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Chat: Atlanta Braves Top 10 Chat

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Monday December 02, 2019 1:00 PM ET chat session with Atlanta Braves Top 10 Chat.


This chat will be to discuss the Atlanta Braves Top 10 Prospects List, released today.

Atlanta Braves Top 10 Chat: I know it's past thanksgiving now, but today I am grateful for a snowblower.

Pete (NJ): There's a big ol' gap between Jasseel at 10 and Weigel at 18. Is that because Jasseel is still viewed as having a chance to start, whereas the consensus has Weigel in the bullpen? If we knew that both were going to be in the bullpen in 2021, who would you prefer in terms of pure stuff of their two core pitches? Thanks!

Atlanta Braves Top 10 Chat: I don't see it as a huge gap. The gap between like Wright and Jasseel is more significant to me for one example, it's not an even gap between each player on a list. Jasseel works better as the pure pen arm because of the fastball/slider combo though, but he has more upside generally, yes.

Craig (Chicago): Where does Bryse Wilson stand within the organization? Will he have a starting role in ATL? Start the year in minors?

Atlanta Braves Top 10 Chat: A good question. If I worked in the Braves org, I'd probably give him one more year as a starter in Triple-A but with an eye towards moving him to the MLB pen in the second half if the team needs it. Once you come out of the tank and are a first division team, org needs take priority over development or giving more volatile prospect arms shots in the rotation. He might also be a guy I'd look to deal as he could use a change of scenery for a clean shot as a starter somewhere. I'm still a fan.

djbrown (Texas): Thoughts on Touissant?

Atlanta Braves Top 10 Chat: I was never really huge on Touissaint, the stuff was cool, but he never harnessed it enough in the minors, and there were pretty clear relief markers in the profile all along. Might have a couple seasons of dominant relief work though, because the stuff is cool.

brad (NJ): Where would Riley rank if he was still eligible? Do you still view him as an impact type all star player in the future?

Atlanta Braves Top 10 Chat: Demetrius had him seventh on the 25U, although that would place him fourth among the "prospects." That feels roughly about right to me. I might even slip him behind Muller, but I think there is similar boom/bust there, and Riley is at least in the majors. That would put him towards the back of the 101 somewhere and more of a soft 6 or low risk 55. Not impossible that dude has an all-star season or two, but the early returns on the approach are concerning. He was only 22 to be fair and bounced around defensively and missed time.

Alan (NC): How much of a chance does Kyle Wright have to be a 1 or 2 SP?

Atlanta Braves Top 10 Chat: I've never been that guy on him. We have him as a low end OFP 60, so mathematically that makes like a 15% chance or so.

brave fan (savannah): C. Pache is rated w/plus speed but SB success rate has always been less than 75% with no real improvement over past few years. SBs aren't all about speed as there have been fast guys that don't get SBs & avg speed guys that get SBs. Where do you his SB numbers end up?

Atlanta Braves Top 10 Chat: Minor league SB rates can be pretty misleading. You are sometimes getting reps like any other developmental skill and not always running in optimal situations. That said, yeah it's a skill, and he's struggled with it, and I'd expect him to continue to slow down. I am not the guy to predict 5x5 categories for you, but I'd guess it's closer to 20 than 40 if that helps.

brad (NJ): IF Riley was still eligible where would he rank? What do you make of his hot start and then finish? what can we expect from him going forward? Riley vs Nomar Mazara?

Atlanta Braves Top 10 Chat: Either Michael Baumann or I will be the last person to give up on Nomar Mazara. The race is on.

The Colonel (Pasadena, CA): What are the odds Austin Riley craps out a la Will Middlebrooks? What are the odds he becomes a Troy Glaus-type player and hits .250 with 30 HR?

Atlanta Braves Top 10 Chat: 25%, 30%

Atlanta Braves Top 10 Chat: All right, keeping it brief because I have to clean off the cars. Busy NL East week this week, Marlins, Mets, Phillies to follow.

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