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Chat: New York Mets Top 10 Chat

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Thursday December 05, 2019 1:00 PM ET chat session with New York Mets Top 10 Chat.


This chat will be to discuss the New York Mets Top 10 Prospects List, released today.

New York Mets Top 10 Chat: Has anything interesting happened to the Mets recently?

someguynamedkenn (Central NJ): How would you compare the prospect status of Josh Wolf vs. someone like Simeon Woods-Richardson coming out of the draft?

New York Mets Top 10 Chat: Broadly similar as I outlined in the blurb. Wolf has a little more projection, SWR more general athleticism.

Fred (NYC): Now knowing that Matt Allan would've signed for $2.5MM, and after seeing his stuff in debut, where do you think teams would have taken him in the draft if they could go back?

New York Mets Top 10 Chat: I don't know that Allan would have signed for 2.5 million at the exact point the teams with that sort of slot money had to pick a dude. But generally speaking he was a mid-first-round talent on stuff.

Jimbo (Shrimp ): What do the Mets do with Dom Smith?

New York Mets Top 10 Chat: Trade him at the Winter Meetings for an eighth inning guy or backend starter is my best guess.

Danny (NJ): Any lesser Mets prospects that have some helium headed into 2020?

New York Mets Top 10 Chat: The weird thing about 2019 is they didn't really have any breakout guys they didn't trade at the deadline for Stroman. I like Espino, but he's not likely to be a breakout guy. Maybe Palmer has a better Sally campaign than Newton.

Fred ('COO'): Should I lose sleep over Kenedy Corona?

New York Mets Top 10 Chat: So eventually the Mets are gonna get burned on one of these (may have already happened with Catalina) but I wouldn't in this case.

Cohen (CT): Apparently the Astros thought they had a deal lined up at the deadline for Wheeler and Syndergaard. What do you think that would have been? Could it have been Tucker & Whitley?

New York Mets Top 10 Chat: Sure. I mean I wouldn't have done it, but I could see the Mets doing it. Astros weren't the only one on that package either.

Bryan (Illinois): Everyone seems to think David Peterson's ceiling is a #4 starter. Do you see otherwise?

New York Mets Top 10 Chat: Ceiling? No. Likely good outcome, yes.

Wes (NY): People are upset that we are going from a poor scumbag owner to a rich scumbag owner? I sure as hell didn't root for the Mets because of the Wilpons...this is a dream come true

New York Mets Top 10 Chat: There are plenty of rich scumbag owners spending less money on payroll than the Wilpons. No idea if Cohen will be one of them or not, but there isn't anyone losing money here.

Andrew (Baltimore): Is Jake Marisnick someone we should be excited about?

New York Mets Top 10 Chat: He's a perfectly fine fourth outfielder the Mets are probably going to play too much.

This guy (Left bench): I’m rebuilding in a deep 16 team league. Not even crazy about Vientos but I flopped Votto for him. No brainer when I’m not keeping Votto, right?

New York Mets Top 10 Chat: Yeah, that's fine. I'm not a huge fan of the profile, but there's a decent chance at worst that he pops in Double-A or something and you can flip him anyway.

Kernel (CK): Anyone taken after round 3 in the Mets draft this year gotten any positive/surprising reports?

New York Mets Top 10 Chat: I liked Mitch Ragans okay. Decent reports on Cole Gordon, but I'm stretching even here.

Danny (NY): What happened with Catalina?

New York Mets Top 10 Chat: He's up to 98 with a plus-flashing slider now.

Fred (Trenton): Where would Kay and SWR been on the list?

New York Mets Top 10 Chat: Somewhere between Allan and Vientos roughly

someguynamedkenn (Central NJ): What would the 2020 season have to look like for Francisco Alvarez to jump into the top half of the midseason 50 in the upcoming season? Is it possible that he ends up in the same world of prospect status that his predecessor as the youngest player in the Appy ended up having?

New York Mets Top 10 Chat: A good first half in Columbia where the hit tool plays against better arms?

Amy (NJ): Where does Dom Smith and JD Davis's value lie in comparison to some of these top 15 prospects or so?

New York Mets Top 10 Chat: It honestly depends on what teams are looking for. Davis might be a free agent before Alvarez is a major leaguer.

John (New York ): who's the most underrated guy in the System?

New York Mets Top 10 Chat: Maybe Kilome if he comes back healthy? Again I am stretching

Rickard (NY): Anything positive around Adrian Hernandez or Gregory Guerrero?

New York Mets Top 10 Chat: Hernandez functionally missed the whole year with injury. The Guerrero report from Ben was okay, but nothing too special, and he's a second baseman with significant hit tool questions now.

sportsguy21792 (Madison): Is either Lugo or Gsellman candidates for the rotation in 2020?

New York Mets Top 10 Chat: The Mets are sure leaking that they are. I suspect they sign Rick Porcello for that spot though.

Bob (NJ): Anything on Dedniel Nunez?

New York Mets Top 10 Chat: He was on various drafts of the list. If you preferred him over Acosta I'd understand. Broadly similar profile but a bit more polish.

Kyle (Philly): Expecting a leap from Amed Rosario this offseason?

New York Mets Top 10 Chat: If I had to guess, I'd peg him at 12% better than league average next year.

Paul (NY): Dom Smith for Matt Barnes: who says no?

New York Mets Top 10 Chat: This is probably roughly in range.

Ed (Cleveland ): Does Mauricio have true superstar upside? Or are we all a little too excited? What do you realistically see him putting up offensively in his prime?

New York Mets Top 10 Chat: He's a nice prospect. A solid OFP 60 that will be somewhere in the middle of the 101. That doesn't usually potent a superstar yet, but a lot of variance there given the physical projection available.

New York Mets Top 10 Chat: Phillies tomorrow. I should make noted Phillies prospect podcaster Jarrett Seidler do it honestly.

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