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Chat: Brett Cowett

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Monday October 09, 2017 1:00 PM ET chat session with Brett Cowett.


Brett is an author of Baseball Prospectus and the editor in chief of BP Boston.

Brett Cowett: Game 4! Morton vs. Porcello! This should either be good fun or another miserable blowout. What's up everyone, I'm Brett Cowett. Let's chat.

Ted Turner (Atlanta): Concerning the events surrounding John Coppolella and the international rules violations, is it likely to see the Braves organization punished further, or will Coppy's resignation enough for the MLB?

Brett Cowett: I wouldn't put it past MLB to slap the Braves with fines and maybe some small int'l signing sanctions, but that might be it after Coppy's resignation. The real issue is if MLB decides to investigate more teams for stuff like this. They don't want teams getting commitments from 13-year-olds, a la Lane Kiffin.

AJ Hinch (H-Town): Does Jose Altuve ever see another pitch to hit for the rest of the year?

Brett Cowett: For the Red Sox's sake, I certainly hope not.

Nick (Jersey): Does MIDA Multi-Tool need a nerf?

Brett Cowett: I'm not sure if it needs a nerf as much as auto rifles do. I think other weapons need to be buffed (hand cannons, pulse rifles) and other options need to be promoted more (kinetic SMGs, Vigilance Wing, etc.). Don't underestimate how helpful a couple counterbalance mods can be either.

Mike M (Albany ny): Does Sale pitch again in this series?

Brett Cowett: In a panic situation in this game, yes. Considering how this one has started, that situation might be sooner than we think.

Brades (Kinesiology Lab): Explain to me Fox's rationale for not using the ideal center camera angle at any stadium they're in.

Brett Cowett: Pure stupidity, most likely. (Remember, Fox also hired Skip Bayless and Jason Whitlock because they wanted you to "embrace debate" by getting people who vomit hot takes on the regular to yell at you.) I really don't know why they don't use that ideal camera angle, especially when NESN isn't broadcasting the game. Frustrating doesn't begin to cover it.

The Old professor (New York): Is Buxtons time as a star set to begin in 2018?

Brett Cowett: I wouldn't put it past him, honestly, and I've always been low on Buxton. He might not make the contact you'd expect, but he is so excellent in all the other aspects of the game that it really won't matter. Buxton's coming, and we should all be ready.

The Old professor (New york): Is Luke Weaver a future ace ala Wainwright?

Brett Cowett: In general, it's really, really hard to predict aces. Luke Weaver doesn't seem like he'll get particularly close, considering his stuff and minor league resume (don't let this season fool you). A #3/#4 pitcher is more likely, and knowing the Cardinals, he might surpass that. Pitchers have had far more lucrative careers from less.

Brades (Class): Because Porcello gives up so many bombs, you don't have time to get someone up and let them warm before the damage hits. It's interesting that they had Sale warm up this inning and didn't slip him in after the double.

Brett Cowett: if the inning had gotten to McCann, I think we would've seen him there.

Brades (Class): so you gotta go to Sale next inning to begin or risk trailing 3-1. Plus, you can't burn him out in the pen and not use him.

Brett Cowett: My thoughts exactly. Even if he gets rained out, the bullpen has been the best unit in this series for the Red Sox, so you need to lean on it.

Brades (Bus stop): I'm not looking at radar/talking to groundscrew (I assume Gary is) so if they bring him in and this game gets delayed for a long time, this is an unspeakably irreparable mistake

Brett Cowett: I'm fine with it. He's far better than Kelly (or even Drew Pomeranz, if they had thought of that), and with Porcello's lackluster start, this was going to be a game decided by the bullpen anyway.

Brades (Bus): No, I'm fine with going to Sale now, but he needs to go until the 6th at the earliest. If the game gets delayed for any extended period of time and they waste him for an inning, that's a disaster.

Brett Cowett: That's fair. But it sure seems like the umps are going to try and soldier through the rain, considering what's coming and what's already gone by.

Jason (Tampa): Does Bo Bichette's bat wrap behind his head in his load phase concern you when it comes to facing more advanced pitchers?

Brett Cowett: Not really, but it could stand to be simplified a bit. His hands are so quick that it mitigates whatever drawback that the bat wrap brings, and he still makes hard contact almost all the time. It's not a problem unless it becomes one, imo.

bb10kbb10k (Erie, PA): As we approach the two-hour mark on this... game... how would you describe events so far?

Brett Cowett: Pitching-wise, it's already the best game the Red Sox have played. Hitting-wise...not so much. Sure, some calls have gone against them and Brian Butterfield isn't helping things, but they haven't/can't get around on Morton's fastball. Morton's hung a TON of breaking pitches and he *keeps throwing them*, so I don't know why the Red Sox aren't doing more with those.

Brades (Bus Stop): Thoughts on Verlander getting warm

Brett Cowett: If you thought accepting the risk of losing Sale to rain was dumb, this is dumber. Astros are treating it like an elimination game, but going at it differently. They have the rest of their bullpen to use, a day off, and could've had both Verlander and Keuchel ready for Game 5 should they lose. You've gotta be real scared of an offensive explosion from the Sox to even get him warm at this point. EDIT: Well, whaddya know.

Dave (Williamsburg): Does Victor Robles start next season in the majors?

Brett Cowett: I'm leaning no, but it's not out of the realm of possibility. The Nats look pretty set to lead the NL East by a whole lot next year, so unless there's a few injuries in the outfield, he'll probably be refining his craft in Triple-A. I'm almost certain he'll get a midseason call-up, however.

Brett Cowett: Well, that's it for both the Red Sox and me. Good talking with all of you. I'll still be around at @BACowett on Twitter, or writing the occasional piece at BP Boston. Have a great day, everyone. Still lots of postseason baseball to go.

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