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Chat: Miami Marlins Top 10 Chat

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Tuesday December 03, 2019 1:00 PM ET chat session with Miami Marlins Top 10 Chat.


This chat will be to discuss the Miami Marlins Top 10 Prospects List, released today.

Miami Marlins Top 10 Chat: After another day shoveling out, Miami looks pretty enticing. Good system now too.

Stan (North Carolina): In discussing Sixto and TINSTAAPP, an argument between me and a friend arose: who was the more highly regarded position player prospect- Bo Jackson or Bryce Harper?

Miami Marlins Top 10 Chat: Bo is before my time, but you could argue Harper certainly had more hype strictly as a baseball guy, and was probably closer to a generational prospect than Bo was.

Will Smith (Bienvenido a Miami): Bit of a rough landing this year for Isan Diaz at the major-league level. Where do you think he'd rank if he were still eligible for the prospect list?

Miami Marlins Top 10 Chat: I chatted with Collin some about the 25U and I think his ranking there is about right. He was good enough in AAA that he'd be a backend 101 guy, which is about where he slotted in amongst the 25U prospects.

Jason (Jacksonville, FL): With the exception of Monte Harrison, every hitter in the top 10 is left-handed. This also includes Connor Scott, Jose Devers and switch-hitting Nasim Nunez. Is this by design? Are they taking advantage of the new reliever limit rules?

Miami Marlins Top 10 Chat: Pure happenstance would be my guess. Although without doing any research I'd guess lefty hitters are generally overrepresented inside orgs because of the general platoon advantage.

Ben (CA): Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today. I know he missed all of 2019 but did Osiris Johnson get any consideration for the end of the list?

Miami Marlins Top 10 Chat: He was in the mix for the back of the list and Low Minors Sleeper, yes.

Tim (FL): From purely a fantasy perspective, how much higher would Misner be on this list?

Miami Marlins Top 10 Chat: Dude who hasn't played in a fantasy league since like 2007 checking in here, but he'd easily be above the arms and whether or not you slot him ahead of Monte depends on your feelings on proximity and risk. Both are probably ahead of Sanchez since he won't be running.

Felipe (Fort Lauderdale): Does Jose Devers have any power projection? I know he has been young for his level but he hasn't shown any over the fence power.

Miami Marlins Top 10 Chat: Unlikely. Which is ultimately why he's in the next ten rather than the top ten.

Brian (Ohio): How close to the dynasty 101 is Misner considering his 5 tool, 25-25 upside?

Miami Marlins Top 10 Chat: "Interesting guy but not on it yet" per Crake

Niall (Birmingham): Jordan Holloway feels like he's got a two-pitch mix that could play up in shorter stints, which would help the zone troubles play down. Do you think the Marlins might try him in a bullpen role and hope he moves quickly through the system? This'll be his second year on the 40.

Miami Marlins Top 10 Chat: They probably should. Keanan comes to the same conclusion in his report.

Miguel (Miami Beach): What are the chances that Victor Victor Mesa fails like other Cuban signees? The recent history of them (outside of Puig) has been...poor at best

Miami Marlins Top 10 Chat: Fails is probably going to end up too strong here given the defensive profile. I also don't know that we have a particularly significant sample on Cuban baseball players especially given the varying times in their development that they come over.

UH (Durham, NC): Will Jazz Chisholm be able to improve on or at least overcome his huge K rate? If so, what is realistic timetable for him?

Miami Marlins Top 10 Chat: That's going to be the defining question of the profile. I think he will make enough contact to let everything else play, but if I had the answer to this I'd be spending my days getting yelled at by Gary Denbo or something.

Peter (Philadelphia): No mention of Will Stewart? The Marlins brass considered him the second best Phillies pitching prospect in the Realmuto deal. Were they just ill-informed?

Miami Marlins Top 10 Chat: We all thought that was a bit weird to say at the time of the deal, but it's also the kind of thing you say after trading the best player from your franchise. You want to hype the return. He didn't really come up in our Marlins list discussion, and remains mostly LOOGyish.

Mike (Phoenix): Guy in my Ottoneu league has been trying to peddle Jazz Chisolm for a "stud." Is he being realistic? Chisolm seems an awful lot like Lewis Brinson (all perceived "ceiling" and "upside" but no floor at all) but at shortstop, which isn't even a premium fantasy position anymore.

Miami Marlins Top 10 Chat: He's risky, so it depends on your risk tolerance I guess, I just really enjoy the Jazz Chisholm experience and I find having strong takes on his fantasy value or whatever needlessly reductive.

Yuri (Israel): Who is the Craig Goldstein of Marlins prospects? I guess what I'm asking is, who is the worst Marlins "non-prospect" prospect?

Miami Marlins Top 10 Chat: Like Will Stewart, Craig is the second best Editor prospect in the BP system.

Miami Marlins Top 10 Chat: Mets on Thursday, which I expect will be a feisty one.

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