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Chat: Los Angeles Dodgers Top 10 Chat

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Wednesday December 18, 2019 1:00 PM ET chat session with Los Angeles Dodgers Top 10 Chat.


This chat will be to discuss the Los Angeles Dodgers Top 10 Prospects List, released today.

Los Angeles Dodgers Top 10 Chat: I'm in Los Angeles today, garbage cans comprise the medians of freeways. Always creeping even when the population's sleeping, and I can't see why you'd want to chat here.

The Colonel (Pasadena, CA): Will Smith or Sean Murphy for future? What grades would you give Smith's hit/power tools now?

Los Angeles Dodgers Top 10 Chat: Probably Smith, although it's pretty close. Murphy is the better defender and if I had fewer durability concerns with him, I'd give him the nod. We had him as like 50/55 last year but I'd probably bump the power to plus.

JPRicciardi (Toronto): What can you tell me about Miguel Vargas? Someone we should be excited about?

Los Angeles Dodgers Top 10 Chat: He was the obvious big riser in the system this year, potential two-way third baseman with 20 HR pop if he continues to fill out.

Tim (Jackson): Is there any life left in Jeren Kendall's stock after a 36% K-rate repeating High-A in his age-23 season, or nah?

Los Angeles Dodgers Top 10 Chat: I can say he was on the long list for the system, but that went 40 deep, and it drops off fairly quickly. Hit tool matters, and it's hard to see Kendall having enough of one for anything more than up and down utility at this point in time

GoatsonBoats (LA): If Will Smith was still eligible, where would he be ranked on this list?

Los Angeles Dodgers Top 10 Chat: I can forgive you for glazing over Craig's interminable 25U rankings, but he had him only behind Lux and May among prospects.

Quincy (Ames): Jeter downs - dodger 2b of the future or trade bait?

Los Angeles Dodgers Top 10 Chat: That decision is probably a year or two off and who knows if there will even be baseball then! Funnily enough reading over our reports on him I was struck by how 2018 Gavin Luxish it sounded, now granted 2019 Gavin Lux was very much past results do not imply future performance where 2020 Downs is concerned.

Vandall (South Bend): I know it's very early, but what are some realistic expectations for the two first-round picks - Hoese and Busch? Major League regulars or better? Given the Dodger's depth - when do we expect to see them in L.A. and what position will they play?

Los Angeles Dodgers Top 10 Chat: Yeah it's pretty early, but on some level these guys probably are what they are, polished college bats with some pop and fringy defensive value. The Dodgers have tended to get a lot out of these profiles, but it's not really true first-division upside at present.

palmerdrive (California): With the Dodgers' need for more bullpen arms do you see any other home grown arms coming up? I see de Geus mentioned as the only current true reliever.

Los Angeles Dodgers Top 10 Chat: There's plenty of other fringy currently starting arms in the next ten that might pop in relief, I'd say the fact that they only have one true relief prospect in the top 20 is a good thing, although some of that might be residual annoyance from just finishing the Rockies list.

Los Angeles Dodgers Top 10 Chat: Padres on Friday, we're almost to the quarter pole.

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