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Chat: Oakland Athletics Top 10 Chat

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Wednesday November 20, 2019 1:00 PM ET chat session with Oakland Athletics Top 10 Chat.


This chat will be to discuss the Oakland Athletics Top 10 Prospects List, released today.

Oakland Athletics Top 10 Chat: We aren't selling jeans in today's chat

Brad (NJ): What do you expect out of Puk in 2020 and going forward. Would you be comfortable penciling him in as a solid #2 SP who can throw 200IP with a low to mid 3 ERA with 175K? Do you have any concerns with injury or workloads issues?

Oakland Athletics Top 10 Chat: I would not use the word comfortable, given the command and injury issues, but I wouldn't be shocked if Puk just flips the switch and dominates next year. I would suspect he doesn't get stretched out all that close to 200 IP given his recent innings totals, but he might still get the 175 K regardless. The stuff is gonna miss bats.

Tex (Fort Worth): Who ends up with the higher career WARP: Allen or Mateo

Oakland Athletics Top 10 Chat: I would bet on Allen given the glove. He could hang around for a while even if the bat isn't amazing. Mateo might be more likely to have one random big year though.

Pete (Quebec): Y'all like Dunshee at all?

Oakland Athletics Top 10 Chat: The stuff is pretty fringy, but he's proven it at every level, and he seems like the kind of arm the A's might get something out of as a long reliever.

Yuri (Israel): So by my count, the A's have three good prospects (Luzardo, Puk, Puason) and a bunch of hot meh. The system as a whole seems bad. I've got an acronym I use often that would apply to this system and that is CRAIG: Can't Really Argue It's Good. I think average is being generous here. Anyway, what do you think Puason's ultimate upside is? I see him as a future All-Star type player.

Oakland Athletics Top 10 Chat: I think that is a bit unfair to Murphy and (to a lesser extent Allan). It's not a great system, but there is more top end talent here than your bottom ten orgs, and more depth as well, hence the averagist designation. I think it's a bit too early to be throwing that type of profile on Puasson, but plenty of time for him to get there.

Matt (Boston): Not really a prospect question, but any chance the A's deal some of their incredible, but insanely risky pitching depth to "go for it" in 2020? Say Betts for Manaea + Piscotty(taking his $8M off the books) + Canha? That isn't crazy right? A's still have Montas, Jesus Lizard, Puk, and Cotton to anchor the rotation going forward with Fiers and Chris Bassitt in 2020 too.

Oakland Athletics Top 10 Chat: Beane has pulled the go for it trade with an eye to a deadline flip before with Holliday, so I suppose that's in play. I suspect the Red Sox are going to want major prospect pieces over arb guys in return though. "Going for it" might just be running with Puk and Luzardo in your rotation, service time be damned.

Dylan (RI): HIS NAME IS ROBERT PUASON. (this better be a thing if he ends up being a stud)

Oakland Athletics Top 10 Chat: I thought this was about my constantly misspelling his name which Jarrett yells at me about. Though it's not as bad a mental block as I had with Julio Pablo Martinez.

Joe (NY): Kameron Misner doesn't really strike out at a high rate but seems to still hit for low averages. Do you think this is something that he'll fix or will he always be a low average hitter with power/speed?

Oakland Athletics Top 10 Chat: Marlins chat is a week from Monday

seddrah (Seattle): Any thoughts on Seth Brown's upcoming age 27 season? He still qualifies as a prospect, but will he get a chance in the bigs in 2020? He mashed in the minors last year.

Oakland Athletics Top 10 Chat: I think there's always going to be doubts when his only two big seasons were as a 24 year-old repeating the Cal and a 26-year-old in Vegas with the rabbit ball. If course if they keep the rabbit ball...

Felix (The Cattery): What does Puk do in 2020? Can he be a #2?

Oakland Athletics Top 10 Chat: Oh let's say 152 1/3 IP 170 K, 59 BB, 3.74 ERA

Oakland Athletics Top 10 Chat: The surprisingly good Mariners system hits on Friday.

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