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Chat: Jessica Quiroli

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Tuesday July 26, 2016 1:00 PM ET chat session with Jessica Quiroli.


Jessica Quiroli is a minor league writer for BP, mostly covering the Florida State League.

Jessica Quiroli: Hi baseball fans, thanks for joining me! Happy to chat with you again. Got baseball thoughts, questions? MiLB/Prospect stuff very welcome. A little bit random is ok, too. Let's go. :)

Igor (A Bar): Hey Jessica. As a member of a prospect team is there a specific type of player you seem to be more inclined to? Some former members have been more inclined towards Dominican hitters & some others with pitchers with good change ups.

Jessica Quiroli: Hi Igor. I don't know that I differ from others, but there are a few things I like. For pitchers, innings eaters always catch my eye, as well as not being afraid to pitch to contact. Obviously, you don't want a guy who's allowing a lot of walks. But I like to see those workhorse types that give their bullpen a rest, and don't try to push power to the plate. With hitters, I always like those guys who do a lot of little things that maybe don't always look flashy numbers-wise. Maybe it's more of a style of play that my eyes gravitate toward.

Ben (Chicago): Amed Rosario or Gleybar Torres- Fantasy wise?

Jessica Quiroli: Let me preface by saying I'm not a fantasy baseball person. But I'll say Torres. Rosario is in Double-A, and the age difference is just a year, but Rosario's still a lot of potential to me. The reports on Torres seem to favor him. I'll be seeing him in Tampa in a bit, so I'll have an even better idea then.

Adamah (NY): Tell me about what you saw from Amed Rosario, I want to know everything; he's my favorite prospect! What kind of MLB player do you think he'll become?

Jessica Quiroli: Since I just answered a question about him, I'll continue my thoughts. What stood out in conversations about him is that he's being looked to as a leader, and he's embraced that. That's always a good sign. He's teachable. He wants to learn. I wasn't surprised he got promoted to Bing, and would assume he starts there for a full season in 2017.

BC (Urbandale): have you ever seen a bigger waste of skin than Jason Heyward?

Jessica Quiroli: Yes.

JM (CT): Miguel Andujar, next All Star third baseman for the New York Yankees?

Jessica Quiroli: Well, I can't look that far ahead, but he's an excellent 3-4 hole hitter. At the High-A level anyway.

mdickson (Baton Rouge): Is it safe to say that Alex Bregman is a bust after his 0 for 4, with 2 Ks and 6 LOB?

Jessica Quiroli: Not safe, and you'll make his dad cry.

Thomas (TX): How would you project Cristin Stewart's and Scott Kingery's hit/power in the show?

Jessica Quiroli: Stewart projects to have more power in the majors. Kingery's expected to take over for Chase Utley, but he likely doesn't have the power Utley has. The Phillies are advancing him through the ranks pretty quickly, with his Double-A promotion, so we might learn the answer to at least Kingery's power-potential pretty soon.

Bob (Northern Hemisphere): Are their prospects you are higher on then your colleagues? Are there prospects you are lower on? Thanks for the insight

Jessica Quiroli: I don't know about the present moment, but I think I have more faith in Rays RHP Taylor Guerrieri. He's dropped on most lists due to losing development time with surgery and a suspension, but he's proven himself every step of the way, at each level. He keeps the walks to a minimum and he pitches deep. Still young (23). If anything, he has good value for Rays to trade.

Connor P (PO): Any Mets prospects you like more than the average person?

Jessica Quiroli: LJ Mazzilli, probably. He's a disciplined hitter and a solid defender. He's done well lately in Bing, his first full season in Double-A, though it's unclear if he'll be an every day player in the majors.

Bobby (NYC): Jessica, thanks for the chat! What's you're opinion about Jorge Mateo? When should we expect to see him in the Bronx and what position will he be playing??

Jessica Quiroli: Mateo has so much potential it's sick. Recent off-field issues bring up other questions, though. I've covered him for two years, and he's only gotten more disciplined as a short stop, less flourishes and more accuracy in making plays. At the plate, he's looking for his pitch a lot more. And man is he fun to watch on the bases. You just wait for him to do something sneaky and get away with it. But back to the attitude issue, he has to get clean that up and learn from it.

Jeff (Venus): Hi Jessica. Do you think Jesus Christ could actually hit a curveball?

Jessica Quiroli: Yes. Do not question this.

FSL fan (sarasota): Who has the better upside--Mateo or Torres? And do you think this acquisition has anything to do with Mateo's recent outburst?

Jessica Quiroli: I've yet to see Torres, but there's so much to like about both. There's talk that Mateo could be moved to second for Torres. I don't know if it has anything to do with that outburst. I'd assume they'd been forming a plan for the deadline much earlier than when that incident occurred. He doesn't help himself by questioning them. He could still be in Double-A by the end of the season, opening up more possibilities for them both. Really early to tell how this shakes out.

Adamah (NY): I was hoping you could give some more insight into what you predict from Amed Rosario. Fair to think he can be a 4 WAR guy?

Jessica Quiroli: Lots of good talk about Rosario today! haha I don't mind. I know Mets fans are super excited and hopeful about his development. He's emerging as a team leader, and he's working on pitch recognition. He's only 20, so he's got a ways to go and time to grow. I'd predict he's in Double-A to start 2017, but might depend on how he does in the final stretch of this season.

Jessica Quiroli: I'm sorry I wasn't able to answer all of your questions, but thank you to everyone who joined in! Until next time. ;)

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