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Chat: Nicolas Stellini

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Thursday July 12, 2018 1:00 PM ET chat session with Nicolas Stellini.


Nick is an author of Baseball Prospectus.

Nicolas Stellini: Hey folks, we'll get started in a few minutes.

Dusty (Colorado): Can I get your thoughts on Twins prospect Wander Javier (SS)? Thank you for doing this chat.

Nicolas Stellini: Oh, Dusty.
There are some main constants in our lives. Death and taxes, aye. But there are more. Birdsong on a spring morning. The relief of rain from summer's heat. The overbearing hunger of those at the top to keep those at the bottom down. JD Martinez home runs. And, of course, Wander Javier questions. Cherish these moments.

Alex (Channahon): This is just who Mazara is isn't it?

Nicolas Stellini: I mean it might be. But the dude's also just 23. There are some guys on the big prospect lists who are older than him. Things are still fluid, and maybe it all leaps off the page at some point.

Red (Wisconsin): What can we expect from Zach Eflin going forward?

Nicolas Stellini: Good question. DRA is much kinder to him this year than it has been in the past, but he's still outpitching it by more than a run. Some guys simply do that. Is he one of those guys? We don't have enough of a sample to tell us yet. I'm tempted to say err on the side of history, but he's also not the same pitcher he was last year. I think he could be a useful arm, but I don't know that he's the guy you hold out of Manny Machado trade negotiations.

Aaron (Florida): What do the Angels do during the trade deadline/offseason. They seem sufficiently stuck in the middle, and are 2 1/2 years away from potentially losing the best player(ever?)?

Nicolas Stellini: I mean the fact that you may only have two years left with Trout means that you charge ahead again over the winter. For now? Maybe they sell off some dudes, yeah. Richards was the obvious answer but his arm blew up again. Do they move a reliever? They need those guys next year too. I'm not sure what they can move for actual value that they won't need next year. I think they'll maybe move Maldonado maybe, but their big moves will be in free agency.

James (NY): Where do you fall on the "should the Mets trade deGrom" spectrum? If they hope to be a consistently competitive team they probably should sell sky-high on him and look for a Sale-like return. But also in a perfect world if a "quick rebuild" is what they want the Wilpons need to pony up this offseason. I'm torn as a fan. If we're not getting Hiura or Tatis Jr (I know the Pads were briefly mentioned as interested) I say there's no point to move him now

Nicolas Stellini: They should trade him. There's not anything close down on the farm, and the team is stuck in neutral. If they don't do it now? Fine. Trade him over the winter. But this is a team badly in need of a reboot (and new ownership).

Bill (Madison): I once figured that bichette would end up at second base but with biggio playing so well what eventual positions do you see them playing

Nicolas Stellini: Bo is a better prospect than Biggio (and I'm not trying to disparage Biggio here). If they both wind up being plus hitters, they'll find room for them. There have been some hypotheticals about Bo winding up in the outfield.

James (NY): Follow-up on deGrom. Which team that could reasonably be interested do you think gets NYM the best return? Brewers? Braves? Cubs don't have much these days and it seems apparent the Yanks have 0 interest in moving Torres/Andujar

Nicolas Stellini: I have a hunch the Yanks could move Andujar for the right prize

Phillip (Texas): If the Mariners lose in the wild card round to the Yankees/Red Sox, is this their last year to compete before they have to completely rebuild? All their players are getting older and they have no farm system

Nicolas Stellini: I mean I think Cruz is worth at least a one year deal, right? They can probably squeeze another year out of this group.

Ricky (Switzerland): Is Jeff Hoffman finished?

Nicolas Stellini: Never say never, but it's not looking good.

Lawrence (Chicago): What are your thoughts on the Indians and if/when they give Mejia regular at bats?

Nicolas Stellini: I would be surprised if he's not getting somewhat steady work at some point in August

Rich (Willow Springs): Has Jesus Luzardo passed up Sixto Sanchez?

Nicolas Stellini: Depends on if you ask Craig or Jarrett

Spud (Charlotte): Is Jesse Winker undervalued in terms of fantasy potential?

Nicolas Stellini: The OBP is great! You probably want more power here though.

Dave (Shwa): When do you think we see Sano back in the majors?

Nicolas Stellini: Woof, I have no idea. He's killing it down there, but Molitor said just a few weeks ago that he's not ready. It's not like Minnesota is going anywhere right now so they're going to take their time.

Naz (Tinley Park): Just Soto or Berrios a better long term investment in dynasty?

Nicolas Stellini: I'm not a dynasty guy but my gut says Soto.

Martin (Queens): Is Andujar's bat good enough to make up for his defense? The metrics aren't kind to him.

Nicolas Stellini: I don't think he's *bad* but I don't know that he's great either. He's clearly a valuable enough player. 1.4 WARP in 80 games is nothing to sneeze at.

Rusty (Tallahassee): In 2019, Kyle Tucker is a top ___ OF?

Nicolas Stellini: Errrr... 35?

Sean99 (Orland Park): Is Clint Frazier a future star?

Nicolas Stellini: Star with a capital S? I dunno, Above-average player and occasional all-star game participant? I think so, yeah.

Nicolas Stellini: Had fun with this one, but I have other stuff to take care of. Have a good one folks.

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