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Chat: San Diego Padres Top 10 Prospects

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Friday December 20, 2019 1:00 PM ET chat session with San Diego Padres Top 10 Prospects.


This chat will be to discuss the San Diego Padres Top 10 Prospects List, released today.

San Diego Padres Top 10 Prospects: Itís beginning to look a lot like...the NL West is almost done

Tim (TX): For dynasty league purposes only, CJ Abrams is a top ___ prospect?

San Diego Padres Top 10 Prospects: Oh probably Top 20 or so

spotted cow (rockford): i'm just wondering where you would have had luis urias in the top talent under 25

San Diego Padres Top 10 Prospects: Stockís down a bit but not Iím not going to be overreactive here. Probably between Abrams and Mejia roughly?

Yuri (Israel): Out of protest re: Craig's promotion to EIC, I cancelled my subscription to BP, though I do intend to renew when, and only when, he is removed from the staff. Anyway, I can't actually see your top 10's due to this subscription issue. Can you post the Padres top 10 prospects here for me? Thanks so much Jeff and have a terrific holiday!

San Diego Padres Top 10 Prospects: Because it's the holidays, I will make Craig fix it for you, should be above the cut now.

Where Did He Go? (Unknown): Can you say a few words about Esteury Ruiz and whether you think he will end up being a productive Major Leaguer?

San Diego Padres Top 10 Prospects: Sure, its a tantalizing power/speed combo, but there's underlying questions about the bat-to-ball and the glove. We'll probably know more in the upper minors.

The Goose (Gaslamp): Would like to hear your opinion on Trent Grisham in SD, hit/power tools and what his OFP would be after that huge AA/AAA season he just had.

San Diego Padres Top 10 Prospects: I'm not super back in on Grisham even after the swing tweaks, still think the hit tool ends up fringy and it's more second-division in a corner. Something like 45/55 on the offensive tools.

spotted cow (Rockford): Is their player development just better than everyone? Or is it scouting? Or are they akin to vegans in the Scott pilgrim universe(just better than everyone)?

San Diego Padres Top 10 Prospects: They've done a good job identifying IFA talent at all bonus levels. Now all this said, they've only really turned Tatis into a star guy so far (we can debate how much credit goes to them or the Marlins for Paddack I suppose), and they haven't really had a "breakout" guy yet (perhaps Campusano) if all that even matters with this much depth. Best Farm System Flags don't mean anything if they don't help you fly other pennants.

Leo (Saratoga): Missed opportunity not to run a "Gotcha Pham" headline when the Padres traded Xavier Edwards. Between Pham and Grisham arriving, is the outfield getting a bit crowded for their last big trade target, Taylor Trammell, or do you think those three can fit?

San Diego Padres Top 10 Prospects: If you think Trammell can play CF, it all fits fine, It's going to be a very important 2020 for him though, there need to be some swing/approach tweaks for him to really pop. I'm confident there, the rest of my staff, less so.

The Colonel (Pasadena, CA): Josh Naylor held his own with the bat and he was only 21. Pads now have Pham, Grisham, Franchy (CF) in the OF along with Myers and Margot, so there doesn't appear to be much PT for Naylor. If he were traded and got a chance to DH or play 1B, how good of a bat could he be? Love his bb/k rates in the minors.

San Diego Padres Top 10 Prospects: His MARCEL projection (only one I've seen so far) has him around .260 with above-average pop, which feels broadly right for me. Maybe he gets to a bit more of the hit, but that's still fringy for a 1B/DH-only guy. Still somehow only 22, though.

Steve (Florida): Is Owen Miller a legitimate offensive prospect? I tried getting him thrown into a trade in a deep dynasty league and, to my surprise, the guy that has him is very attached. I think he gets a shot this year. Is there a decent current MLB comp for him?

San Diego Padres Top 10 Prospects: It's hit over power at present, and for dynasty purposes he should end up with eligibility in a bunch of spots. I'd be worried about how much actual playing time he'd get though.

The Colonel (Pasadena, CA): Cal Quantrill had a pretty solid 1st season considering the rabbit ball. Is he just back-end fodder or is there more?

San Diego Padres Top 10 Prospects: Had better reports on the slider towards the end of the year, so maybe he movies up to mid-rotation, but I'm skeptical. Feels very number four starter to me

San Diego Padres Top 10 Prospects: Going to have to keep it short today, running around dealing with car stuff, we'll wrap up the NL West on Monday with the Giants, then the Centrals after the new year.

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