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Chat: Nathan Graham

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Monday July 09, 2018 1:00 PM ET chat session with Nathan Graham.


Nathan is a member of the BP Prospect Team, focusing on the Midwest League.

Nathan Graham: Good Afternoon everyone, hope you all had a good 4th. Lets get started!

Mike (Dover): Obligatory Royce Lewis Question. Go...

Nathan Graham: I got my first look at Lewis a few weeks ago and was really impressed. Love the athleticism, think he will stick at short. 5 above average tools, potential to be a star.

Joey (Lansing): What are your thoughts on Lazaro Armenteros?

Nathan Graham: Have not had the chance to see him yet, going to catch him and Beloit later this week in South Bend. Jeffrey wrote this about him in our Next Year's 101

Chansen8895 (San Jose): what has been your opinion of Elehuris Montero so far this season?

Nathan Graham: Loved what I saw in my looks of Montero. The bat has a chance to be special, big raw power plus has bat to ball skills. Look for him to be towards the top of the Cardinal's prospect list soon.

AJ (Phoenix): Caught any games with Taylor Wall? What's the report?

Nathan Graham: I have, tough little player with a solid bat. An opposing pitcher told me that he was probably the toughest out in the league. The bat is going to have to carry, the other tools are average. I think he eventually finds his way onto a major league roster.

actually in atlanta (atlanta): What to make of Akil Baddoo's season? Good overall numbers but it's been a weird season for his stat line. Before the hammy injury: .227/.403/.328 with 21.8% BB%, 31.4% K%, .101 ISO After the hammy injury: .271/.344/.542 with 10% BB%, 18.8% K%, .271 ISO

Nathan Graham: I haven't had a chance to see Baddoo yet this year, hopefully soon. I don't know if the injury had much to do with the turn around in performance. Midwest League can be brutally cold early in the season, the bat might have gotten better with the weather. Also, could just be development.

Sara (Tacoma): How has Akil Baddoo look in the games you've seen him in?

Nathan Graham: Haven't caught him yet, hope to soon. There has been a lot of talent on the Cedar Rapids team.

Dave (Fairfax): What do you think of Austin Beck? I thought it was a mistake for the A's to draft him, though, not as big of a mistake as drafting Kyler Murray this year.

Nathan Graham: I think he's too young to be called a bust, I would like to see where he is at this time next year. The bat seems to be coming around a bit. That being said, in my look at the MWL All Star Game nothing in his game stood out to me.

Lance (Ft. Worth): Who have been the best players you have seen this year?

Nathan Graham: On the mound, I really like MacKenzie Gore. I have not caught Hunter Greene yet, but Gore has the best stuff I've seen so far. Position players, the Twins have a pair of potential stars in Royce Lewis and Alex Kirilloff. I also like the Cubs Miguel Amaya, Cardinals Elehuris Montero, and Cleveland's Will Benson. The Fort Wayne team has also been a lot of fun to watch with all their young talent.

Will (Indianapolis): What kind of ceiling does Miguel Amaya have?

Nathan Graham: I really like Amaya, he's still really raw but has a ton of talent. I put a ceiling of an above average everyday major league catcher on him. I think he's a piece that would be attractive to other teams if the Cubs are active at the deadline this year.

Nathan Graham: Thanks everyone, I appreciate your questions. Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

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