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Chat: Ben Carsley

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Tuesday January 20, 2015 7:30 PM ET chat session with Ben Carsley.


Ask Ben about fantasy baseball, cooking meats, or his upcoming trip to visit Craig.

Ben Carsley: If you're reading this, I want you to know that I appreciate your #chatawareness. I am sipping on a Brew Free or Die IPA. Grab a drink of your own and let's do this:

DanDaMan (Sea Cliff): Ben, in your mind who are the top 5 picks after Trout for a new keeper league (standard 5x5)?

Ben Carsley: Let's go Stanton, Harper, McCutchen, Goldschmidt, Cabrera, Kershaw. Puig maybe next?

Hamburger (Hamburg): What are your thoughts on keeping pitchers or would you rather keep the best players, no matter the position they play, as your keepers? An example: If you keep six each season, would you rather keep the best four hitters and the best two pitchers or if the six best players are hitters on your team, do you just keep them and draft pitchers?

Ben Carsley: We recently answered this on TINO, but the long and short of it is you just take the talent. All things equal you take the hitter over the pitcher, but don't take a worse hitter just because you're scared of arms.

Vic (Baltimore): How does the Sean Coyle story play out?

Ben Carsley: I think Coyle is a second-division regular for a few years who also spends time as a backup. The problem is he doesn't have the arm for 3B or the range for SS, so he's not going to be very versatile. I think he'll hit and run his way to a roster spot for many years, though. Nice guy to have in a system.

Guy Fieri (FlavorTown): Can I roast a turkey with a hair gel glaze?

Ben Carsley: This ... this is not off to a good start.

Clint (Upstate NY): To the best of your knowledge, what are the shallowest positions in fantasy a.) this season and b.) from a dynasty standpoint

Ben Carsley: I think the shallowest position this year is probably shortstop, while the shallowest from a dynasty PoV is catcher because guys keep moving off the position and the current crop of prospects is more good than great. That being said, first base is the shallowest when you get to the minors. Also, if you're in a 12- or 14-team league with 5 outfielders, good luck.

Griffin (Houston): From a dynasty perspective, is it worth dropping Alen Hanson for Forrest Wall in a 12 team mixed league? Need help at 2B and I'm starting to wonder if Hanson will ever be an answer.

Ben Carsley: Someone needs to put an end to the Forrest Wall fantasy madness. No, for the love of god, don't do this. Hanson could be in the majors next season. Wall is probably four years away.

Ronson (On the Scratches): Three questions 1) Eddie Butler or Jon Gray (NL league, keeper)? 2) David Dahl or Ronald Taipa (yes I like Rockies haha)? 3) Would you rather your new girlfriend have a paw print tattoo or hazel eyes?

Ben Carsley: 1) Gray, easy 2) Dahl, fairly easy 3) ... hazel eyes? What's bad about hazel eyes, other than the fact that they'll be drastically out-shined by mine own?

Jon (Rochester): What are the odds of Victor Martinez having another stellar season this year, similar to the season he had last year?

Ben Carsley: I certainly don't think he'll be quite as good, no, but .300 with 20 homers and 90-plus RBI are well within his reach again. You just have to hope he stays on the field.

Ben (New York): Do you own a smoker?-- This is a question re: cooking meats rather than an inquiry into the health habits of players on your fantasy team.

Ben Carsley: I'm 25 and live in an apartment in Boston, so my financial and housing situations prohibit me from smoker ownership. But it's a life goal before I turn 35. Also, strong name.

kiper90 (Rochester, NY): Hey Ben, who do have as some of your favorite "to keep an eye on" prospects for 2015?

Ben Carsley: This is all over the place, but some guys who's values could fluctuate wildly from a fantasy POV for me are: Trey Ball, Chelsor Cuthbert, Casey Kelly, Tyler Austin, Tyrell Jenkins, Colin Moran, Kyle Crick, Matt Olson, Kyle Zimmer, Rymer Liriano, Gary Sanchez and Alen Hanson. All over the place, I know, but I feel like a lot of those guys are gonna go one of two ways.

Joe (Beacon Hill): Where does Andrew McCutchen rank overall in a 5x5 dynasty league that splits the outfield into LF, RF, CF? How much longer can he man center before one of the Pirates' young OFs takes it from him?

Ben Carsley: Really high, easy top-6 or -7 pick. Don't worry about anyone moving him off anytime soon: he's the man in Pittsburgh and is still a good defender in his own right.

liefmeyer (Calgary): Hey Ben. Which prospect do you like more? Jesse Winker or Josh Bell? I am thinking of moving one of them for some MLB pitching help. Thanks.

Ben Carsley: Give me Josh Bell. I believe in the power more, even if he does move to 1B.

Ballboy (1st base side): Would you rather have Stephenson or Heaney?

Ben Carsley: Stephenson, unless I was all-in for 2015.

ColeWhittier (Pasadena, CA): When I manage my fantasy baseball team, should I wear the team's uniform or should I wear a suit like Connie Mack?

Ben Carsley: Suit on top, baseball pants on bottom. Power move imo.

Gattaca!!! (Bean Bag): For the resident RedSox expert.....There is a lot of growing hype on Rafael Devers. Tell me about this "star" prospect.

Ben Carsley: Really exciting power/hit tool combo, very far away from the majors, not a lock to stay at 3B. The fact that he's six years old and already on a bunch of top-100 lists should tell you all you need to know about his upside. If he falters in 2015 and someone bails on him, he'd be a great buy-low guy. Potential top-5 fantasy 3B, but again, we're ages away from that.

dvanhait (Holland): Who is more likely to be the real deal Panik (Oak) or Betts (BRS)?

Ben Carsley: Panik is a Giant, not an A, but either way the answer is very much Betts. Panik's got some value IRL, but in fantasy leagues they're not in the same stratosphere. Betts is the truth, man. Humans don't do that to pitching in the upper minors.

John Locke (Tabula Rasa): If each member of TINO was a cut of meat, who would be what?

Ben Carsley: I'm taking these descriptions straight from www.certfieidangusbeef.com

Bret - tenderloin roast - "Lean, elegant and dazzling. The highest-quality beef roast. Fine texture and mild, yet succulent flavor."

Craig - Eye of Round Roast - "An economical cut that can be slightly tough and dry."

Mau - Cowboy steak - "Rich, beefy flavor and generous marbling throughout. One of the most tender beef cuts."

Ben - strip steak - "Available boneless and bone-in. Quick-cooking. Fine-grained with sturdy texture."

Cal Guy (Cal): Hi Ben, Keeper question: do you think Longo at $26 and Price at $26 are worth keeping in a 5x5 league with OBP instead of BA and total budget of $260? Thanks!

Ben Carsley: Probably, yeah. Especially Price. I know that burns up 20% of your budget, but those are two studs.

Victor (Dumfries): Is Nomar Mazara a stud or just a guy?

Ben Carsley: Closer to stud. I'm not as high on him as, say, Craig Goldstein is, but he's a no-doubt first-division starter and a No. 2/3 fantasy OF for me if it all clicks.

JustinG (Pittsburgh): Josh Harrison: Top 10 3b (and/or 2b if eligible) going forward?

Ben Carsley: Nah. I hate just pointing to BABIP as the be-all end-all, but .353 BABIP last year, .313 for his career. He's better than he was before the breakout, but I'd expect an average more in the .275 range.

allangustafson (Societe): Your turn to draft and you want the best value in a 5 x5 roto league: Trumbo or LaRoche. Who do you pick?

Ben Carsley: Call me crazy, but I'm going with LaRoche. I really like him for 2015.

JQ (previously): when the day comes, go with a horizontal smoker

Ben Carsley: If this is the same JQ who once generously shared Bulleit with me on a hazy night in DC, you better bet I'll take your advice.

Morrsco (Atlanta): When Yoan Moncada signs will he join Tomas, Castillo, Rodon, and Schwarber at the top of the first year player class? Does he go to the very top?

Ben Carsley: Nope, the top three are still secure. I'd listen to an argument for him ranking above Schwarber, but a little red dot just appeared on my forehead and I think Bret can see this so I'm gonna say he'd be fifth.

Paul (Tampa): Steve Souza - correct that he should be a top selection in my keeper dynasty's draft? Obviously behind Castillo, Moncada, Tomas, and Rodon, but up there with others?

Ben Carsley: "Top selection" is strong. He's going to get some playing time, but he's more of a solid-average regular than any sort of future star to me. If you need immediate help you can look to him but he's not a savior by any means.

Vic (Baltimore): Stanton for $28, Baez for $3, Billy Hamilton for $8, Wacha for $8. $5 increase each year beginning in 2016. Prices are for 2015. It's a 12 team NL only 5 x 5. Please rank the 3.

Ben Carsley: I like them in the order you listed them, though that definitely makes me a sucker for Baez. There's a good argument for ranking him last, but I can't help myself.

Ronson (On the Scratches): You don't know about hazel eyes? Oh brother. Hazel be the Forrest Wall of eye colors. You catch me?

Ben Carsley: I prefer to look at inner beauty and see what's Behind These Hazel Eyes.

Julio (The Stretch): RANK in ORDER from MOST to LEAST LIKELY to happen PLEASE: YOU taking a SELFIE with CRAIG EVAN LONGORIA hitting 30 HOME RUNS ME learning to NOT CAPITALIZE random WORDS THANKS much

Ben Carsley: Selfie with Craig -- will for sure happen in a few weeks when I become his roommate for a day
Evan Longoria hitting 30 homers
You learning not to capitalize words, you cretin

Paul (Maine): Can Jose Peraza be a pre-2014 Jose Altuve type with a bit less average at 2B?

Ben Carsley: Yes, I think that's an apt analogy for his ceiling. I don't ever see him having a 2014 Altuve-type year, though.

Chris (Baltimore): How can you not take Moncada over Tomas, Castillo, and Schwarber? He's a stud with a very high ceiling and a chance to play a middle infield position. He has superstar tools and a potential plus hit tool. I'm taking him first overall every day of the week.

Ben Carsley: I would not take him over the others by taking the others before him, sequentially.

Shawn (Cubicle): Thanks to the internet I no longer know how to value Mookie Betts- I've seen his name being traded for names ranging from Mike Leake to Chris Sale, and everything in between. Can he be the main piece to get Strasburg or does Blake Swihart have to be included in too?

Ben Carsley: He's way too good to be dealt for Mike Leake and Chris Sale probably isn't getting moved. I'd imagine Strasburg would require a deal starting with Betts and Swihart, but this offseason has proven once again that I know nothing about trades. As a Sox fan, I hope he isn't dealt now that Stanton is off the table.

Jack (Chicago): Dynasty league-- do you prefer Jose Abreu or Anthony Rizzo? Abreu has great power/ ballpark but slightly concerning peripherals while Rizzo made some real adjustments and will have unreal contextual stats in several years. Thanks as always for your insights

Ben Carsley: This is really tough for me, but give me Abreu by a hair. I have Abreu as the third-best dynasty 1B and Rizzo as the fourth.

JQ (previously): What is your favorite animal to cook? Which of Craig's food aversions do you find most disappointing? What we do with Kyle Gibson?

Ben Carsley: My favorite animals to cook are lamb and duck because lamb and duck are delicious. That being said, there's something very satisfying about fulfilling stereotypes and grilling burgers/drumsticks over an open flame with a beer in hand.

Craig's aversion to turkey is really dumb, even for him. His aversion to warm vegetables is strange given his age but more understandable.

I'm interested in Gibson in 18-team mixed or AL-only leagues, but that's it for right now. Needs to be more consistent, though I still think he can be a No. 3 MLB and No. 5//6 fantasy stater.

Tim (my couch): Are you hesitant about keeping Madison Bumgarner at all for next season because of how many innings he pitched this year?

Ben Carsley: Nope. I get that you can point to a guy like Verlander as an example of postseason workload perhaps impacting performance the next year, but I could just as easily point to Jon Lester, no? I'm not discounting MadBum at all. He's a monster, and all pitchers inevitably break to remind us of our hubris and insignificance.

Jim (Naples): I read today that Nick Franklin's pecota projection was one of the most improved. Does this change outlook for fantasy? I was guessing he'd be a 1-2 star option, behind other prospects/rookies like Wong, Odor, etc.

Ben Carsley: It doesn't change it for me much. In my three-year 2B rankings coming out tomorrow, he's in the high 20s, well behind Wong and about on par with Odor.

Matt (SC): What is the most you have ever paid for a baseball ticket in your entire life? In American dollars.

Ben Carsley: Camped out for 11 hours in 20 degree weather before Game 2 of the 2013 World Series with three of my close friends, two of whom are also Sox fans and one of whom is a Cards fan. I think that set me back around $170. A lovely and thoughtful ex girlfriend gave me Opening Day tickets to Red Sox/Yankees once, and I imagine those cost a bit more since they were from a third party.

brentdaily (colorado): Does Murphy get moved to help fill the giant sucking sound in the Mets OF and make way for Dilson Herrara? I love .420 wOBAs...even in AA.

Ben Carsley: I think Murphy gets moved at some point this year, yeah. Herrera is an everyday starter for me down the road but I think he needs more time in the minors -- very limited exposure above High-A.

Silverback38 (VA): Dynasty Head to Head League: Would you give up Taillon to get Clint Frazier and a 2nd rd MiLB pick next year?

Ben Carsley: Totally depends on team needs. If I was stacked with pitching, yes. Otherwise, I'd hold on to Taillon, who still has easy No. 3 fantasy SP upside.

Marlins88 (MPLS): What are your thoughts RE: Tyson Ross? Forearm injury worry you heading into the year? Sell high?

Ben Carsley: Last year I called Tyson Ross poop in one of these chats. He was then decidedly not poopy, which many readers brought to my attention. I have lost the right to give an opinion on Ross.

sgcashmere (LA): What's the most recent rumble on whether the White Sox are going to keep Rodon as a starter or move him to relief this season?

Ben Carsley: I have no inside info here, but moving him to the pen doesn't make much sense to me. Let the man start.

JustinG (Pittsburgh): What is your take on Jung-Ho Kang for dynasty drafts?

Ben Carsley: I believe Bret said he would've slotted in around 20 on his Top 50 Dynasty Signees list. Sounds right to me.

Omega (Casa Grande): If Brendan Rodgers and Daz Cameron are the big prep names of today, what names have you heard are the big prep names of tomorrow?

Ben Carsley: I am really the wrong guy to ask, sorry! I generally don't follow prep guys until close to the draft: don't have the resources or scouting experience to make informed opinions of my own at those levels.

Ryan (Holyoke): If Cingrani cracks Cincy's opening day rotation how high/low do you value him this season?

Ben Carsley: I'm the Cingrani apologist among the TINO crowd. I think he's a No. 4 MLB and solid back-end fantasy starter. Just be smart when you use him.

liefmeyer (Calgary, Alberta): What do you think of Jimmy Nelson this coming year now that he looks like a lock for that rotation. Is he a AAAA guy or does he have top 40 upside?

Ben Carsley: There's a lot of grey area between those two outcomes, seeing as we're going to start the year with 150 starters. No to top 40, but he's a legit MLB arm IMO. I'd dabble in 16-team mixed or NL-only leagues.

Brett (Charlotte): Your favorite Red Sox prospect you reasonably think I haven't heard of?

Ben Carsley: Does Xander Bogaerts count? No? Let's go Jeffry Fernandez, despite the spelling. H/t Jordan Gorosh.

Slick Rick (The Ruler): What prospect is going to have the biggest explosion up the prospect boards this year: Matt Olsen, Amed Rosario, Rafael Devers, or some other prospect altogether?

Ben Carsley: Olson just left the Cal League so if anything, his status will probably take a hit when he posts more pedestrian numbers in Double-A. I think Devers has a chance to near top-50 status if he really rakes in the low minors, and at this point there's not much reason to think he won't.

Sandwich Prospectus (Craig's mind): Is spicy brown mustard an 80-grade condiment?

Ben Carsley: 60. Plays up to plus-plus when used correctly (in a Cuban) but there are definitely some game scenarios in which you'd want to sub him out. Not an insult; a lot of condiments dream of being everyday guys; but not every spread is special.

Grizzly (Chicago): Rank these hitters in Dynasty: Judge, Mazara, Bird, Devers, Moya, Renfroe, Nunez

Ben Carsley: Renfroe, Mazara, Judge, big gap, Devers, gap, Bird, Nunez, gap, Moya

Shawnykid23 (CT): 10 tm Dynasty league- Manny Machado for Byron Buxton? Waiting for Machado's power to really develop seems like it puts him on similar timeline to Buxton, whose speed (and maybe avg.) should play right away when he's called up, even if not until 2016.

Ben Carsley: This is really, really tough for me. My initial instinct was Machado, but you make a really good point. Gun to my head I think I still go with Manny, but boy is it close. A+ question.

John Olerud's Tree (Outside Seattle): Will TINO be attending Spring Training this year?

Ben Carsley: You know it, and this time with Papa Bret Sayre in tow. I'm aiming for less of a sunburn but an equal amount of projectile vomiting from Craig and an equal amount of swooning over Nick Williams. Also, I'm coming for you in 2K, Spike.

Alex (Anaheim): What's the best fantasy draft strategy to defend my back-to-back titles?

Ben Carsley: I would focus on winning again, prob.

Julio (The Stretch): WAIT CRAIG does not LIKE WARM VEGGIES?? Why not??

Ben Carsley: Why does Craig like or dislike anything? They probably fall apart in his wallet, I don't know. I'll report back in Feb.

Penguin (Antartica): Who would you pick, on value alone in a standard 5x5 dynasty: Teheran, Baez, or Ozuna?

Ben Carsley: I like them in that order, though the first two are real close. Love me some Teheran.

Gravybill (Paradise): Hi Ben! I need to cut three of the following from my 16 team 5x5 dynasty team; Cody Asche, John Jaso, Ike Davis, Dayan Viciedo, Will Venable, Gerardo Parra. Who gets the axe if it you made the call? Keep in mind Asche is my only insurance for Wright at 3B and Jaso is Wilson Ramos’ backup. many thanks!

Ben Carsley: Viciedo, Venable, Asche. If you're super worried about Wright, cut Parra instead.

Brett (Charlotte): How many MiLB games per year do you try to get to to see the players you talk about?

Ben Carsley: Not as many as I'd like to. Last year wasn't great for me, but ideally I'd head to somewhere between eight and 12? It's easy for me to get to Pawtucket and Portland, but that's about it. Arizona is great for me, though: think I saw like seven top-100 guys last year in four days alone. Also saw Hedges drop a ball, so I dropped a 30 on his potential glove.


Ben Carsley: I'm not going to answer this unless you ask me again with an indoor voice.

John (Boston): Hey Ben, please rank, Kluber,Richards, Smyly,deGrom,Keuchel,Roark, Collmenter,Mchugh, Duffy... Thanks, John

Ben Carsley: Weee more ranking questions that I'll later come to regret! Assuming this is dynasty, let's go:

Kluber, big gap, Richards, deGrom, gap, Duffy, Roark, Smyly, Keuchel, big gap, McHugh, Collmenter? This is a random group of dudes.

Ian (Tampa Bay): I just traded Jason Kipnis, so Kipnis Everdeen is out as a team name. What's the best Mike Trout related team name pun you've heard/have thought of?

Ben Carsley: No idea. I trademarked Asche to Asche, Cust to Cust last year and am looking forward to breaking that out in an expert league soon.

Basil (Texas): With injuries and performance in consideration, how do you rank these guys: Jameson Taillon, Taijuan Walker, Andrew Heaney.

Ben Carsley: Walker, Taillon, Heaney. I can't quit Walker. You're justified in being wary with him, though.

Steve (LA): Would you trade Teheran for Gerrit Cole and a prospect draft pick that could turn into one of Moncada, Tomas, Rodon, Castillo, or Schwarber?

Ben Carsley: Yes I would, regardless of which of those five "prospects" I received in return.

cracker73 (Florida): In a dynasty league, I can keep 4 of these 6, who would you keep? Collin McHugh, Andrew Cashner, Carlos Martinez, Dee Gordon, Wil Myers, and Clint Frazier. I'm interested in who has the most long term value. Thanks!

Ben Carsley: I'd drop McHugh easy, then probably Frazier next.

Jim (Baltimore): What's your long-term outlook for Jonathan Schoop? Will he ever be a top-10 fantasy option at 2B?

Ben Carsley: Ever? Sure. But I don't think he'll regularly be top-10, no. I'm a bit tired of the "he's young for his level" excuse, honestly. Good for him, but what does that matter in fantasy? I think he'll blossom into a regular top-15 guy but top-10 is a lofty goal for someone with his hit tool (or lack thereof).

Paul (Anaheim): It looks like the Astros might exchange a descent OBP guy (Fowler) for a pretty terrible OBP guy (Rasmus). The Astros are basically the opposite of the A's, all swing and no walk. Can it work?

Ben Carsley: It can work in the sense that they'll be better than they were last year. It won't work in the sense that they're still not that close to being competitive.

Jimmy (Arlington): Nick Franklin on par with Rougned Odor?? That's a real head scratcher!! Odor has performed far better at age 20 in MLB than Franlklin, who's 23. What am I missing??

Ben Carsley: That I said three-year rankings, and that I was answering from a fantasy POV. I'd probably take Odor IRL, but Odor isn't anywhere near his prime and has competition from Profar. Franklin's floor is lower, but I think his ceiling is comparable and he could turn into a multi-positional monster in Tampa.

JP (TX): Cooking meats you say???? I had a recent great experience cooking pork chops using a cast iron skillet and an oven. I guess this isnt a question quite yet, so what is your favorite meat to cook and how?

Ben Carsley: Cast iron skillets are amazing, and that is indeed a smart way to cook your pork chops. My favorite meat to consume is lamb; chops, roast legs and butterflied grilled legs all hold special places in my heart. The meat I'm best at cooking is roast turkey, Thanksgiving style. I'm 4/4 in 70-grade birds.

OBPplusSLG (Podcast land): How much (if any) of TINO is edited out?

Ben Carsley: A solid four to five minutes on an average night. It's been as much as like 15 minutes. Ask Mau on Twitter. The nice thing about recording with three guys you genuinely love, get along with and care about is that it flows naturally. The bad thing is you speak freely. Also like the new TINO Facebook page, because it totally matters!

Silverback38 (VA): Does Billy Hamilton's hit tool get better? Is he an asset or liability in Head 2 Head leagues?

Ben Carsley: Asset. The dude stole 50-plus bases with a sub-.300 OBP as a 23-year-old. You add another 20-30 point of OBP thru a better average and slightly better walk rate as he learns, and you got a routine 70-plus SB monster who will contribute meaningfully in R and AVG in his best years.

Chris (Baltimore): Another prominent baseball source just ranked Raimel Tapia as the 10th best prospect in the Rockies' system. How insanely stupid is that ranking?

Ben Carsley: I have a ton of Tapia questions in my queue, so let's get this out of the way: Listen, I don't agree with the ranking, but there are a ton of people at BA who forgot more about scouting after breakfast today than I ever knew. I don't know where the discrepancies lie, and obviously I trust BP scouts, but projecting what any of these guys will become is tough sledding, and I'm not gonna disparage what's been one of my favorite sources since I was a kid just because I think they got one ranking that I only have second-hand info on anyway wrong. I encourage everyone to read every prospect source they can get their hands on, because it makes watching the end product, MLB, more fun. Just listen to BP a little more than the other sources and we're all happy :)

Alan (Washington): Hey guy, nice of you to join us this evening. Where does Anthony Rendon rank overall among position players in a 6x6 (OPS) dynasty league?

Ben Carsley: I haven't made an overall list yet, but I'd imagine he's a top-30 guy in that format. Love Rendon; hope he stays healthy.

Cal Guy (Cal): Hi Ben, Who would you rather have for their entire career, Correa or Baez?

Ben Carsley: Close, but Baez. Higher risk but higher reward, though Correa could be very, very good in his own right.

Jack (Houston): Is Jake Marisnick a post hype guy to target this year? If he starts, think he is capable of 15/25 with a .260ish AVG in the next couple of seasons?

Ben Carsley: God, Marisnick is another kryptonite player for me. Yes, once again I like him as a sleeper, though the Rasmus acquisition hurts his potential path to playing time. I think 12/20 with a .260 AVG is his ceiling if he gets 500 PA next year.

Grizzly (Chicago): Do you think Jackie Bradley Jr. is still worth owning in Dynasty? I know he's out of a spot right now but seems like a guy who could easily earn playing time elsewhere based on his defense alone. Does he ever hit enough to justify him being rostered?

Ben Carsley: He's worth owning in a TDGX-level league where we roster 800 players, but not if you only roster, say, 500. Way, way more valuable IRL than for fantasy, though I still think there's enough there for him to profile as an OF 4/5 some day.

ColeWhittier (Pasadena, CA): Ben, give me an 70-grade flank steak marination recipe with high upside and low risk of failure.

Ben Carsley: Mexican is my favorite flavor profile for steak. Something with a good amount of cumin, coriander, chipotle, oregano, garlic salt, etc, marinated with citrusy juice. If you want an exact recipe, feel free to email me and I can give you a few options!

Blake Treinen (WAS): Any chance I close this year?

Ben Carsley: Any chance? Sure. I wouldn't go crazy on projecting him as "the next closer" or anything, though. I have a hunch they add to that bullpen before the season begins.

Frank (Chicago): Who's going to win the AL Central?

Ben Carsley: Probably not the Twins. Other than that, it's a very wide open division. I really love what the White Sox have done over the past few years, but the bottom half of their lineup is less than inspiring, as is their 'pen. Tigers have the highest upside but they need Verlander to wake up. Indians are probably the deepest team. Royals are going to be hard-pressed to replace Shields' production. If I have to pick today I say Tigers, but the Indians realllllly tempt me.

John (CT): Prediction for George Springer this season please...

Ben Carsley: 510 PA, .248/.340/.450, 26 homers, 13 steals. I completely made this up.

Ian (Tampa Bay): I HAVE SUFFICIE- i have sufficiently calmed down. Lively, Butler, and Gray for Lindor and Vogelbach, which side you got??

Ben Carsley: Lindy and Vogey even though I love Gray with all my HEART

Cougar (Minnesota): Keeper question - rank best to worst: Polonco, C. Carter, Richards, Ross, Blackmon, Bogaerts. Thanks!

Ben Carsley: Bogaerts, Polanco, big gap, Richards, Blackmon, (Tyson?) Ross, gap, Carter, (Joe?) Ross, (Rick?) Ross, big gap, (from Friends?) Ross.

Grizzly (Chicago): Hey Ben, what do you make of the Mets SS situation? Obviously they've been connected to every SS that has even remotely become available, but is there any chance Flores can become the answer or will he always just be a stopgap?

Ben Carsley: I like Flores' hit tool and think he can pass as a first-division 2B. He's not going to be a good defensive SS ever, though, so as long as he plays there you're going to hear rumors about the Mets finding a replacement. I don't think Desmond or Tulo are happening, but I do wonder if they can't make a deal work with Texas for Andrus or Profar. If not, they should totally give Zack Wheeler to the Red Sox for Deven Marrero, imo.

Mike (Boston): Ben can I use your immersion blender tn? kthx.

Ben Carsley: Of course. Cabinet above the sink. Just clean it off after. Also I'm going to eat one of your avocados later.

Douglas (a dynasty draft): If you were not concerned about the ETA, rank these players in a dynasty league: Manuel Margot, Jonathan Singleton, Brandon Nimmo, Rafael Devers and Steven Moya. Why?

Ben Carsley: Not trying to be difficult, but there really isn't any way to answer this and balance out risk/foor without ETA. If you're asking me in terms of pure upside, let's go Devers, Singleton, Margot, Nimmo, Moya.

Barry (New Orleans): When is the earliest you would consider taking Kershaw in a startup dynasty draft (6x6, QS and OPS)? And while we're at it, do you prefer pork or beef BBQ? I know it's like asking scouting vs. analytics or beer vs. tacos, but sometimes we have the answer the tough questions in life...

Ben Carsley: Right around seven or eight, behind Miggy but ahead of the Carlos Gomez tier.

For legit BBQ only, give me pork. Real tough to beat A+ ribs. That being said, steak > BBQ pork. That also being said, the single best BBQ item I've ever had was beef brisket.

hdub (the bleachers): lewin diaz,jordan paroubeck, gareth morgan all feel like lottery tickets. i think i like diaz the best, but wanted your take

Ben Carsley: I say this as someone who lives for deep dynasty leagues -- you're in too deep. Can't believe I got a Jordan Paroubeck question in a fantasy chat.

tsweber (Reno): OK to be optimistic for CMart after nice stint in Winter League? Mozeliak says he'll have a clear path the the fifth spot if he arrives camp ready to go.

Ben Carsley: Yep, still think CMart can be a No .3 starter, less because of Winter League and more because I love the stuff. Miller trade is a blessing for him.

Dylan (RI): Will Cameron Maybin be moved? I am foolishly still in love with the tools and he did tear his bicep last season. Will he start anywhere or is a just a defensive replacement for that god awful Padres OF defense? The same goes for Carlos Quentin, who I would love to get s DH spot somewhere, so his knees don't fall off.

Ben Carsley: Keeping Maybin around makes sense to me because the Padres don't have a center fielder. I guess you could keep Venable instead, but why not keep both? Quentin didn't stay healthy when he was in the AL and could DH regularly, so I don't think a move would help him much. I'm just staying away from Quentin forever and always unless I can pick him up off waivers when he's hot.

Omarion (Hardly, On., Canada): OK so lets say hypotheeeeeettttticalllllllyyyyy you had to choose between fighting Moby Dick in a swimming pool and wrestling Craig in a pudding pit .............. which you taking? Also what are your thoughts on trading draft picks for sure things who fit your needs even if they might be slotted a little lower ...... like a 3rd round pick for a player who has a 4th round grade??

Ben Carsley: I don't understand how wrestling Craig in a pudding pit would be a negative. Pudding is delicious and Craig is handsome.

My general advice is to just take the value, though if you're totally all-in for the following season that could change. But even then, not really, just take the value.

Silverback38 (VA): With your great knowledge of all that is Craij, what is his stance on MANwich?

Ben Carsley: I just looked up what Manwich was IRL and I wish I could ban you from my chats forever. Buy some god damn ground beef and make your own sandwich. My god.

kali (at my desk): In a 20 team points dynasty where top pitchers are the stars - I have first pick in the draft, a decent outfield and have visions of challenging this year. Tomas or Rodon, Rodon or Tomas?

Ben Carsley: I like Rodon more than Thomas.

matt (Regina): Rank in order overall two year production Bryant, Baez, Soler

Ben Carsley: Soler, Baez, Bryant

Edgar (my couch): Does Max Scherzer signing with the Nationals raise his draft stock any higher in your opinion?

Ben Carsley: Sure. Good park, NL, best team in baseball. He was already a legit fantasy No. 1 but he's even more of a sure thing now.

Ian (Tampa Bay): Hey Homeless Archer- Do you think Cliff Lee will bounce back to his old self, repeat last year's production, or do something in between? Excellent.

Ben Carsley: I'm staying away unless he falls to me very, very late.

CJ (New Hampshire): Dynasty League - Which side do you prefer: M. Carpenter/Stroman or Beltre/A. Alcantara

Ben Carsley: Honestly, that's a totally fair trade. I can't believe I'm saying this, since the second pair is comprised of one of my favorite MLBers and favorite prospects, but I think I'm actually taking Carpenter/Stro because of Beltre's age and AA's uncertain playing time.

Jon L (North Side): How you holding up buddy? Would 2.50/1.10/ 9.0 (ERA/WHIP/K/9) hurt you too much in 2015?

Ben Carsley: My therapist says I shouldn't talk to you. Apparently it's weird that I keep your Red Sox, A's and Cubs shirseys next to each other in a shrine above my bed?

You're a bit optimistic on the ERA and the WHIP as I think 2014 was a career year, but Lester is an ok No. 1 and phenomenal No. 2 fantasy starter for 2015.

Henry (Toronto): If you were the Blue Jays would you try to add someone to the rotation like James Shields, or just go with Norris/Sanchez?

Ben Carsley: Shields would be ideal if they had the cash, but I'm unconvinced they're going to spend big on any FA.

hdub (the bleachers): a rondon, lara, m wilson, m sierra are all fairly new to the scene. can you say a few words about the player you like best from that bunch? thanks!

Ben Carsley: Lara and Wilson stick out to me a little, though I haven't see any of these guys. You're super early on them.

Mike (N Ike's): What is your projection of Lindor, who everyone screams is defense with small bat.

Ben Carsley: Lindor's glove is better than his bat, but that doesn't make his bat small. He can routinely hit .280-plus with double-digit homers and 20-plus steals in his prime. That's a really nice fantasy SS and a franchise guy IRL.

Sandwich Wingman (Boston): If you had the two best center fielders in baseball (defensively) and a third who was merely average at playing center, would you consider playing the two very good fielders on the corners to minimize overlapping range for out-of-zone plays? Also: what is the best sandwich you've ever had?

Ben Carsley: No, I'd stick the crappy guy in left and let the good guys roam RF and CF freely. I don't know if one particular sandwich sticks out above all others in my mind, but cot damn do I love a good Cuban.

Caz (Boston): I can acquire Margot for pretty cheap in a dynasty league. Realistic ETA/ceiling?

Ben Carsley: Realistic ETA is late 2016-mid 2017. Realistic ceiling is No. 3 fantasy OF. Better real prospect than fantasy guy, though still interesting for our purposes.

Matt (Cambridge): Why do you hate Edwin Jackson, Ben? What did he ever do to you, other than steal Brett's heart? In a serious sense, will Jackson start this year? I can keep him(keep 35 in my dynasty) and I think his poor performance with men on base should regress and I still think he can strike more guys out.

Ben Carsley: I'm still not sure I'd keep him. I suppose if you're keeping like 700 guys in your league, sure, but there's no upside there at all.

Victor (DC): Humor me. rank these in dynasty league: Lindor, Bogaerts, Owings.

Ben Carsley: Bogaerts, gap, Lindor, Owings. Not tough.

Bruce (St Louis): Buddy tells me Kris Bryant and a very late round MLB pick were just traded for the 10th OVERALL MLB pick and Taijuan Walker in his startup dynasty league... what's your philosophy on trade vetoes?

Ben Carsley: This doesn't deserve a veto. Vetoes are bad. I would like to veto vetoes.

lol (smileyface): When do we get to do the "Ben's Friends are Drunk and answering baseball questions" edition chat?

Ben Carsley: When BP eventually fires me and Twitter is all I have left.

Mike (La La Land): Do you think Marcus Stroman will become one the elite AL starting pitchers in 2015? All of his peripheral stats (LD%, SO/BB, FIP-ERA, GB%, et al) seem to indicate that he has a solid shot at an ERA in the high 2s or low 3s, with tons of ground balls generated by the new sinker he began to throw in July. Do you see anything holding him back?

Ben Carsley: I really like Stroman but predicting an ERA in the 2s is quite optimistic, and he's certainly not elite yet. Yes, I know his FIP was below 3 last year, but he doesn't have contextual factors on his side and we still don't know if he can throw 180-200 IP. That being said, he has No. 2/3 fantasy starter upside in the long run, and I'd be comfortable with him as my No. 5 fantasy starter for 2015 in a 12-team league.

James (Boston): Why can't the Red Sox leave poor Xander Bogaerts alone? Last year it was Drew and a move to third. This year it's been Hamels trade rumors, and now Strasburg trade rumors. On top of that the Sox have been linked to Yoan Moncada, a shortstop. I realize Boston can't control the rumors, but this can't be good for the kid's psyche, can it?

Ben Carsley: Bogaerts was lauded as a plus-plus makeup guy in the minors. I was on the forefront of mocking the "he can't hit because he moved to 3B" logic, but if you watched him day in and day out, it's clear that it did bother him. In hindsight, the Drew signing was an obvious mistake for a few reasons. I don't think the Hamels or Strasburg stuff is comparable: if you can't handle trade rumors, you're probably not long for the majors. Signing Moncada wouldn't impact Bogaerts much, in my opinion; it's all currency, and Moncada can't start in the majors Day One.

Will (Boston): Law school State of the Union drinking game time Ben

Ben Carsley: On top of that, why don't you drink every time I answer a question?

LoneWolf (Baja): Does Nick Williams figure out the hit took or does he rely on his bad ball hitting ability for the rest of his career?

Ben Carsley: Love Nick Williams. I think he's gonna hit for a long time, and in my book he's a top-30 fantasy prospect.

Ian (Tampa Bay): TROUT FOR BLOOD, i got it you guys

Ben Carsley: This is better than anything I had. That's Troutstanding. Trout of this world. Will be thinking of this one on the Trouthouse all night. Gonna brag about that one at Trout Backe Lake (TJ) House

Grizzly (Chicago): Is Devin Williams the most underrated prospect in the NL Central?

Ben Carsley: /consults Bret's Top 500 underrated NL Central prospects list

He's a nice arm but I don't think he's terribly underrated at this point.

Ash (TX): Whats a realistic prediction for Jon Singleton in 2015? And would John Singleton the director, strike out less? (Boyz in the Hood was STRONG)

Ben Carsley: Such a STRONG question for so many reasons. Let's go .240 with 19 homers for Singleton in 2015.

Gila Monster ( Boston): How many games before Morrow/Johnson/Cashner go down and Wisler gets chance to be a solid,but not exciting starter?

Ben Carsley: I think Wisler gets fewer than 12 starts next year.

John (Texas): As the BP Boston resident, Blake Swihart becomes _____ in his fantasy prime?

Ben Carsley: Top-5 in his prime, consistent top-10 for much of his career. Just don't expect it right away: catchers take a while to develop even after reaching the majors.

Will (Boston): Well, it depends how long the chat is going for...We are doing shots, not beer.

Ben Carsley: Is that before or after you do excuses?

Colin (WI): If Lester starts Game 7 against the Red Sox this year what will you do?

Ben Carsley: Tell my friends to buy stock in Lagavulin

Mike (Chicago): Who's your pick for this year's Corey Kluber and Michael Brantley?

Ben Carsley: Good question. Gerrit Cole and Mookie Betts

Ian (Tampa Bay): Cuban sandwiches were invented in Tampa Bay. There is also Cigar City Beer in Tampa Bay. There is spring training in Tampa Bay.

Ben Carsley: We're going to Arizona again. I'm sorry. Maybe in 2016!

OBPplusSLG (The Union ): Do you think Joey Gallo becomes a Top 75 player in OBP leagues?

Ben Carsley: Ever? Yes. The thing about Gallo is he's likely to be a top-40 guy in that format or not be even close. Huge boom/bust.

Hoodie (Next Door): In your old age, how many beers could you consume in one sitting if you really put your mind to it?

Ben Carsley: Man, I don't know. I assume this comes from the Wade Boggs story? Now that I'm old and 25, heroic acts of drinking become less and less appealing to me as I must deal with the consequences the next day. I like to think I'm too mature to try this now, but given that I wasn't mature enough to skip this question ... if "one sitting" equals, like, six hours, let's go 24. I'm not the man I used to be.

Bobby (Lowell, MA): Bogaerts in 2015?

Ben Carsley: Agreed

Boyd (Harlan): Why do people think the half-wit Marshal Givens is the star? I'm the loquacious people person. Like you on TINO, just with more shooting.

Ben Carsley: I like you.

OBPplusSLG (Harlan): Above you mentioned Stroman as 2/3 upside. Is that just conservatism (few pitchers become aces)? Besides, presumably, Giolito, how many others in full season ball have #1 upside? Bundy, Thor, Gray, Bradley? <10?

Ben Carsley: Yes, it's not a slight on Stroman. Just consider most people play in 10-14-team leagues, so there can only be 10-14 fantasy aces at a time, right? Stroman doesn't have that upside. In the minors, I think only Giolito and Bundy do, though I could see adding Gray if he got out of Coors.

Karl (Centerfield): How do you like/rank these pitchers: Arrieta(Cubs),Corrasco(Indians), Richards(Angels),Cole(Pirates) and Ross(Padres), How concerning is Richards injury - any news on timetable?

Ben Carsley: Cole, Richard, Arrieta, Carrasco, Ross. I don't have any inside info on injuries. Apologies to the lot of you who asked detailed injury questions. It's not what I do/where I'm tapped in.

Ian (Tampa Bay): It seems like Jason Parks' persona shattered and was distributed among other BP employees. Assuming you got his alcoholism, where did the rest of the pieces go?

Ben Carsley: Jeff got his handsomeness. Mau got his rig. Craig got a fragment of his evaluation skills, which is the nicest thing I'll say about Craig ever.

Richmond (Sal): How much does Gyorko benefit from the improvement in lineup? Does this upgrade his ranking?

Ben Carsley: I thought Gyorko would rebound a bit even before the lineup around him transformed. I wouldn't go so far as to call him a sleeper now, but I think he can finish as a top-15 second baseman in 2015. The boy has pop.

kylanje (Florida): Wilin Rosario or Mike Zunino in a dynasty keague?

Ben Carsley: Zunino. Rosario won't be catching by 2017, and that's at the latest.

Shea (Stadium ): Any love for Steven Matz?

Ben Carsley: As a top-75 guy, for sure. That being said, I think I've seen so many "HE'S UNDERRATED" posts/tweets that I don't think he's underrated anymore.

Abe Froman (Chicago): Maybe a dumb question, but when you say a guy has SP1, SP2, or SP3 upside are you talking about in relation to his MLB rotation or for the most part is it being referred to in a fantasy sense?

Ben Carsley: I've tried to make the distinction by saying "No. 3 IRL (in real life), No. 5/6 fantasy" a bunch in this chat. If there's no disclaimer and you can't infer from the question, assume I mean fantasy, since that's my primary function at BP.

Neil (Clearwater, FL): 2015 only: Cobb = Low fantasy #2; Archer = #4?

Ben Carsley: That looks right to me, yep!

sitdancer (Tpmd): I second all three of your statements about pork vs beef. I'm a sucker for pulled pork too though.

Ben Carsley: They're both so, so good. You just need to know when to utilize their strengths.

IrishPhog (South Bend ): Does Bundy's upside put him above Gausman's floor.

Ben Carsley: Gahhhhh. At this point, I think I'll take Gausman. He still has No. 2 MLB upside in his own right.

EB (PA): Sano, Stephenson, and Swihart for Cabrera in a deep scoresheet partial keeper?

Ben Carsley: That seems fair to me, yes. That's the type of package it should take to get Miggy.

Jason (Orangedale): Billy Hamilton a top 25 player in dynasty leagues a year from now?

Ben Carsley: That's way too aggressive. I like him, but he's not going to hit enough to be a top-30 pick right away.

Morrsco (Atlanta): What should we make of Greg Bird's fall league? What is a reasonable expectation for him in the majors when he is ready?

Ben Carsley: I don't make much of fall league stats, honestly. When he's ready, he's a second-division first baseman who could play up in Yankee Stadium, if the Yankees give him the job. Dangerous to project contextual factors into the future, though.

bigdon1984 (VT): In a 12 tm 10 keeper, keep forever 0x10 with H, TB, XBH, BB, and OPS as the extra cats for hitting and BB, CG, SO and K/9 for pitching, which side would you prefer out of Darvish for Puig?

Ben Carsley: TB and XBH makes me want to say Puig, but K/9 makes me want to say Darvish. Still, Puig is better overall and the league scoring doesn't totally swing things, so Puig.

Lior (MN): Pick two: Joe Mauer, Kolten Wong, Matt Holliday, Khris Davis, Brandon Phillips, Pedro Alvarez. These would be the last two keepers in a 5x5 roto league. (Keeping Panda, Shields, JZimm, Starlin already)

Ben Carsley: Definitely not Phillips or Davis. I'd probably go Mauer and Holliday.

TuckerBlair (AMERICA): Thoughts on Brew Free or Die IPA? I'm on the fence

Ben Carsley: As in you haven't tried it or you don't know how you feel about it? I give it a 60. Light enough to drink several, high enough ABV to be effective, and, most importantly, tasty.

Colin (WI): Will future scholars look back on your impending cohabitation with Craig as the day Sandwich Prospectus truly began its long climb to Google-level heights?

Ben Carsley: Y'all keep joking but it's gonna happen. Sandwich Prospectus will live.

Charles (Brooklyn ): Am I the only one that is a bit hesitant on Altuve for next year? I think the BABIP is a bit high, but I am more concerned that is has never been a 80 speed guy, but a guy that was an above average runner with good instincts. But I am a bit concerned as age comes, that he'll be more effected by decline than most speedy guys.

Ben Carsley: You're not the only one, but I don't share your concerns. I've been hearing about how Altuve is going to stop running since the moment he started running. He's not going to repeat his 2014 campaign, obviously, but he's a top-3 2B for 2015.

Bryan (Brooklyn): Do you wish your eyes were blue? You probably do

Ben Carsley: What a joke. Green eyes >>>>>>>>

"X" man (Red Sox SS): Lots of good Bogaerts talk. Any guess on when the break out might come? Should one consider long-terming him 3 years now at $5 increase per year or lose him after this year? Seems risky.

Ben Carsley: There comes a time when you have to trust your evaluating chops, and Bogaerts is a benchmark player for me. The swing is too easy when it's going right, the power too natural, the eye too good. I think he's going to be a star, and we saw enough glimpses of that guy in 2014 that I won't give up on that projection yet. Sign him to the deal. You won't regret it.

Chris (Phoenix): Miguel Sano shake off the rust and get a look in the majors this season?

Ben Carsley: Twins have no reason to rush him. He could get a cup of coffee in September but odds are 2016 is more likely.

Angela (Portland, OR): Who do you like for 2015 ROYs?

Ben Carsley: Let's go Soler and Pompey

DANIEL NAVA (Boston): Carsley I've tolerated your incorrect opinions on many things but this green eye garbage position is untenable

Ben Carsley: Green, Blue, gap, Hazel, huge gap, Brown

Cal Guy (Cal): Ben, In a dynasty league would you rather have someone like Giolito, with his TJ history and astronomical ceiling or Gausman, who has a high ceiling in his own right, but a clean health history.

Ben Carsley: I would take Gausman at this point, but boy is it tough to pass up Gio

Steve (LA): Kluber, Teheran, Cole, Hamels, Bautista, Bogaerts available at the 1st pick of a 10 team keeper redraft. Next redraft in 4 years. Who do you take?

Ben Carsley: My mind can't handle this question. I want to say Bogaerts with all my heart, but I probably go Bautista. But Bogaerts. But also Kluber. Impossible. Go with Joey.

Someone (Somewhere): Tell me about Lewis Brinson?

Ben Carsley: Athlete city. Flies down the line. Bigger and stronger than you think. Not a very pretty swing. Will never be a high average guy but every other tool is so strong that he might make it work. High risk, high reward.

PAaul (Youngstown): Jung Ho Kang - he who's looking forward to facing aroldis champman - where should he be drafted?

Ben Carsley: In anything shallower than 16-team leagues, the answer is "not at all."

Norris (Chicago, IL): Two starting pitcher questions: How good could Quintana be this year? Improving team, improving statistics.....couldn't he be on the verge of a breakout? C.C. Sabathia. Done?

Ben Carsley: Love Quintana. Think the breakout was last year though. Legit No. 3/4 fantasy SP. I'm staying away from Sabathia, yes. If he falls to me in the last round or he's on waivers and looks good early, I consider streaming him.

JP (TX ): You, Craij, battle chat....again this is not a question but I think it is important.

Ben Carsley: I think we're going to do a Twitter chat when I'm in DC. Haven't run it by him though. More details to follow. Unless they don't.

Kevin (Oakbrook Terrace, IL): Am I just being a homer or can Jorge Soler be A borderline top 20 fantasy OF this year.

Ben Carsley: You're not being a homer. He's not a great bet to reach that benchmark, but it's an appropriate ceiling for him.

Josh (Philly): I'm in a keep-everyone-forever league (no salaries or anything) and have my team at or nearly at contender status. I have a chance to make a deal centered on giving up Teheran and acquiring Harper. I'd be adding some other young pitchers (probably Porcello and Hutchison, with draft picks coming my way to finally balance things). Harper would upgrade my Pearce/Arcia LF situation, and I'm pretty good at finding useful in-season pitching. I'm just nervous about Teheran taking one more step and solidly locking himself in as an ace this year. What say you? Thanks!

Ben Carsley: People have Harper fatigue. Don't be people. Make this deal.

Festivus313 (Pittsburgh): Reynaldo Lopez!!!!!!!!!! Where do you stand on his future...star or super duper star? Seriously in a dynasty how bullish are you? do you consider him before guys like Crick, Chi Chi Gonzalez, Eduardo Rodriguez, Kohl Stewart and CJ Edwards?

Ben Carsley: I'd take him before Crick or Edwards among the guys listed. Think both are relievers.

OBPplusSLG (10 minutes til Justified): In a dynasty with only 120 players kept, does the upside of a Giolito (or Baez, whatever) become more valuable than the safety of Gausman (as mentioned above)?

Ben Carsley: That's really a keeper league, not a dynasty league. You can err on the side of upside in such a format, yes, but Gausman's upside is still high enough that I think I still go with him over Giolito. Baez over either, tho.

Don (CA): Bright and shiny (Baez) or tried and true (Hendricks/Walker/Murphy)?

Ben Carsley: Baez in dynasty, one of those three (my preference would be Kendrick) in redraft.

Doug (Philly): What kind of numbers do you see Brantley putting up in 2015? 15 hrs 20 SB seem about right?

Ben Carsley: Looks right to me. Count me among those who won't be paying for Brantley's breakout a year late.

OceanBalls (Yes): A lot is being made about Jimmy Nelson the past two days with Breen even saying he heard a scout call him "special". What's his upside? Would you trade Michael Cuddyer and Dustin Ackley in dynasty for him for example?

Ben Carsley: I'd trade Ackley for him for sure. Cuddyer a closer call, really depends on need/where you are in contention cycle. He's not special for our purposes.

Rich (MD): Is Matt Olson the one 1B prospect you would consider owning? Since most seemingly don't want anything to do with actual 1B prospects.

Ben Carsley: If we don't count Maikel Franco or Josh Bell, I think Olson is the best 1B prospect in the minors, yes. That being said, he's not going to look as impressive this year out of the Cal League.

John (CT): Thoughts on a peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich? 50? Or is nostalgia just driving that?

Ben Carsley: 30. Organizational (cabinet) depth. If that's what you're bringing to lunch you'll be back in the minors before you know it.

Basil (Tejas): How are you liking Panda in Fenway?

Ben Carsley: I like it plenty, think he's in line for a top-10 fantasy finish in 2015. I still think Panda is more of a good complimentary fantasy player than an absolute stud, but it's tough to think of a better place for him to wind up than Boston for fantasy.

DANIEL NAVA (Boston): why are you still chatting?

Ben Carsley: Why are you still batting right-handed?

Brian (Boston): why

Ben Carsley: Because the State of the Chat is strong.

Ben Carsley: 2.5 hours and 150 questions. You guys are the best, thank you for my best BP chat yet. If I missed you, i'm @BenCarsley on Twitter, or you can address Bat Signal questions to Mike or Craig. Have a great night!

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