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Chat: Mark Barry

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Wednesday January 31, 2018 2:00 PM ET chat session with Mark Barry.


Mark is a fantasy staff writer at Baseball Prospectus.

Mark Barry: Lovely day for a chat. Let's do it.

Dustyy (Colorado): What are your thoughts on Twins SS prospect Wander Javier? What's his upside?

Mark Barry: He sure has looked good so far in Rookie league, and has already shown some pop. I wouldn't be surprised to see him sneak into the top 101. He's super interesting.

Chansen8895 (San Jose): I'm in a rookie draft at the moment expanding from 140 rostered to 210. Could you name a few guys that might have gotten overlook on the published top 100 lists but could be big movers in 2018. The only notable name left in my league are Alec Hansen, Jhailyn Ortiz, Nolan Jones.

Mark Barry: Those are some good names to target, for sure. Jones especially has seen his stock rise over the last calendar year. Some other names I like: Seuly Matias, Gabriel Maciel, Yonathan Diaz, Jesus Luzardo, and Dustin May.

Murphydog (Little Rock): I'm tired.

Mark Barry: Me too. Luckily there's coffee for that.

Corey (Hoboken, NJ): $280 cap 12 team keeper league - Please rank the following 4 potential keepers in terms of 2018 value: Eric Hosmer $26, Jake Lamb $11, Chris Taylor $7, Justin Smoak $6 Locked in Keepers are Willson Contreras, Jose Ramirez, Alex Bregman, Tim Anderson and Hunter Renfroe Thanks!

Mark Barry: Taylor, Smoak, Lamb, Hosmer. Hosmer is good, despite a sabr reputation to the contrary, but he's not $20 better than Smoak.

John (Boston): Hey Mark,can u rank these closers going forward and sticking there...Brach...Hand..Soria..Shane Greene...Blake Treinen,Blake Parker,Alex Claudio and Branden Morrow.. Thanks,John

Mark Barry: Somehow I have a hard time believing the Cubs are going to roll with Morrow. I'll say Hand, Treinen, Brach, Green, Claudio, Soria, Parker (I like Parker, I just think he's better served elsewhere in that pen)

Fantasy player (Easton, pa): Are guys like Bryse Wilson, Adbert Alzolay, and Andres Giminez in your top 100? If not, how close are they?

Mark Barry: The 101 should be coming pretty soon, so all questions will be answered. I would guess Giminez might get the closest. If not the top 100, then the 100 after that. If not, then definitely the 100 after that.

Daniel Castro (Guaymas, Mexico): After slashing .329/.382/.394 in Mexican Winter League do you think I'm due to break out? Brad Johnson of Rotographs fame thinks I profile very similar to Marwin Gonzalez.

Mark Barry: Admittedly, I don't know much about Castro. That's not an unimpressive line, but it does look a bit punchless. I think we're all still sleeping on how good Marwin was last year. Dude slugged .530!

cracker73 (Florida): What is your opinion of Clint Frazier? Will he ever reach his potential? Will he even get the playing time to give him the opportunity to reach his potential?

Mark Barry: I think the logjam might ultimately be helpful for Frazier. He's always been susceptible to the whiff, but he managed to cut way down on the strikeouts last season in his Triple A stint before his call up. A little more time in Triple A could be really helpful while the OF situation sorts itself out.

Ron (Texarkana): Do you keep Piscotty and/or Tapia for 2018 and beyond? I don't know what to expect from either one of them going forward.

Mark Barry: I think Piscotty bounces back this season, so I'll take him for 2018. The outfield is pretty crowded in Colorado, so unless it comes out that Blackmon definitely won't be back, I guess I'll take Piscotty beyond as well.

Buddy (Peoria, IL): Which rookies will have the most impact this season?

Mark Barry: Would it be cheating to say Shohei Ohtani? Or Ronald Acuna? If so, I think we'll hear from Alex Reyes, Willie Calhoun, and Lewis Brinson for sure. I kind of like Jesse Winker too. Also, Jake Bauers might be a good under-the-radar guy we didn't expect much from, but comes up to do damage.

Lewis Brinson (Project Wolverine): WOW, it sure is spacious out here in center field! Will I have a great chance to show off my elite defensive floor in Miami, or what?

Mark Barry: Speaking of Mr. Brinson, hello. Not only that, but you'll be able to do so while gazing at the majesty that is that home run statue!

Mark P (Chicago): Question about strategy: Let's say you have a points league where the average hitter is worth ~100 more points than the average pitcher (in other words, hitters about 300 points and pitchers about 200 points). Would you rather have a pitcher that's 50 points better than the average pitcher (250 points), or an average hitter (300 points)?

Mark Barry: I think I'd roll with the pitcher there, especially since it's tough to lock in above average pitching performances outside of the top handful of guys.

GoCubsGo (NC): 15-team 5x5, 4 keepers with no restrictions. I have Freeman, C. Seager, Donaldson locked in. My final spot could go to Encarnacion, Chris Taylor, Moustakas, or G. Cole. EE seems best bet for 2018, but given age, would Cole or Moose make more sense?

Mark Barry: Edwin's consistency has been legit amazing. I'd flip Cole and Moose and that's how I'd rank those four.

Colin (San Diego): I won the right to choose my draft spot in one of my fantasy leagues this spring. I take the first pick, draft Trout, and don't look back, right? I've been overthinking this all morning.

Mark Barry: Yes. Draft Trout, hold on tight and never let go.

noonius (Detroit): You're starting a 5x5 league in which you want the stats to correlate to the performance of the individual player as little as possible. What do you go with? Hitters: RBI BABIP HR/FB raw stolen base totals ? Pitchers: ERA BABIP W S ?

Mark Barry: That's fun. Perhaps add holds and "Starts in Coors Field"?

nschaef (NYC): Do you see either or both of Eloy Jimenez and/or Michael Kopech being relevant in re-draft leagues in 2018?

Mark Barry: I think Rick Hahn said last week that Eloy could hit enough to force the issue in 2018. Injury permitting, I would expect to see Kopech in 2018, yes.

cracker73 (Florida): What is Cal Quantrill’s upside? Will he be an SP 3 or does he have a decent chance of being more than that?

Mark Barry: He was pretty meh in a short Double A stint last year, but he's still coming back from TJS, so that's not totally surprising. I think SP# is probably best case scenario, sure.

Yu Darvish (????): The Brewers won’t stop bothering me! I’m starting to have second thoughts about pitching in a big market. How do I look in Milwaukee’s Park?

Mark Barry: Same as you look in every park...really, really good.

ron (texarkana): Is Anderson Espinoza worth holding onto? I'm in a bit of a pinch with keepers, and love his potential, but is it realistic to keep hoping he can come back and be the same pitcher?

Mark Barry: He's definitely worth holding onto, but it's still contextual. If you think you have better options, I wouldn't hesitate to throw him back or try to flip him. There's still a lot that needs to go right for him to be a serviceable big-league starter.

Sam (Pittsburgh): Is Nick Solak playing himself onto another team's roster? Yankee fans are scarred by Refsnyder, but Solak seems passable at 2nd and continues to hit and take walks everywhere he goes, but he's so far down the depth chart. Where do you think he ends up?

Mark Barry: Man, he just hits. I don't think he's great at 2B, so I'm guessing he'll get some time in the OF this year. But that doesn't really make him less blocked. If he keeps hitting, though, life will find a way.

brendon rogers (colorado): Will I be up this year?

Mark Barry: I think it's more likely we'll see you in 2019. But if you're awesome, and Trevor Story isn't...maybe?

Greg (Kansas): In your opinion what is the ceiling on Royals pitcher Richard Lovelady what would you rank him in the royals system

Mark Barry: The team painstakingly ranked the Royals last week. Wouldn't be surprised to see him get some late inning action in the 2nd half.


the shadow (darkness): Can Miggy come back and be productive with his back problems?

Mark Barry: I wrote about him as my Target during 1B week, because his stock has fallen so far. Sounds like I might be the *only* one on Miggy this season. If he's healthy-ish, he's still good.

steve (wisconsin): With the "live" ball era in full bloom it has become harder to find difference making starting pitchers. Outside of the icons we all know of do you have any breakout candiates which could become difference making pitchers. ----Away from the 4 plus eras thanks

Mark Barry: I *love* Aaron Nola. I think he's going to have a huge year. Jon Gray too. And Dinelson Lamet as a deeper option.

Nick (Illinois): Any hope for Tom Murphy?

Mark Barry: Where there's a Coors Field, there's a way. I'm not thrilled with their options behind the plate, so I'd guess he gets some time in 2018.

chad (mt prospect): Scott Schebler put up tremendous numbers up to the all star break. Is the second half more of who he is or can he be that guy from the first half

Mark Barry: He could be that guy, sure. There wasn't a ton of difference in his profile from one half to the next, outside of a few more whiffs.

Hunter Renfroe (san diego): Any way I can recover that hit tool I displayed in Vegas or am I doomed to be a low average high power hitter

Mark Barry: Sorry, man. I think that's who you are.

Mark Barry: Good chat. See you all next time.

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