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Chat: Mark Barry

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Tuesday May 01, 2018 1:00 PM ET chat session with Mark Barry.


Mark is an author of Baseball Prospectus and a staff writer on our Fantasy team.

Mark Barry: Of all the chats in all the towns in all the world, you walk into mine. We'll always have this chat. Third Casablanca reference. Let's go!

Charlie (San Jose): In a deep dynasty (600+ players rostered) is it time to cut King Felix and just start churning that roster spot? Or do we keep hoping for a reinvention that probably isn't coming?

Mark Barry: Man, it's been pretty ugly the last few seasons for the King. In a league that deep though, I still don't think you can cut him. Maybe try to flip him to a team that needs innings? Unfortunately, I think that's Felix's main asset right now.

Warren (Australia): It appears that Charlie Tilson no longer features on any prospect lists, and hasn’t had a great start to the season in AAA. Is he still worth owning from a fantasy viewpoint in a league that rosters 300 minors given his speed/on base potential? Or better to just cut and move on to trying to find the next diamond in the rough?

Mark Barry: I'm not sure he'll ever hit enough for his carrying tool (crazy speed) to play up. I'd feel ok moving on, but that's a pretty deep league so the "only if there's a better option" caveat applies.

chunkstyle (Toronto): Jalen Beeks at AAA: 19.2 IP, 37K, 6BB, 0.97 WHIP, each start looking better. Okay, four starts, but this seems worthy of discussion. Thoughts?

Mark Barry: I'd still be a little worried about the frame holding up, especially if the velocity keeps ticking down during starts. But it's certainly a great start, and he'll definitely be added to my watch lists.

Chris (MI): Thoughts on Adalberto Mondesi?

Mark Barry: He's very fast. And he also doesn't seem to curry a lot of favor in the Royals organization for some reason.

Frank White (Brooklyn): Glasnow debuted a new pitch (slider) the other night w/great results. can he be a poor man's Hader?

Mark Barry: Now we're talking. Glasnow! It's really an interesting development. He had never thrown a big league slider before, threw six on 4/27 and got three whiffs. Obviously it is the smallest of small samples, but any new weapons Glasnow can control are positive steps. As far as poor man's Hader, after last night, I'm not sure anyone is on that level, as much as I love Glasnow.

Taco (State of mind): Is there a National League starting pitcher that you would trade Acuna for in an NL only Scoresheet keeper league? Thanks!

Mark Barry: Wow, the answer to this question is definitely keeper league dependant. I would say yes, I'd trade him for Kershaw or Scherzer if I feel like I'm a stud ace away from winning a championship. Even then it's very close. Other than that, I'm not trading Acuna for any pitcher, and very few position players. I don't know if that's a #hottake or not.

The Lizard King (Ferris' sisters room): Who do you think has the better career: Walker Buehler or Jesus Luzardo?

Mark Barry: Gimme Buehler.

Buddy (Peoria, IL): Over/under for Buehler innings on the big club this year?

Mark Barry: Let's double up on Buehler questions. So last year he threw almost 100 innings across four levels. He's thrown 23 innings in 2018, 13 of which came at Triple A. I'll set the O/U for MLB innings at 115.

pinkston (Chicago): With his very good AAA performance, it seems like prospect gurus started coming around to the idea that Mike Soroka isn't just a high-floor, low-ceiling #4-5 type guy. With his call-up today, what do you see of his short-term and long-term upside in real-life and fantasy context?

Mark Barry: I think the added strikeouts over the last season-ish have been encouraging, especially coming in the upper levels. I still think he's more of a high floor rather than high ceiling guy, but an upside of SP2 isn't out of the question if he keeps missing bats.

Fun Soroka fact: he's thrown 387 1/3 innings and has only given up 13 homers. Which is, um, good.

Buddy (Peoria, IL): I know Acuna is a super prospect, but you wouldn't trade him for Noah? deGrom? Strasburg? A healthy Bumgarner?

Mark Barry: Nope. Not in a keeper league.

Fantasy Hipster Wannabe (Boston): The spirit animal known formerly as Ground Chuck, Charlie Morton, has been A++ again this year. I know he's getting on in age, but what would you give up for him in a dynasty w/ 50 man rosters? 2 prospects in the 50-100 range?

Mark Barry: Fantasy Hipsters Unite! It's win curve dependant, but that's not outrageous if you're in "win-now" mode.

Frank White (Brooklyn): is Tyson Ross for real? rate Chirinos, T. Ross, Mengden rest of the way please.

Mark Barry: It's always been about health for Ross. He's throwing a ton of sliders again, which feels like a good indicator that he at least feels healthy-ish. Ross, Chirinos, Mengden, for me.

Buddy (Peoria, IL): Apologies. I missed the "keeper" part!

Mark Barry: You are forgiven.

Chesty (New Bern,NC): Thanks for any input.Kopech,Buehler,how much longer?

Mark Barry: Seems like Buehler is already part of the Dodgers six-man rotation of sorts. With the health of that rotation shaky at best, I'd guess we'll see him pretty consistently from here out.

Kopech is a monster. But the Sox really don't have any reason to rush him. If he really forces the issue, I could see a second half call up.

Father Time (Saturn): Joe Dunand - what’s his updated ETA, projection, and potential to be in Top 100 next year?

Mark Barry: He's a little old for High A, so his ETA is going to depend a lot on how he takes to better competition in Double A, hopefully soon.

Joe (TX): Which hitters would you trade Acuna for in a dynasty league?

Mark Barry: This is a really fun question. Acuna has the chance to be just an absolute star, so in dynasty formats I would need a haul. Trout, Harper, Betts, Correa, Bryant, Arenado, Machado and that might be it. I did not see the line coming so quickly. Wow.

Mark Barry: Time to go write stuff. Thanks for all the questions, that was fun.

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