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Chat: Craig Goldstein

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Wednesday March 18, 2020 1:00 PM ET chat session with Craig Goldstein.


Craig Goldstein is the editor-in-chief of Baseball Prospectus.

Craig Goldstein: It's not like we've got anything better to do. Chat time.

Yuri (Israel): Damn it. You're not going to stick to baseball in this chat, are you?

Craig Goldstein: Most of the questions are about baseball, you're in luck!

Gerald (Canada): Which prospects do you like?

Craig Goldstein: The good ones, obviously.

Craig (Chicago): Looking at Anthony DeSclafani, it looks like he is trending upwards in his Strikeouts and IP, but his ERA/FIP does not have clear trends. Is he a 4.25 ERA/150 IP/ 150 K pitcher, or could he breakout in the upcoming season? What do you point to for that thought?

Craig Goldstein: His DRA got way better in 2019, too, but I'm still not wholly convinced. His HR/FB actually dropped compared to 2018 despite only a small uptick in GB%. Given the state of the ball, I find it hard to believe that will hold going forward.

Jonny (Los Angeles): What's the downside to adding five or ten minor league spots to our dynasty league rosters and drafting through this quarantine? Would it even matter? Would it weaken leagues? Would it soften the blow of our crushing boredom? Thank you.

Craig Goldstein: None, I guess? Why would it weaken the league? Mostly I can't imagine it would take long enough to draft through the quarantine. I do think it would be a temporary distraction, though. I like extremely deep leagues, so perhaps I'm biased there, but it seems like a reasonable way to handle the boredom.

RotoLando (Cloud City): I think we can all agree that you are the Michael Jordan of BP Chatters. If you had to fake retire for a year to serve out a secret gambling suspension, what other activity would you pursue?

Craig Goldstein: Reality TV blogging

Reej (Internet): Big Ed on 90DF? (That's the question, take it as you need to.)

Craig Goldstein: Finally, real chat question. Lots of thoughts on "Big" Ed. First - it's never good when you're giving yourself a nickname, even (especially?) when it's self-deprecating. Second, if you're 4-foot-11, you can't be lying about being 5 feet tall. That's just not going to work. Five feet is already a tough starting point, you can't go that low and then not clear that bar!

Second, don't put mayonnaise in your hair! Kids are watching this show maybe! Unacceptable. Third, do NOT fly to other countries and put yourself in a situation where there's poor water/air/other conditions when you have a skin issue! Bad idea!

RotoLando (Cloud City): What's the biggest difference between Internet Craig and Waffle House Craig?

Craig Goldstein: Smothered and covered has an entirely different meaning.

Also, just a tremendous amount of food.

Wait, what? (everywhere): Craig, did you know that Jax's last name was Cauchi?

Craig Goldstein: Uh yeah, obviously. All the real heads know Jax/Jason's full name.

Ragpappy (Seattle): Craig - Doing my 6X6 Auction this weekend. Any thoughts on how to value players since we don't know length of season along with trying to balance league inflation..?

Craig Goldstein: I don't know that the value changes significantly in the short term because you're still getting whatever the season ends up being out of them. I do think that leagues need to consider adjusting how keeper prices are going to work for 2020/2021 in light of the circumstances.

Craig (Chicago): How do you see the ATL rotation playing out this season (other than Fried and Soroka)? The vets? The prospects? Folty? Etc.

Craig Goldstein: Folty seems like a lock to me, Hamels seems likely given the delay in the season. At least when he's healthy. I expect Muller, Wright, Wilson and Newcomb to all get time/chances, with Touki mostly in relief. Hernandez probably gets some run depending on the health of other players when the season (eventually) starts.

I don't think there's a basic answer here, and expect Atlanta to mix and match with whoever is looking best in a given timeframe. That's a big value of depth.

Jordan (South Dakota): I run a fairly complicated dynasty league and this suspended season is really doing a number on us. Privately, I've wanted to get out from under the league anyway to so that I can focus more on playing video games and eating plain, unseasoned chicken wings drenched in generic hot sauce. Should I just use these circumstances as a way of shutting down the league? I feel bad because most of the teams have been tanking for years and will never get to see their vision through, but at the same time, it sucks to suck.

Craig Goldstein: Jordan, let's talk more about this chicken wing plan. Why are they unseasoned? Are you frying them yourself? I strongly suggest you dip them in the hot sauce fry them, dip them _back_ in the hot sauce and fry them again. It's called "double-dipped wet" in the industry and it's a game changer. We can do better than unseasoned wings around here.

Anyway, yeah if it's taxing to you as a commissioner, just let someone else handle it. It doesn't have to be your burden.

Yanqui Dadi (Bronx): Is hot dog flavored baby food considered a sandwich?

Craig Goldstein: Definitely not.

Raymond (DC): Hopping in here to say, the penguin video was great. Fun to see them interested in the different fish. What MLB team should be renamed after penguins?

Craig Goldstein: The penguin video was decidedly not "great." They were _barely_ interested. They weren't more interested in them than they are in anything, any time penguins are filmed doing anything. The good video was the penguins jumping down the steps. Hilarious.

Cleveland seems like the obvious first choice for any renaming. I would also toss out the Braves as a way to ditch the chop and foment a further rivalry with their fish-focused division mates in Miami.

Raymond (DC): How soon until large adult son Oneil Cruz makes the majors? He had a solid start to spring training.

Craig Goldstein: Well, we have to have a majors first. I think it's going to be a bit, though. I wouldn't expect him til mid-season 2021, on the early end, in all honesty.

BG (COVID Hot Spot): Craig, how do you think Luis Castillo would be handling this coronavirus were he President instead of a very solid No. 2 starter?

Craig Goldstein: Probably really frustratingly at first, despite what seems to be all the makings of a good way to handle it. Maybe by year 4 he'd eventually get himself together and do one thing that looks right.

RotoLando (Cloud City): Hi Craig. Who is more overrated, Giancarlo Stanton or James Joyce?

Craig Goldstein: Did Mayor Pete express a love of Giancarlo Stanton? Didn't think so. It's Joyce.

Craig (Chicago): For all the concern over Paul Goldschmidt, the power numbers really did not see much of a dropoff last year - just the batting average. Can you see him getting back towards .290, or is this likely who he is now that he is in his 30's?

Craig Goldstein: I think a rebound is definitely doable

Jim (I think I'm in Chicago): Scoresheet Dynasty League: Madison Bumgarner for a Charmin 20-pack and a fifth of Tito's. Who says no?

Craig Goldstein: You _gotta_ go with the Charmin and Tito's. It's true, the Charmin bear commercials are confusing and disturbing, and that affects their value but at this point even if you're just planning on spinning off the TP and keeping the Tito's, you can probably get more than Bumgarner in a couple weeks for the 20-pack alone.

Craig (Chicago): Which is the real version of Josh Bell? 2017 (26 HR, .255 BA), 2018 (12 HR, .261 BA), 2019 (37 HR, .277 BA)?

Craig Goldstein: Depends on the ball, a bit, but I'd guess something like 2017's power with 2019's BA.

Craig (Chicago): Tyler Chatwood finished the second half of 2019 with a 2.84 ERA in 31 IP and 10.8 K/9. On the season, in 5 GS, he had 3.97 ERA in 22 IP. Can we see him get back to his 2016 version, in this upcoming season? What are your expectations for Chatwood?

Craig Goldstein: Minimal. It was a nice run, but it was 31 IP over 18 games and I just don't trust the sample size or the player. If you want to buy into the idea that they turned Darvish around control wise, too, I guess I can potentially scrape out a pattern there, but it just seems highly unlikely to me.

RotoLando (Cloud City): Do you have a personal list of "Things You Do Not Go Cheap On"? Mine is vodka and hired goons.

Craig Goldstein: Most beer/liquor at this point. It's bougie but you drink enough cheap shit in college and eventually say "it's not worth it anymore." Also any sort of meat I'm cooking with. There is definitely a difference in taste with the good stuff.

Neil (seattle): What's a good comp for George Kirby's high-end outcome?

Craig Goldstein: I checked in with Jeffrey because I am terrible at comps, and he suggested Jack Flaherty, potentially.

RotoLando (Cloud City): Why should MLB teams install a coronavirus net in the lower level seats? It says right on the ticket you are responsible for your own pandemic outbreak response.

Craig Goldstein: You know, when he's right, he's right.

Craig Goldstein: Alright folks, thanks for stopping by and all the questions. We'll be back here next week. Jesse Roche will be handling any/all fantasy questions on Friday.

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