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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Monday July 13, 2015 2:30 PM ET chat session with Futures Game Chat.


Futures Game Chat: There may be no thunder from Gallo, and no smile from Lindor, but the Futures Game is still packed with a ton of talent. Let's talk about it.

Davin (Pittsburgh): Explain the process of how some guys aren't selected for the futures game? I heard teams can deny permission, especially if guy may get promoted soon. Is it a mix of potential, production, and cater to the host city?

Futures Game Chat: This seems like a good starting point:

Each team can have up to 2 selections for the Futures Game, generally consisting of 1 world player, 1 USA player.

Teams can simply deny permission of a player (Dodgers and Corey Seager), or players can sit out due to injury (Cardinals and Alex Reyes). There really isn't any drawn out explanation other than this. But it's essentially the choice of the team whether they send a player selected.

Usually, you'll see two of the best prospects per team selected, but that is not always the case. They need to fill out bother rosters, and sometimes this means a player such as Kyle Farmer or Cheslor Cuthbert will be selected. - Tucker Blair

Scott (SC): ETA and position for Albies in The Show? Thanks!

Futures Game Chat: I could see Albies receiving a cup of coffee in September, 2017. Likely, it's a 2018 guy though. He's a long way from the majors at this point. While I do believe the hit tool will have enough to carry him - even with the lack of power - he isn't a finished product.

Ryan Parker talked about his swing in this piece, and it aligns with what scouts have told me all year. It's a good foundation and the numbers have been off the charts in his milb career so far, but it's not a finished product.

On his defense, it's a SS for me. Assuming Andrelton Simmons is still there in 2017, he can play 2B. Either way, Albies is an up-the-middle guy with quick-twitch athleticism. - Tucker Blair

Sam (Philly): Does a .290 batting average with a .400 OBP seem reasonable for Jp Crawford?

Futures Game Chat: Best case scenario. Not many players with a .290 avg and .400 obp floating around the majors. Especially at an up-the-middle position. He's a very talented player though. - Tucker Blair

davin (Pittsburgh): Scouts (and what we read) often grade on traditional tools. Arm, glove, hit, power, command, repeat delivery, etc. What guys in future game or in general have impressed you with other qualities: toughness, work ethic, baseball IQ, hand/eye, ability to take instruction into games, etc. often I'd bet these things are the difference in a guy reaching his potential. In Pittsburgh, Tabata would be an example of not having these qualities causing him to fail.

Futures Game Chat: Lucas Giolito is that guy for me. I love his mentality on the mound, and he gets "angry" in a good way when something doesn't go according to plan. He's also a smart player.
He looked pretty good in that first inning, touching 96 a few times. Giolito is going to be special. - Tucker Blair

JoeRandom (San Jose): what is tony kemp's profile offensively?

Futures Game Chat: I see a Role 5 profile. Some barrel control and a solid approach at the plate, he's relatively consistent with the bat without having any glaring issues mechanically. Wouldn't look at him as a star, but there is certainly enough tools to carve out a decent MLB career. - Tucker Blair

Drew (Neosho, Missouri): Where does Fuenmayor fit into the Royals future?

Futures Game Chat: I wouldn't peg him into their future. There's some raw power and barrel control evident, but I'm not sold on the overall profile yet, and he's strictly a 1B/DH profile. Those guys need to absolutely rake to have a career.

He was completely fooled on that Giolito CB...although most are. Nice poke opposite field, barrel to the ball is sometimes all you need. - Tucker Blair

Matt (Fresno): What's the reasoning behind playing this game at the same time as the rest of MLB? Wouldn't everyone be better served if these prospects had center stage all to themselves?

Futures Game Chat: No disagreement here. I think it certainly takes the backseat to the ASG, which the Futures Game is always scheduled around.

Julio (The Stretch): Is there something wrong with Shaffer? Why hasn't Tampa brought him up instead of using Sizemore, Butler, Elmore?

Futures Game Chat: Shaffer has plus bat speed and some pop, but he's had some serious plate issues regarding mechanics and approach. Both of those have improved this season, and that's why he suddenly "jumped" back onto the scene. But the Rays are letting him succeed (well, he's doing the work), and I honestly don't have an issue with that.

Awz (STL): Who is the one player you are most excited about on each team?

Futures Game Chat: Nick Williams
Raul Mondesi

Both players are constantly questioned and often said to be overrated. I think both are going to be very talented big leaguers. I've said that for two years now and I see nothing that has changed my opinion.

Reds fan (My couch): How does Amir Garrett's lack of experience play into his potential? Does his athletic background make it that much easier to learn mechanics of pitching and repeating?

Futures Game Chat: It really depends on the player, but Garrett is crazy athletic and his delivery is fine when he actually repeats it. That's my issue, he has trouble repeating his mechanics and release points, but that's also because he hasn't been pitching long. I think it does make it easier for him to learn but it also depends on the makeup of the player to an extent. Garrett's stuff is no joke, his FB has serious velo and life. Definitely an intriguing arm and the exact type of prospect I love seeing in the Futures Game.

Davin (Pittsburgh): Let the NY hype machine hit overdrive with that Confordo lazer beam from LF.

Futures Game Chat: It's the future game! Everything is hyped.

Really nice play though, displayed his arm strength and accuracy. Best play I have seen him make this year. Here is my report on him from earlier this season:

Over the series I watched, I didn't see the reads/routes I would have liked.

JoeRandom (San Jose): youngest player in the futures game next year?

Futures Game Chat: I will guess Nationals' Victor Robles.
He will have just turned 19.
The reports so far on him are strong. - Tucker Blair

Levi (Joplin, MO): In honor of Conforto's throw, who has the best gun in the OF?

Futures Game Chat: Bradley Zimmer has a 7 arm, as a CF. He's thrown some laser in my viewings this season. - Tucker Blair

Drew (SW Missouri): The Royals did not have any pitchers selected for the Future's Game. Who did the selection committee miss out on?

Futures Game Chat: Cody Reed is a guy to keep an eye on. LHP with a FB topping out at 96-98 depending on who you talk to. SL/CH are both potential average offerings. I didn't see the CH, but I did see a guy with a potential + FB and and an avg SL. - Tucker Blair

Bart Bennison (Primantis): Other than the marquee guys in today's game, name a player on the field today who WILL and WON'T reach their potential.

Futures Game Chat: Ketel Marte is a prospect that does not receive enough love. And he plays up the middle. It's an easy profile to like.

Frankie Montas has a huge arm, but how many guys throwing 100 mph end up in a rotation? It's just hard to command that type of velo and many don't get away with it. He's a backend RP for me in the long-run, and that's not a knock on him by any means. - Tucker Blair

Michael (NY): I know that Max Kepler is injured now and not in the futures game, but is he a top-100 prospect now? Could you give a possible MLB statline for him if he reaches his OFP?

Futures Game Chat: Not for me.

He's a solid player, but nothing more than a Role 5 guy.

RB (My thoughts ): Guys like Tapia and Albies look soooo thin on TV. I realize they are teenagers, but makes them seem farther from The Show. How much do teams put into their diets, weight training, etc?

Futures Game Chat: They are certainly thin. Teams are well aware of this when constructing diets/weight training.
I know the Orioles have done the same with Zach Davies, who is also considered thin/wiry.

Some of these players will fill out naturally, but Tapia/Albies' frame is not conducive for muscle or weight gain. I see them as players that will always been wiry for the most part.

Futures Game Chat: Thanks everyone for the questions - hope you all enjoyed watching the game as much as I did.

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