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Chat: Mark Barry

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Thursday July 13, 2017 2:00 PM ET chat session with Mark Barry.


Mark is a staff writer on the BP fantasy team, and is probably hard at work on the Starting Pitching Planner as we speak.

Mark Barry: Hello everybody. Let's chat. Anything cool happen today?

Jeb (Iowa): Quintana just got a haul. If I was a Sox fan I would be ecstatic right now.

Mark Barry: Might as well start here! We're going to have a Full Transaction Analysis up on the site later today, and George Bissell is going to painstakingly break down what this means for the fantasy landscape moving forward.

Punchoutpappy (First in Flight): Thoughts on the Quintana for Eloy, Cease, plus some? With Quintana being 'meh' this year, and the underlying metrics to back that up, was this a coup for the Hahn?

Mark Barry: For me, I still think Quintana is really good, and this season is more of an outlier than the new norm. With the extra cost control, he's still really valuable. Having said that, I do think the White Sox did pretty well. That system...good lord.

Taylor (SD): Keeper fantasy baseball question: would you deal Robles (keep for 4 years when called up), and cueto (gone after this year) for greinke (keep next year as well), wade Davis (gone after this year) and Sixto Sanchez (keep for 4 years once called up)? I feel I have a team that's in position to win this year, but want to get a fair return for Robles

Mark Barry: It all depends on your individual situation. If you need saves, I could see it, but I would want to be pretty confident that those upgrades would get me into title contention. Robles is REALLY good.

Robert (Kentucky): How concerned should we be that Goldy hasn't stolen a base in like 6 weeks?

Mark Barry: Interesting. Goldy hasn't stolen a base since June 7, and has only attempted two. He's still hitting .327/.417/.606 in that timeframe, so as far as concern level goes...not very.

Neal Huntington (Pittsburgh): After seeing what the Cubs paid for Quintana, should I see what I can get for Cole and Cutch? Cole would probably get a similar haul and Cutch could probably fetch back two top 100 prospects I'd think.

Mark Barry: There's no harm in trying, that's for sure. The price tag on Cutch has to be much higher than it was during the offseason, and Cole is under control until 2020. You could definitely restock the system pretty quickly.

Steve (AL): Ronald Acuna is in AAA at 19. Woah. Think he gets a cup of coffee?

Mark Barry: I mean, it's pretty crazy he's even in Triple-A at 19, so I'm not ruling anything out. Acuna is a monster.

cracker73 (Florida): The bats of Milwaukee prospect, Monte Harrison, and Atlanta prospect, Alex Jackson, have both awakened this year. Which one is the better prospect for fantasy?

Mark Barry: I've been intrigued by Harrison for awhile, especially as a potentially great source for speed. The pop has been a pleasant surprise, and I'm looking forward to seeing how he handles High-A. With Jackson, I think I'm most excited to see that he's catching again. That makes him infinitely more interesting.

Rick (TN): What's the deal with Michel Baez? Reports lately indicate there's a monster lurking

Mark Barry: Admittedly, I don't know too much about Baez, as it looks like he's only thrown 16 professional innings. He sure is striking out a ton of guys, though, so I'll be keeping an eye on him for sure.

Punchoutpappy (First in Flight): True or False: Kelvin Herrera is traded (likely not going to happen given Royals recent success) and the Royals announce that Mike Minor is the first to get a crack at closing.

Mark Barry: The June/July surge from the Royals definitely muddies the waters for them a bit at the deadline. I would have said "True" without hesitation two months ago, but now I'm not so sure. For Minor, it feels like they enjoy having him in that multi-inning role, so I don't know if he'd be first in line.

Jebbie (IC): Who says no? Cole for Acuna and Allard/Soroka

Mark Barry: Man, that's tough. If the Braves think they're close, maybe they do that? But with Acuna in Triple-A now, it's not like he's too far away from helping as well. I might regret it, but I'm hanging on to Acuna.

ironcityguys (home): When do you think we'll see Honeywell's debut? How do you feel he's progressed in 2017?

Mark Barry: I'd guess we see Honeywell in September perhaps, depending on how his innings count looks. His progression this season has been a lot of fun to watch. He gives up a few too many hits, but the strikeouts and the low walk totals even it out.

TIm (SD): Fernando Tatis Jr - top SS prospect in 2 years?

Mark Barry: It's certainly possible. He's been beasting in Fort Wayne so far this season.

meswan (Texas): Hi Mark, thank you for taking my question. Whats your take on the Blue Jays plans for Anthon Alford over the rest of the season? Do they stick him in the OF and let him play or does he maybe go back down to the farm?

Mark Barry: No problem! It feels like Alford's call up earlier this season was mostly injury related, so I would imagine he spends most of the season on the farm. A full, healthy season for Alford would be lovely.

kjesanis (Ct): Where do you think Acuna plays? Does he move to rf? Or stay in cf and they shift inciarte to rf?

Mark Barry: Talk about a luxury. I think Inciarte is too good in CF to move, so they'll get to have two great defensive outfielders (um, and Matt Kemp), which is nice.

James (CT): Which prospect do you think has the biggest disparity in real life value from fantasy value? Both ways- more valuable than in real than fantasy and vice versa

Mark Barry: Willy Adames is a name that comes to mind as someone that could be better in real life than in fantasy. On the other side, I think Nick Gordon should be a great fantasy asset (speed, speed, and more speed) even if he doesn't reach his full potential.

AJ (Canada): Hey Mark, what the main indicators you look at when assessing/reassessing hitters (e.g. K%, BB%, hard hit%, etc)? Over what time frame? Do the indicators and time frame change whether you've assessing minor leaguers, new major leaguers, established major leaguers?

Mark Barry: I don't look at the soft/medium/hard contact numbers too much, although that data can only be helped by the influx of Statcast stuff. I definitely pay attention to the strikeout and walk totals, and the BP TAv numbers are really helpful too, to put everything into league context.

Dave (TX): Leody Taveras - a future top 10 prospect?

Mark Barry: He has the tools. I'd like to see what a full season looks like before jumping him that high, however.

Justin (Iowa City): Who should the Pirates trade at the Trade Deadline? Who will they actually trade at the Deadline?

Mark Barry: I mean, as brutal as it would be, you almost have to move Cutch, right? Then maybe the bullpen guys that will be free agents after the season like Watson and Bastardo. I'd listen on Cole, but ultimately I think he'll stay.

Punchoutpappy (First in Flight): What city do you believe is next in line for an MLB team? Is that answer different from who's more deserving of having the next MLB team?

Mark Barry: Good question! I'd love to see Montreal get a team for nostalgia purposes. Maybe a Charlotte or Portland?

Punchoutpappy (First in Flight): Which pop up RP to SP conversion in 2017 do you believe is most sustainable ROS: Mike Montgomery, Trevor Cahill, Brad Peacock? (PS purposefully left off Alex Wood because...well, he's on another level)

Mark Barry: Alex Wood is incredible. But aside from that, I'd probably have them Cahill, Peacock, Montgomery. Cahill has been quietly *really* good this season. He's striking out over 11 guys per nine and has a 61 percent groundball rate. I wouldn't be shocked to see Peacock back in the pen with Fiers being better and all their starter getting healthy.

Sam (NJ): Thoughts on Fernando Tatis' potential?

Mark Barry: I know Ben and Bret really liked him on their most recent Dynasty Prospect list, with his upside as a 20/20 guy. That would be nice.

kjesanis (Maine): Any guys on the BP Midseason top 50 dynasty prospects list you're higher on than their ranking?

Mark Barry: Maybe Austin Meadows? I'm just as scared about his injury history as everyone else, but I think he could be special when he's on the field. I also love me some Adrian Morejon.

ironcityguys (home): Any hope for young(ish) guys such as Gausman or Gsellman?

Mark Barry: Gausman has been so frustrating. So far this season, righties are hitting .329/.382/.508 against him, which just seems impossible. I guess I still have some hope, but it's dwindling. For Gsellman, he's just giving up way too many hits and isn't having the same luck at suppressing homers like he did last year. He'll be ok, albeit probably not a star.

Blackburn (Des Moines): Will the Pirates trade Cole or McCutchen at the deadline? What would returns look like for each?

Mark Barry: I would guess the Pirates try to move McCutchen before he can leave via free agency in 2018. I would imagine the return would be similar to the offseason price, as he has been better, but there's also half a season less production. Maybe a team's #2-5 prospect prospect and another top 10 guy?

The price for Cole is likely much higher, probably Quintana levels. I don't know who really has the pieces and need to make that move. Maybe Houston? The Dodgers? The Yankees?

Ernie (San Diego): Now with Quintana traded it's only a matter of time before they line up for Sonny Gray. Thoughts on Gray going to Milwaukee for a package headlined by Brinson or Colorado for a package starting with Tapia ?

Mark Barry: I think the Quintana deal definitely helps the A's, as it's one less piece on the board. I think Gray to Milwaukee is interesting, but I'm not sure they'd be willing to give up enough to get him, as they're still *technically* rebuilding. I don't think Tapia would be enough in Colorado, but if they offered Brendan Rodgers, the A's would definitely listen. Ultimately, I think the Astros have been circling Gray for awhile, so I would guess that's where he ends up.

Abaseballnut (Illinois ): Cease is underrated

Mark Barry: Word.

Eric (Washington DC): Top prospect in 2019, 2020 and 2021?

Mark Barry: Hmm
2019: Eloy
2020: Juan Soto
2021: Some dude we don't know yet

Dave (San Fran): Bo Bichette or Fernando Tatis Jr -- purely fantasy wise

Mark Barry: Gimme Bo.

Matt (CHI): Anything left in the prospect cupboard for Cubs fans to get excited about or are they going to have to tap international market hard next year?

Mark Barry: They have some guys, but clearly not the impact that they're used to. The new international spending caps will make it tough to completely replenish all at once.

Jeb (Illinois): When will the next major trade occur?

Mark Barry: Let's say Sonny Gray to the Astros on July 18 for Kyle Tucker, Franklin Perez, and Teoscar Hernandez.

Chesty (New Bern,NC): Mark,Looking to drop one from Puig,J.Baez,N.Castellanos. One year league 5x5 Thanks

Mark Barry: Castellanos hits the ball so hard, but is just striking out way too much. If you're not in need of any position in particular, I'd probably drop Castellanos.

Trumaine (Flushing): Is Steven Matz one of the more underrated pitchers in the game?

Mark Barry: I don't know. I'm not super high on Matz. He's good, he's just hurt too much to be counted on at all.

Arco (Canada): Who has a better major league career--Chris Shaw or AJ Reed? Thanks.

Mark Barry: I'll still take Reed, but it's much closer than it was last year.

Ddex (Ny): Whats a yankees and mets trade that makes sense to you?

Mark Barry: I would like to see the Yankees get another starter, maybe make the Padres an offer for someone like Trevor Cahill (the grounders would be nice in Yankee Stadium). Todd Frazier could make some sense to play 1B or 3B.

For the Mets, I think they need to take offers for Bruce, Granderson, Duda, and pretty much anyone they can move. I don't think this is their year, and they could sneak in and get some decent pieces if they beat other sellers to the punch.

tbdubbs (Upstate NY): Who's your favorite guy who will fly up rankings like Acuna did between now and next ASG, the guy who is in the low minors with the potential 5 tool Robles-Acuna mold?

Mark Barry: That's a good question. Feels like it was Robles, then Acuna/Soto last season, so probably another young OF in the Nats' system? Going in another direction, I think Yusinel Diaz could make a jump.

Theo (Atlanta): What team do you trust most to correctly develop their prospects and get the most out of their talent?

Mark Barry: This is equal parts boring and annoying, but it might be the Dodgers.

Ken R. (New York): Hi. Let's just say, hypothetically speaking, I'm a long time, highly respected baseball journalist. I recently lost my main platform to write for an unnamed, and painfully short sighted, company. Two questions: First, how mind numbingly silly is this decision for my previous employer? Second, when will you reached out to me and asked if I would write a weekly piece for your site? I think it would be a mutually beneficial, albeit likely short term, relationship for everyone. Ask your bosses to contact me. Thanks.

Mark Barry: 1) It's super mind numbingly silly.
2) I got you, Ken. I'll put in a good word.

Mark Barry: Thanks for hanging out today! Off to write a bit. Happy trade season to all!

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