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Chat: Texas Rangers Top 10 Chat

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Monday November 25, 2019 12:00 PM ET chat session with Texas Rangers Top 10 Chat.


This chat will be to discuss the Texas Rangers Top 10 Prospects List, released today.

Texas Rangers Top 10 Chat: The weather outside is still very Seattle, but today is the Texas chat, so...

Maurice (Muncie): I'm submitting this question before the list is released, so perhaps by now it'll already be answered. What do you make of Anderson Tejeda, who was struggling to replicate his 2018 success in high-A before going down with an injury this year. I take it he's no longer in consideration for your Top 101. Would he make a Top 201?

Texas Rangers Top 10 Chat: Borderline. It's tough to unpack with his leraning switch-hitting on the fly and the injury stuff. He's had a very uneven prospect career so far, which probably says something in and of itself, although it might just say he's a Rangers prospect.

Ben (CA): Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us. I’m curios about 2 guys who aren’t in the 25 & under list: would Leclerc edge out Calhoun of he were a few months younger? And is there any hope for Guzman to be an average mlb 1b?

Texas Rangers Top 10 Chat: Eh, relievers are volatile enough--as Leclerc's 2019 demonstrated--that I'd personally lean for the bat there. As for Guzman, the bat really hasn't come around enough against MLB pitching, but I also wouldn't be shocked if there is a Mientkiewicz season or two in there at some point. I know that's not a lofty goal or anything.

Yuri (Israel): The Rangers system might be the one where the team's top prospect reminds me of Craig. Leody Taveras has been around forever but his stock consistently sinks due to lack of production and a general sense that he's overrated. Congrats Leody, you had a minor league WRC+ above 100 for the first time since 2016. That's about as meaningless as being named EIC of BP. Taveras still sucks.

Texas Rangers Top 10 Chat: Now now, Yuri, I am all for having some good fun at Craig's expense, but let's leave Leody out of it.

Ryan (MD): Let's talk 3B. What odds do you put on Sherten Apostel sticking at 3B? How close was Davis Wendzel to making the list?

Texas Rangers Top 10 Chat: Oh 1 in 3 or so. It's a tough fit given the likely path the body takes in his 20s. Wendzel was 12th. So he was on the list.

Texas Rangers Top 10 Chat: Quiet queue today for Turkey Week, gives me a little extra time to go wine shopping. We'll kick off the NL East with Atlanta on Wednesday.

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