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Chat: Mark Barry

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Friday May 22, 2020 1:00 PM ET chat session with Mark Barry.


Mark Barry is a member of the Baseball Prospectus fantasy team.

Mark Barry: Not a lot of action today (or many days), but let's do a chat anyway.

CubbieBear (Chi-Town): With the absence of Trey Mancini would you expect the O’s to plug Ryan Mountcastle in at 1b? If so, what sort of production do you think he is capable of? Thanks for your insight.

Mark Barry: I do believe you're forgetting about Chris Davis who is signed for another three seasons. But to answer your question, I'd have to think Mountcastle would get some run eventually this summer. I think his aversion to drawing walks will really hurt him initially, but he could eventually settle in that .265-.270ish range with 25 homers at peak.

sportsguy21792 (Madison, WI): What do you think Scoresheet should do about the proposed DH in their NL leagues?

Mark Barry: It seems like it's a discussion that is being had right now after that wrinkle was proposed for this season. Seems to me like Scoresheet is meant to be a reasonable facsimile of a real game, so if there is a DH in the NL, I'd be all for having a DH in NL-only leagues. Of course I'm a Universal-DH believer, so take that for what you will.

J-Mac161 (Chicago): Huge Cubs fan here. On a few teams I loaded up on Cubs because I believe in their offense this season. With this being a pivotal contract season for many Cubs, I'm thinking this reduced games season (if even played) is even more of a detriment for teams like the Cubs. IE, higher probability of guys getting traded. Almost guaranteed the first few weeks will be the last I see this mix of players?

Mark Barry: I don't really think the Cubs are in danger of a teardown like that, as they should be in the mix for whatever type of season we're looking at in 2020. I wouldn't worry about their main dudes getting traded unless something weird happens and they get into a huge hole really quickly. Even so, you'll still get to benefit from those guys' offensive contributions in new settings, so this wouldn't really bother me.

Jon (DC): Best way to do a FYPD draft and draft order this year for a brand new 20-team league that was just started in the offseason, especially with the shortened amateur draft? Thanks!

Mark Barry: Man, that's a great question. I think you either need to keep the same drafting rules or shorten it for as long as MLB keeps it this limited. You'll be scraping the bottom of the draft barrel if you have, say, a five-round FYPD with 20 teams lol. That said, you could also push the draft to the 2020/2021 winter, and include any UFA signings in the mix as well.

mikewilsonelgin (Rhode Island): What happened to Gyorko? The 2018 Prospectus thought he had a secure job at 3b. The 2019 Prospectus just has one line on him. Did he forget how to hit?

Mark Barry: Sort of? Gyorko was injured for a lot of 2019, so that definitely ate into his production. And as an oft-injured, platoon bat, going to the Dodgers at the deadline was probably the worst case scenario for him to bounce back. He just couldn't get enough reps to work himself back into the mix. He's actually a sneaky deep-league target in Milwaukee this season, presuming health.

coffeeguy8806 (Chicagooooo): Hey Mark! Just saying hey! Hope all is well!! -Stan

Mark Barry: My man. You too buddy!

Mark Barry: Just a quick one today, hope everyone is staying safe, staying healthy, and staying sane. Safe baseball, soon. Please.

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