to discuss, but hopefully we can scrounge up a few things. Let's get it.

sykklone (IA): I would much rather this be a prospect question but between playing and not playing and because we all miss baseball what is the score right now and what inning is it in?

J.P. Breen: I wish we could be talking about prospects, too! It's the bottom of the fifth inning in Arizona. The Diamondbacks are leading the Tigers 3-1 (no shock), and Starling Marte has continued his torrid start to the 2020 season. He already has a two-run homer and a double in this game. The Martes, Starling and Ketel, have been a dynamic 1-2 punch for the D'Backs this year. If only they had a more consistent back end of the bullpen!

coffeeguy8806 (Chicagoooo): What is your favorite sensory experience of a baseball game? IE the crunch of old peanuts under your shoes, the smell of the grass, the guy yelling to sell you beer... How do you think this enhances your enjoyment of the game? Thanks and I hope all is well, stay safe.

J.P. Breen: I used to think it was the sound of a baseball smacking into the leather of a baseball glove, but since moving away from Wisconsin, I've realized how much I miss tailgating before and after a game. It's the communal aspect of attending a game with friends. So, in terms of sensory experiences, I miss the smell of charcoal grills and bratwurst, paired with the sound of a big crowd. I dunno, man, maybe the quarantine is getting to me, too, cuz I'd love to have a huge cookout with brats and baseball right now.

Mikewilsonelgin (Rhode island): Supposedly Joe Namath was drafted by the Jets because the other QB was an introvert and they needed someone to be the face of the franchise. Do baseball teams take this into consideration or is there no baseball equivalent of a quarterback?

J.P. Breen: Extroversion absolutely matters when it comes to scouting reports. The way Americans culturally understand leadership and "being a good teammate" is inextricably tied to extroversion, but that kind of leadership is also more visible to scouts. Scouts don't need to build a relationship or talk to as many people to notice that kind of leadership. As to whether there's a baseball equivalent to a quarterback, I don't think there's a 1-to-1 match. However, when talking about how a guy can potentially be a superstar, you'll regularly hear scouts talk about swagger, extroversion, and physical appearance (people aren't willing to talk about The Good Face anymore, but looks still matter if you read scouting reports closely). It's not so much tied to the position, as it is in football, but the idea of being a potential superstar is still tied to extroversion in a significant way, I think.

J.P. Breen: Understandably, it appears that we have another short chat today. Be well. Be safe. Take care of yourselves and others. Talk to y'all soon.

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