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Chat: Mark Barry

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Monday May 08, 2017 8:00 PM ET chat session with Mark Barry.


Mark is a member of the Baseball Prospectus fantasy team.

Mark Barry: I should say it? Hello everybody! Let's do a good chat.

JM (CT): Matt Harvey and Jesse Hahn were teammates at Fitch High School in CT. Who has the highest ceiling now?

Mark Barry: It's still Harvey for me, but I like what I've seen from Hahn this year. He's healthy, which is nice.

matzabal (CO): Help me! I'm holding these six struggling bats in an OBP league: Chris Davis, Carlos Santana, Lorenzo Cain, Yasmany Tomas, Joey Bautista, and Yasiel Puig. Davis has 7! RBI's, Bautista looks like a shell of his former self, and Cain can't seem to get any counting stats beside SB. How would you rank them ROS, and who would you give up on?

Mark Barry: I'd like to see Santana hit a few more homers, but otherwise he is what he is. And that's pretty good in an OBP league. I think Bautista will be better, but the days of him being a top 20 OF are probably long gone. I'd go Santana, Cain, Tomas, Davis, Puig, Bautista.

LucasDad (Duluth, MN): Schwarber, Odor, Pederson, Bregman, and Correa (to some degree): I own all these guys in a 5x5 OBP keeper league. My season has been very disappointing because of these guys. Any reason to worry about any of these guys, or is this just sss bad luck?

Mark Barry: I think it's SSS for pretty much all of those guys. They're all really good, and will go back to some form of being really good.

Eric (DC): How good is Juan Soto?

Mark Barry: Very. Maybe even very, very.

James (Alabama): You find yourself lost in an OPS keeper league trying to rebuild. Would you rather have Senzel or Devers at 3B over the next 5 years??

Mark Barry: Senzel is probably closer to making an impact, but I'm taking Devers.

Dan (Chicago): Where would you rank Luis Robert if eligible for the prospect rankings right now?

Mark Barry: Maybe 50-75?

TJ (ATL): Ronald Acuna is the next....?

Mark Barry: In spring training, I know Braves people were comparing him to Andruw Jones. That's an awfully lofty expectation, but it also would be really, really fun.

Tim (Office): Buying the new approach for Jake Gatewood? Seems that simply adding contacts has paid huge dividends. Will he produce enough to be relevant at 1b?

Mark Barry: He's going to have to hit a bunch to be interesting as 1B only. That said, he already has walked more this year than he did all of last season, so that's a start.

Kyle (Jamestown): Can my JC Ramirez and Jordan Montgomery hold it down until Kluber and Price come off the DL? Thanks!

Mark Barry: Unless his injury turns out to be worse than reported, I don't think Kluber will be on the DL for too long. I wouldn't build my rotation around Ramirez or Montgomery, but they should be able to hold the fort until your studs get back.

Brett (Calgary): In a league that counts holds, do you prefer Wandy Peralta or Anthony Swarzak?

Mark Barry: I'd lean Swarzak slightly, just because the White Sox have been using him in higher leverage spots a little more often. In dynasty, I'm a little more interested in Peralta.

LucasDad (Duluth, MN): I just want to see what Joe Mauer would like, if he'd embrace the pulled fly ball approach for one season. He doesn't have anything to lose anyway.

Mark Barry: Word.

Buddy (Peoria, IL): It's amazing to watch Cubs fans pushing the panic button on May 8th. Yes, the starting pitching has been disappointing so far, but good lord people...relax!

Mark Barry: Word.

Craig (CT): Bo Bichette - a future top 10 prospect?

Mark Barry: I don't know if he gets to top 10, but he's definitely been awesome so far. If he can turn a few of those doubles into homers, it's not out of the question.

Jeff (SoCal): Is Sam Dyson rosterable in any sort of format at this point?

Mark Barry: I was going to say that's a hard no, but then I thought that might be a bit harsh, so I pulled up his player page as a refresher. Oof, the hardest of no's.

Tim (ChiTown ): Ad Russell. What will he be this season. He just seems boringly good, but that is it.

Mark Barry: Last season he hit .238, but had a .275 TAv, which is better than league average. Boringly good might be the best description. In his best years, I could see him hitting .260-.270ish with 25 or so homers.

Ben (Atlanta): Next BIG prospect nobody is talking about now?

Mark Barry: I'm intrigued by what Yanio Perez is doing for the Rangers in A-ball, and added him in a couple dynasties. He's a touch old for the Sally League, but it's also his first taste since coming over from Cuba. I'm guessing he'll move up to at least High-A rather quickly.

Buddy (Peoria, IL): Is the Luis Robert hype warranted?

Mark Barry: Who knows. There's certainly a lot of it, so based on the sheer volume, probably not. Although, the last guy I remember getting this much hype was Moncada, and that's worked out quite nicely so far.

Dalton James Leslie (EMC insurance ( Downtown Des Moines)): Will Tyler Glasnow ever figure out the 6 inches between his ears and be the ace starter hes capable of being if he stops walking people?

Mark Barry: Honestly, I don't think it's mental. He's just a huge dude, so it's really tough to keep everything moving in the right direction mechanically. I saw him a couple of times in Indianapolis last year and it was the same deal. Tons of strikeouts, tons of walks, and very few hits. He's getting hit around a little more because big league hitters are, um, big league hitters, but I think he'll be fine.

Franny (Philly ): Who puts up the better offensive numbers over the next 5 years between Trout and Harper?

Mark Barry: Still Trout. Harper's like Shawn Kemp, Clyde Drexler, Charles Barkley, or any other basketball player that played with Jordan. They would be the best if they came along in a different era.

BC (Urbandale): pretty inevitable the cubs have to get another starter and a reliever? what kinda package deal do you think they do? mid tier starter? prospect?

Mark Barry: I would imagine they'll keep an eye on the market, for sure. They're still the best team in that division by a comfortable margin, so I don't think they'll do anything drastic. That said, should any of the big names *cough* *Darvish* *cough* come available, I'm sure they'll be players. And it will cost a pretty penny.

Geoff (Milwaukee): Is there any hope for my shortstop tandem of Villar and Aledmys Diaz?

Mark Barry: There's always hope.

Diaz was the #14 SS on the ESPN player rater last season, and is currently #13 SS. He should get on base a little more, but this is kind of what he is. Pretty good. As for Villar, I'm a little more concerned. He's just striking out SO much. He needs to steal bases to come anywhere close to last year's production, and that's hard to do if you're not on base.

JJ Hoover (Zona): C'mon man! I sucked last night, but Rodney sucks every night. When do I get my shot to close games?

Mark Barry: If I'm Arizona, I'm putting Bradley in that role and forgetting about it for the next handful of seasons. I know they'd prefer for him to start long term, so if they don't make him the closer, Hoover could be the beneficiary of Rodney's blowups.

Sometimes the arrows just don't come as frequently as they used to, nor do they fly as straight. Sad face emoji.

LucasDad (Duluth, MN): Chance that Devers gets called up at any point this season?

Mark Barry: 17%

Nate (Houston): Who is more valuable at the plate ROS between Bennintendi or Bregman?

Mark Barry: Tough one. I think Benintendi this season and Bregman long term.

Eric (Somewhere): What pitch do you think is not being used enough in general in the MLB, and what pitch is being used too often that should not be. It seems that Sinkers are in general not that successful for most guys on the whole.

Mark Barry: That's a really good question. I know in "Big Data Baseball" Travis Sawchik wrote about how the Pirates basically removed all four-seam fastballs from their pitchers repertoires, so maybe that? That sounds like a really interesting piece idea, though.

David (NY): What is up with Bird? He was really bad before landing on DL. SSS, injury related, or overhyped?

Mark Barry: It's a cop out, but maybe a little of all three? He definitely had a ton of hype, but in reality he's probably a top 15-20 1B. It's good, but after his spring training hype, it's probably a little disappointing. Hopefully he gets a chance to reestablish himself after the injury.

Nate (St Paul): If big Erv keeps up something similar to what he has over that past year, and the Twins fall out of contention....WHAT type of package could they feasibly get for him?

Mark Barry: I wonder this sometimes, whether certain players get typecast based on our perception of them. Based on his production over the last year, he should bring back a haul. However, when you think of *Ervin Santana* it doesn't necessarily make you want to go out and break the bank. I think he could probably pry away a couple of top 10-15 guys in some organization, or maybe a top 5 guy?

LucasDad (Duluth, MN): On Trout...my fear is that we are putting Tiger Woods like expectations on him, and that he will just suddenly fall off a cliff too soon via injury or something.

Mark Barry: I guess that's always a possibility, but according to BP, Trout is already at almost 50 WAR for his career. That's already more than some guys that have gotten into the Hall of Fame.

Mark (Miami ): I keep picking up the perfectly hyped SP to stream, and they have been flops the majority of the time. Is it getting harder to predict SP performances in this offensive explosion time?

Mark Barry: It definitely feels that way. There's always a bunch of randomness in predicting performance from mid-tier starters, but this year it seems like it's even more prevalent.

Justin (Iowa): Jameson Taillon. Woof. Feel bad for the guy. Pirates can't have nice things anymore it seems.

Mark Barry: This really sucks. Hope everything goes well for Taillon and he can make a quick recovery.

Mark Barry: Bad one to end on, but thoughts go out to Taillon and the family. Thanks everyone for hanging out. Good chatting!

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