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Chat: Jordan Gorosh

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Welcome to Baseball Prospectus' Tuesday May 27, 2014 11:30 AM ET chat session with Jordan Gorosh.


Talk prospects in Jordan's inaugural BP chat.

Jordan Gorosh: There is no day baseball today, which is making me have a sad. Let's chat and make it all better.

champaigncaviar (Normal, IL): Today we remember those fallen in the line of duty. RIP Nate Westen

Jordan Gorosh: This is the Nate Westen memorial chat. Nate was a true hero. With that, I'll kick my first BP chat off.

TJ (West Africa): If you had to cast the Star Wars movies with only Tigers players, who would you cast as who?

Jordan Gorosh: Usually, I'm better with pokemon comparisons. Alex Gonzalez is yoda. Wait, he's not there anymore.. hmm. Phil Coke is Darth Vader. Nick Castellanos is Luke Skywalker. Joba is Jabba the Hutt (way too easy).

scott (az): Is Dalton Pompey turning into a legit prospect? Seems to be putting some really good numbers.

Jordan Gorosh: He's been a legit prospect. I think if the prospect team had to do it all over again, he'd be on the top 10 list for the Jays. He's got plenty of tools, and they're starting to come together at High-A. The broken hamate didn't help, but he's a legit CF prospect with plus athleticism and speed. Interested to see how he holds up as a RHH, but the good news is that the right side is the side he'll have to bat less frequently.

cal guy (cal): Welcome, Jordan! Giolito has not pitched in a while. Is he doing ok in his recovery and how would you rank him compared to other top pitching prospects like Bradley, Syn, Gray, Walker, and Bundy?

Jordan Gorosh: They're just limiting innings and being extra cautious. Can you really blame them with the rash of arm injuries lately? Plus, he's already had TJ. In terms of ceiling, you could argue that he's got the highest out of any of those guys. Floor is a bit lower, just because he's already been cut, is in the low minors, and those other guys are closer to big league ready. Giolito has ace potential, of course.

jeffk393 (Kansas city): Saw you tweet about Vaughn Bryan. I own him in a league. 12 team, 30 man deep minor system. Can you give an "eyewitness scouting" report on Bryans longterm outlook?

Jordan Gorosh: Abridged version: plus, plus athlete and plus, plus runner. Playing RF right now, but is likely a CF long term. Explosive, and dangerous on the basepaths. Quick twitch. I only saw him hit from the left side, as he was facing a RHP, but the swing was short, and he got the barrel into the zone quickly. He has some surprising pop, too. I'd like to see him more before I put any hit/power grades, but he's certainly intriguing and worth holding onto for now.

unlikelyfanatic (Frisco, TX): Peanut butter on brownies. Allowable?

Jordan Gorosh: It's peanut butter and chocolate, of course this is allowable. As long as you aren't making peanut butter cookies, you'll be okay.

Howie (NYC): New guy, eh? Welcome! We know the Prof goes ga ga over the high ceiling youngsters who are sushi-grade raw. So what would you say your personal bias(es) are regarding prospects?

Jordan Gorosh: I think that's something that we all like. Ceiling talent is impact talent. You want guys who can impact the major leagues, and in a big way. The idea is to produce talent that you're not able to get on the open market.

In terms of my personal biases, I'm privy to lefties with pitchability. Someone like Andrew Heaney, for instance, because he's got an excellent shot of getting outs at the big league level, and for a long time. I also find myself attracted to guys like Rob Kaminsky, who have a legit plus, plus pitch, and feel for the mound. Even though he isn't a big guy, last I checked, you don't get extra points for being tall.

In terms of hitters, I like hit/power guys more than speed. Speed often overrates a prospect, and even though the adage 'you can't teach speed' is certainly true, it's easier to find on the open market than someone who can legitimately hit the baseball.

CyMature (hardballHeaven): Chi-Chi Gonzalez, Ryne Stanek: two college guys with the right stuff. Promotions soon?

Jordan Gorosh: The reports on Chi-Chi have been outstanding. He's probably too good for A+ at this point, and since he's 22, AA is age appropriate for a college prospect. I'd guess sometime after the all star game in the carolina league. Stanek has only made four starts, and the Rays are typically conservative with pitching, so you might see him stay in the MWL for awhile. The stuff is good, but he's also coming off injury.

Dragonbreath (Gurnee, IL): What do you see for Archie Bradleys' near future? Joc Pederson up in 2015 0r 16? Thanks for the chat, regardless if you get to these queations

Jordan Gorosh: Bradley needs to get healthy and get innings. He's close to major league ready, but the key for him is fastball command, as it is for plenty of young starters. He needs to command his fastball to all four quadrants, and even though the stuff is outstanding, he'd fare poorly at the major league level at this moment, due to some command issues. The profile is a top of the rotation pitcher; he has all the tools.

The Pederson situation is really intriguing. There's nothing the dodgers can do at this point, they're kind of stuck. I think Ethier gets moved, though. They can't have all five of those guys at once.

Joe (Chucktown): Haven't heard anything about Addison Russell lately. When is he expected back, and what do you think his future numbers look like?

Jordan Gorosh: Not sure about his recovery, but he's not being rushed. Hamstrings are fickle beasts, and he could be out awhile. His CAL league line from last year is a pretty good indication of what his future numbers may look like. Russell is going to impact the game on all sides of the ball, and has the chance to be a monster both in real life, and in fantasy.

Chris (Phoenix): What do you make of Michael Taylor? Is he blossoming into a legit prospect or still not enough hit tool to be a factor?

Jordan Gorosh: He's always been a legit prospect. Has the potential to impact the game in a variety of ways. As it does so often, the success hinges on the hit tool. The success at AA isn't going unnoticed, but he's got a pretty long swing. I don't know how that holds up, but based on tools alone, he may be able to be a second division guy, even if he hits .240, because of the power/speed/fielding combo.

Scott (Lincolnshire): Is Baez back!!??!?!?!??!?????

Jordan Gorosh: I don't think he ever left. Baez is a really streaky hitter. His approach is still poor. He'd get abused by major league pitching at this point. He's a mistake hitter, but absolutely crushes mistakes. I'm not so much looking at the walk totals, but I'd like to see him work himself into more hitters counts. He's the type of guy that mashes fastballs, but struggles with spin, especially arm side. I wouldn't expect him in Chicago for a bit.

This isn't to say that his ceiling isn't franchise altering; it is. However, he just needs some more time to iron things out at the minor league level. Plus, he'll probably need close to 500 PA before he can figure it out at the major league level.

Jquinton82 (ny): Chances syndergaard is the next victim to need tj surgery?

Jordan Gorosh: I'm not going to play amateur doctor, here. Reports are coming out that the pain is on the outside of the elbow, not the inside. So, I'll go with that, unless anything changes.

Myrick (Charleston, SC): Jose Abreu or Xander Bogaerts rest of career?

Jordan Gorosh: Bogaerts has the chance to be one of the 5 best players in the game. The ceiling is enormous. He may be 95% of the hitter Abreu is, and play a left side of the infield position. His approach at the plate is absolutely otherworldly, especially for a kid his age. Last year in the playoffs, I had the chance to watch him pretty closely. He's special.

jarretthaines (fl): Where do you see Mark Buerhle a month from now? Does he maintain his current pace or regress back?

Jordan Gorosh: He's certainly outperforming his peripherals, like his FIP, xFIP, and SIERA. A guy like Buehrle has always been one of my favorites, just because he understands the intricacies and finer points of pitching, maybe better than anyone else in the game right now. He gets by on guile and sequencing. I do believe some regression is coming, especially in the HR/FB rate category, but he's crafty enough to maintain a low 3's ERA for the rest of the year.

Crazy Person (Kalamazoo, MI): Jordan, How can you possibly know what you're talking about if you're not 56 years old and have been watching baseball since 1968? Just curious.

Jordan Gorosh: I had a very good mentor and teacher growing up; my father has taught me a lot, and actually does fall within that age range. I try to talk to a lot of people in and around the game. Most importantly, I always want to be the dumbest guy in the room. That's how I soak up knowledge.

Frank (Boston): So with what you said about what you look for in hitters about speed and hit/power, what do you think of Mookie Betts, a guy who seems to at least have the hit part, and the speed part down, with hopefully power coming later.

Jordan Gorosh: I think you could be looking at a first division Mookie. Mookie has basically hit his way up the chain. Hitters hit. I don't know how it works out in Boston, as he's clearly blocked. But if he is moved, I think he's going to play every day at 2B. Right now, it's about improving on balls that are on the inner half for him. But, he barrels everything.

GrinnellSteve (Grinnell): Thoughts on Tyler Danish? Thanks.

Jordan Gorosh: I don't like the mechanical profile. It's rough. He's funky, and has a decent slider. The change up isn't a factor at this point. Probably looking at a bullpen arm long term, but one who is tough on right handed hitters.

holmesp2001 (St. Louis): What's your outlook for Oswaldo Arcia the rest of the way?

Jordan Gorosh: The K rate is concerning, and so is the whiff rate, but I think he'll get those things under control. As I said before, hitters hit. He can really mash, and has some pop. Could be looking at a .280 guy with 50+ XBH. He's got a classic corner OF profile.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Who are some guys that you are higher on than other guys on the BP team? Lower? Also, what region do you do most scouting in?

Jordan Gorosh: Higher: Jake Thompson. He's going to burst onto the scene as a potential back end of top 100 prospect this year, if I have anything to say about it. Rougned Odor as well, I think he's one of the top 20 prospects in the game.

Lower: Maikel Franco. I see him as a 1B long term, and his feel for the barrel is only okay. The power potential is nice, but I absolutely detest 1B prospects. Gary Sanchez and Jorge Soler are each guys I'm low on, althoug I think the BP team is, too.

I'm located in Chicago, so I see a lot of MWL games.

Bill (Bozeman): Hunter Dozier's stats look ordinary until you look at the splits and see he's raking away from Frawley Stadium. Is that enough to earn him a promotion this summer? What are your thoughts on Dozier?

Jordan Gorosh: I wouldn't pay too close of attention to the stats, especially in that park. Dozier is a gamer. He comes to play every day, has plenty of #want, and can hit. He'll do fine at 3B, and the scouting reports are far superior to the stats. He absolutely loves to play the game every day, which is underratedly important. He's going to work at his craft, and continue to hone it.

Shawn (Cubicle): Better in MLB in 2014- Gregory Polanco or Oscar Taveras?

Jordan Gorosh: I'm such a sucker for Taveras. Don't get me wrong, I love Polanco, and he's major league ready right now. If there weren't arb concerns, he'd be up. The bat is going to be impact, too. However, Taveras could come out and hit .300/.400/.500 the second he's a Cardinal. He needs a new challenge. The bat is truly special, and he's got the chance to be one of the best hitters in baseball for a long, long time.

nottes (MD): Could Hunter Harvey be among the top pitching prospects by years end? Is he already?

Jordan Gorosh: I think the Harvey hype is going parabolic, and I'm cool with it. I absolutely love everything about the kid, and the fact that Ryan Parker and CJ Wittman are debating between him being plus and plus, plus pretty much tells you everything you need to know. He's an absolute bulldog on the mound, and shoves it every time he steps out there. He could have two pitches that border on plus plus, and I'm interested to see how the change up progression comes along. If you want to group him among the top pitching prospects, that's fine, especially if the top tier of guys who are close to the majors no longer qualify for prospect status. If they do, he's probably a second tier guy, but the ceiling is still that of a #2 starter long term.

BaseballDaddy (your old room): ETA for Eugenio Suarez and Steven Moya 19XBH in a month and only 1 BB in AA..what do you make of that

Jordan Gorosh: I think Suarez is pretty close. He's a pretty underrated talent. With the position of SS so down in the majors (it's awesome in the minors of course), a .250/.330/.370 type guy with average defense at a premium position is not a common commodity. Romine, short of the last few games, and Worth have been absolutely abysmal at the plate, and not that great in the field. I think they're going to want to see how he does for ~100 or so AB before deciding if they need to make a move. This all hinges on Iglesias' health, of course.

In terms of Moya, I'm probably the low man on him. He has no barrel control, a long swing, and not much approach. The power is definitely real, but I don't know if it ever plays to utility. I'd keep him in AA for as long as I could. He seems like the type of guy who may figure it out at some point, but I'd wager it's closer to his age 28 season than his age 24.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Thoughts on Alex Meyer- front of the rotation starter or more mid-rotation due to inconsistencies?

Jordan Gorosh: I'm always weary of guys who are absolutely enormous, like Meyer. There are so many moving parts to pitching deliveries, and guys with that type of size are prone to mechanical inconsistencies; it's just the nature of the beast. The FB/SL arsenal are TOTR quality, but given the FB command issues, I'm more prone to lean toward middle of the rotation guy, but a very good one.

Ethan Spalding (Chicago): Frank Montas's walk numbers are way down, and he's still got a huge fastball. Is he still definitely a pen guy long term, or is he doing things that could change that evaluation?

Jordan Gorosh: He's a pen arm long term. It makes the most sense for him to go out there 3x a week and try to throw a baseball through the catcher's glove. And, he might just do that.

Kingpin (Grinnell, IA): Arismendy Alcanatara seemed to make progress with his BB% and BB/K ratio last year, but this year he has reverted back to his career norms. How big of a concern is this for his MLB future?

Jordan Gorosh: It's a concern. I've gotten poor reviews about his approach at the plate of late, and he's not getting himself into good counts. His spin recognition skills haven't been very good of late, and he's not looking for pitches to drive. You're probably going to see that type of thing exposed at the major league level at first until he makes adjustments, but he's a relatively heady player, so I think you'll see it even out over time.

Bill (Bozeman): What do you make of Sean Manaea's spring to this point? How do you reconcile the 53/14 K/BB ratio with the .305 average against? What are scout reports on his velocity and stuff?

Jordan Gorosh: To be completely honest with you, I had absolutely no idea what Manaea's numbers were until you told me, and I looked them up. I often pay a limited amount of attention to that stuff, especially in the low minors. The reports on him have been borderline graphic. If he can be 90% of what he was in the '12 Cape league, you're looking at a middle of the rotation guy.

Tommy (Tampa): Wil Myers - one year wonder or simply working through an adjustment phase??

Jordan Gorosh: Adjustment phase. This type of thing happens frequently. He's trying to yank everything on the outer half of the plate to LF. Myers has big, big power, and he's becoming pull happy, a quick glance at the spray chart tells you that. He's hitting .184 with no power against breaking stuff, and .129 against against offspeed. He's seen a lot of stuff soft away, and having trouble laying off. The bat to ball is excellent, so I think he makes an adjustment and hits his ceiling.

tomshipley75 (Chicago): Who switches position first? Baez, Bryant, Alcantara or Castro?

Jordan Gorosh: Alcantara is a 2B, I think that's set in stone. Between Castro and Baez, one of those two will also play 2B. I'm interested to see how it all shakes out. They're going to try to keep Bryant at 3B as long as possible, and it may work for a limited amount of time, but he's got a classic RF profile; that's where he ends up for me.

chri521 (NYC): Thoughts on deGrom and Montero so far? As a Mets fan there's not much giving me happies this year but their performance so far makes me optimistic. Still feels like we're creating the Padres light, emphasis on the light (hitting).

Jordan Gorosh: I absolutely hate the lowercase d. Get it together, guys. However, deGrom has been pleasantly surprising. He's kind of got the Bronson Arroyo build going on, but I'm not 100% sure he sticks in the rotation. Of the two, I'm much higher on Montero. He's got advanced pitchability, and even though the body isn't ideal, he's able to establish the FB. The command is still improving, and I know he's been hit around a bit so far, but that's what happens often when young pitchers get a taste of MLB hitters. They're good.

Chris (Phoenix): What ETA and what kind of player do you think Hunter Renfroe can be?

Jordan Gorosh: The power is certainly legit. He's a really strong dude. It really depends if the hit tool lets the power maximize utility. You're seeing some inflated numbers in the CAL league right now, especially for a guy who hits balls with back spin. He needs to refine the approach quite a bit, and continue to look for pitches to drive, instead of swinging so freely. 2016 seems appropriate as an ETA for me.

Ben F (CA): Jordan, congrats on your first BP chat. Thanks for doing it. With short season games to start soon are there any high ceiling prospects who we should look for in those leagues?

Jordan Gorosh: Marcos Molina, Rafael Devers, Eloy Jimenez and the return of the man, the myth, the legend, Brenny Paulino.

AJ (Phoenix): Jon Gray: When do we see him? How good do you think he'll be (2014? career?)? Thanks for the chat!

Jordan Gorosh: The Rockies are asking Gray to pitch to a bit more contact in the minors right now, and I know he's using his change up much more frequently than he was before. I've heard that he's throwing his slider sometimes 10 or less times in a game, and throwing the change up close to 30. Plus, they're trying to get him to throw more 2SFB. Honestly, I wish he'd just go out there and pound 4SFB/slider combo, and continue to miss bats. I don't know if we'll see him in '14, but I selfishly hope so. If he pitches the way of which he's capable, Gray profiles as a #2 starter type, but may fall into the really good middle of the rotation category if he's pitching to a tick more contact.

jjackhammers (Victoria BC): Does springer have a chance to be one of the best fantasy hitters in the game or will his k rate prevent that?

Jordan Gorosh: Yes to both? Springer is who he is. You're going to see K% in the 25 range more often than not, but he's capable of going on these streaks. His exact line (.268/.348/.500) is a good indication of what you'll see moving forward. Maybe .025 more in ISO at his peak.

Keji (Chicago): I know this is not a prospect question but how do you explain Julio Teheran's relative dominance this year as opposed to the depressed scouting reports he was getting on the way up.

Jordan Gorosh: Depressed is probably an overstatement. I think a lot of people suffered from prospect fatigue with Teheran. You probably remember seeing a lot of "ace" reports from the low minors. Then, he floundered a bit and didn't absolutely dominate like it was expected. Similar career path to Martin Perez in that regard. He's dominant because he's really freaking good. The slider is borderline unhittable this year, and I also really like the change. He may not be an "ace", but is a top of the rotation arm.

Ibraheem (Evanston): I havent yet got a safitasctory response to this question i was hoping you would help. How do you explain the dominance of Sean Manea's fastball relative to its velocity and is their someone with a comparable dominant fastball with lower tier velo.

Jordan Gorosh: Manaea has what's commonly referred to as a "ghost" fastball. That means that hitters have a lot of trouble seeing it out of his hand, and it gets on them quickly. He's got a little bit of funk in the delivery, which helps, and the hiding of the ball is what makes the effective velocity higher.

MRubio52 (Chicago): Are Jackets sandwiches?

Jordan Gorosh: This is a really important life question, but I'm going to lean yes. The thing is, that Carsley is a sandwich elitist, and doesn't believe anything is a sandwich. Is a turkey sandwich a sandwich, Ben? No? it has its own class? But seriously, a jacket is a sandwich because a person is the "meat" in this situation. It makes perfect sense.

DJ (Dallas): What's your take on Rougned Odor, recognizing he only has a handful of MLB at bats?? Thanks for the chat!!

Jordan Gorosh: Odor is a flat out stud and a gamer. The more I think about it and talk to people in and around the game, the more I like him. I'm not 100% sold it's actually profar's job anymore, and profar is a flat out stud. Odor has swagger in the box, and a 7 bat really might not be an understatement. There is nothing not to love.

Zack (Windsor): Jonathon Crawford has dominated at West Michigan this year (outside of the first start). When do you think he is promoted to Lakeland? How his the the secondary stuff coming along and do you ultimately see him as a starter or back end bullpen guy?

Jordan Gorosh: He's been dominant, and it was a weird assignment in the first place. He's from Florida, is a college guy, and pitched at college in Florida. Lakeland made the most sense to me. Anyway, he's dominating at WMI, and the MWL hitters have virtually no chance against the slider.

The secondary stuff isn't necessarily the issue, as far as I'm concerned. The slider is a true wipeout pitch, probably a 7, but I'm more worried about the velocity and the delivery. He's really, really stiff, and the motion kind of reminds me of Tyson Ross with the short stride. His change up isn't fully developed yet, but the Tigers are going to give him every chance to start until he proves he can't. I like him as a middle of the rotation guy. He should be promoted soon, but the problem is that there are a few other guys at WMI that also deserve to be moved up.

Ben F (CA): How would you rate this year's draft class? How many of them do you think will make the offseason top 100?

Jordan Gorosh: It's okay. Was thought to be a lot better, but the lack of bats is concerning. If I had to go off the top of my head, you'll probably see Rodon, Aiken, and maybe Kolek in the top 100. We all know how the Professor loves his big, supple #Texans

The Dude (Office): Best pizza in Chicago is...

Jordan Gorosh: I'm partial to Pequods because I live about 5 feet away from it, and it reminds me kind of "Buddy's Pizza" from home in Detroit. Lou Malnati's is extremely good as well. Not a Giordanos guy. I just can't deal with a crust that large.

John (CT): Like Russell, haven't heard a lot about Buxton lately? Is he about ready to play. And speaking of Springer, what happened to stealing bases? Too many pick off attempts holding him close?

Jordan Gorosh: Buxton re-aggravated his old wrist injury. They're going to take it extra, extra slow with him. The steals may come for springer, but he's got to learn to adjust to major league pitcher/catcher times. That's something that comes with experience.

RatedRookie (Atlanta): How encouraging are Taijuan Walker's recent comments regarding finishing his pitches, not finishing so upright?

Jordan Gorosh: Extremely encouraging. I think that's the last piece of the puzzle for Walker. Shoulder problems aside, he's my favorite minor league arm. I absolutely love his profile.

nottes (MD): Could Dariel Alvarez have an impact in the majors or are we looking at another empty batting average like Henry Urrutia?

Jordan Gorosh: Potentially both. The good news is that Alvarez can at least play the field. I'm not super high on Alvarez, though, despite the numbers. He's going to have to mash, especially since he's older.

jjackhammers (Victoria BC): Does Dallas Keuchel have a chance to keep up his recent production or is he a sell high?

Jordan Gorosh: Again, a bit of both. The GB% is astronomically high, and the BABIP on those ground balls is well below league average. If he can continue to keep the ball out of the air, and miss bats, then sure, I could see a mid 3's type ERA the duration of the season. He's not going to be as good as he's been, but if someone is irrationally high on him, then try to use him as a stepping stone for a legit fantasy #3.

Kingpin (Grinnell, IA): What are the chances Rymer Liriano gets called up to the bigs this year with the Friars offense struggly so badly?

Jordan Gorosh: Unfortunately, the TJ zapped a year from his development, but he'll ultimately be okay. I'd expect him some time after the super two deadline, because he could be one of the best hitters on the team immediately. An adjustment period is likely, but he's got the chance to be an above average MLB regular.

Cal Guy (Cal): With Gallo's improved approach, who would you choose if you could only have one, Gallo or Sano?

Jordan Gorosh: It's still Sano. They've got similar amounts of pop, and Sano has done it at a higher level of the minors. He was probably going to see a bunch of MLB time this season. Reports indicate that Sano is more likely to stay at 3B, although I'm not sold either of those two mammoth humans will stay in the IF for the long haul.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Rubby De La Rosa- Starter or Reliever?

Jordan Gorosh: He's likely best suited out of the pen long term, but I'm absolutely okay with leaving him in the rotation until it doesn't work out anymore.

Zack (Windsor): Thoughts on Ziomek, Kubitza and Farmer? They've all had a great amount of success at West Michigan, and in a live chat a few weeks back, Keith Law said he thinks they're all (Crawford too) destined for the bullpen. Is there any chance that any of them can become a major league starter?

Jordan Gorosh: I like Ziomek the most out of those three if he can continue to refine the command/control profile. As I said, I'm a sucker for lefties. Farmer surprised me this year. I've seen him a couple of times, and he sat 93-94 the last start I attended. The funky delivery makes him probably suited for the pen long term, but he could end up as a #5 work horse type guy. Kubitza is a reliever all the way. Fastball is upper 80s, and while the slider is legit, he can't flip a lineup over.

Chris (Phoenix): No Ipod/MP3 updates like the other guys?

Jordan Gorosh: I'm trying to distance myself from Craig, but then again, isn't everyone?

maxpowers (chicago): Aaron Sanchez's last outing was eh, not so good. Is he ever going to figure out the control and should the Cubs target him in a package for Shark?

Jordan Gorosh: The problem for Sanchez is that his FB has so much natural movement that it's difficult for him to control it. I'm a Stroman over Sanchez guy, not to say I don't like Sanchez, but I'm not enamored with the profile. He's hardly ever faced a guy 3X through in a lineup, has never thrown at all when tired or after 100 pitches, and it's hard to learn those things at the MLB level. If I were Toronto, I'd be fine moving him for Shark, and wouldn't look back.

The Dude (Office): All vegetables play up if roasted, right?

Jordan Gorosh: "roasted" is an ambiguous term. I like BBQ veggies, pan fried veggies. Steamed is good, too, but if you're going to boil carrots, you're a monster. Just, stop.

Chris (Phoenix): When a player the size of Mookie is taking a lot of walks, does that mean that the pitchers he faces simply can't hit his smaller zone and Mookie realizes is or does Mookie have eye to draw more walks. Combination of both?

Jordan Gorosh: It's certainly a combination of both. If I were a pitcher in that league, I wouldn't want to throw him strikes, either. He barrels everything. Of course, smaller zone= more likelihood of pitcher missing it.

Justin (NY): Do you think that if Derek Jeter had not played his whole career in New York, with one of the most historic franchises, he would be as big of a deal as he is?

Jordan Gorosh: Would it be downplayed a bit, sure. But, he's known for winning. If it were with any other franchise, he'd still be a big deal.

Rwinter (Boston): First off, congrats on the first chat bud Currently reading the chat at a Chipotle, which I know you approve of. How do you rank the Tabasco options on your burrito? I'd go 1) Smoked Chipotle 2) Jalepeno 3) original

Jordan Gorosh: I rank them: don't put tabasco on anything and bring sriracha or cholula.

Frank (Kansas City): Another setback for Kyle Zimmer has me worried about his future, especially since he had shoulder issues last season. What are your thoughts on his short- and long-term future?

Jordan Gorosh: Shoulders are fickle. My shoulder ended my personal career, and I know how much it sucks to have stiffness or problems in your throwing arm. Those issues aside, however, Zimmer profiles as a number three type starter. The CB is legit; it's a plus, plus offering. Like plenty of young pitchers, it's going to come down to the change up.

Shawn (Cubicle): Biggest name to be traded this summer and where?

Jordan Gorosh: Shark to Toronto, especially if they continue in the hunt.

Zack (Windsor): When do you see Jake Thompson arriving in Detroit? Do you think they keep him in Lakeland all year while monitoring innings or will they move him up post all star break? What is his upside as Ive read some reports of him potentially being able to throw 4 major league average or better offerings.

Jordan Gorosh: Probably some time in 2016. I published an eye witness scouting report on Thompson, right here in fact: http://www.baseballprospectus.com/prospects/eyewitness_pit.php?reportid=68

BlueJaysPlus (Canada): Who is the prospects that the Jays passed on when they took Phil Bickford who I should be comparing the upcoming pick to? JP Crawford? Reese McGuire?

Jordan Gorosh: I didn't really love the Bickford pick from the start, but I think it's fair to compare the current draft pick to those guys, sure.

Zack (Windsor): What do you see Hernan Perez as? I see he's raised his BB% and the strikeouts remain fairley low. I liked him in his short stints in Detroit last year, seemed like he played above avg defence. They gave him some time at short this year until the Suarez callup. Future utility man?

Jordan Gorosh: Utility profile for me. Don't think the bat really comes around. In fact, he may be included in a trade around the deadline, if some team thinks he can play 2B every day. I don't.

Shawn (Cubicle): Pick one SS and one SP long-term: Bogaerts, Baez, Lindor, Correa Bradley, Syndergaard, Gausman, Giolito

Jordan Gorosh: Lindor and Bradley. I love Bogaerts, but I'm only 85% sure he stays at SS long term. Lindor is a SS through and through, and will play elite defense and hit .280-.290 with some OBP. Giolito has the highest ceiling, but the arm swing is long, and he's already been cut. And I like Bradley the best out of the other three.

Shawn (Cubicle): Who would you draft 1:1 if you were Houston?

Jordan Gorosh: As much as I want to beat the Rodon drum because I think he has the best stuff and is the closest, the reports on Aiken are really, really good. They can afford to take it slow with Aiken, and he's got a better command profile than Rodon. Hoffman may have worked himself into the mix, had he stayed healthy.

bluejaysplus (Canada): Have you gotten any reports on Alberto Tirado? He seems to be struggling, but after seeing Daniel Norris do the same last year, I'm thinking its just standard growing pains.

Jordan Gorosh: Not throwing a lot of strikes, let alone quality strikes. FB command is a problem, and the velocity is down a bit. I'm not all that worried, because he's young, but he may be a two year MWL guy. If that's what's best for the development, I'm okay with that.

Shawnykid23 (CT): Is Henry Owens the very definition of effectively wild?

Jordan Gorosh: Pretty much. He's got deception, and that type of "ghost FB" that Manaea has going. The command will never be sharp, but he should develop enough control to be a good #4 starter.

nottes (MD): How concerned are you about Gausman? Seems like he still has a ways to go with with the slider & his command.

Jordan Gorosh: On a scale of 1-10, probably a 3 or 4. The 'drop and drive' is something I flat out dislike. It makes it difficult for guys, especially Gausman in particular, to generate plane. From his arm slot, he's able to throw a good change, but any breaking pitch is going to be difficult for him to get on top of. I think he can still hit his ceiling, even with just a major league average breaking ball, just because I'm a sucker for a FB/CH combo.

jjackhammers (Victoria BC): Where do you think Stanton will get traded to this summer and what type of haul will the Marlins get?

Jordan Gorosh: I really don't think they have much incentive to trade him. They did a few years ago, but they're in the hunt for that second wild card spot this year. His peak value is gone, even though it's still high. Only a few teams have the pieces to trade for him anyhow; the Pirates and Cardinals namely.

Scott (CT): Gabriel Guerrero - believe in this year, or is it simply a byproduct of the Cal League?

Jordan Gorosh: I believe. The reports have been encouraging. I get that he struggled last year, but remember, not all development is linear. The CAL doesn't hurt, of course, but he's barreling balls more frequently, and the approach is taking a step forward.

Mike (Definitely Not @ Work): Jordan---this is awesome, glad to see you here. My question is this--when are you going to finally trade me Addison Russell??

Jordan Gorosh: My shirsey is on its way, so, I'm thinking you may have missed the window, my friend.

Chuck (Philly): I thought I was pretty well versed in the different roles within a scouting department but just this weekend I was on the Diamondbacks website and noticed they have several scouts listed as 'Junior Scouts' Is that like an assistant area scout? How does their role differ from a part-time guy? Thanks Jordan

Jordan Gorosh: This is an excellent question. The Dbacks have a mentoring program, where they take younger guys, often with little to no experience in the scouting world, and put them under the wing of a more experienced guy. In fact, an empirical example of this is Josh Herzenberg (RIP) who used to work for BP. Josh has his own region, and operates as any other scout would, but he falls into the umbrella of a more tenured pro scout who has been in his region for many, many years. It's a good way to get bright minds into the organization, and have them interacting with experienced scouts on a daily basis.

Zack (Windsor): Is Robbie Ray's curve/slider really that bad or did he just have no confidence in throwing it during his starts with the Tigers. Obviously he faced some low end offences in his first two starts, but the Ranges rocked him (zero command that day). The change looks like a good pitch for him and it looks like he has a good feel for it, and the fastball also looks like a solid pitch. I still have high hopes for the guy, but what do you Ultimately see him as? DD says number 3 upside, but that breaking pitch seems like it has a long way to go.

Jordan Gorosh: The curveball needs some work. He has trouble generating spin right now. I see him as more of a #4 type, with a solid avg fastball, a plus change up, and a fringy CB down the line. He can help in a major league rotation as soon as 2015.

Ben F (ca): Thanks for answering my questions. I love it. I'm going to go for the hat trick and then stop. Can you give me your thoughts on 3 big boys with big power: Dylan Cozens, Franmil Reyes, and Jesus Aguilar?

Jordan Gorosh: I like Cozens the best out of those 3. Swing is a bit long, and I'm not sure where he plays. That speaks more to the other two guys, really. Reyes looks like he's pretty mature and old already, even though he isn't. Not much projection left. Not a fan of Aguilar at all. AAAA player.

Brian (New York): What are your thoughts on Peter O'Brien? Legit prospect, or strictly a minor league power guy?

Jordan Gorosh: Probably a minor league power guy. Maybe a bench bat. Approach is very aggressive and unrefined. Pop is legit, but he doesn't have a position.

Scott (London): True or false: Lindor > Mookie in real life and fantasy.txs for that chat!

Jordan Gorosh: Lindor is better than Mookie at virtually any contest. I'd love to see them compete in a kindergarten field day type event structure, or even a pentathlon, though.

Mike (Nebraska): How good is Corey Seager? any chance he stays at ss?

Jordan Gorosh: Bat is legit. Big dude, and he can really hit. Advanced approach for a guy his age. I know that Ron and Chris Rodriguez had a debate about him at SS/3B. Personally, I'm going to lean toward 3B, as he has some trouble bending over. Just slide him there, and let the bat manifest. Reward will still be very, very good.

Rick (NJ): Adalberto Mondesi's potential?

Jordan Gorosh: All star SS. A small tick below lindor in the field, and even at the plate, but the glove is plus, plus, and the speed is legit. He's going to be a damn good MLB SS, and for a long time.

Ryan (Atlanta): What prospect not in the top 50 besides Gallo/Betts makes the biggest jump in the midseason rankings?

Jordan Gorosh: David Dahl. He obviously had some hiccups last year, but there are absolutely no character concerns, and he's playing every day now. Should be firmly in the top 50 right now. Could be a five tool player in CF.

Johnny (NY): What prospect not on everyone's radar that should be?

Jordan Gorosh: I follow the Tigers pretty closely, and see a lot of MWL ball, so my answer is kind of biased here. However, Willy Adames hasn't been getting much attention quite yet, and I think that's going to change soon. One of the youngest guys in a pitcher heavy league at 18, hitting for some average, walking, and producing some power. The lower half is a bit thick, and even though he's got the tools to play SS, there's a possibility he ends up at 3B. He's got legit bat speed, and will likely crack the Tigers top 10 this offseason.

John (CT): Dylan Bundy rejoins the ML O's when?

Jordan Gorosh: He might see some bullpen action this year, but really, what's the rush? Just let him progress naturally. I love, love, love Bundy, and have no doubts that he's going to return to form.

Myrick (Charleston, SC): Garin Cecchini, is his lack of power enough to keep him from a future full time job?

Jordan Gorosh: I don't think so. He's got bat to ball, which everyone covets, and he gets on base. Even if he produces a .125 ISO or so, he'll be fine. I'm not sold on him at 3B, but he's got a good shot to be a regular, no matter what position on the diamond he's playing defensively.

Nick (Colorado): David Dahl or Raimel Tapia?

Jordan Gorosh: Give me Dahl. I know Tapia's ceiling may be a small tick higher, but Dahl's floor is substantially higher for me. Dahl has a very good shot at becoming a major leaguer, while Tapia could flame out at AA.

Ben (ATL): Any thoughts on Daz Cameron and how good he can be?

Jordan Gorosh: Could be an all star. Tools are unrefined and raw, but they are certainly all there. He, Brendan Rodgers, and Kyle Tucker are a few '15s to watch off the top of my head.

Tear (Drop): Did you play college baseball at all?

Jordan Gorosh: I went to Indiana University to pitch, but unfortunately, my shoulder disagreed with that assessment, and is now held together by some string and a coil from an old mattress. I played high level travel in southeastern Michigan with some guys who are still playing professionally; even in the majors.

Joe (Chucktown): You like Gausman or Salazar better? This year and long term. I'm looking to stash one in my keeper league.

Jordan Gorosh: Gausman. Not sold Salazar is even a starter. FB command problems, issues generating plane, and short guy stigma are all working against him.

Cris E (St Paul, MN): Any word on Eddie Rosario's expected path as he returns from the Land Of Shame? Will he make it to MN this summer? Does Dozier's emergence end his 2B experiment?

Jordan Gorosh: He's going to be an OF now, almost positively. Don't know if he makes it to MN in '14, but it certainly hurts his profile a bit that he won't be playing 2B.

Jonah (Redwood): Besides the obvious names (Aiken, Rodon, Kolek, Jackson), which 2014 draftees are you really high on?

Jordan Gorosh: I love me some #touki. He's got TOTR stuff. I also am big on Forrest Wall's hit/speed combo, although his arm is a noodle.

Ace (PA): What makes Johnny Cueto's change so good? Brooks baseball is telling me there isn't much movement to it and he doesn't throw it for strikes too often. Please help me understand. Is it solely the difference in velocity?

Jordan Gorosh: It's the arm speed and deception. He can throw it in any count, at any time, to any hitter. Whether it's a LHH, RHH, doesn't matter. The sheer change of speed makes it very difficult to hit.

Jason (New Mexico): If you weren't scouting, what would you be doing?

Jordan Gorosh: I'm not a scout. I actually have a full time job in sales.

Wesley (Utah): What brings you to Chi-town from Michigan?

Jordan Gorosh: Opportunity. Chicago is a great town. Cannot say enough good things about it.

chri521 (NYC): Once his ear is mended, is Alex Guererro's glove ready enough for consistent MI action in the majors? His bat has sounded ready enough for a 280/10hr/20steal campaign right?

Jordan Gorosh: WHAT!? I CANT HEAR YOU. HUH? Oh, sorry, i was doing my Alex Guererro impression. I actually think you're going to see Gordon regress back to his normal self, and Guerrero grab the job. He and Dee will platoon. I know the glove has questions, but he can hit.

Carlos Rodon (NC State): teams are going to regret passing me in the draft, I'm going to shove it in the majors

Jordan Gorosh: I don't know if anyone passes you in the draft, honestly. This is a bit of a jadeveon clowney situation.

Alex (Los Angeles): Do you go to MWL games on a focus of seeing somebody specific? Or just go to a game for the heck of it and write up what you see

Jordan Gorosh: I get to Kane County the most frequently, because it's the closest in proximity. Yet, it's still an hour drive. I always look at the starting pitching matchups.

Aaron (STL): Who will be the better pro: Meadows or Frazier?

Jordan Gorosh: Frazier, and it's not even a question for me. He has impact level bat speed, has a chance to stick in CF, has plus run, and the pop is plus, plus. Could be a 30 HR/.280 hitter in the middle of the diamond, and I don't believe Meadows has that ceiling. Plus, c'mon, how awesome is Frazier's hair?

Peter (St. Petersburg): Going back to Rodon, any chance we have a Mark Appel situation and he goes back to school for his senior year if he doesn't like his draft status?

Jordan Gorosh: It's not impossible, but with the recent wave of injuries, and the fact that he throws predominantly sliders, which are tough on your arm of course, I'd tend to doubt it.

David (Cleveland): Since you go to Kane County a lot have you seen Tyler Skulina at all? He was obviously way to good for Kent State and the MAC

Jordan Gorosh: I have, and came away very underwhelmed. 87-90, and long, long arm swing. Arm is still back by his hip at release. Curveball floats, and is fringy. CH is unrefined. Borderline NP, unless he gets the velo back.

Mark (San Diego): Heaney or Butler in the long run: Who would be more stable/the better pitcher?

Jordan Gorosh: Butler. I love Heaney, as I said before, but Butler has the stuff to be a #2. If they let him miss bats, he's got a very good chance at being a well above average major league starter.

MKPJ (chicago): Is there any chance the Cubs would go with Toussaint at #4. I don't see why he isn't coveted more. Thanks

Jordan Gorosh: I don't see it. There are some lower risk talents on the board that have high ceilings.

A few more questions, everyone. We've made it past the 3 hour mark!

chri521 (NYC): not much sample, but Odor vs. Schoop. Who continues to hold down the playing time and who produces a better 2014?

Jordan Gorosh: Schoop is going to get every chance to play, because they don't have many other options. Actually, very interested to see what happens with the Odor situation, especially if he's going to continue to produce. I'm not as sold that Profar is going to snag that job back as I once was. Granted, Profar could be out the entire season, so we'll see how that shakes out.

Eddie (LA): Joey Gallo or Corey Seager?

Jordan Gorosh: Reluctantly, Seager. While Gallo's ceiling is certainly higher, and he's looking awesome this year, I want to see what happens against higher level pitching. None of Gallo's warts have been exposed quite yet, and I want to see how he does, particularly against arm side spin.

Scott (Lincolnshire): Hell of a start Jordan. That'll do pig. That'll do.

Jordan Gorosh: With that, I'm out. Thanks everyone, this was outstanding. Hope to be back again soon!

Jordan Gorosh: Again, thanks to everyone who submitted questions.

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