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Chat: Daniel Rathman

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Friday June 17, 2016 1:00 PM ET chat session with Daniel Rathman.


Dan is an editor at BP, and can answer any and all of your baseball questions.

Daniel Rathman:

Howdy (Doody): Is Mitch Keller an SP2 in the making for the Bucs? With Taillon and Glasnow on the way I think he is being overlooked.

Daniel Rathman: Our prospect team is likely better able to answer this one, but from what I've read, Keller certainly has that type of upside. Sometimes younger/lower-level arms can get overshadowed by upper-level blue-chippers in deep farm systems, and that might be the case here.

Alex (Georgia): What do you think of Amed Rosario? Top 30 prospect right now?

Daniel Rathman: Several Rosario questions in the queue, so he's certainly a hot topic these days. I think there's a case to be made for that type of ranking, yes, for a player at a premium position who's hitting well in the pitcher-friendly FSL at the age of 20. I'll defer to our prospect team on just how high his ceiling is, though.

Dock Ellis (Mars....dude): If MadBum had to face MadBum for 650 AB's, what would his hitting line look like?

Daniel Rathman: That's a fun one. I think MadBum the pitcher would struggle with MadBum the hitter's ability to command the cutter. I think he bats .100 with 4-or-so HR.

Jeb (IC): Tell me about Meadows. What are your thoughts on him?

Daniel Rathman: Chris Crawford tells me I should love him. I trust Chris on these things. So, I love Meadows.

Jack (Cincy): What are the upsides for Taillon and Glasnow?

Daniel Rathman: I think both could be frontline starters but more likely settle into the no. 2-3 range.

PL (MA): Ronald Acuna or Amed Rosario for fantasy dynasty leagues?

Daniel Rathman: Rosario at this point, since he's a level ahead and plays shortstop, but Acuna has the tools and seems to have the strike-zone discipline to be a huge offensive contributor in time.

Jim (Denver): Pirates have three prospects that are absolutely raking in the minors in Kevin Newman, Josh Bell, and Austin Meadows. What are the upsides for all three? Thanks.

Daniel Rathman: I think all three could be quality everyday players, with Meadows possessing the highest ceiling as a potential All-Star.

RDBL2014 (Concord, Ca): Any thoughts on Jack Flaherty's uneven season so far? He is dominating now, wondering what the early issues may have been.

Daniel Rathman: Flaherty got off to a poor start, but the issues were really concentrated in one disastrous outing, with a few so-so ones mixed in. Without having seen him or read a lot of eyewitness reports, the thing I've read about him on multiple occasions is that he lacks an offering that consistently grades out as plus. That can lead to trouble putting hitters away, particularly on days when the command isn't sharp, and stringing a few of those together gives you a slow start. It certainly looks like he's turned it around, though.

Sam (ny): Long term fantasy wise - JP Crawford or Amed Rosario?

Daniel Rathman: Crawford for me. Big fan of what I've read on him, in spite of the slow first half at Triple-A.

misterbob (pa): What are your thoughts on David Dahl? Can he be a 5 tool impact player for the Rockies in Coors if he stays healthy, which has always been his problem? In your mind, what is his ETA in Colorado?

Daniel Rathman: There's definitely a chance for 5-tool impact there, though with the injuries I could see Dahl ending up a plus corner defender as opposed to a solid one in center. That might be the best outcome for both sides, but the bar for "impact" out of a left fielder is obviously higher than in center. Health-permitting, I think you'll see Dahl in Colorado next year.

Phred (Philly): What are your SB projections for Mallex Smith ROS and long-term?

Daniel Rathman: I'm still not sold on the bat, but if Smith hits enough to be a regular, I think you'll get about 35 steals annually from him on average.

fawkesmulder (Zzyzx): Arizona pitcher Anthony Banda has been on a tear lately, recently going 8 strong innings with 9ks and only 2 hits. I heard that his velocity has ticked up to mid 90s. Any truth to the velo jump, and if so, how intriguing is he as a pitching prospect? #3? Long-shot #2?

Daniel Rathman: I've seen others mention the velo jump, but don't have any firsthand knowledge of that. The questions I've heard raised are about Banda coming up with a third pitch. If that happens, I think there's a no. 3 ceiling there.

RDBL2014 (Concord, Ca): Tom Murphy has been struggling in AAA, is he still in line for a call up again this season for Colorado?

Daniel Rathman: Given that the Rockies aren't likely to contend this year, I'd imagine they'll let Murphy work out his issues in Triple-A before bringing him up to the majors.

Paul (Chi Town): Next BIG prospect that nobody is talking about right now?

Daniel Rathman: This is a bit of a copout, since he's currently on the DL with a (supposedly) broken hand, but I'll mention Ronald Acuna here. He was more than holding his own at the plate in the Sally League to begin the year, and there are intriguing tools to accompany the precocious approach at the plate. Keep an eye on Acuna whenever he's activated by Low-A Rome.

jonraypyle (TX): Buy Sell or Hold on Eduardo Nunez right now? obviously current performance is not likely sustainable. But is he worth holding onto if you have him cheap?

Daniel Rathman: If someone's willing to trade for Nunez valuing him as a top-8 SS, I'd probably sell. Otherwise, I'd hold and see how much value you can milk on the cheap. Definitely not a buy for me, though.

Lefty G. (San Diego): I'm curious about the future outfield for Brewers. Does Brett Phillps presence mean Corey Ray has to be a corner OF? Or could Ray force Phillips to be moved or traded? Or does Ray's profile suggest he wouldn't make it in center even if Phillips wasn't there? Thanks, Lefty

Daniel Rathman: From what I've read, I don't think Ray is a center fielder, and certainly not a plus defender there. My guess is Phillips in center and Ray in left. Ray might hit enough to be a first-division player even if he's relegated to the lesser OF corner.

Andy (TPA): Who's the #1 prospect in 2018?

Daniel Rathman: Dart-throw here: I don't think Victor Robles will be in the majors yet, and he has that sort of upside. Anderson Espinoza is another candidate, for me.

madjockmcferson (Norton, ma): It's Friday night, my wife is in Scotland for 5 weeks, I just had to give the cat a bath because it had a toilet malfunction, and I'm bored. I'm looking at my fantasy team and think I should self immolate by acquiring delino deshields for $50 (out of $1000) faab. Does he have any potential long term value?

Daniel Rathman: Depending on how your league functions as far as keepers, I could see DeShields having value as a long-term speed play, but I don't see him ever holding down an everyday job. If it's a redraft, I'd find better uses for the $50, because I don't see DeShields getting much big-league time.

Daniel Rathman: On another note, that seems like as good an opportunity as I'll ever have to give a cap tip to Bill Simmons. So, with that... Yup... these are my readers. Thanks for the questions!

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